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It’s that feeling we get when the aroma of tonight’s dinner catches us by surprise, the moment we know something great is about to happen. We recognize this magical feeling as it takes us back to our childhood kitchens and dinners around the table. Today, the kitchen remains the most loved room at home, the place of choice for family and guests, and a space for making meals and memories. We see it reflected in a cooking movement that has spread across television networks, magazines and even continents – a movement we view as on trend rather than a trend. bon COOK is the essence of the kitchen, born to influence and inspire meaningful cooking experiences at home and within our communities. My own inspiration stems from living and dining as Europeans do, having a good relationship with the kitchen and cooking, savoring fresh ingredients, the mise en place and a desire to ignite the connection of people and conversation around the table. How each of us relates to our kitchen determines whether it’s a place of work or cooking pleasure. While we can’t promise you miracles, we can give you the go-ahead to embrace the kitchen as the heart of the home where gatherings become a culture, where healthy meals are prepared and where a bon life happens on purpose. Cooking may be one of the best life choices we make. Let us guide you to nurture a great sense of cooking pleasure by making the kitchen the gathering place – the place to bask in the aroma of fresh ingredients and to light the passion that comes with being a bon COOK. Whatever your level of expertise, we have a chair for you at our table. We encourage you to keep it simple, choose tools that make life easy and experience how cooking with us will inspire a bon life. From our kitchen to yours, bon COOK!


Cindy Juncaj CEO and Partner




Powerful reminders of the values that define us, these moments mark the stepping stones that led to our vision of bon COOK. We invite you to celebrate with us the cherished memories and the exciting days to come as our new bon story unfolds.








1 Guy

Demarle from Northern France. An inventor, chemist and baking enthusiast, Mr. Demarle masterminded the innovative mix of silicone and woven glass to create premium quality, professional grade bakeware. Following his revolutionary invention, he established Demarle Company in Wavrin, France, a manufacturing facility for his unique products that, to this day, inspire the way we cook and bring meals to our tables. 2 The

molds that break the mold. A sampling from the professional grade collection that transforms cooking into the art of creating, in both professional and home kitchens around the world. 3 Bringing

excellence to the table. From ensuring ingredients are fresh and whole to believing in the power of connecting through food, the French ideology underscores the use of authentic European-inspired elements sourced from the local land to achieve clarity and purity of flavor. 4 Postcard

from Paris. Consultants across America travel to the City of Lights, the first of many annual incentive trips designed to unite and reward high achievers who meet or exceed their business goals.


5 Great 9

minds think alike. Entrepreneurs and business partners Patrice Jacquelin and Cindy Juncaj combine their knowledge and skills to realize their global desire to make cooking easier and healthier. Driven by a shared vision to build the best entrepreneurial business for people, the partners created the opportunity to bring families back around the table, while offering highly innovative cooking tools designed to simplify life in the kitchen. 6 The

French Factor. Architecture. Culture. Cuisine and Countryside. With our cooking philosophy deeply rooted in our French heritage, we are guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence that begins in the kitchen. 7 Across

the Pond. From France to Michigan to better serve America. Establishing offices on this side of the pond proves that hometown love grows good things. 8 Family

is everything. Cindy Juncaj and loved ones living the core values of bon COOK – whether on a family vacation or around the table, gathering is at the center of the family. 10

9 New

place, amazing space. Newly headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan, we’re making the tradition of cooking meals at home practical and simple in modern times. With online tools and resources, and customizable cooking classes, we invite everyone to help themselves to what we have to offer. a chair for you at our table as a bon COOK Consultant. Visit us in-person or online and get a taste of what’s stirring. No matter your skill level, connect with us today and be on your way to becoming a bon COOK! 10 There’s


bonco o k . co m 05


Introducing our miracle mat, a bon COOK exclusive and très chic with sleek white borders. Made from our founding innovative blend of silicone and woven glass, this mat – in every way, shape and form – brings premium quality cooking to the kitchen. C’EST MAGNIFIQUE! Very versatile and instantly coveted, whether you’re a professional chef or an everyday cook. Bonmat will completely elevate your cooking game. This next-level wonder can be used to make everything from divine roasted vegetables to steal-worthy chocolate chip cookies. Ditch the oils. Skip the sprays. Enjoy healthier, more simplified cooking. Bonmat can take the heat – and is designed to withstand temperatures up to 480°F. Tuck away flat or rolled for space-saving, tidy storage. Shop the bon sizes, each designed to pair perfectly with our Perforated Baking Sheets (opposite page) .

voila… it’s clean!

Rinse with hot, soapy water. Done.

