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ANDINA LINK'2010 Cartagena

The International Trade Show organized by TDC EVENTS INTERNATIONAL born at the beginning of the 90s because of the great need of knowledge about the cable television and convergent technologies market in Latin America. Mass the different countries of the region: Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, the Central American region: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and countries of Conosur Region: Argentina, Uruguay, between others.

ANDINA LINK 2010 CARTAGENA will be the scenario to answer all the questions about convergence like a technological innovation process wich is rapidly transforming the cable television industry and simultaneously, the telecommunica-tions industry as well.


Showcase all the products, solutions and services available for the Cable TV, convergent technologies and telecommunications market. Showcase the different equipments and applications for convergent services by using new techniques and solutions provided by new technologies. Provide a wide vision of the application and use of convergent media for companies that are looking forward to improve their competitiveness.

EXHIBITORS BENEFITS : • • • • • • • •

Have the opportunity to gain access to a market that has the will and resources to invest in technological update. Penetrate Colombian, Andean and Latin-American markets which are preparing to face new challenges with the overseas commerce. Meet distributors and agents that can represent your products at local level. Showcase your products on a practical basis Establish new contacts in the country and in the region. Identify potential clients and investors. Evaluate your products facing your competition. Allow the visitors to evaluate your products effectiveness and efficiency.

Organized by:

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With the support of:

Meet the business persons and the authorities related with the industry in the region. Position your brand in a specialized and competitive environment.

EXIHIBITOR PROFILE: Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing Broadcasting – Cable Broadcasting – Internet Broadcasting – Television CATV Operators Carriers Equipment/Computer/Software/Applications/ Finance/Investment IPTV/IP Video/Broadband Video Manufacturing & Retail Mobile TV/Personal Content/Services Technology/IT Telco-Wireless Telco-Wireline Wireless

VISITOR PROMOTION: In order to assure a great assistance to the congress on a local and international level, the TDC Events International organization designed a high impact media plan through

radio, television and Specialized Media. Complemented with a marketing directed plan that includes different directly communications to a database all public objects.

VISITOR PROFILE: Broadband television Carriers Voice over IP providers, IPTV providers CATV and satellite TV TELCOS Cable Operators Internet Operators Desicion Makers of all the cable associations of Latina America. Between others.

SCHEDULE: 22 – 23 February 24 – 25 February 26 -- February

Booth Construction Trade Show Booth Build Down

EXHIBITION VENUE: “Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala” Convention Center Carrera 8 Getsemani Cartagena, Colombia

EXHIBITION FLOOR PLAN 1.500 Square meters

Booth reservations: US Contact: Maria F. Gomez Tel: (305)4365751 Fax: (305)4365352 Email: Colombia Tel: (571) 2498229 Cel: (57) 316 877 6075 Fax: (571) 3128782 Email:


Booth 3X3 = 9mt2 = 4.740 dollars Booth 3X6 = 18mt2 = 9.500 dollars Booth 6X6 = 36mt2 = 18.900 dollars The booth includes: • • • • •

White melanin backslaps on both faces. Solid Core profiles Basic electricity articles (polarized protective picture to 25th, double sockets and fluorescent lamp of 40w with switch). 1 identification sign Table and two chairs

*It does not include carpet

SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS: Have the unique opportunity to build a brand identity in a specialized environment, create value-relationship with your clients and improve your brand’s performance and market position. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Registration Area Press Room Internet Zone General Signs Welcome banner Show bags Badges Lanyards Bracelets Exhibition floor plan map Certificates of attendance Class + Workshop compilation CD Pens and note books Coffee breaks Lunches Parties

Cartagena 2010  

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