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Representation Research- My genre for my magazine will be rock/indie music. Rock music is normally represented by being very aggressive angry and dark. The colours of a rock magazine are normally bold colours eg black, red. Also they have many bright but bold colours most rock magazines contain colours like oranges and bold blues. Indie magazines have a calm feeling to them. They normally go with the basic white, black, and grey and then have an stand out bold colour. They never normally go for neutral colours. They do this to make it stand out. My magazine will be a mix of these as it is a mixed magazine. I shall make my magazine stand out and be bold like a indie magazine but I also shall have an angry tone to it as it also is rock. Audience - I think the reason why music press remains so popular is because everyone is interested in music whether its rock, classical or pop. People all like music and they all want to know what’s going on with their favourite artist or band. As we have grown so have ways of presenting information people now use the internet to find out information where as others like to believe that its un reliable and still want to buy music magazines. I believe the reason that it remains so popular is the fact that everyone enjoys music. The simple reason for this is that they are able to sit down, flick through the pages and finish within a time limit getting all the relevant pieces of information. The more popular magazines that are sold are the rock and heavy metal magazines instead of the mainstream dance, pop music magazines. Institution - The magazine NME gets its money from its circulation 20,011 copies sold per week. Also they make most of their money by advertising. To advertise in an NME magazine it costs £6,920 per advert in the magazine. Kerrang magazine has wider assests and get a wider audience as they have a radio station, online website and TV channel. This creates a much bigger audience than just having a magazine because Kerrang is then on most technology for everyone to listen/watch/read. Kerrang and NME manage to retain their readers by adding freebies, competitions and always having a main big article with the biggest artists/bands out on that week.

Representation research