OCTAGONAL BONMAT BMTO | $14.95 10" width 10" length SMALL BONMAT BMTS | $14.95 8" width 11½" length SQUARE BONMAT BMSQ | $19.95 13" width 13" length MACARON BONMAT BMAC | $26.95 10¾" width 15" length 28 circles, ½" diameter each MEDIUM BONMAT BMTM | $19.95 11⅝" width 16½" length LARGE BONMAT BMTL | $28.95 14½" width 19" length



PERFORATED BAKING SHEET THE HOLE TRUTH A must-have in the kitchen, this revolutionary baking sheet works wonders paired with our entire collection of flexible bakeware. Use it as a foundation layer to cook and bake to perfection as perforated holes distribute heat evenly for optimum results. Made from 100% aluminum. SMALL BAKING SHEET MA310215 | $19.95 8½" width 11½" length MEDIUM BAKING SHEET MA435310 | $26.95 121/5" width 17⅛" length LARGE BAKING SHEET MA500380 | $32.95 15" width 19⅔" length


Perforated holes allow for even heat distribution




raised edge holds in liquids Add the Flexiflat Frame for more depth and versatility 100% silicone + woven glass construction LIFETIME WARRANTY


THE PAN DE RÈSISTANCE Available only from bon COOK, this non-stick, flexible baking mat has a 3/4" raised edge to hold in liquids. It’s the one essential guaranteed to serve up everything from complete one-pan meals to healthy snacks or on-the-go treats the whole family can enjoy.




FLEXIFLAT FL002020 | $62.95 133/ 4" length 7/ 8" depth 93/ 4" width


STEEL FLEXIFLAT FRAME Fits the Deep Flexiflat to make a traditional 9 x 13 alternative. CE348248 | $39.95 131/ 4" length 1¾" depth 93/ 4" width

NO MESS. NO STRESS. NO KIDDING. Say au revoir to high maintenance, hard to clean metal or glass baking pans. Paired with the Flexiflat frame, achieve the same depth of a traditional 9 x 13 pan but without the messy clean up.

CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITIES Lasagna Salmon Potatoes Galette Cake and Jelly Rolls Cookies and Bars

Fancy the Flexiflat? Visit for more ways to use it.

bonco o k . co m 0 9




Truly a combination of form and function, our Flexipan collection is designed to give infinite possibilities. The molds and trays are perfect for baking, microwaving and freezing, with fluted styles and fun shapes that are sure to inspire creativity. Banish the cooking oils and sprays that pile on the calories. Reach for these non-stick essentials to effortlessly unmold your masterpieces and impress your guests. See pages 24-27 for more ways to customize the right collection for you. LIFETIME WARRANTY



BUNDT MOLD FM000486 | $42.95 97/ 8" diameter 2¼" depth 2 qt capacity


MOLD FM000481 | $42.95 11¼" diameter 2" depth 2½ qt capacity


SQUARE MOLD FM000484 | $42.95 9½" length 2" depth 9½" width 2½ qt capacity







SQUARE TART MOLD FM000433 | $42.95 9" width 9" length 11/ 4" depth 1¾ qt capacity





PIE MOLD FM000389 | $42.95 10" diameter 1¼" depth 1½ qt capacity

LOAF MOLD (WITH SUPPORT) FM000352 | $42.95 4½" width 9" length 1¾" depth 1 qt capacity


CAKE MOLD FM000321 | $34.95 4½" diameter 2½" depth 16 oz capacity


MOLDS Small FM000325 | $42.95 7" diameter 23/ 4" depth 1½ qt capacity Medium FM000577 | $42.95 9" diameter 2¼" depth 2 qt capacity Large FM000477 | $42.95 9½" diameter 2½" depth 3 qt capacity






MOLD FM000310 | $56.95 11½" diameter 2" depth 3 qt capacity bonco o k . co m 11

lime coconut

dark chocolate

spiced gingerbread

lemon chiffon

classic french

birthday cake




TEXAS MUFFIN TRAY FP001085 | $62.95 | 8 wells 4" diameter 13/ 4" depth 8 oz capacity

STRAIGHT MUFFIN TRAY FP002051 | $62.95 | 12 wells 3" diameter 11/2" depth 4 oz capacity

MINI MUFFIN TRAY FP002031 | $62.95 | 20 wells 21/ 8" diameter 1" depth 12/3 oz capacity

NINE LOAF TRAY FP002092 | $62.95 | 9 wells 21/ 4" width 4" length 11/2" depth 5 oz capacity

ROUND TRAY FP002777 | $62.95 | 6 wells 4" diameter 13/ 8" depth 8 oz capacity

BOAT TRAY FP002982 | $62.95 | 24 wells 11/ 8" width 21/2" length 3/ 8" depth 1/3 oz capacity

SQUARE SAVARIN TRAY FP002102 | $62.95 | 12 wells 21/2" width 21/2" length 1" depth 3 oz capacity

