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My name is Abdul Baig I am the current president of Delta Epsilon Mu Inc., at the Alpha Kappa chapter. I am currently a junior studying Psychology and Philosophy. I would consider myself one of a lucky few who knows what I want to do post graduate, which is to work for a PhD in psychology! Why that specifically you may ask? Well my answer to that would simply be... out of passion. Through my perplexing yet rewarding undergraduate experience I have found my goal in life. My goal is to inquire as much knowledge as I can while spending my time pursuing things I am passionate about (life is short, might as well be happy!). This mantra of mine --chasing my passions-- follows into my role as president. For instance, this plays into the impact I want to create on the Alpha Kappa chapter. The way I want to be able to contribute to the AK chapter is by helping instill a "buisness" mindset within the chapter. By "buisness" I mean a more self-deterministic and free flowing state of mind. The reason why this is my goal is because I feel as if prehealth/medical students are so trapped in the motions: study for your classes, pass your exams, then repeat. I've found there is so much more to the undergraduate experience nonetheless life than just following the paved path. For instance, you could also start your own buisness or pursue a hobby or work on your inner self. The limits to one's joy are endless, we just have to make sure we are not the ones limiting ourselves. If you ask me to describe the AK chapter in one phrase I would describe it as the future of our world. This great chapter is filled with the most passionate and driven individuals that I have ever seen. From students working 1012 hour overnight shifts at hospitals while studying pre-med (how??!). To the geniuses that spend their time volunteering, our chapter has it all. My biggest challenge as president is having something to offer to these amazing people. I am definitely not among the smartest nor the most talented, but despite this I want to be able to contribute to the future of our world, our AK chapter. A goal I have set for myself for this fall quarter is to improve upon the foundation that our previous leadership has set for us. I am happy to say that a lot has been accomplished in regards to this goal. We have a finalized the strikes and fines system, completed our first recruitment of the year, and we got West Coast Best Coast to be in Seattle this year (shout out to Evan Toy), among other things. This is only the beginning!! My bigger goal is outreach. I want all of UW to know about our wonderful chapter. In order to accomplish this, our leadership team is currently working on creating a huge annual event that our chapter would be known for (more details to come in the winter!). These past two years in DEM have been some of the greatest years of my adolescent life. From the countless sleepovers with my Gamma class to the trips to distant countries with my fam, DEM has offered me not only a home, but a place where I can thrive. I am certain that I would not be where I am today in life if it was not for my brothers and sisters. I am excited to see what the future generation of DEM holds. Here is a quote that I follow that I found relevant, "It doesn't matter how many people you meet in your life; you just need the real ones who accept you for who you are and help you become who you should be" by Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart. With Loyalty, Dedication, Friendship and Support. Sincerely,





Aditi Sanghavi

Abdul Baig

SECRETARY Monika Santos








Abby Adelman, Fall 2019


Joanna Gillette, Fall 2019



Joshua Dizon



FALL "Delta Epsilon Mu’s Fall 2019 recruitment was a fantastic (but also nerve wracking) experience, and I am honored to have been one of the DoPs for this cycle along with Abby. Our theme this year, Discover Your Path, highlighted what our fraternity stands for, our deeply rooted pillars, and what we hope to see in the future of DEM Alpha Kappa. With such an amazing team of people, we were able to pull off a successful recruitment cycle. I truly want to thank all of our brothers and sisters for their hard work and determination, as these two weeks of recruitment are extremely tiring and difficult for everyone. I look forward to educating and welcoming in the Theta class into our family someday, and I will try my hardest to educate them through our pillars of Loyalty, Dedication, Friendship, and Support." - Joanna Gillette

INFO NIGHT As our first recruitment event of the 20192020 school year, our information night served as a way to inform interested prehealth students of what DEM has to offer. From creating a community where individuals can grow professionally to building an inclusive network of relationships, our goals included showcasing the close family of supportive academic-minded individuals that DEM is.

SOCIAL EVENT Our social event served as an opportunity for us to share and learn about each other’s passions outside of healthcare and school. Included were activities such as a giant game of rock, paper, scissors, and speed-networking answering questions given by our social chair, Lauren Na and her committee. Actives and interested students were able to get to each other better as well as learn some fun facts about one another.

