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EDITOR... Another month has come and gone. We are now in the eighth month of the year. I cannot believe how time has flown. As ever we have pushed boundaries once more by working with the idea of manliness and feminism. We had an exciting time putting this together this editorial from preparing the concept to finally brining the concept to life. So as the year is quickly coming to an end what have you missed out or what have you not started as yet? I must say for myself this year I think I have forgotten to live life to the fullest and so for the next four months I’m going to be living each day like it’s the last. I have some crazy , rather scary things lined up like abseiling! Random I know, I will catch up you next time if I make it. Enjoy the issue and pass it on. N ore e n Ch a d a W: www. d e m u ron l i n e . com - Twi tte r: D e m u rM a g a zi n e F a ce b ook: D e m u rM a g a zi n e 1 - E m a i l : su b scri p ti on s@d e m u ron l i n e . com (you r th ou g h ts m a tte r) United Kingdom - N.68 Media 91 -99 Elmers End Road BR3 4BJ London Tel: 0203 0867 1 83 Editor: N ore e n Ch a d a Art Director: Am e l i e D e l orm e Editorial Assistant : S h i rl e y D e e Contributing Writers: F a l l on Wi g h tm a n , M a n te Ra m oska ti e , D i a n a M a g u ra , B ri a n B rown , Zu ra i d e Ci d , An d re a M cCa u l

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Inside scoop.

From a man wearing lipstick to a pregnant man on our set things could not get any weirder for our cover shoot. We were determined to make sure we got people’s attention with this concept and we wanted to run wild with our imaginations which I feel we did. Giorgos one of our male models was rather worried at first but settled in quite well, that was when he realised he looked slightly prettier than all the other girls in the room . We then had our other male model Demitrious trying on the different garments supplied by our lovely designer Nico Didonna (located on D’arby Street just behind Oxford Street). Juidta our tall slender model really did justice to long flowing dresses , endless long legs made her stand out as the dominant female amongst the other male models which worked rather well with our concept. It was a quick and efficient shoot and we would like to think we produced some good results there.

Le t u s kow you r th ou g h ts on Twi tte r #D e m u rAg u sti ssu e


B l a ck S tu d d e d Tu b e M i n i S ki rt - N e w Look £1 9 . 9 9


Con tra st Twe e d B oyfri e n d Coa t - Top sh op £7 5 . 0 0

Li g h t B rown D u ffl e J a c ke t - R i v e r I s l a n d - £7 0 . 0 0

D e n i m We ste rn J a cke t - Top m a n £5 0 . 0 0

S h ort J e rse y D re ss - H &M £1 2 . 9 9

B a b y Ri b Ca rd i g a n Re p u b l i c £ 3 8 . 0 0

dEmUr pIcKs

This Studded Heart Box from Topshop is the perfect going out companion at £35 it has a little strap attached inside so it can also be used as a handbag!

These Mango Skinny Jean In Stripes are the perfect statement maker from Asos and are an amazing £34.99!

Add a pop of colour to your outfit for £40, with River Islands Pink Scalloped Hem Blazer.

Jeffrey Campbell has created these Lana black leather platforms which you can buy from Office at £1 05! Gorgeous! An d re a M cCa u l

S ai n t L au r en t P ar i s ñ S ai n t L au r en t Wh o?

Yves Saint Laurent decided on a ‘redirection’ of the company by changing their name to just Saint Laurent Paris. Hedi Slimane the newly appointed Creative Director wants to push the brand into the modern era, by removing the founders first name. The news found spread around twitter fairly quickly, with people worrying about the survival of the YSL brand. Well you may be happy to know, despite the name change they are to keep their famous YSL logo found on all bags, cosmetics, etc, so don’t go worrying too much! V er y J ameel a J ami l

The style icon Jameela Jamil has finally launched her first fashion collection! She has collaborated with the shopping site to create her own fashion brand. Jameela describes her collection as being designed for every women to feel beautiful, a body-con free zone! With sizes ranging from 6-20 and prices starting from £20 to £1 20 there is something for everyone! At the launch she wore a thigh high slit dress from her collection , which she says is one of her favourites. The paw print design is also featured on other pieces in her collection which include jumpers-shirts and socks. G r adu at e F as h i on Week ñ F ai t h of a G r adu at e

Graduate Fashion Week celebrated its 21 st birthday this year and the deserving winner of the Gold Award, Chloe Jones, was at the centre of it all! When talking about her collection she said, "Faith. Faith in where the collection started. That's one thing I've learned throughout the whole course , you actually just have to have faith in what you want to do!" And with a collection as imaginative as hers you can see why she has so much faith! L an a D el R ay N ew F ac e of H &M ?

