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Family Studies Magazine June 11 2013

Meal Planning: Find out more on page 2! Learn how to plan meals and have fun too! Master the skills of aroma, color, texture, temperature, and shape. This article will change your life for the better. Food will be appetizing to any who approach! Save money! Save sanity! Save time! Everything is better when you mean plan!

SMART Goals: Why you should use them Have you ever made some goals, and achieved them? Have you ever failed a goal? Have you even ever tried to make some goals? Well, if not you can always learn how! Check out page 3 for more information!

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Meal Planning Citrusberry Almond Salad Recipe:

4) Add the warm almonds when ready to serve, and enjoy!

How is this recipe healthy? For one, it does not contain any fatty or processed foods like dressing or croutons. The unhealthiest thing is the butter and the sugar, although the almonds are entirely optional (However they do add a lot to the meal). It is also fairly low in oils. What the meal contains: 4 servings of fruit/vegetables, 1 serving of meat and alternatives.

Ingredients: ½ lemon, 20 almonds, 3 cups fresh spinach, 1.5 tablespoons sesame seeds (Optional), 1 orange. 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoon brown or regular sugar, 1 tablespoon butter, 1/3 cup cranberry

Why is it appealing?

Serves 2-3

The shape of the spinach leaves, cranberries, zest, and almonds are all different, the temperature varies with the cold salad and warm almonds. Textures have variety, as the leaves are crisp, the zest slightly chewy, crunchy almonds and sesame. The colour of each red cranberries, green leaves, yellow lemon, orange oranges. The aroma of cooked sugar and the lemon juice. The sour flavour of the lemon juice melds with the cranberries and oranges to create contrast in flavour. A truly multi-sensory experience!

1) Chop the almonds into small slices (If you did not purchase them sliced). Place them with the butter and the sugars in a small pan on medium heat. Allow the butter to melt and soak the sugary almonds. Keep the almonds warm until served. 2) Peel the zest off half the lemon, and cut them into thin strips. Juice half the lemon. Peel the orange, and cube the insides. Throw away the orange peel. 3) Wash the spinach, and place it into your salad bowl. Add the orange, half the lemon zest, and the tablespoon of sesame seed, as well as the cranberries. Toss or mix it for even distribution. Pour the lemon juice.

The meal is in accordance to the FACTTS: Flavour, Aroma, Colour, Temperature, Texture, and Shape.

In addition, anyone can make it! Just wash the leaves (Or buy them prepackaged), buy some slivered almonds (Or shell/chop them yourself). Chopping the citrus is a basic skill, so no worries there. It takes no more than a 10-15 minutes to prepare, really. Sugar is readily available

anywhere, cheaply, and all the bulk ingredients can be found in a bulk store for much less than a whole package of them. The only equipment needed is a knife, stove, and small pan. Have any ingredients left over? Well, there are a bunch of things you can do! The raw or sugared almonds and cranberries are great as a snack! You can add in spinach to virtually anything, including other salads, chicken dishes, and more. The sesame seeds add some texture to otherwise texture-bad foods, such as green beans, asparagus, fish, etc. Use any lemon products in desserts, lemonade, drinks, and anything that is too sweet or needs some flavour. Oranges can be used in other meals, or eaten as is.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why the heck should I meal plan? However, there are a lot of benefits to this. For one, you keep your sanity. No more running around stores thinking about what you have at home and what you want! Also, you will save money by not making impulse purchases and buying groceries that you didn’t use due to lack of time or any reason, as well as the time you save by not wandering through the store thinking about what to buy. Speaking of time, you can save time AND money at the same time by not having to work to buy the products! For a few minutes time you get an excellent return!

Develop good habits at a young age!

Article by Ivan Oursoulov

I know you dream. Everyone dreams and has goals, from you, to me, to even that squirrel lying on the road. Yes, even he had dreams, and that dream ended in disaster! But, there is a lesson in this sad tale of one car, one road, and a simpleminded rodent travelling across- Make sure you can achieve your goals, and assess the risk before taking the plunge. Make sure you have enough time to achieve the goal using the SMART format. As my Mother once said to me, “Always do your homework.”

In early adolescence, my Mom achieved the goal of going on a 4-week camping trip. Every week for the past couple of months she would learn how to read maps, put up tents, and make fires. Occasionally they would go on one or two-day trips to practice. She would later become an instructor at the wilderness camp. By being properly prepared, she could go on the trip with much less risk. For my Mom, her biggest missed opportunity was not getting enrolled in university in the first year. She enrolled later next year, after she had a tutor that taught Russian Literature and she passed the exam. A piece of advice is “Achieve your goals, and take small steps. Don’t stress on the negative things in life.” From this, I can make a new SMART goal- S: Complete all goals over the course of the year M: When all my goals are completed (Unless I intend

to complete the goal after) by New Year’s Eve. A: To complete this, I will ensure I am on-time with other goals. R: I have completed many goals before, so I know I can finish this one. T: By New Year’s Eve. See? Making SMART goals is easy! One obstacle that can get it the way is everyday life preventing me from completing goals. I will just have to cope with them. The enabling goals would be all other goals, ironically. My mom apparently didn’t make many goals in her Early Adolescence. I cannot tell as of now which developmental task my goal will help, but time will tell. In the future, you (My reader) and I and everyone can use SMART Goals to make a difference in your life. They will enable you to do things in a timely, efficient manner, and you will complete goals you never even dreamed of doing before! Become the person you want to be! Become rich and famous (Maybe)! Impress your friends! Goals are easy to do if you know how…

Goals are useful in more than one thing…

Making goals is the key to success!

