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COUPLES PACKAGES PACKAGE 1 | $600 90 Minutes Photography Variety of Locations 90 Images Private Online Gallery 2 | 11x14s 5 | 8x10s 10 | 5x7s

PACKAGE 2 | $350 60 Minutes Photography 2 Locations 60 Images Private Online Gallery 1 | 11x14 2 | 8x10s 5 | 5x7s


30 Minutes Photography 1 Location 25 Images Private Online Gallery for 2 weeks



4x6 | 5x7 | 8x10 | 8X12


Wall & Portrait Sizes 11x14 | $25 11x17 | $30 16x24 | $40 20x20 | $50 20x30 | $60 24x36 | $90 Add Stryene Mount + $25

Framed Acrylics 30x40| $1600 24x36 | $1200 20x30 | $1000 15x30 | $850 16x24 | $850

Canvas 30x40| $700 24x36 | $600 20x30 | $600 15x30 | $575 16x24 | $450 Add Frame for $150

Metal Prints 30x40| $700 24x36 | $600 20x30 | $550 15x30 | $550 16x24 | $300

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Are the hours booked only for the wedding day?

The hours are your hours, it’s up to you how you wish to use them.

Can we use some of the hours for a day after shoot or trash the dress?

Ofcourse you can , once you book me your hours are yours, timing would depend on availability

How do we setup a day after shoot?

You would inform me ahead of time, usually during the meeting that you are interested and then we plan for that day.

Why don’t you offer packages without albums?

I believe in the complete package and the timeless significance of having the album. Just imagine sitting in the living room together with some wine and going through a hard copy of your wedding day story as apposed to swiping on an Ipad?

How long does it take to get the final images? Between 14 and 21 days.

Are those big dramatic images included?

I’m sorry to say that they are not. We plan ahead of time to have time to capture them.

How do we get them?

those images are shot during trash the dress sessions...They are my fine art edits.

Can we just get the digital versions of the Fine Art Edit? Im sorry to say that you will not.


Mainly cause alot of work goes into these images and giving a digital file will not do it justice. Its like building a house to live in a tent.

Do we have to buy prints from you?

No you do not, but is highly recommended. We can guarantee what you see is what you get with your prints. We only use the highest quality of printlabs.

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