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Go Solar! W W W . E C O C A R I B . C O M

About EcoCarib EcoCarib Inc. is a Caribbean based solar energy technology company. EcoCarib was brought into the marketplace to help solve the Caribbean’s problem of access, affordability and commissioning of the best solar energy technologies.We offer clients the best design, installation, financing and maintenance services for their chosen solar energy system and provide them with a seamless integration process.

Products Building Integrated Solar Energy Technology Solar Water Pumps Outdoor Solar Lights

Services Energy Consulting Solar System Design, procurement and installation Solar Technology Financing Solar System Operation and Maintenance

Contact Tel: 758 7239495 Email: Website:

Products Building Integrated Solar Technology Solar Roofing Tiles Transparent Solar Panels Solar Glass Technology

Benefits Lowers Energy Bills from Day 1! Provides Secure and Stable Investment Hedges against unstable energy prices Increases your property value Custom aesthetically pleasing designs Environmentally Friendly Energy Supply!


Benefits Zero Energy Costs Longer Life than Standard AC Pool Pumps Quiet and Efficient

Products Outdoor Solar Lights Benefits No Outlet Required Cost Effective Environmentally Friendly Wide Range of Styles

Services Energy Consulting

Benefits Benchmarking and evaluating potential for improvement Evaluation of actual performance of the utility system Identification of specific issues relating to process control Meeting environmental compliances

Services Solar System Design, Procurement & Installation

One Stop Shop Service with quick Custom Solar System Design, Install and Commissioning!

Services Solar Technology Financing Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


Benefits Low Upfront Cost - Clients only pay a small refunded reservation fee Free Maintenance Free Operation and Monitoring Client can pay lower bill from the comfort of their mobile device

Services Solar System Operation & Maintenance

EcoCarib Monitors Solar Systems 24/7 to Guarantee Performance We Repair, Maintain and Insure All Solar Systems!

Contact Tel: 758 7239495 Email: Website:

Go Solar with EcoCarib Brochure  

Affordable Premium Solar Technology Systems

Go Solar with EcoCarib Brochure  

Affordable Premium Solar Technology Systems