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Soci Marketer – Complete and Dynamic Suite of FaceBook Marketing Tools Soci Marketer is a cutting edge solutions for marketing on FaceBook that allows its users to start automating facebooks, likes, shares and comments and "private reply messages" and start reaping the benefits of massive fan engagement today!

What Is Soci Marketer? Facebook Is Setting The World On Fire And Has Released NEW FEATURES That We've Automated For 'Newsfeed Crushing' Results. Stop Struggling And Start Profiting With The ultimate suite of tools A complete set and forget system that makes massive profits exposing the power of facebook like never before in just 4 easy & simple steps: 1. 2. 3. 4.

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With This POWERHOUSE SUITE Of Brand New Tools Facebook just released many new features that you need to take advantage of‌ immediately. Nobody else is even talking about this yet, let alone giving you the tools & the training to be out in front of everyone else! To start your new year off with a bang, they are making this available to the loyal customers & friends at a seemingly ridiculous price. (considering what it does and what you get.) Soci Marketer is a cutting edge solutions for marketing on FaceBook that allows its users to start automating facebooks, likes, shares and comments and "private reply messages" and start reaping the benefits of massive fan engagement today! The ULTIMATE shortcut that immediately allows you to tap into the whole world of Facebook generating MASSIVE Leads and Profits with just a few clicks of mouse


You know that the hardest thing on FB is to get that “SOCIAL PROOF” that your post needs to be seen by the LARGEST Possible Audience. This Fantastic “SUPER SYSTEM “completely solves this problem easily!!!      

Carousel Posts Video Cross Posting Video Slide Show Posts Images as a Video Post Auto Like & Comment Auto Private Message reply on comments

How Does Soci Marketer Work? Special Features of Soci Marketer: 1.Worlds First Carousel Posting Tool

More images invite more scrolling

       

Totally free advertising Boost your sales 10x Get free traffic for your website Increases “ORGANIC” reach Showcase up to 5 clickable images within a single post, at no extra cost Increase engagementgeometrically Schedule your posts and forget them Auto share, Auto Comment, Auto Like, Auto Private Reply in inbox

2.Cross Posting Features… Crossposted Videos gives Pages the ability to create posts from videos without reuploading them again. This gives you the ability to see total insights from all videos crossposted across Facebook and a breakdown of metrics across the multiple posts created from it.      

Most powerful feature for your video marketing Reach a new and broader audience Reach a more relevant audience Avoid sending or re-uploading videos See aggregated insights for posts across all Pages This new feature works with regular video and 360 video

3. Worlds First Slide Show Posting Tool Slide Shows gives Pages the ability to create posts from your content ( Imagess, Video Etc.) without any hassel. This also gives you the ability to see total insights from all content posted across Facebook      

The power of video, without the time and expense, boost the engagement of your post. Turn your images into video with slideshow Awesome presentation It will help businesses reach the people in emerging and high-growth markets who want to watch more video content, but have limited bandwidth Savvy marketers everywhere are adopting slideshows as a way to overcome the challenges of creating videos, or simply to try a new and engaging ad format This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.

4.The Tremendous Posting Features (Message, Image, Link, Video Poster)  

Preview before Post Highly customizable

       

Schedule your campaign and forget it Auto like and comment Auto share across multiple pages Auto private replies to comments YouTube video/uploaded video Post Increase engagement by the power of auto sharing across other pages Bulk Posting across unlimited pages More flexibility than ever

5.The Powerful Posting Insights (Page, Post, Video Insight) They give you amazingly powerful tools to analyze your pages, posts, or video performance. How the page is attracting viewers, how the video is viewed, and where the post engagement came from. This enables you to test and then modify your campaigns for greater conversions (SALES).    

Eye Catching graphical design Very easy to understand Full overview of your page statistics Full performance data for your posts and videos

6.The Dymamic PAGE Analytics And Metrics ALL the key PAGE information at your fingertips

Page stories, people talking about this,

Page impressions, Page engagement,

Page reactions, Page cta clicks, Page user demographics, Page content, Page views,

Page video views, Page post, Page post impressions, Page post engagement, Page video post,

Page like source and many more…

7.The Dynamic POST Analytics And Metrics… ALL the key POST information at your fingertips… 

Post impressions, Post engagement,

Post impression unique, Post impression paid,

Post impression paid unique, Post impression fan, Post impression fan unique,

Post impression organic, Post impression viral,

Post impression viral unique,

Post consumptions, Post fan reach, and many more…

8.Awesome Video Insights And Metrics ALL the key VIDEO information at your fingertips…

Total video views, Total unique video views ,

Total video views auto played, Total video views clicked to play, Total organic video views,

Total video views paid, Total paid unique video views,

Total video views sound on, Total video complete views, Total unique video complete views

PLUS 20 more highly important metrics available.


How It Works: The ultimate suite of tools

A complete set and forget system that makes massive profits exposing the power of facebook like never before in just 4 EASY & SIMPLE STEPS... 1. 2. 3. 4.

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Who Should Use Soci Marketer? This software is always guaranteed to be up todate and functions as required, if there are any unforseen issues then they will provide a full support desk for your usesage. Also, this software is not certained to mostly suit your particular needs, so please review the Sales Page for all particulars.

Why Should You Get Soci Marketer Now ? Let’s clarify‌ They've automated everything saving you massive amounts of time AUTO LIKE: When someone submits a post (video, image, link, message, live video, live scheduled video) in Facebook, the post will be liked by all other pages of the owner automatically. AUTO COMMENT: If auto comment is enabled for the post, a comment will be made which is preset by owner.(Auto comment can be also given by other pages of the owner) AUTO SHARE: If auto share is enabled, the post will be shared across all pages of the owner or selected pages AUTO LIKE ON COMMENTS: When anyone comments on a post, if auto like on comment is enabled, then a like by the page will be given on this comment. AUTO PRIVATE REPLY ON COMMENT: When anyone comments on a post, if auto private reply on comment is enabled, a predefined message will be sent to user inbox. After revealing all of these features, this post is not going to stop here. We both the producer and this very review page are having tons of bonuses for our dear customer if you purchase this product at this time.

Exclusive Bonuses From Soci Marketer

These Compliment This Very Complete Powerhouse Of Facebook Tools

These Are The Absolute Finest 'TRIO' Of Bonuses That They've Ever Offered

You Will Find Them Within Your Software Dashboard Upon Your Activation

Conclusion Let recap of what you are going to get inside Soci Marketer: You Will Recieve Special Suite Today - Along With All Of the Bonuses 

Soci Marketer Complete - The Very First Of Its Kind And An Extremely Valuable Suite Of Tools!

BONUS - NEW Soci Chat

BONUS - NEW Soci Targeter

BONUS - NEW Soci In-Boxer

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Soci Marketer review-$16,400 Bonuses & 70% Discount

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