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Francisco Javier Rodriguez Vera Rua Sabina Freire lote 22 8º Dto Urbanização Quinta da Malata 8500-Portimão Portugal +351-968676692


Date/place of birth

07-11-1971 Sevilla (Spain)



Additional Personal Information:

Married 1 son


DATE 1997-2002 2002-2008

Trainee of Internal Medicine Hospital Juan RamĂłn JimĂŠnez. Huelva. Spain a) Assistant Physician of Internal Medicine on Barlavento Algarvio Hospital located in Algarve, south of Portugal ( this is the second largest state hospital in the Algarve, with 400 beds). Activity divided in several fields: 1) Inward activity: medical attendance of patients admitted for treatment or study . 2) Consult of Internal Medicine: diagnostic orientation and follow up after clinical discharge form the ward. 3) Consult of oncology and assistance to the Patients undergoing chemotherapy. Clinical orientation and assistance to patient with neoplastic diseases for chemotherapy or palliative care. 4) Emergency Department: Duties of 24 hours attending patients in the Intermediate Care Unit (a ward for acute patients without criteria to be admitted or waiting place in the ICU) 5) Member of the Commissions of:

Pharmacy, Oncology and Teaching

(attention and evaluation of residents)


Consultant in the Hospital Particular do Algarve, Unit of Alvor (the largest and most known private Hospital in the South of Portugal). Clinical activity: 1) Inward: attention to patients staying in the Hospital for study or treatment. ICU duties. 2) Consult of Internal Medicine in the Outpatients Department: diagnostic studies or follow up of patients discharged form the ward of Internal Medicine. 3) On-call duties for periods of 24 hours approximately 6 per month. Care of patients admitted in the Observation Units or acutely ill during their stay in the Hospital.

2007-To the date

Associate Editor of Barlavento MĂŠdico, a Medical journal written in Portuguese and English in the south of Portugal. Activity: 1) Peer reviewer of medical articles. 2) Advisor in financial and management issues. 3) Advisor in performance and graphic stile of the journal. 4) Contact with clinicians from other parts of the world to know and collaborate


Associate Medical Director of CMRSul (a Rehabilitation facility located in the South of Portugal). This has a total capacity of 54 patients inward and a very active Outpatients Department with ambulatory rehab program. Activity: 1) Coordination of the group of Internal Medicine, specialities not being rehabilitation, and GPs working for the Hospital. 2)

Collaboration with the Medical Director in Certification and Accreditation of the facility.

3) Coordination of Risk Management. 4) President of Commission of Ethics and member of Pharmacy.



Other languages Portuguese / English French German Computer skills


Activities / interests

Recomendation letters / references Notes:

Fluent-Written and spoken Intermediate- Written and spoken Basic spoken Several, specially these related with Medicine Practice and Research Advanced user MS-Office, OpenOffice, remote access app (Teamviewer, VPN). Advanced User in Electronic Clinical records: Glintts, ALERT, SAM, Track-Care Advanced User on search and use of Medical resources in Internet. E-work experience Medium to advanced user in mobile devices (Blackberry, I-PAD, Tablet Pc…) Experience with all versions of Windows (Intermediate with Windows 7, Basic concepts about Windows 8-under Development). Basics of programming. Basics of Linux and Mac Journals: Many, national and international, Original articles, Letters to Editor, Clinical cases… Books: Co-Author of “Eficacia, Seguridad y Eficiencia de la Revascularización Transmiocárdica con Láser” ISBN 84-7670-664-2. Clinical guidelines: several Vice-consul of Spain in Portugal from 2009 Reading, jogging

Dr. Emílio Pujol- Hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez- Huelva-Spain Dr. Ángelo Baptista- Hospital Particular do Algarve- Portugal Drª Gabriela Cartucho – CHBA – Portimão I have developed (still ongoing) an online CV (e-CV) to provide a more detailed information regarding my clinical and behavioural skills:

CV Javier Vera. English.  

Version of my summarized CV in English

CV Javier Vera. English.  

Version of my summarized CV in English