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American football is not a sport is a lifestyle

Perseverance what is That? Dedication and determination in attitudes and ideas or conduct of affairs. In short if you do something with diligence and discipline can not achieve anything in life, in American football you have to work every day to be a good player These are just some examples of why American football is a sport in technological institutional Monterrey and a sport which can summarize life.

Why play football?

One of the reasons that American football is one of the best values in this sports and other things in which the game is based examples here . Brotherhood ... but why brotherhood? When sharing the field with your teammates you realize that they trust you to take care and know that if you miss could be injured. Teamwork . In this sport if you work as a team can not play because you depend on each and all depend on each other , for example when sending a pass if the offensive line does not block the quarterback can not throw or receivers do not run the ball well caching not why it is so important teamwork .

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