According to the New York Post, Lana Del Ray may be the new face of H&M. Lana has been embraced by the fashion industry, with Mulberry naming one of their bags after her, which sold out immediately! She has been featured on the cover of British and Japanese Vogue and as well as Glamour covers internationally. The singer has also received attention from some of the leading designers including Christopher Kane who used her song ‘Video Games’ as the soundtrack to his 201 2 catwalk show. - An d re a M cCa u l

fAsHiOn PiLlS

What is a heritage brand? Where is it manufactured? What is the real meaning of Made in England and do people still care about this ? I have been thinking about these questions of late , I analysed my bedroom from clothes to game consoles and bedroom furniture to check where these products were made from and to my surprise only 2% of the products were made in England. A lot of my belongings were made in in China, Portugal, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The manufacturing of goods in the UK is in the slow decline particularly in the textiles industry. The strongest industries still surviving are the automobile, steel and home ware and heritage leather goods. It is important to raise this issue now that the current economic climate has affected our jobs and we have to think how we can support the UK manufacturing industry. Companies like Tusting still manufacture their goods in England, located in the heart of the English countryside in Buckinghamshire, Tusting is an English heritage leather goods brand, they’ve been specialising and manufacturing leather bags for 130 years, and they are the second largest manufacturers in the UK. It's amazing to see how bags are made from 2D to 3D, it's not a frivolous and speedy production like you would see in mass production. Every assembly and every stitch is constructed with love and passion. – Brian Brown

F a s h io n L o g g er

With the buzz about the Olympics dominating the 2012 summer in London, BBC Radio 1 decided to throw a very special event in East London for that occasion. As if over 100 acts (most being worldwide stars), across six stages, over the two days wasn’t good enough, all the tickets were free! The majority of 100,000 of them were reserved for Hackney residents and the surrounding boroughs making sure it was primarily the residents who got to enjoy the festival, before the area was filled with the Olympic crowds. The main acts included Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kasabian, Florence and the Machine, Tinie Tempah, Nicki Minaj and a special guest, who wasn’t revealed until the very last minute, Dizzee Rascal.

The atmosphere at the festival was unique in that it mostly consisted of East Londoners, whereas usually festivals attract people from all over the world, this was almost like a private event. The artists made special appearances at their fellow musician sets, including Rihanna, MIA and Kanye West joining Jay-Z, and Jay-Z repaying Rihanna by joining her for three songs the following day, Tinie Tempah joined Chase and Status while B.o.B. joined Jessie J on the main stage for “Price Tag�. Santigold invited the fans at the front to join her on stage for a song, Rihanna asked an eager fan to fix her mic pack to her bra, B.o.B took pictures of him and the crowd; even though the stages seemed so far away, the artists broke the distance themselves. - Mante Ramoskatie

o ut & a b o ut

London Vintage London has a huge range of vintage shops, from the upmarket vintage boutiques of West London to the grubby thrift stores of East London. Here at Demur we have scoured London to find the best vintage shops. Happy Shopping! • Absolute Vintage- Absolute Vintage have a store just off Brick Lane and a boutique in Soho, they also own Blondie Vintage on Commercial Street. According to its website they stock “the largest vintage shoe and bag selection in the UK”. Certainly their original store near Brick Lane is packed with hundreds of vintage goodies. Be warned, however, this is an old fashioned vintage shop so you will probably have to have a good rummage through rails and rails of clothing before you find that piece of vintage gold. • Blitz- Located just off Brick Lane, is billed as London’s first vintage department

store and not only sells vintage clothing and accessories but also furniture, home ware and even books, there is also a coffee bar made out of a converted Fiat 500. Blitz is the perfect antidote to the conventional, hectic vintage shop, the store is spacious, has a well designed interior and a laid back atmosphere, no desperate rooting around packed clothing rails here, all the stock is neatly displayed and easy to access, almost like a normal, non-vintage boutique.

Beyond Retro- The ultimate vintage emporium, Beyond Retro’s original store is (yes, you’ve guessed it) just off Brick Lane (as I was heading up Brick Lane a large billboard confidently stated that Beyond Retro was a mere three minutes away, baloney! I swear it took me longer to get there, but then I am rather unfit) but they also have a store in Brighton and a boutique near Oxford Circus. Anyway, Beyond Retro is certainly worth a three minute (hah) detour from Brick Lane, they stock a great selection of vintage from leather shorts to tea dresses and everything in between. And all at an extremely reasonable price too, I picked up a (completely mental) knitted jumper for only £16 which is much cheaper than the high street. The sheer variety of vintage on offer means that whatever item of clothing you are looking for you’ll probably find it here. Moreover the staff seems to be abreast of current trends, I was searching for 1960s mod-style dresses (which are in A/W11) and, low and behold, situated close to the shop entrance, was a rail containing just what I was looking for. Essentially, whether you are searching for a particular item or just browsing, Beyond Retro is best place to start any vintage shopping trip, you will probably find what you are looking for and at an excellent price too!

