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Famous Freshers’ Festival Faces Zoe Lyons appears at Fresh and Funny on Monday 28 September

The Dolly Rockers appear on Sunday 27 September at the DSU welcome event

Booty Luv appear at Kinky presents Filthy Gorgeous on Thursday 1 October

The Scarlet Harlots appear at Jigsaw on Friday 2 October

Dave Benson Phillips appears at The Big Bad Cheese on Saturday 3 October


Contents Introduction from the De Montfort University Students’ Union Executive


Freshers’ Festival Events Diary


Where do I get some Food?


Health Facilities


Where do I get my Loan Scanned?


Things I Wish I’d Known!


How to be a Good Fresher!



Introduction Hello you!

Much love, Welcome to The Freshers’ Festival. Get ready for a week like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! DSU’s Freshers’ Festival is bigger and better than ever before. Lucky you! The Freshers’ Festival is the most vibrant and exciting week of the year at University and all the events and activities DSU has put on for this week are all for you. Take advantage of it! Through the following pages you’ll find details on all the events taking place throughout the week then there’s some information about stuff that you NEED to know. We’ve got details on what some of the University services can do for you and how to use them properly. There’s also information about where to get some food, where to go in case you get ill and some of the other essential things can baffle the minds of simpletons and boffins alike. But most importantly, enjoy yourself! This is going to be a week you won’t forget so throw yourself in, get involved and make the most of your University experience!

The DSU Exec xxxxx


Freshers’ Festival Events Saturday 26 September

1pm-5pm – The Union will be open for you to come and check it out. Memberships will also be on sale. 9pm-LATE – Mini-Cheese welcomes you to Leicester in fine, cheesy tradition! 12pm-5pm – DSU Welcome Event 9pm-LATE – Another chance to catch a wonderful minicheese treat.

Sunday 27 September Monday 28 September


11am-5pm – The Culture & Arts Fair 3pm-6pm – Fresh and Funny Comedy Event with Zoe Lyons, Jim Smallman and Chris Ramsey. 9pm-LATE – Carnival – the International students’ event.

Tuesday 29 September

10am-5pm – Free stuff up for grabs at the Commercial Fair. 10pm-LATE – New Urban night FASHION!

Wednesday 30 September

10am-5pm – Another chance to visit the Commercial Fair. 7pm-LATE – BONKERZ Bar Crawl followed by Bonkerz at Liquid 10.30pm-3am GT ROAD – Eastern Music Delights with Guest Artist JAZ DHAMI


Freshers’ Festival Events Thursday 1 October

10am-5pm – Community Fair in Level 1 & Sports and Societies Fair on Level 2 of The Campus Centre. 10pm-LATE – Kinky presents Filthy Gorgeous!

Friday 2 October

10am-5pm – Sports and Societies Fair on Level 1 & 2 of The Campus Centre. 10pm-LATE – Rock/Indie Night, Jigsaw!

Saturday 3 October

9am-6pm – Sports and Societies Taster Day. 10pm-LATE – Big Bad Cheese with Dave Benson Phillips!

Sunday 4 October

11am-1pm – The first ever DSU Fun Run! Followed by a post-run party in Level 1.

For more details about the events your Union is running for The Freshers’ Festival, check out where you can buy your Freshers’ and Freshers’ Extra Wristbands!


Where Do I Get Some Food? You’ve just arrived and let’s face it, your parents’ food packages aren’t going to last all that long. Here’s a few ideas we have for you so you can go to get some grub. We recommend figuring out the supermarket nearest to you. Morrisons and Asda are close by where you can do a good weekly shop. However, a far cheaper and fresher alternative is heading down to Leicester Market where you can grab the freshest and cheapest produce around. Outside handles fresh fruit and vegetables whereas inside sections deal with fresh meat and seafood. Check it out as it will almost certainly save you pennies and you can see what you’re buying and there’s that nice local, personal touch to it!

Plus, don’t forget The Wicked Cafe located in Level 1 which serves food every weekday. Bargain prices and excellent food a plenty!


Health Facilities

The Student Health Centre is located within the confines of the Fletcher Building Complex. Acting as your first port of contact when you’re feeling unwell or are concerned about any health issues, they will be able to offer you diagnosis and treatment, much like your GP back home.

