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I have a list of wardrobe essentials, one of them being flannels. A year round statement that is ultimately the most versatile, yet still trendy top. What swoons me the most is its ability to take "fancy" and transform it into a more casual, walking down the street, kind of look. Get on the hunt for a tad bit of plaid because surprisingly, it has taken me a solid amount of time to find that perfect fit. As easy as it sounds, it was either too big, to stiff, or was just the wrong color. Me and my chintzy-self have had good luck at thrift shops for that $10 find, but paired with a maxi, sequence shorts, or simply a pair of jeans or leggings, this affordable plaid from Forever21 is that undeniable year round essential and winter must have. Forever21 Flannel Sunglasses that never old - Ray Ban Aviators Sam Edelman Boots And Happy Holidays to all:) Hope everyone had a memory filled, family loving, food coma induced Christmas!

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Alongside the rest of the world, Pinterest has seemed to accumulate the most coveted of mine. Ranging from how my home will look, as soon as I have to the freedom to decorate my own space, my favorite trends, and overall inspiration for daily food, fitness and fashion are all easily piled on a board with a click of the precious "pin it" button. I'm quite the devotee, although considering the mass amount I tend to pin it was about time I picked a few of my favorites. After being an avid fan of Bella's wholesale products, Bella Luxx's retail line of dresses have caught my eye. This maxi dress has been one of my favorites because of the overlay and cascading fabric in the front. Versatility is up there on anyones list and when a number as chic as this can go from day to night, I feel only inclined to make it a part of my things to pack for a trip back home. With the help of a black Tibi Sandal, go glam into the night. Hanging around all day to shop? Throw on a pair of the booties, beanie from here, and you're ready for these algid days. Bella Luxx Dress Tibi Sandal Nine West Bootie Michael Kors Watch Westward Leaning Sunglasses Chanel Coffee Table Book Posted by Flaunt the Love at 9:06 AM 1 comment:

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Guilty pleasure of coming home is the traditional mother daughter closet swap that seems to transcend each morning. Packing for a month is frustrating and not endearing one bit, so I tend to pull the lazy card and throw the most random peices in my suitcase. Although, over the year I've learned to save myself the hassle because ultimately mothers closet will be the go to. So far this week has been a catch up break, catch up on relaxation break - and I love it. I'm the type of person who has to constantly be going going going, but with a few friendly reminders to chill out and relax I've been able to fully embrace real life break.

And more at it with that hats - for all you who are hesitant to throw something on your head because of that overpowering thought of notoriously dreaded hat hear, I say embrace the trend and just don't take the ever so stylish head gear off. Together we can invest less time on our hair and only focus on the 3/4 that really needs to be done. This serious matter will result in a solid 1/4 of our hair that does not need to be tattered with, ultimately giving us that whole 15 minute extra time in bed we long for. There's a homeless bum inspiration here, this pirate-esque gora featured today and more to come (cut up dickies baseball hat named by some) next week:) Zara Top Sequin Shorts (similar here) Forever21 Boots (similar here)

Floppy Hat Tights (similar here and here)

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This post should come at no surprise to the people that know me. It's a good thing the cold weather has commenced and I can now blame my odd beanie obsession on the cold and not the laziness distracting me from doing my hair each morning. But really, its freezing back up in Northern California and my lack of winter clothes is becoming apparent. Finals are over, I worked my butt off (didn't sleep for a week) and felt it only necessary to treat myself with a "you're done with finals" present. After a trip to my favorite local boutique, the typical, yet ULTIMATE, little black beanie was a top my head and alas we were ready to enter a battle field of crowded malls and christmas shopping madness. This madness set way to my two week break back home for the holidays. Two weeks where reminiscing with old friends, indulging in Chicken #1's from the local Pete's Brass Rail, and basking in Christmas decorations that hang in every corner, never get old. Forever21 Jacket Forever21 Denim (similiar here) Zara Shoes LF Tank Ella J Beanie Forever21 Rings As I'm writing my way over due post, a majority of the news streaming in the background pays tribute to the Sandy Shooting that occurred in Connecticut. My prayers and condolences go out to the families that struck by this devastating tragedy. These events shouldn't be what puts one's world into perspective, but it's sometimes not until these times that we realize how often we over look the important people and amazing lives we have. Remember to love, continue to show love and don't forget the people who mean the most to you. xoxo

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Old Town, San Diego

The long anticipated new season has finally snuck up. Crisp and cool, yet just enough sun to warm up the air has prompted us with what San Diego considers fall. Minus the lack of falling leaves and rain that I'm use to and which I'm a guilty fan of, it still resides as one of my favorite times of the year here. Plus, beanies + boots overflow my closet and I have no problem with assenting to a shift in wardrobe. Any chance I get, I'll admit, you will see some knit, pom-pom beanie like hat on my head. Although, weirdly enough, I gave the beanie a break for a day and safe to say... I felt naked! I opted for knee high's, target boots and an oversized military jacket, sufficed my fix for mexican food and felt it only necessary to indulge in a childhood treat - root beer floats for two!

Utilitarian Jacket Knee High Socks Jersey T-shirt Boots (similar) Sunglasses

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