MINI TARTLET TRAY FP002413 | $62.95 | 30 wells 13/ 4" diameter 3/ 8" depth 1/2 oz capacity

MEDIUM TARTLET TRAY FP002666 | $62.95 | 20 wells 21/ 4" diameter 3/ 4" depth 1 oz capacity

MADELEINE TRAY FP002511 | $62.95 | 20 wells 2" width 31/ 4" length 3/ 4" depth 2 oz capacity


NEW PETAL TRAY FLUTED TRAY FP009273 | $62.95 | 12 wells FP002055 | $62.95 | 12 wells 3⅛" diameter 1⅛" depth 3¼ oz capacity 3¼" diameter ½" depth 2 oz capacity

bonco o k . co m 13


REACH NEW HEIGHTS 100% Platinum Grade Silicone The newest addition to our line, Flexipat offers the same high standard performance as our Flexipan, but now with enhanced structure and durability to achieve greater depths. Unlike other all-silicone bakeware, Flexipat is made without added fillers and harmful chemicals, and just like all of our flexible bakeware, no cooking oils or sprays are ever needed, keeping your cooking and your conscience free and clean. LIFETIME WARRANTY

FLEXIPAT SQUARE MOLD FX5000 | $42.95 8½" width 8½" length 2½ qt capacity

FLEXIPAT WAFFLE TRAY FX2300 | $62.95 | 8 wells 3¾" width 5" length ½" depth 1 oz capacity

FLEXIPAT SPIRAL BUNDT MOLD FX0103 | $42.95 8½" diameter 4⅓" depth 2 qt capacity

batter up APPLE & GRANOLA Create the perfect grab-and-go breakfast. Crisp granny smith apple, smooth almond butter, a sprinkling of granola, and a delicate drizzle of clover honey create a balanced and convenient meal that won’t taste like it was a snap to make.

DARK CHOCOLATE COCONUT Indulge in a combination of fluffy whipped cream, rich dark chocolate and the crunch of toasted coconut. Create for a decadent breakfast or for a creative dessert.

STRAWBERRY & ALMOND Fresh, plump strawberries adorn a generous dollop of strawberry Greek yogurt. Finish with almonds for a light and fruity snack or quick meal. Substitute whipped cream for a classic strawberries & crème waffle.

PEACH & PISTACHIO A waffle twist on a French classic, Peach Melba. Tender peaches, rich whipped cream, tart raspberry, and colorful nutty pistachios will add color and flavor to any breakfast.

BLACKBERRY LEMON Wow your taste buds with the bright flavor combination of blackberry and lemon in a delicate mousse. Garnish with juicy blackberries and a lemon twist making this dish as beautiful as it is delicious.

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BANANA Classic combination of peanut butter, banana, and chocolate reworked. This family favorite is made extra special with delicate chocolate curls and a drizzle of white chocolate. Get the full recipes at


apple & granola

dark chocolate coconut

strawberry & almond

peach & pistachio

blackberry lemon

double chocolate banana

bonco o k . co m 15

BEECHWOOD ROLLING PIN Being on a roll is easy as pie! (See page 39 for details)

BON tip Avoid a sticky situation – use Roul’Pat in place of parchment paper for easy release of dough and cutouts. Little to no flour necessary.



THIS IS HOW WE ROLL Kneading and cutting dough just got easier. The Roul’Pat features a non-stick surface, which eliminates the struggles of sticky dough. An extra layer of silicone gives Roul’Pat its non-slip properties to keep it in place on your countertop. For projects in and out of the kitchen, from candy making to arts and crafts, the Roul’Pat does it all. Not intended for use in the oven. 2 YEAR WARRANTY

RECTANGULAR ROUL’PAT RL006040 | $42.95 151/ 4" width 23" length


SQUARE ROUL’PAT RL006060 | $62.95 23" width 23" length








DOUGH CUTTER SETS HEART CUTTERS OPC2060 | $21.95 | 0.78" to 4.33" Set of 7 heart dough cutters 2 STRAIGHT HEART CUTTERS OPC2065 | $21.95 | 0.78" to 4.33" Set of 7 heart dough cutters 3 FLUTED SQUARE CUTTERS OPC2050 | $21.95 | 0.59" to 3.74" Set of 9 square dough cutters 4 FLUTED ROUND CUTTERS OPC2048 | $21.95 | 0.78" to 3.93" Set of 9 round dough cutters 5 STRAIGHT STAR CUTTERS OPC2059 | $21.95 | 0.78" to 5.11" Set of 5 star dough cutters 1 FLUTED

bonco o k . co m 17



Baking bread is a breeze now. Don’t let baguettes, artisan breads and tartlets intimidate you anymore. The screen-like texture of the Silform trays and Silpain mat allow air to circulate evenly, resulting in perfectly browned and flaky crust every time. Oven safe to 480°F.