Teen’s kitchen survival guide:

Cook and keep your limbs Safety Wash your hands for at least 15 seconds in warm water with soap before cooking Never put frying oils on high heat Always point the handles of pots on the stove towards the centre If a grease fire occurs, put salt or baking soda on it, but never water. If there is no baking soda or salt available, try to shut the lid on it. Don’t keep chemicals and food together- All natural/nontoxic alternatives are available if you cannot. Never mix cleaning agents Tie back hair and jewelry before cooking.

Dishwashing Before starting to cook, fill up a sink with hot water and add soap. As a general rule, wash in order of clean-dirty. When cooking, if you won’t need a plate or utensil anymore, drop it in the sink to soak. One person should be washing, while another person dries. Everyone else should be cleaning the kitchen. Wash knives separately. To properly wash it, start with the blunt edge near the handle, and work your way to the tip. Ensure that no soap is left after rinsing. Wash in this order: Cutlery, Cups/Glasses, Plates, and finally pots/pans.

Measuring Ensure you use the correct tool for each job: Dry Ingredients = Measuring Spoons/Cups (Depending on amount), Liquids = Measuring Spoons/Cups (Depending on amount), Wet ingredients (Measuring cups) Always spoon in dry ingredients Never pack ingredients unless the ingredient won’t spread out, i.e. brown sugar Butter or Margarine can be measured using a tooltip on the package. Each half of a butter package = 2 cups When cutting butter, for an easy and clean cut run the knife under hot water. View liquid measures at eye level, or else it will be inaccurate.

One recipe(give measuring instructions) 3 wordles per theme 4 text boxes (How to measure dry, etc) Creative title (Not Teen’s Kitchen Survival Guide))

Recipe: Seasoned Potato slices Ingredients: 4 Potatoes, ¾ tsp. Pepper, ½ tsp. Salt, 1 tsp. Garlic powder, ½ C. Olive or Vegetable oil, Chopped Thyme, (Optional, as needed.) Chopped Basil dried Coriander seeds.

Step 1: Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 C)

Spoon in the powders above a plate to catch anything that falls.

Step 2: Wash and chop the potatoes into eights Step 3: Place the potatoes in a zip-loc bag or container, pour in the oil and all the ingredients, and shake until every potato is evenly coated. Step 4: Bake for around 20-30 minutes, depending on potato size. Look at the oil in the cup at eye level for an accurate measurement.

Store chemicals away from food.

If you catch flame: Stop, drop and roll!

Keep kids away from kitchensnot only are they a tripping hazard they can also start playing with poisons or burn themselves.

Don’t use harsh chemicals on countertops- Anyone cooking on it can get food contaminated. Instead use a diluted vinegar solution.

Ouch! To lessen the load, one person should wash and one dry.

Wear safe clothes. Anything too long can get caught on something or set on fire.

void steam, e yourself or open lid on a away from scalding hot

As a last resort in a fire, put a lid on the pot, starving the fire of oxygen it needs. Never put water on a fire.

If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, salt or baking soda can be used to put out grease fires.

Have a fire extinguisher around in case something goes wrong!

Always keep a sharp eye on cooking food! Have a First Aid Kit somewhere around the house, and keep it stocked full of necessities, such as gauze, antiseptic or scissors.

The kitchen sponge is 200, 000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, so be sure to replace these on a regular basis.

Wear proper shoes in the kitchen, it will provide protection should you ever drop anything on your foot, such a knives. Wear these! Things in and on the stove/oven can get really hot, but use something else if the mitts get wet. Don’t heap the dry ingredients on unless the recipe calls for it. Use a straight-edge spatula or blunt edge of a butter knife to scrape the excess ingredients off

Keep raw meats and vegetables stored away from each other. Raw meats have a large variety of harmful bacteria that dwell on them.

Put away appliances as soon as you are done with them. Also, do not operate appliances with wet hands.

Learn measurement terminology! A pinch: How much you can fit between your thumb and index finger. A dash: 1/8 of a teaspoon or around how much a salt shaker releases in one shake (But this varies by contents)

Make sure there’s nothing stuck on the bottom of pans or on the element, as it can easily set on fire! Grease on pots is sticky and can make the fire worse.

Hold knives by the handleUnless you’re passing it. When walking, point it downwards.


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