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MAGIGATE RP GUIDE A guide to the universe of Magigate RP, written by Magigate creator Jaron Pythron. This will explain everything, allowing anyone with RP talent to exist in Magigate RP without much problem.

Written by Jaron Pythron

0.0 - Table of Contents 0.0 – Table of Contents 1.0 – RP Category and Overview 2.0 – The Magigate RP Universe 3.0 – The Three Superpowers of Maroia 3.1 The Corsican Empire 3.2 The Insular Federation 3.3 The Imperium of Azaon 4.0 – The Worlds of Maroia

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1.0 - RP Category and Overview Magigate is an original content RP universe, created by Jaron Pythron. Unlike many RP’s, Magigate cannot be classified into one category; rather, it takes the best elements from many different RP classifications. If one had to classify Magigate, though, it would be a mix of Steampunk and generic Science Fiction. The utter diversity in Magigate RP means that most anything can go here. However, there is one limitation: Magigate is OCO, or “Original Content Only”. Anything used in Magigate RP must not be from a TV show or movie, nor a book or anything of the sort. Keep in mind, it’s fine to be inspired by something. In other words, if you want to draw a few ideas from Star Trek, that’s fine… however, you can’t have Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise showing up. Below is a chart containing the basic statistics of Magigate RP.

Statistic RP Universe RP Style(s) Minimum Lines Maximum Lines Allowed Species Zones

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Value Magigate (OC) T1, T2 0 ∞ Humans, Furries, Elves, Half-Elves NFZ, NKZ

2.0 – The Magigate RP Universe The Magigate RP Universe exists in the world known as “Maroia�. Maroia is a universe that consists of eleven different worlds. Each of these worlds is different in geography than the others, and can only be reached by means of the mystical Magigates, which are essentially portals between the worlds. The Magigates are not the only supernatural thing in Maroia, though. In fact, all of Maroia is flowing with a mystical force known as Mana. Mana is the basis of all life; Mana makes time flow and life exist - however, controlling it is hard. Most people cannot control Mana. Those who can are called Magicians. In general, Humans and Anthros (Furries) are as connected to Mana as are Elves and Half-Elves. This divide has had it that Humans and Anthros construct machines that run on things such as coal or wood, while the Elves build machines that use magic. Machines that use magic are called Magitechnology, and must contain a special magic-conducting mineral known as Magistone. For many centuries, the Elves and the Humans went their own ways, the Humans building large industrial cities and the elves living in small villages. As of the last decade, though, the two have come together in a combined effort, building bizarre creations such as flying ships and laser guns. Up until the Unified Effort started in 1806, each world in Maroia existed basically on its own. Travel between worlds was only done by elves, and even then they lacked the technology to make travel easy enough to do on a regular basis. Now, tough, there are Magigates, which can transport a whole Airship between worlds safely and efficiently. Not all words managed to unify, though, which has led to a few multi-world Empires. At first, there were many of these powerful empires, most existing only in their home realm with small colonies in other worlds. Then, towards 1810, the Age of Expansion began, and three Superpowers emerged. These superpowers were the Corsican Empire, the Insular Federation, and the Imperium of Azaon. Each will be explained in detail in the next section. Since these three empires lay their claim, there has not yet been an all-out war, but it has not been uncommon for ships, colonies, bases, and cities of one empire to be attacked by another. Due to this threat, each has created both an Army and a Navy.

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3.0 – The Three Superpowers of Maroia 3.1 The Corsican Empire Category Home Dimension Capital City Leader National Colors Overview

Value Corsica Corsica City Supreme General John Baxter Blue and White  Has a very strong Navy  Is a bit lacking in an army  Military-based society  Not oppressive  Honor-based beliefs  Interested in exploration and research

3.2 The Insular Federation Category Home Dimension Capital City Leader National Colors Overview

Value Insulous Cokonob City Chairman Alice Williams Red and Gold  Has a medium-strength army and navy  Not particularly aggressive or defensive  Has a population consisting of over 56% Half-Elves

3.3 The Imperium of Azaon Category Home Dimension Capital City Leader National Colors Overview

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Value Azaon The Imperial City Lord Christopher Alexander II Gray and Yellow  Strong army, but lacking in navy  Not particularly high-tech  Makes up for lack of tech by being rather vicious  Fights to the end  Does not surrender  Oppressive society with “Second-class” citizens

4.0 - The Worlds of Maroia Maroia consists of many different worlds, connected by the Magigates. Here is a list of them, as well as information on them. WORLDS OF MAROIA  Corsica, where the capital of the Corsican Empire is located  Insulous, where the capital of the Insular Federation is located  Azaon, where the capital of the Imperium of Azaon is located  Kratos  Khon  Centuros, which is connected to all worlds, but is extremely dangerous  Dorrus  Atlus, where all Furries come from. There are no humans here, natively.  Governon  Generon  Palamus Not all dimensions connect to one-another. Here is a list of what dimensions connect: A Magigate From… Corsica Insulous Azaon Kratos Khon Centuros Dorrus Atlus Governon Generon Palamus

Is Found In… Insulous, Governon, Centuros Corsica, Governon, Centuros Palamus, Centuros Atlus, Khon, Azaon, Corsica, Dorrus, Centuros Atlus, Kratos, Azaon, Corsica, Dorrus, Centuros All Worlds Atlus, Khon, Azaon, Corsica, Kratos, Centuros Kratos, Khon, Azaon, Corsica, Dorrus, Centuros Corsica, Insulous, Generon, Centuros Governon, Generon Azaon, Centuros

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Magigate RP Guide  

A short guide containing everything you'll need to know to RP in the Magigate universe

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