Designed for baking bread and dough. Creates perfectly browned crispy crust. Features a light silicone coating that allows air to evenly flow through.



Intended for dough only – no liquids or batters.


SF415290 | $29.95 115/ 8" width 161/2" length




BREAD TRAY SF000295 | $62.95 15" width 2¾" well width 15" length


FLUTED SQUARE TRAY SF002171 | $62.95 | 12 wells 3" diameter 3/ 4" depth 23/ 8 oz capacity

BON tip


TARTLET TRAY SF002066 | $62.95 | 20 wells 21/ 4" diameter 3/ 4" depth 1 oz capacity

Use your Silform Deep Dish Round Mold to rinse fine grains like quinoa or in place of a fine sieve when making raspberry sauces and purees.



DEEP DISH ROUND MOLD SF000325 | $42.95 71/ 4" diameter 23/ 4" depth 11/2 qt capacity bon co o k . co m 19



Never waste another bottle of wine, toss your disposable containers instead of your leftovers, and preserve without preservatives. BE SAVE is the first ever automatic vacuum food preservation system that works by extracting air from containers and preventing oxidation. Raise a glass to keeping vinos vibrant with the reusable wine stops, and to extending the shelf life of meals and the freshness of produce and herbs up to five times. Universal lids are compatible with glass containers you may already have in your kitchen, or use the specially-designed BE SAVE glass containers. Save money. Save food. Save the planet.


BE SAVE STARTER KIT BS1 | $299.95 1 Be Save™ 1 Medium Glass Container & Lid 3 Universal Lids (Small, Medium and Large) 2 Bottle/Wine Stoppers WINE STOPPER BS30 | $9.95 each UNIVERSAL LID Small Round Universal Lid BS10 | $19.95 each | 4¼" Medium Round Universal Lid BS17 | $34.95 each | 7" Large Round Universal Lid BS21 | $39.95 each | 8½" GLASS CONTAINERS WITH LID Small 2.1 Cup Container & Lid BS61 | $39.95 each Medium 6.3 Cup Container & Lid BS55 | $49.95 each Large 12.7 Cup Container & Lid BS42 | $69.95 each bonco o k . co m 21

prep ingredients with ease Quickly and finely chop ingredients using Eco-Chop

Perfectly julienne with the Mandoline

Visit to watch the videos.



MA55 | $114.95 No matter how you slice it– smooth, waffle or julienne – this tool is cutting edge. Engineered for safety, this sturdy, stainless steel essential sits on non-slip, foldable feet and features a cutting guide and finger guards. Choose from 4 thicknesses of cuts: 1mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm and 7.5mm.


MA43 | $48.95 3¾" diameter 3" height 30½ oz capacity Set your knife aside. Reach for this versatile little device and chop to it! From herbs, garlic and onions to fruits, vegetables and even nuts, this chopper makes the cut. A hand-powered dream machine, it makes whipping up favorites like homemade guacamole a snap. Dream it up. Chop it up. Done.




bonco o k . co m 23


EXCLUSIVELY OURS Innovative cooking collections to stock your kitchen. FREE SHIPPING on all set purchases over $150


CL1 | $329.95 Deep Flexiflat™ Sunflower Mold Fluted Square Mold Straight Muffin Tray (12) Large Perforated Baking Sheet Large Bonmat™ Medium Perforated Baking Sheet Medium Bonmat Floral Cooling Rack





MEDIUM | CL2M | $229.95

LARGE | CL2L | $299.95

Straight Muffin Tray (12) Medium Round Mold Medium Perforated Baking Sheet Rectangular Roul'Pat® Octagonal Bonmat Medium Bonmat Silpain®

Straight Muffin Tray (12) Large Round Mold Large Perforated Baking Sheet Rectangular Roul'Pat Octagonal Bonmat Large Bonmat Silpain Deep Flexiflat™ page 09


MEDIUM | CL3M-SQ | $179.95* MEDIUM | CL3M-MN | $179.95** LARGE | CL3L-SQ | $184.95* LARGE | CL3L-MN | $184.95** Large Round Mold Square Savarin Tray (12)* Straight Muffin Tray (12)** Perforated Baking Sheet Octagonal Bonmatâ„¢ Bonmat Floral Cooling Rack *Includes Square Savarin Tray (12) **Includes Straight Muffin Tray (12) Medium sets include Medium Baking Sheet & Medium Bonmat Large sets include Large Baking Sheet & Large Bonmat


