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Fake-Me-Over... Amy Seabrook What is it about artificial beauty that appeals to so many girls? Does any of it actually improve their appearance, or do they just look like frauds? I always thought that ‘fake’ looked cheap: Barbie doll hair, plastic nails, implausibly sized breasts. Whenever the term was used I always pictured Jordan or one of her double D-list disciples. Now, however, more and more ‘normal’ girls seem to be making increasing concessions to fakery – those little tweaks and adjustments that supposedly improve our appearance. I have to admit that I am a fan of fake eyelashes. They give a glam look for a night out, which often makes me feel that little bit more dressed up. When I’m out, women often compliment me on them and ask if they’re my real eyelashes. When I say ‘no’ and they ask me where they’re from, I can’t help but feel like a bit of a fraudster, embarrassed that I wear them to disguise the fact that I don’t have naturally long lashes. Then again, I suppose I only wear them from time to time. Some girls glue these lashes onto their eyelids every day. Some even go as far as transplanting hair follicles from their head and having them cosmetically sewn into their eyelids. Extreme? Maybe. But it’s a growing trend among young women as long, thick eyelashes have emerged as an accepted facet of beauty.

Then there’s hair extensions. This growing trend in recent years, largely fuelled by WAGS and models, has led to young girls clipping in pieces of fake hair before they go to school and college each morning. Why do some girls spend so much money on maintaining fake hair instead of just waiting for their natural hair to grow? In some cases wearing hair extensions can look awful. However, when my friend Kershia started clipping them onto her hair, I was surprised at how many compliments she received. Some people had no idea her hair wasn’t real and said they wished their hair would grow to that length. When I asked Kershia why she spent so much time in the morning combing and straightening fake hair, she told me, “It just makes me feel so much more confident because I feel I look much better with longer hair, and know it would take me years to grow it anywhere near this length.” She added, “I don’t even think about the money or how long it takes to style, because I feel it’s worth it. I don’t even care that people know it’s fake. I’d much rather wear fake hair every day and feel more attractive, than be unhappy with short, thin hair.” Hair and lashes aren’t the only natural body parts girls fake. Every month my sister Chloe used to splash out around £30 at a small nail shop, sitting there in silence whilst a girl picked away at her nails and replaced them with bits of acrylic. At the time, the desired French manicure was intended to look glamorous, but in reality once the fakes were taken off, what

was left underneath was anything but. Chloe’s lovely nails had been replaced by short, weak ones that took months to repair. I always used to wonder why she spent so much money on a dodgy manicure every month when the fake nails only looked nice for about a week afterwards, and her natural nails were much nicer than mine in the first place! When I quizzed Chloe on why she continued to wear false nails for months through high school, she said, “At the time it seemed fashionable as so many other girls at my school were doing the same. At first, I thought they looked glamorous and attractive, until I had them done myself and felt the pain of them being ripped off. “For me, it wasn’t necessarily a confidence boost, it just made me feel that little bit more dressed up and mature. Nowadays, I much prefer just painting my nails in different colours and find fake nails seem to look a bit outdated and tacky, even though so many girls still wear them.” Cheap, obvious fakeness is not a good look. But, it seems the closer fakery comes to passing for natural beauty, the more acceptable it is. Most beautifying techniques involve some level of artificiality, even simple makeup. Fake lashes and hair extensions are just, well, extensions of that. Fakery gives us the power to control how others see us. It allows us to present the best versions of ourselves to the world. And isn’t that essentially what we’re all trying do, every day?

New Decade. New Demon.

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The Demon - Issue 65  
The Demon - Issue 65  

The Demon, Issue 65 - 30 November 2009