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New York Fashion Week Rinat Brodach – “Moving Forward” We met with Rinat Brodach, a young budding fashion designer last year when we were out in New York. Rinat who previously served in the Israeli Air Force uses her designs to express herself. This year it will be ten years since she left Israel and her latest collection tells that story. We were excited to catch up with Rinat to find out what she has been up to and what more she has planned for the brand. What has been happening with you since we last spoke? Since we last spoke in September quite a few things have changed. My brand and I have both been evolving and growing. Rinat Brodach LLC is now carried in multiple stores (hooray) and this current season will have new forms of draping and colour incorporated! I have been learning a lot more about the fashion business and owning my own business which has allowed me to expand my brand. I feel like I’m slowly but surely becoming a pro.

movements of fabrics. Really learning to tune in and let it do what it wants to do while still exploring more techniques of draping. The growth of my techniques is apparent from collection to collection What advice would you give to other young designers trying to make it out there? One should know it is not an easy or quick process. There will be a lot of people that will question your passion; you have to move forward and have faith in your craft. Another thing that you should also keep in mind is starting your own line takes more than designing skills. You must have an understanding of everything from business, to accounting, to marketing. Educate yourself in a little bit of all three to prevent being taken advantage of. Prepare yourself through internships and studies. Remember you have to think fast and find creative solutions to overcome obstacles.

So what is the inspiration behind your latest collection? My SS16 collection titled "Moving Forward" was inspired by the 10th year anniversary of my departure from home. This line encompasses many memories and lessons that I have experienced in my 10 years of travel and growth. I have also included natural movement in this collection. We speak, write and move in rhythm and shapes; this can be seen in everyday life and in "Moving Forward". How do you think you have developed since you started your label? Every day that I enter the studio is an evolving experience for me and my brand. I have been exploring and mastering the manipulation of the


Demur Magazine - Mode Sept 2015  

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