MEDIUM | CL4M | $102.95* LARGE | CL4L | $115.95** Round Mold Perforated Baking Sheet Bonmat Polyamide Spatula *Set includes Medium Mold, Baking Sheet & Bonmat **Set includes Large Mold, Baking Sheet & Bonmat

bonco o k . co m 25


EXCLUSIVELY OURS Thoughtfully designed to cater to you, whatever your specialty. FREE SHIPPING on all set purchases over $150


CL5ENT | $159.95 Medium Perforated Baking Sheet Mini Tartlet Tray (30) Fluted Round Cutters Shaper Kitchen Scissors Pastry Bag & Tips Drizzle Spoon


CL6DIR | $174.95 Medium Perforated Baking Sheet Medium Round Mold Large Round Mold Grande Round Mold Square Bonmatâ„¢ (Lid for Grande Round Mold) Polyamide Spatula



CL7BAK | $154.95 Medium Perforated Baking Sheet Fluted Pie Mold Rectangular Roul'Pat® Floral Cooling Rack Lattice Dough Cutter Silicone Pastry Brush


CL8DFD | $134.95 Medium Perforated Baking Sheet Medium Bonmat Medium Round Mold Octagonal Bonmat Flexible Scraper Barrel Aged Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Sweet Basil Olive Oil

bonco o k . co m 27

EUROPEAN-INSPIRED TO LIVE DELICIOUSLY At bon COOK, we believe in delivering divine European food culture to the table. Our French Pantry collection is carefully sourced and uniquely blended using only the freshest ingredients. It features an exquisite selection of herb and oil blends, mustards, culinary salts and balsamic vinegars that transport you to the continent at just the aroma. Whether you’re an expert chef or an everyday cook, here are the quintessential staples guaranteed to please any palate. From our pantry to yours... let the feast begin!



roasted onion & red pepper


fresh dill & lemon


les fines herbes

zesty mediterranean 6

herbs parisian


bouquet garni

herbs de provence

pot herbs 8

roasted garlic rosemary basil thyme & chive 10












13 SEL

ONION AND RED PEPPER FRP573 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz Roasted onion, red pepper, garlic, chives, and salt. FINES HERBES FRP576 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz French chervil, parsley, chives, and French tarragon. Salt free.


DILL AND LEMON FRP574 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz Fresh dill, organic orange and lemon peel, salt, and black pepper.


GARNI FRP579 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz Basil, marjoram, rosemary, summer savory, thyme, tarragon, Greek oregano, Dalmatian sage, and dill weed. Salt free.


PARISIAN FRP577 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz French tarragon, chervil, basil, dill, chives, and ground Muntok white pepper. Salt free.


MEDITERRANEAN FRP572 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz Parsley, chives, garlic red pepper, salt, paprika, black pepper, and chili pepper. DE PROVENCE FRP571 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz Provenรงal herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, marjoram), lavender, salt, lemon peel, dried shallot, sun-dried tomato, and black pepper.

HERBS FRP578 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz Parsley, chives, chervil, thyme, marjoram, and Turkish bay leaves. Salt free. BASIL THYME FRP575 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz Provenรงal herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, marjoram), paprika, organic orange peel, salt, red pepper, sun-dried tomato, and onion.


GARLIC AND CHIVE FRP569 | $13.95 | 52/ 8 oz Garlic, onion, red pepper, chives, parsley, and salt.

MUSTARD COLLECTION FRP1508 | $24.95 | 41/5 oz Set of three gourmet mustards packaged together as a collection in a modern gift pack. Mustards include: Provence, Honey, and Barbeque. TOMATO MUSTARD FRP580 | $13.95 | 7 oz Spicy mustard, sun-dried tomato, olive oil, Provenรงal herbs and salt. GRIS SALT GTS00001 | $8.95 | 4 oz Exquisite light grey sea salt imported from Brittany, France. Coarsely ground, naturally low in sodium.


bonco o k . co m 29

OLIVE OIL BLENDS & B Proving that all's well that blends well, our unique infusions are made to add mouthwatering bursts of flavor, whether by the cupful, drizzle or just to taste.


DK101 | $112.95 | 6.7 fl oz each



MEYER LEMON DK012 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

SWEET BASIL DK008 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

TAHITIAN LIME DK013 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

ROASTED GARLIC DK017 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

TUSCAN HERB DK016 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

BLOOD ORANGE DK009 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

CILANTRO DK015 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

NEW HARISSA DK024 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

NEW ROSEMARY DK025 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz





DK201 | $112.95 | 6.7 fl oz each

DK301 | $199.95 | 6.7 fl oz each


APPLE WHITE DK019 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

MANGO WHITE DK011 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

BARREL-AGED TRADITIONAL DK007 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