Rokit- Apparently where fashion editors go for vintage, clothing from Rokit appears regularly in fashion shoots for glossy magazines, including Dazed and Confused, Vogue and even (weirdly) GQ. Rokit has stores in Camden, Covent Garden and (groan) Brick Lane, but I also suggest you visit their website which has an even better selection than I found in the stores I visited.




There is no one else who currently represents the British fashion better than her at the (with all due respects to Moss & Campbell). Alexa Chung has become by her own merit the trendsetter par excellence all over the globe. She maintains individuality which at risk of being lost whilst adapting to different trends. The utmost particular eye she has for fashion and the brilliant results she produces are without a doubt what makes u proud to vouch for Alexa whatever side of the pond she is on and her name being on top of the best dressed lists is not a coincidence either. Fresh, casual, na誰f, simple... Alexa's style is the combination of a good eye for fashion, an almost perfect body-shape and a confident and rather modest attitude. She is able to slip into something casual and informal to enjoy a Glastonbury Festival and jumps straight into a gorgeous evening dress when required to grace the red carpet at the Golden Globes Awards. In other words, elegance is one word for our Alexa. It does not matter if she is wearing Hunter rubber boots or the latest Christian Louboutin stilettos, Alexa is the idea accessory for many items of clothing. But she is not just a pretty face looking nearly perfect in all her outfits at every occasion. We adore our Alexa because she is what we could call a `Renaissance Woman` able to work successfully as a presenter, designer, model and contributing editor. A multi-tasingk woman with time for an intense social life that includes attending endless events and campaigns, promotions for prestigious companies such as Lacoste or Supergas, she is my fashion icon. - Zuraide Cid

Y Yo ou ut tu ub be e IIT T

W i g h tm a n

. - Fal l on

House of Adjeiwaah

C atwalk to C over

Lou i s Vu i tton Ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 201 2 dress Top sh op Knitted Ombre Crochet Dress Now: £35.00

Lou i s Vu i tton Ready to-wear Summer/Spring 201 2 dress Top sh op Green 3D Flower Dress BY Sister Jane £75.00

H i e n Le e - Ready to wear Spring Summer 201 2

Top m a n -Orange Bound V Neck Tshirt £8.00

B e n ch - Chino shorts £35.00Sulpico

S u l p i co Re j i l l a Pecan Shoes £22.50

Andy Warhol Exhibition Dulwich Picture Gallery 20th June 2012 16th September 2012

A rather successful and popular artist of his era, Andy Warhol took to stardom with his painting I.Miller’s shoes. His dab at pop art was widely received although other artist were already doing the same thing, but were perhaps not bold enough to step out. His drawings featured images adapted from cartoons and advertisements that were popular at the time. In the year of 1 961 April Warhol’s work was commissioned to be used as a background for a department store in New York. After taking advice from a fellow artist who he later paid $50 for the idea, Warhol was encouraged to work with things that he enjoyed and influenced his life. The famous Campbell’s Soup cans paintings which we now see were auctioned off for $1 0,00 which is a very modest amount compared to the millions he now earns. The inspiration came from him eating soups for lunch for the better part of his life, he also loved celebrities so that also served as his muse.

J on a th a n S a u n d e rs -Augustin quilted jacket ÂŁ998.00

Va n s slip on lo pro guate stripe trainers ÂŁ40.00

Gender Bender August 2012 Director: Noreen Chada Shirley Dee Photographer:allPhotolondon Models: Demitrious, Judita Kimi Giorgos Geronimo MUA:Camille Serstko,Chipo Stylist:Diana Magura (by Nico Didonna)

F as h i o n Hawks

Chrissie Morris has been named one of the top new shoe designers to watch out for. A designer after my own heart with her unique, handmade designs. Morris completed her Masters in Fashion Design at the Milan’s Domus Academy before moving to East London. The designer claims to have been designing since she was 11 , progressing to be one of the newly established British designers to keep an eye on! She made her debut in the Spring of 2008 and has made an impression since day one. Morris’s passion for Italian footwear craftsmanship, that she describes as a “dying” legacy, encouraged her to set up her factory in Bologna. Her ‘made in Italy’ label represents the entire shoe collection being produced in one country, under one roof, by hand. You can see from the shoe taken from her debut collection that she sees the importance in every little detail (Yazmin Multi-Strap Sandal). What you have to love about this designer (apart from her beautiful designs) is her understanding of the importance of practicality. Wearing her own heels throughout her three pregnancies she shows us she values what an active women needs in a shoe.”I wore Amelia’s a lot” Morris says, “I don’t think chunky heels will ever go out. They are always going to serve a purpose and be more comfortable. A thin heel you wear more for an occasion. But I personally feel the chunkier heel will be more important for the future.” Chunky heels are the way forward and especially with designs like Morris’s!

