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THEFRONT The Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC) is the international umbrella organisation of the youth wings of ChristianDemocratic, Conservative and like-minded parties of Europe. DEMYC Democrat Youth Community of Europe P.O. BOX 25305 1308 Nicosia Phone: +35799453220 Fax: +35722375200


Europe s mostPOWERFUL MAN I

by Páll Heimisson, Chairman of DEMYC

The Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty has yielded a positive outcome for the European Union. Germany’s president signed the ratified treaty in September after the ruling of the German Constitutional court and shortly after the Irish referendum, Poland’s president followed his German counterpart. The only remaining obstacle now is Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, who can be characterised as “Euro-sceptic”, to say the least. The Lisbon treaty passed both chambers of the Czech Parliament in 2009 and is now awaiting Klaus’ signature to be ratified. The Euro-sceptic President had said that he would not give his signature before the referendum in Ireland. Signals from the Prague Castle are more anticipated, especially after the positive outcome in Ireland and David Cameron’s remark in an interview with the FT, that should the Conservative Party win the elections before the Lisbon treaty enters into force, he would call for a referendum on the treaty in the UK. So far the signals have been rather bleak for Brussels. It looks like Klaus is using all tricks in the book to prevent the treaty’s implementation and thus managing to hold the whole Europe in suspense. He has the life of the treaty in his hands and he knows it. If David Cameron gets the opportunity to have a referendum on the treaty in the UK, it is unlikely for the UK voters to act in favour of Brussels. Should that happen, the third attempt for EU reforms will have failed and the future of the union will be at risk. Vaclav Klaus knows this very well, he also knows that his signature has de facto made him EU’s most powerful man. This dilemma crystallizes the problems of the EU. It seems to me that in the EU, everyone wants something and has his own agenda, but the only player without a strong voice and any powers to act are the people itself.



DEMYCgoes to Lebanon DEMYC's interest in the Middle East was further enforced with the participation of a DEMYC delegation to the International Convention “Crossing the Boundaries� hosted in Beirut by LFSA in the beginning of October. At the convention, more than 50 delegates from youth organizations from all over the world had the informed on the history and the current political and economic situation of Lebanon by politicians, academics and economic advisors. Among the highlights of the Convention were the meeting with the Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Siniora, the Head of the Greek- Orthodox Church in Beirut Bishop Elias Audi and the Head of the

Antioch and the whole Levant in the Catholic Church Patriarch Sfeir. The discussion and the exchange of ideas were focused on how the international community can assist the effort that is done for peace and stability in the region. The DEMYC Chairman Pall Heimisson stressed in the Press Conference that DEMYC has a tradition of Breaking Down Barriers since its founding on 1964, and that it is ready to give space so that the Lebanese youth come closer both to Europe and their neighbours. DEMYC would like to thank our Lebanese hosts for a really enlightening event and a truly Lebanese hospitality.





October 09



European Youth Forum Info Day on Funding and Meeting of the Secretary Generals of International Youth Organizations in Brussels DEMYC Secretary General Effie Gavriel and Office Manager Marilena Kyprianou participated at the Info Day on Funding and the Secretary Generals and Office Managers meeting organised by the European Youth Forum in Brussels on 8-9 October. During the Info Day on Funding there was a presentation on funding opportunities to the Member Organisations of the YFJ and participants had the chance to pose their questions on technical issues to representatives of the European Commission and the Council of Europe. During the Secretary Generals meeting the DEMYC delegates had a constructive dialogue and exchange of ideas on good practices on finances, governance and the use of communication tools while they shared common experiences and concerns.

DEMYC Democrat Youth Community of Europe P.O. BOX 25305 1308 Nicosia Phone: +35799453220 Fax: +35722375200



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