DARK CHOCOLATE DK014 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

VANILLA DK018 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

D’ANJOU PEAR WHITE DK010 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

NEW BLACKBERRY DK022 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

NEW RASPBERRY DK021 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

NEW VANILLA FIG DK023 | $14.95 | 6.7 fl oz

bonco o k . co m 3 1

DELICIOUS DELIGHTFUL DIVINE Discover how we used our unique blends to breathe new life into these recipes.

spinach florentine pizza 4-6 SERVINGS

1 package FRENCH PANTRY™ Pizza Mix 10 oz Fresh Spinach 7 oz Pizza Sauce 16 oz Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced

chopped salad 4-6 SERVINGS


¼ c Basil Olive Oil Blend ¼ c Garlic Olive Oil Blend 3 tbsp Tomato Mustard ½ tsp Sel Gris Salt ¼ c Traditional Balsamic 1 tbsp Provençal mustard Half Lemon, Juiced

1 Carrot, Julienned 1 c Green Beans, Chopped 1 c Parsley, Chopped 1 c Romaine Lettuce, Chopped 1 c Purple Cabbage, Chopped ½ c Green Onion, Chopped

Chopped salads are a great way to use up whatever you have on hand. This yummy refresher calls for veggie classics combined with our suggested mix of flavor power in a simple vinaigrette. Use the Eco-Chop or Mandoline to prep veggies and mix up your dressings with our oils, vinegars, herb blends and mustards. Simple, easy and with many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. So get creative and chop it up!


2 oz Pancetta, Diced 1-3 Large Eggs 1 Large Clove of Garlic, Minced Salt & Fresh Cracked Pepper To Taste

Prepare pizza crust according to package. Preheat oven to 425°F. Place a large Bonmat™ on a large Perforated Baking Sheet and set aside. In a fry pan, sauté pancetta until crisp, set aside. In same pan sauté spinach and garlic until spinach is fully wilted. Roll out pizza dough on a Roul'Pat®, and stretch into a 12” round, transfer to Bonmat. Spread on pizza sauce, evenly distribute spinach and pancetta, and add sliced mozzarella. Bake for 7 minutes. Remove pizza from oven, crack eggs on pizza and return to oven. Bake for an additional 10 minutes or until the crust is brown, cheese fully melted, and eggs are over easy. Serve immediately. FRENCH PANTRY PIZZA MIX DK001 | $7.95 | 16 oz This herb flavored mix makes a great pizza crust and can also be used for savory tarts, calzones, or stromboli.

garlic & herb potato wedges 4-6 SERVINGS

8 Small White Potatoes ¼ c Garlic Olive Oil Blend 3 tbsp Zesty Mediterranean

Herb Blend 1 tsp Sel Gris Salt 1 tsp Ground Black Pepper

INSTRUCTIONS Preheat oven to 450°F. Place a medium Bonmat on a medium Perforated Baking Sheet and set aside. Cut potatoes into equal wedges. Place in a bowl and toss with Olive Oil Blend, Zesty Mediterranean Herb Blend, Sel Gris, and Black Pepper. Spread evenly on the Bonmat and bake 25-30 minutes or until golden brown on the outside. For even crispier results, flip the potato wedges 20 minutes into the cooking time so that you have even browning. Serve immediately.

cruller bundt cake with strawberries & balsamic drizzle 8-10 SERVINGS

1½ c Self Raising Flour 3 tbsp Unsalted Butter, Softened ⅔ c Sugar 2 Eggs 3 tbsp Canola Oil

2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract ⅔ c Whole Milk 1½ c Powdered Sugar 2-3 tbsp Milk 1 c Vanilla Fig Balsamic

Preheat oven to 350°F. Place Flexipan® Fluted Bundt Mold on a medium Perforated Baking Sheet. Make sure you are working with room temperature eggs and butter. With an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar until fluffy, 2-3 minutes. One at a time, add the eggs, mixing the first egg in for about a minute before adding the second. Beat mixture for another minute. Add in the oil and vanilla extract. Gently sift the flour into the bowl, and using a spatula, gently fold in the flour. Add milk and gently stir in. Do not over mix, cake will become dense and tough. Pour into Bundt mold and place in oven for 30-35 minutes. Set aside and allow to completely cool. In a separate bowl, mix the powdered sugar and milk into a thick glaze. Pour over cake in a circular motion slowly allowing the glaze to evenly drip down the sides. Allow to set before serving.



