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Malik Seneferu Malik Seneferu is a self-taught poet, painter, draughtsman, muralist, and illustrator. Seneferu is also the founder of “Aesthetic Ascension” art social network. His work has traveled to London as well as Durban South Africa's “War against Racism” in 2001. Malik Seneferu’s work delivers messages of change & empowerment. His subject matter is rendered in a variety of techniques of approach, ranging from social, political and spiritual issues within challenged communities worldwide. Seneferu has freelanced as an illustrator since 1988, and as a muralist since 1992. His illustration work includes editorial, poster and book illustration, a children's book, and pro bono graphics for progressive groups. His mural work includes award winning public art projects, as well as private commissions for companies and individuals. Seneferu notes, “I feel it is my duty as an artist to have an internal dialog with the viewer and in many cases the ancestors, where at this point I find inspiration for artistic expression. Fathering my child, serving my community, drumming, martial arts, poetry, philosophy and ancestral history, all helps with the enhancement of my expression, to capture the Black experience in America.”


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