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16th - 18th of October, Munster

DEMYC Democrat Youth Community of Europe


THEFRONT The Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC) is the international umbrella organisation of the youth wings of ChristianDemocratic, Conservative and like-minded parties of Europe. DEMYC Democrat Youth Community of Europe P.O. BOX 25305 1308 Nicosia Phone: +35799453220 Fax: +35722375200



by PĂĄll Heimisson, Chairman of DEMYC

Recently the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty was finalized in all EU member states. This was a joyful day for the European Union which marks a new beginning. With the entry-into-force of the new treaty the European Union has amended many of the institutional problems it was facing and is now more flexible and transparent and thus ready for tackling future issues and further enlargements. I hope that the ratification will also change the politics and the political discourse in the EU. For as long as I can remember, all political debate has centred on the EU institutions, enlargements and democratic deficits – or to put it more consciese, the formal side of the European cooperation rather than its core and content. I'm now looking forward to a fruitful political debate on the content of the European Union and on the path we have chosen and if it's the correct one. Let's stop arguing if this state or that shall be allowed to be in the family or what the role of the European Parliament is or should be and start a real political debate on how we want our future to be and how to achieve our goals. Now we need to start discussions amongst the politicians and the general public on issues like the CAP or the CFP and if they are the best models for European prosperity, on the challanges of demografic changes in Europe and the necessity of common European defense system.



DEMYC Vice-Chairman Ivan Barbariæ and Deputy Secretary General Antonio Gasparin attend the DEUTSCHLANDTAG in Germany

On the16th – 18th of October 2009 in Münster, a small city in the northern part of Germany, over 1000 delegates of Junge Union and many International guests held the large congress of Deutschlandtag.

Deutschlandtag takes place every year and there, members of Junge Union have political discussions, debates and future program plannings. Nevertheless, this year's Deutschlandtag had even more value because it took place just after the Parliamentary elections in Germany, hence, this was a perfect chance for the delegates to use the congress for a place for elections outcome analysis.

The main guest speaker on Deutschlandtag was Mr. Edmund Stoiber chairmain of CSU. He addressed the audience and expressed his gratitude towards Junge Union and their huge contribution in the recent political victory on the Parliamentary elections. Many young politicians, members of Junge Union were elected as MPs and this success gives Junge Union the chance to directly contribute in conducting and forming the national politics in Germany. Among the many topics that were discussed on the Deutschlandtag was the political extremism which has evolved not only in Germany, but also in many other countries of Europe.


DEMYC at the European Youth Forum Council of Members lobbies for an open and inclusive Youth Forum


November 15th From the 15th until the 18th of November, the Council of Members (COMEM) of the European Youth Forum took place in Torino, the European Youth Capital of 2010. Hosted by the Italian Youth Council, City of Torino and Piemonte region, more than 100 participants came together to discuss and exchange views on important topics related to young people in Europe. DEMYC was represented by its Vicechairman, Mia Magazin. The official opening of the event started with the panel discussion “Defending Youth Rights” where one of the key speakers was Giorgia Meloni, the Italian Minister for Youth. Delegates continued their work in the newly established thematic squares and several important policy papers were discussed, among them “Policy paper on a further youth commitment to promote peace and non-violence”. On this paper, DEMYC proposed the denouncing of political extremism in general instead of the initial reference only to the Right Wing extremism. Even though these amendments were not adopted by the working group, intensive lobbying of our delegation resulted in the adoption of our amendments with the vast majority. Once again, DEMYC has strived and succeeded for a more open and inclusive European Youth Forum!



..for an open and inclusive Youth Forum. DEMYC Democrat Youth Community of Europe P.O. BOX 25305 1308 Nicosia Phone: +35799453220 Fax: +35722375200



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