In a small saucepan over medium low heat, reduce the Vanilla Fig Balsamic, stirring constantly until it reduces by half (approximately 5 minutes). Pour into a bowl and set aside. SERVING Take

a slice of the cake, garnish with fresh, sliced strawberries and drizzle with Balsamic Reduction. Optional: serve with whipped cream or vanilla gelato. PRODUCTS USED TO CREATE THESE RECIPES



Mandoline PAGE 22 Bonmat™ PAGE 06

Perforated Baking Sheet PAGE 07 Roul'Pat® PAGE 16

Fi nd t h e s e r e c i p e s a nd m o r e o n bonco o k . co m 3 3


SPICE SPOONS Set of 2 | TA000121 | $7.95 Perfect to scoop just the right amount of spice into your life. 4⅛"

STAINLESS STEEL OFFSET SPATULA MA112672 | $24.95 Perfect for use with Flexiflat, this offset spatula is made of high quality stainless steel and features a contoured handle. 8" blade length, 13" long with handle 1½" width

POLYAMIDE SPATULA TA000107 | $13.95 Heat resistant up to 430° F. Ideal for use with non-stick surfaces. Length 12", top width 3½" 34

Here they are... the top-drawer utensils designed to simplify life in the kitchen. From spoons to spatulas, scrapers to shapers and so much more, get inspired by these versatile, innovative, yet practical tools to use every day.

LE PETIT GRATER GRP1550 | $11.95 Razor sharp and easy to grip, effortlessly shave cheeses and zest citrus. Protective cover included for easy storage.

SHAPER MA140102 | $12.95 Used for shaping dough into Flexipan® and Silform® Tartlet and Boat Trays.

KITCHEN SCISSORS TA000115 | $8.95 Always handy in the kitchen, use these scissors for a multitude of tasks. Made with stainless steel blades.

OVAL DOUGH CUTTER MA150208 | $16.95 Shapes dough or bread. Use with the Flexipan® Boat Tray. Length 3¾"

HEAT RESISTANT SPATULA TA000108 | $11.95 Made of glass reinforced nylon to create a heat resistance to 430° F. Tip has one square angle for easy scraping. Dishwasher safe. Length 10"


COOKING TIMER MA59 | $19.95 Truly a small wonder! This digital device features a spring-loaded clip, which attaches to your apron or directly onto your cookware handle. Ideal for cooking and timing at multiple stations. Max 99 minutes.

PINCH BOWLS PLD00001 | $12.95 Set of 4. Used in meal prep to hold herbs, salts and spices. Dishwasher safe. Lead and cadmium free. 2⅜" diameter 1" depth 2 oz capacity

THERMOMETER MA09 | $21.95 The digital thermometer precisely measures the temperature of syrups, sauces and other liquids from -58° to 572° F. Probe is made of stainless steel and measures 3" long.

COLANDER SCOOP TA000014 | $24.95 This perfectly sized colander scoop will become your favorite kitchen tool! Made of 18/10 stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Holds approximately 5 cups.


SET OF THREE SPATULAS TA000109 | $17.95 Made of glass reinforced nylon in three fun colors. Set of 3. Length blue and green 11¾", red 13½"

GARLIC PRESS MA66 | $19.95 No need to peel your garlic ever again! This one-piece wonder is easy to use and opens completely with one click for easy cleaning. Its self-contained spikes help to remove any remains from inside the grid. Length 6"

bonco o k . co m 3 5




6 4






DD81 | $115.95 This all-purpose knife is the perfect tool for cutting, chopping, mincing, and dicing. Crafted from one piece of stainless, tempered steel making it highly durable, it is also break and nick resistant. Length 7” 2 DRIZZLE

SPOON MA52 | $15.95 This uniquely designed spoon has a narrow spout for drizzling sauces, vinegars, oils or chocolate over main dishes, salads or desserts. Stainless Steel. Dishwasher safe. Length 8"



PRESS MA54 | $34.95 Fresh squeezed juice just got easier. The stainless steel, professional weight press extracts every last drop of juice from oranges, lemons, limes – any citrus! Dishwasher safe. Length 8½"




STEEL MINI OFFSET SPATULA MA112609 | $16.95 This small offset spatula is ideal for precision work when using chocolate, decorating cakes or cookies. Made of flexible stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Blade is 3.5"

MA111029 | $29.95 Featuring a stainless steel wire head and an insulated, ergonomic handle this whisk will quickly become a staple in your kitchen. It’s the one you’ll reach for time after time. Length 12" MIXING BOWL TA000120 | $24.95 Ergonomically designed, made of 18/8 stainless steel, single bottom, heat resistant silicone handle, and a satin finish inside and out. 5 qt capacity





SPLASH GUARD PAV02 | $29.95 Keep your kitchen clean by guarding against splashes when using a mixer or cooking on the stove. The hole in the center accommodates beaters or a spoon.



