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" No pasarãn!" peint sur le toit de la Demeure du Chaos No pasarãn!"painting on a roof of the Abode of Chaos !

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Lame d'acier Steel blade

 Pétition "Post-Dada"

"Post-Dada" petition

 Visite impromptue d'un hélicoptère

de la maréchaussée Unplanned helicopter visit from the constables

are not welcome. We "precede". We receive the blows, but we say to them: "Be mutants in your daily lives, in your vision of the vision of the world". Being mutant doesn't necessarily mean having twentythree xenografts. L.Z. - And that doesn't mean they haven't been warned. Everyone is free to choose, but at least it is knowingly. It's visible and palpa­ ble... propagated and understood. L.C. - I don't think everyone is really free to choose. The socio-cultural conditioning is very strong. Happily, a few scattered individuals do the deciphering and dissemination of the information to try to awaken and arouse the people. L.Z. - Precisely, the Abode is a good counter-power. It's a good way to propagate information, to make things visible and compre­ hensible. At least to provoke ques­

tioning and, from there, perhaps a re-evaluation of one's fundamen­ tals beliefs and prejudices. The Abode receives at least a thousand visitors every week-end. There is therefore a significant opening to the "people".

T.E. - I totally agree with Lukas. Desproges had a very amusing phrase: "I am very optimistic for L.Z. - Strange though it may seem, the future of pessimism". People I get a better reception from older change. I have to manage a sub­ people than from younger people. stantial number of enemies, but, among them, certain are at least Amongst younger people, there frank. We are no longer young­ seems to be a higher level of re­ sters. François Mitterrand used to jection, perhaps at an instinctive T.E. - If we wanted to remain elit­ level, something like a form of pro­ say: "The main thing is to last". I'm ist, we wouldn't be so open. We 45 and I haven't changed for twen­ tectionism. Whereas older people have had over 200,000 visitors ty-five years. And over time people seem to have gone beyond the re­ for the period February 2006 to jection stage and seem to be more acquire a set of reference points, October 2007. We do what we remember what you said ten, fif­ disposed to analysis and look­ can to communicate. Thereafter, teen or twenty years back and ing behind appearances. To un­ people have to make up their then look at what is happening to­ derstand that there is a real point own minds. We are open to any­ ... a real questioning. And the old­ day. We are beginning to "enjoy" a one who wishes to visit, wherev­ certain legitimacy in our "margin­ er they come from, whatever their er generations seem, at the very least, to respect my work. This rep­ al" ways. They realize that what we views and their capacity to listen. said would happen is actually hap­ resents an evolution. People are We also open our hearts and our eyes to them. Afterwards, it's up to starting to understand that some­ pening. So things are going in the 'right' direction. them to decide. Freedom to choose thing 'abnormal' is happening. I am perhaps one of the catalysts to is important. the extent that I express this in­ L.Z. - When I spoke ten years ago ternal questioning of fundamen­ L.C. - Do you perceive any evolution of what was coming, methods of tal beliefs and ideas. People are not control that would be implanted over recent years in the way people look at your respective activities and stupid. in our bodies, everyone said it was artistic approaches? Or perhaps a "devolution", who knows…

pure science-fiction. As Thierry said a little earlier, the traceability of each child will be implemented by an RFID chip as of 2009. T.E. - A 2-giga chip, whereas only a couple of kilo-octets would be enough for the blood group and personal identification data… L.Z. - Exactly! And make no mis­ take, this is real. What seemed mad or very far-fetched at the time is now real. T.E. - All my favourite forwardlooking films are today finding sig­ nificant resonance in reality. The proof is that I can't find any new ones. L.C. - That's right. The same in true in the field of literature: The generation of Spinrad, Brunner and Ballard is running out of steam and there is noone who is really taking their places.

T.E. - That's it... and it's logical! We are already tomorrow. Fiction is being overtaken by reality. And on the basis of that observation, I am convinced that our work is meaningful, which I am natural­ ly pleased about. We frequently enter into violent conflicts, partic­ ularly with State systems. And I am ever more agreeably surprised to find within systems that are so profoundly hostile a magistrate, a president or a top member of the French administration who se­ cretly opens a door for us. These are the king of daily 'miracles' we encounter. One day I answered a senior member of the French ad­ ministration who asked me to give him a true reason for seeing me evolve in this way: "Because I am your poison and in every materia medica, there must be a poison…"

T.E. - I started getting interested in Internet in 1983. We installed ourselves here in 1983. At the time we were less than 5000 in the world. During this period I met the founding fathers of Internet. My idea was to establish a diagram of Internet on the Bunker, with the help of different persons in­ cluding members of the Tangente University, in order to show that from Arpanet to today, nothing has changed. Arpanet is a struc­ ture created in 1967 to be used in the case of massive destruction of cities by nuclear warheads. It was decided to kill off point-to-point, the communication protocol of the 20th century, and replace it with the packet protocol which is the distortion and fragmentation of information into millions of pack­ ets. Thus if one path is broken, the information can use another. And L.C. - Yes and speaking of Governing in the end, there is complete con­ by Networks, the painted work on the tinuity. north face of the Bunker…

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Via Governing by Networks, we discover that the fifty or so bodies such as Ompi, Icann, and all those supra-governments that are sup­ posed to be free from any State pressure are in fact under total American domination. Whether via the virtual communities and a whole bunch of commitments, it's the US Secretary for Defence who has a hold on and adapts Internet. The thirteen root serv­ ers are practically all in the United States, Network Solution and VeriSign own all the naming char­ ters and DNS resolutions. To give you an example that the French don't know about, all the domain names under .fr or could disappear in a couple of seconds if VeriSign decided to delete a subaddress of these registers. And I hasten to add... these are just subdomains. Hence Governing by Networks presents a sort of reading frame­ work composed of frontal IP ad­

dresses which allow us to discover many things. L.C. - I just want to go back to the question of the 2-giga RFID. What could the 2 gigas be used for? T.E. - The chip will naturally con­ tain our medical dossier with our medical history, but also certain civil and criminal records. States have been ignoring Information Technology for a long time... but they have finally understood that they have an extraordinary capa­ bility with this tool. Today, Dell's biggest client in France is the French State. There have been two major accelerations of the French State's IT budget: the first around 1996-1997 and the second around 2002-2003. Today this budget is 16 to 17 higher than the countries annual military budget. Today in France, certain decrees of applica­ tion allow people who are not even members of the judicial police ac­

cess to several State databases. France, is inhabited by 65 millions individuals. But today, a search on the twenty-odd databanks that cross each of the 65 million indi­ viduals can be done in a few thou­ sandths of a second on SQL. A few years ago, the same intersection of data was only possible after twen­ ty minutes of searching through a network of white rooms. States have understood the power of in­ formation and that controlling in­ formation means controlling the technology that manages it. And this is a terrible reality! That's why people like us, in our mutation, we have to be in these types of IT cracks. This sort of Deep Web, or "Hidden Internet" which is a sort of magnitude between two visuali­ sations of IP addresses. L.Z. - "General interest" is the en­ emy. It's the Vaseline of histo­ ry… We will of course hear that this 2-giga RFID chip is in the best


Opus IX: Abode of Chaos / La Demeure du Chaos 1999-2013  

thierry Ehrmann: we put all our passion and folly into preparing this French-English Collector, the book of the decade: 504 pages / 4.5 kg /...

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