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Library ď ľ

Our lovely library that has many, many books that it's not even healthy. it helps little pupils to start reading, also it helps other schools to teach them about the library itself

Municipal office 

Represents the state in official matters, marriages, documents, complaints, fees Also the president of this village lives here

Drugstore ď ľ

Not that big, but comfy drugstore it has very, very much medicines and other heal care things

Fire brigade We don't have that many fire fighters like twenty or thirty. But they get the job done, they have been doing excursions a lot, but that is in the past.

Restaurant ď ľ

In Restaurant 'Sport bar' have day's specialties and they cook pretty good to be honest. But sometimes they have small meals for normal food

Post Office ď ľ

Well, what should I say, it's a post office nothing too special

Church ď ľ

Opens at friday and Sunday, there is also a bell on the top with a clock

Kindergarten ď ľ

Kids here have a swimming pool, large garden, many toys and fun activities. It's like in heaven

Port ď ľ

Not many boats anchor here, but you can buy yourself a meal or a drink here. It's a nice place to chill and chit chat with your friendsÂ

School Project  
School Project