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Who would be the audience for your media product? In the stages of planning my magazine I decided to aim my product at late teenagers/young adults who were interested in the more alternative side of music, focusing on pop punk and alternative rock. I done some research into this and I am going to look at it here. To the right are two examples of what male and female typical readers of my magazine would look like. Both are up to date appearance wise with the alternative trends, such as piercings and ear stretchers and also the ombre hairstyle. The two people are teenagers around 18 years old and would have an interest in alternative music, like what my magazine is focused on. Music would be a big part of their lives and one of their main interests as well as attending gigs to see their favourite bands or artists. They would be most likely to shop at regular fashion shops like Topshop/Topman however they also enjoy wearing band merchandise and mixing their own feel into fashion, meaning they can be quite fashionable and in with the trends but like to put their own twist on it often slightly more grungy. Demographics Gender: Unisex however more of a male audience. Age: 17 years old Income: Low income (part time jobs)


I have adjusted my magazine to suit the fact that most of my audience will only have part time jobs or even unemployed meaning my magazine can’t be too expensive or they wont want to buy it. I decided to make it £2.50 and also offer a subscription plan meaning they can get up to 6 months of magazines for less than what it would be when purchasing each week.


Shopping habits: Likes shopping at places like Topshop and Topman, Urban Outfitters, as well as band sites for merchandise and other clothing brands run by artists they like. Music: Alternative music – Pop punk, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock and Post-Punk Films: They enjoy feel good and funny films, such as Scott Pilgrim Vs The World My target audience are also, in some sense a product, this is because via my magazine they would also ve sold to companies through advertisements in my magazine. Some examples of companies that may like to advertise are • Topshop • Upcoming clothing designers (merchandise websites) • • Energy drinks eg Monster or Rockstar • HMV • Urban Outfitters • Vans • Itunes • I think that these companies will be most likely to advertise in my magazine as these are all of what my target audience are interested in and would commonly consume. I am aware of this due to my research looking into what my target audience like via social networking. From looking at my research I discovered that the most popular genres of music for this age group was alternative rock and so I think this magazine would appeal to them. They would buy the magazine because of its content on the specific genre of music that interests them, it gives them their money worth as it will all be about that genre and provide them with information they want, rather than it being on a mixture of genres that they may not hold any interest in.

Who would be the audience for your media product  
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