RECRUITMENT PROFESSIONAL EVENT Hosted by our education chair, Jonathan Luong and his committee, our professional event included a presentation on the professional development that DEM can provide as well as the main activity of the night, elevator pitches! Actives were tasked with teaching interested students how to make an effective elevator pitch. After splitting up into smaller groups, individuals were given the opportunity to practice one of their own.

COMMUNITY SERVICE Ran by philanthropy chair, Katia Olivia, and community service chair, Joshua Dizon, our final event included writing notes and and decorating non-slip socks for children at Camp Korey. Camp Korey serves as Alpha Kappa’s local philanthropy and is a camp empowering children and families living with serious medical conditions. Heath education and outreach are important to DEM as a national fraternity and this event showed interested students one of the many projects our active members have participated in to give back to communities in need. “Hello! This fall we conducted our first recruitment cycle of the new school year! Going into recruitment our goal was to really get our name out to new places on campus. Given we are still a new chapter, it was important to try and get DEM to be a recognized name on campus. We faced some minor setbacks when we were placed away from the other pre-health RSO’s for the RSO fair, but I believe we accomplished our goal. This recruitment we really started to see how vast the UW pre-health community is. It was incredible to see some new and old faces at our recruitment events. We learned about DEM as a whole, mixed and mingled with actives and interested students, developed our elevator pitches, and decorated socks for kids in need. Overall it was a successful fall recruitment and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!” - Abby Adelman


"At this quarter's Fall Recruitment Philanthropy event, our chapter made notes of encouragement and DIY non-slip socks to donate to children at Camp Korey. Our chapter's local philanthropy, Camp Korey, is a camp for children with life-altering medical conditions. In addition to Camp Korey, the philanthropy committee has worked to build a community partnership with the UW Mobile Health Project. This community engagement project will give our active members the opportunity to give back to under served communities through health education and outreach." - Katia Olivia

CAMP DRAGONFLY Dragonfly Forest is dedicated to providing a safe, accessible and FUN camp experience for all children.With sessions serving children with autism, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, down syndrome, sickle cell disease, hemophilia, and persistent asthma, this camp aims to provide a culture of inclusion, while fostering confidence and independence in each of our campers. Delta Epsilon Mu adopted Camp Dragonfly Forest as their national philanthropy at the fraternity's summer National Convention on July 19th, 2015. Since then, DEM members have served at camp as medical interns, counselors, and even unit leaders and activity directors after coming back for a few years!

SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY "As I enter this academic year as the community service chair, my main goal is to provide local volunteer opportunities in which benefits our community and our fraternity as pre-health students. I envision to have DEM make a community outreach to the underprivileged groups in our local community of Seattle. More so, I plan on exposure our active members to opportunities in helping with soup kitchens at local adult shelters, food packaging, annual local health clinics, etc. By trying to achieve these goals, it will create memories for us actives in the chapter and have it become beneficial for us as future health-professionals." - Joshua Dizon

"My experience with Friday Feast was definitely a positive one -- I enjoyed working with friends and others to help provide for those who are less fortunate. Especially in the winter, a warm meal is what a lot of people are looking for and being to give back to them definitely means a lot. " - Kyle Yu, Zeta class

FUNDRAI$ING "As fundraising chair my job consists of raising funds to help maintain our chapter budget and any other projects that our chapter decides to take on. The reason I decided to run for this position was because I believed we have the platform and opportunity to conduct more than small campus fundraisers, but instead reach higher and help other philanthropic causes. Through my position I hope to institute new, creative fundraisers that encourage people to support us. My goal for the year is to organize a large scale fundraiser that could become associated with our chapter and help us raise money not only for us, but the great causes we support." - Ryan Yasuda

$$ $$ $$ $$ $$

LET'S GET... "For this school year, i wanted to promote wellness in all aspects. As much as I wanted to create a comfortable and familiar social environment, I wanted all active members to step our of their comfort zone and try out new activities and settings to socialize and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Table for 4 is a great way to meet and get to know other actives. Actives are encouraged to do any kind of activity that would allow them to bond. This year, we had people dance, cook, eat and support philanthropy together. Pure barre is one of the physical wellness projects that Social Committee has planned. We are planning on exploring other fields of sports, so please stay tuned!" - Lauren Na




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