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Playground ď ľ

Kids and children like to come here to play games, and move a lot around the playground, but a lot you can do exercises with help of the tools. There is also a pitch for football.

Library ď ľ

Our library that has many books. it helps little pupils to start reading and learning them about the library itself.

Municipal office 

Represents the state in official matters like marriages, documents, complaints, fees... Also the mayor of this village office here.

Drugstore ď ľ

Our drugstore is nor that large, but it's pleasant and has a lot medicine for treatment.Â

Fire brigade We don't have that many fire fighters. But they get the job done, they also do excursions and such.

Restaurant ď ľ

In Restaurant 'Sport bar' they cook daily, and have day's specialties and cook very well to be honest

Post Office ď ľ

Post Office delivers and receives parcels, letters and money, and you can buy a lottery tickets here

Church 

Opens on Friday and Sunday, with bell tower that has clock on it

Kindergarten ď ľ

Kids here have a swimming pool, large garden, many toys and fun activities. It's like in heaven

Port ď ľ

Not many boats anchor here, but you can buy yourself a meal or a drink here (Specially in summer). It's a nice place to chill and chit chat with your friends. Right next to it is cycling path and canal 'BaĹĽa'

School vol.2  
School vol.2