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Civil society for peace diplomacy



DEMYC Democrat Youth Community of Europe




EQUALin diversity Páll Heimisson, Chairman of DEMYC

The Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC) is the international umbrella organisation of the youth wings of ChristianDemocratic, Conservative and like-minded parties of Europe.

The DEMYC Study Session at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg was a very successful event. During the session, participants got a practical experience on one of the core values of DEMYC: peace diplomacy. We learned to question our own stereotypes and meet our prejudices. Questions as “is it better to be black or gay in Europe? “ or “Roma people will never integrate?” are two extreme examples of what awaited the DEMYC participants.

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We should remember the motto equal in diversity in our daily life and commit ourselves to work together for a better future of all Europeans. Old notions of superiority and inferiority of European countries or regions, people, classes or traditions is for our generation to eradicate. By helping our neighbours to the same level of prosperity and peace many of us enjoy we are also helping ourselves.

Dear friends,

It may be surprising but in my mind peace diplomacy is exactly what DEMYC is about; getting to know people from all corners of Europe, discovering different customs and habits, and thus learning to understand one's own stereotypes and prejudices and to admire the diversity of our continent. Peace means not only the absence of wars but the peaceful, prosperous and happy coexistence and cooperation of people.

Love yourself and love your neighbour - may we be diverse, we are all equal that is the only notion we have to remember!



demyc study session

STRASBOURG MEETING june 09 Another successful DEMYC event came to an end last week, with many good moments and memories. Thirty young politicians gathered under the roof of the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg to deepen their knowledge understanding of the need of peace and to explore practical ways on how to promote peace and intercultural dialogue. This event was different from usual DEMYC events, hence a totally new experience for participants and the Preparatory Team. Through interactive workshops and presentations, participants challenged their own stereotypes towards “otherness� and

explored the notion of peace and its multiple dimensions. DEMYCs' participants were motivated to identify the challenges to the culture of peace in their own realities and discovered how Human Rights can provide a framework for peace building activities. Finally, the participants deve lope d skil ls on draf ting peac e building campaigns and projects together with other civil society organisations and presented their own ideas on future projects.



This Study Session was conducted with the cooperation and support of the Council of Europe. The Educational Advisor of the Council of Europe Dariusz Grzemny was always there for us, ready to facilitate the Study Session and to provide us with knowledge and support, contributing to the success of the event. We cannot thank him enough for being there for us!!! THANK YOU DAREK! The group dynamic was really powerful with the active contribution of all the participants, not only during the activities of the day, but also during the lively evenings, full of fun, good company, music, singing and dancing. A big thanks to each and every one of the participants.

Civil Society While in Strasbourg, the DEMYC group visited the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights, where they got informed about the work of the two Institutions.

Civil Society for Peace Diplomacy

the role of civil society in peace building

and intercultural dialogue



The city of Strasbourg was beautiful enough to make us believe that we lived in a fairytale. With colourful buildings, nice cafes, the Cathedral and the boat trip were just few of places and activities that the city offers to its guests and that we all loved and will remember. Finally if somebody asks whether our mission has been accomplished, then the reply should definitely be‌. Another GREAT DEMYC EVENT - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

DEMYC Democrat Youth Community of Europe P.O. BOX 25305 1308 Nicosia Phone: +35799453220 Fax: +35722375200


DEMYC Democrat Youth Community of Europe P.O. BOX 25305 1308 Nicosia Phone: +35799453220 Fax: +35722375200 DEMYC Democrat Yout...