Morris has won the “Who’s On Next” competition by Vogue Italy and Best Talent on the US Conde Nast’s Footwear News, based on her 201 0 collection. It is easy to see why with designs like these. The practicality of these shoes do not take anything away from the incredible design. They are definitely statement shoes, and you can gladly leave your flats at home! Her latest endeavour is a collection with Edition 01 in April 201 2. It is sold exclusively on Edition 01 and they are shoes that give you feet a good impression. These Amber Napa Contrast Pumps, with soft leather panelled heels and snap button closure for the straps at the front make my heart melt! Being a major shoe fan I can’t take my eyes of the amazing design and craftsmanship of Morris’s shoes. They may cost a few bucks but it is worth it to keep this gorgeous Italian craftsmanship alive, which Morris is managing to achieve through her work. She describes her shoes as “empowering, decadent and womanly.” I’ll let you judge the shoes for yourself, but she is most certainly an increasingly growing talent in the shoe design world. – An d re a M cCa u l

Agony Aunt

" I re ce n tl y b ou g h t som e h i g h wa ste d wa sh e d d e n i m sh orts, b u t d on ’ t kn ow wh a t to we a r th e m wi th i n th i s u n p re d i cta b l e E n g l i sh we a th e r" An n a M a i d ston e Well Anna, we all know that the English weather can be very unreasonable at times, especially when you want to show off those legs, but I say never let the weather ruin a good outfit especially now that it is summer, well supposed to be summer and we are meant to be tanning those legs. I suggest, if you have a wacky and funky style to wear an army shirt, jumper or jacket. The army style is so ‘in’ right now and you can still get your legs out on show and just cover your upper half with a jacket, shirt or jumper. I myself will be wearing this look and everyone else will be wearing the army ‘look’ as well at the festivals this summer, so join in the fashion trend and get yours Anna! F a l l o n W i g h tm a n This is a vintage style army jacket from U rb a n O u tfi tte rs, for only £48.00

Knitted camouflage cardigan from Top sh op for £46.00

" I a m com i n g ove r to E n g l a n d from N e w J e rse y a n d I wou l d l i ke to kn ow wh e re I ca n fi n d som e cool vi n ta g e sh op s th a t you g u ys wou l d re com m e n d " - La u re n N e w It really does depend on where in England you would be staying, but London is crammed with Vintage treasures. The best place for vintage shopping in London is without a doubt Brick Lane. The weekend especially is buzzing with vintage markets and shops filled with bargains! Rokit, East Gallery and Tatty Devine are some of the vintage shops you can find there, it’s the perfect way to shop vintage. The best way to get there is to go to Liverpool Street (central line) and walk, you won’t be disappointed. Another way to check out some of London’s Vintage shops is to go Rokit in Covent Garden and Beyond Retro off Oxford Street, that way you can shop high street and vintage in one go! Absolute Vintage is the best place for shoes shopping, the shoes are coordinated by colour throughout the shop which is located in Spitalfields. It is voted one of the top 1 00 shops to visit in the world, so not to be missed! One of a Kind Vintage specialises in designer vintage, with frequent visits from celebs such as Kate Moss, it isn’t one of the cheapest options! Also to top it off, if it is a bargain you are after, 21 st Century Retro is the perfect place, as most finds are under £20! Hope this helps you find what you looking for! - An d re a M cCa u l

AF RI CA FAS H I O N WE E K LO N D O N 2 0 1 2 3 RD & 4 TH AU G U S T 2 0 1 2 S P I TAF I E LD S M ARKE T H ALL All are welcome to have a fantastic time at AFWL 201 2 with estimated 1 0,000 guest, this year is definitely going to be an Event to remember. You can register for Tickets on the Website now. Register for Tickets: P u re Lon d on Au g u st 2 0 1 2 1 9 TH -2 1 S T AU G U S T 2 0 1 2 O LYM P I A G RAN D H ALL Pure London is the UK’s leading fashion buying event. The Spring/Summer 1 3 edition will take place in London Olympia from 1 9 21 August. The event will bring together an eclectic mix of contemporary, directional and premium womenswear, young fashion, footwear and accessory brands, all under one roof. U TTE RLE Y E LE G AN T 3 RD AU G U S T 2 0 1 2 VI CTO RI A & ALB E RT M U S E U M Join us and Exhibition Road Show as we host Utterly Elegant, an evening of free films, talks, workshops and demonstrations celebrating British elegance, style and creativity. Come dressed in your finest attire to catch the eye of fashion photographers Marius Hansen & Morgan White, whose photographs from the event will enter our digital collections.

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Our readers are the font of our content. Demur interacts with its readers on a more personal level seeking to engage with the free thinking...

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Our readers are the font of our content. Demur interacts with its readers on a more personal level seeking to engage with the free thinking...