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Discovered in the heart of the Abode of Chaos: the Temple of SaintRomain-deCouzon (1630-1685)  Page 248

Socrate peint sur le mur du Temple Protestant Painted Socrates on the wall of the Protestant Temple

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Christ gisant recouvert d'algues Lying Christ, covered with seaweeds

In 1630, the Archbishop of Lyons, who acquired Oullins, forbade Protestant worship there. It was therefore necessary to find anoth­ er place to build a temple. The loca­ tion of Saint-Romain-de-Couzon was designated for this purpose regardless of complaints concern­ ing the excessive distance from Lyons and difficulties of access. This place was chosen because it was the parish closest to Lyons which was not governed by an ec­ clesiastical lord. The temple was built near the Impasse de la Croix and the portal was still visible in the last century. The first service was celebrated on 12 August 1630. Today Saint-Romain-de-Couzon is called Saint-Romain-au-Montd'Or.

holds or 870 people, mostly wealthy merchants and artisans, i.e. important public figures, al­ though there were also members of the lower classes. As well as per­ sons from Lyons, it also received Swiss and German worshippers. Among the intellectual personal­ ities of the time there was a cer­ tain physician called Jacob Spon, from a family originally from Ulm but that established itself in Lyons in the middle of the 16th Century. Spon was the author of a contro­ versial theological correspondence with the famous Père La Chaise. He emigrated because of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes and died in Vevey, Switzerland.

According to a report compiled by the pastors in 1651, the Protestant community counted 160 house­

On 3 February 1659, the Archbishop Camille de Neuville founded the Society for the

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sens sacré

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