The surgery will help you and your family as long as you live within a five-mile radius. Great if you’re local, living in halls and especially if you are a mature student who has kids. You can get a free health check but you must make an appointment with the practice nurse. It’s really important that you register with the health centre in your first week. You don’t have to but if you leave it, when you become unwell, they

won’t be able to treat you when you need them to! The Surgery is open: Mondays and Wednesdays 8.00am to 9.00pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 8.00am to 5.00pm The contact number during these hours is (0116) 255 3388. When the surgery is closed outside of these hours contact 0845 045 0411. Occasionally the surgery may be closed during their normal opening times for eg. staff training. Please use the out of hours number during these times. Appointment Times These start at 9.00am. Advanced access is available – which means that at 8.00am each weekday morning, there are about a hundred appointments available to be filled that morning. Patients can have a specific time to see the doctor, rather than waiting in open surgery. If you want to book an appointment in the future, you can do so for an afternoon slot. The Royal Infirmary The Royal Infirmary is the closest hospital to campus which you may need to use in an emergency.


Where Do I Get My Loan Scanned? When you get to University, you have a thousand and one things to be thinking about. Here are a couple of REALLY important things you can’t afford to forget about! One of the most important things you’ll need to do when you start in Uni is get your loan scanned! If you don’t scan your form, you won’t get any money to support you through your first year at Uni. You can do this at 12 The Newarke (near Soar Point and Newarke

Point Halls of Residence) Whilst you’re there, you can pick up a Tax Exemption Form

which will exclude you from having to pay council tax as long as you’re an enrolled student. Even if you’re in Halls of Residence, you will need one of these! Your Halls staff should notify you of this but it’s best to get in there early to avoid having to make any unplanned payments. Queues can get really long so we recommend that you try and get there as early as possible so you won’t have to be waiting around for ages.


Things I Wish I’d Known! I wish I’d known more about the prayer facilities at the University. – Suhail

I wish I’d known about the discounts you can get at the Union. – Hannah

I wish I’d familiarised myself with the Library sooner, it’s become my second home now. – Joe

I wish I’d known how bad my hangovers would be!

– Jane

I wish I’d known how quickly time passes.

– Calvin

I wish I’d known that you don’t have to worry about making loads of friends, you’ll have tonnes when you leave! Just be yourself! – Amy

I wish I’d known more about the gay scene in Leicester.

– Ali

I wish I’d joined a sports team sooner, I really need to be healthier.

– Chris

I wish I’d known about the other things that happen in Leicester and what to do on weekends.

– Rishi

I wish I’d known more about the Welfare services provided to students. – Glen

I wish I’d spoken to more second and third years about what my course will REALLY be like.

– Tom

I wish I’d known that I could have got involved with the Students’ Union because the friendships I formed as part of working on a project established by the Women’s Officer and the involvement I got from being part of that project, kept me going during the harder times at Uni when I wanted to quit. – Colina


How To Be A Good Fresher Being a Fresher can be daunting and first impressions go a long way. Here’s a few helpful hints and tips to make sure that you settle in to Uni life as easily as possible! Top Tips for getting ready for Uni 1. Find out where to scan your loan. It’s the most important fund you’ll get and getting it scanned as soon as possible is going to make life so much easier. 2. Get to know the library. Make friends with it, find your way round, you’ll be spending A LOT of time there! 3. Get your student card! It gets you in to places like the library and the Students’ Union. Without it, you won’t be complete! 4. Log in to Blackboard. Familiarise yourself with the layout and the features you can use. It will be essential for checking on course resources and the like.

Top Tips for getting to know your housemates 1. Get a doorstop. By keeping your door open in the first few weeks, you’ll make sure you’re never forgotten when people go out for a drink or a trip to the park! 2. Bring cake! It will make you tremendously popular! 3. Invite everyone out for a drink or a trip to the park. Simple, but effective! 4. Decorate the flat together. An activity you can all share and participate in is always a good laugh. 5. Have a night in with a DVD-athon. Find out movies they like! 6. Play computer games together. 7. Most importantly, BE YOURSELF!

Remember that you can come and talk to anyone at your Union if you feel worried or concerned about anything. We’ll only be too pleased to help in any way we can. We were there too!

DSU Freshers' Handbook 2009  

The Official Guide to DSU Freshers' Festival and your first week at De Montfort University.