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Playground ď ľ

Kids and children like to come here to play games, and move a lot around the playground. You can do exercises with help of the tools. There is also a pitch for playing football.

Library ď ľ

Our library has many books. It helps little pupils to start reading and learn about the library itself.

Municipal office ď ľ

Represents the state in official matters like marriadge, documents, complaints, fees... Also an office of the village mayor is here. Plus there is a big hall where balls and performances take place.

Drugstore ď ľ

The drugstore is not that large, but it's pleasant and has a lot of medicine for treatment.Â

Fire brigade We don't have that many fire fighters. But they get the job done well. They also do excursions and events where they show their work, such as – Saving a person from under the ice.

Restaurant ď ľ

In Restaurant 'Sport bar' they cook daily and have day's specialties and cook very well, to be honest

Post Office ď ľ

Post Office delivers and receives parcels, letters and money, and you can buy lottery tickets here

Church 

Opens on Friday and Sunday, with bell tower that has clock on it

Kindergarten ď ľ

Kids have a swimming pool, large garden, many toys here. They do a lot of fun activities. For us, the grown-ups, it‘s like heaven.

Port 

Not many boats anchor here, but you can buy yourself a meal or a drink here. It's a nice place to chill and chit chat with your friends. It‘s very busy, especially on nice warm days in summer. Right next to it is a cycling path and 'Baťa‘ canal.