OF 2 MINI SPATULAS MA56 | $14.95 Made of silicone and BPA free, these mighty minis have narrow tips, making them ideal for scraping out the inside of jars and mixing bowls. Heat resistant to 600° F. Dishwasher safe. Length 9"


SPATULA PAV01 | $17.95 This high-quality silicone spatula is soon to be your go-to spatula. It features a curved blade with a straight edge making scraping the bottom or sides of any dish a breeze. The wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand. Length 12¾"



WHISK MA01102 | $8.95 Convenient when mixing a smaller quantity of sauces, salad dressings or eggs. Dishwasher safe. Length 8"


bonco o k . co m 3 7



Bake these dandies into your day to whip up the ultimate grand finale.

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5 9

BON tip



PASTRY BRUSH TA000113 | $8.95 New color! The brush tip is made of silicone bristles that never shed or change shape over time. Unique interwoven mesh holds and releases sauces easily. Heat resistant to 600° F. Dishwasher safe. Bristle length 2½"


DOUGH CUTTER MA141110 | $13.95 Roll this cutter over flat dough to instantly create intricate lattice designs. Made of high impact durable polypropylene. Dishwasher-safe. Width 5"


AND PEEL TRIO GRP3364 | $15.95 These clever kitchen instruments prep up your cooking game. Straight, julienne, and serrated peels are all possible with these innovative tools. Set of 3 in bold, fun colors. Dishwasher safe.


COOLING RACK TA000106 | $24.95 As functional as it is lovely, this delightful rack cools off while showing off. Made of chrome plated steel. Diameter 15"

Not just for bakers, use the pastry bag when filling Flexipan® trays to ensure even dispensing of batter.



SCRAPER TA000103 | $4.95 A must-have in any kitchen, use this handy tool to easily scrape and lift food from cutting board or counter.



TA000114 | $11.95 Use this nifty knife to cut and serve tarts, cakes, pies, even fresh produce. Designed for use with BonmatTM, Flexipan® and Roul’Pat®. Heat resistant up to 430° Length 11⅝"


AND GO SIFTER MA08 | $11.95 Perfect for sprinkling confectionery sugar, mixing cinnamon and sugar, or shaking on your favorite spices. The protective lid keeps air out and makes storage easy. Length 31/3" 4 oz Capacity


BAG TA000111 | $10.95 Use this durable yet flexible pastry bag to decorate or garnish all your tasty creations. Try it with the interchangeable decorative tips to increase precision. Tips sold separately. SET OF FOUR PASTRY BAG TIPS TA000111-A | $8.95 Includes four decorative tips for use with the pastry bag. PASTRY BAG & TIPS SET TA000110 | $16.95 PASTRY BAG STAND MA51 | $14.95 This convenient pastry bag support makes filling and using your pastry bag a breeze. It comes apart for easy cleaning and storage. Height 8.5" Diameter 4"


ROLLING PIN TA000104 | $15.95 Practical for pies, tarts, cookies and more. Made in the USA of solid, American beechwood. Length 16½" bonco o k . co m 3 9

LIVE A BON LIFE There's a chair at the table for you as a bon COOK Consultant!

confidence · passion · career

Experience a career opportunity that’s as flexible as our bakeware by becoming a bontreprenuer today! Join our community of confident bon COOK Consultants and earn an income while showing people a better way, and reason, to cook. Offer private cooking classes of your choice, arranged around your schedule, and start enjoying the balance of living a bon life. You’ll love the income and rewards that come from a business where you control the results. Talk to your Consultant or visit to find out more.


I went from stay-at-home mom and housewife to career woman with the luxury of working from home. I’m still able to be home with my kids and volunteer in their classrooms, but now I’m also able to bring in some income while working around our busy schedule. I’ve made many incredible friends and my confidence in all areas of life is so much stronger. Stephanie Murphy bon COOK Consultant

bonco o k . co m 4 1

FILL YOUR TABLE, BE REWARDED Chair your own private cooking class for 10

A seat at the head of our table is reserved for you each time you chair private cooking classes. In fact, the more you chair, the better you'll fare with rewards and kudos. Pull up a seat and learn more about how bon COOK makes day-to-day cooking easier and more rewarding in every sense of the word. You'll love our tips, tricks and ta-das as well as our recipes for wowing guests. Discover how chairing helps you cook and connect with friends. Join us at our table and become a bon COOK!

BONREWARDS By chairing a cooking class with us you will: Build your own collection of bon COOK products completely on the house Take advantage of monthly Chair-only specials ■ Receive FREE SHIPPING ■ Enjoy Partnership Perks: Receive half-off one item for every friend who signs up to chair a private cooking class of their own ■ ■

BECOME A BON LOYALIST There’s a loyalty level for every lifestyle. Ask your consultant about how you can sign up to earn exclusive offers and receive members-only discounts throughout the year. Join our community of bon COOK brand lovers today and start earning rewards for living a bon life! For more information on these programs visit


bonco o k . co m 4 3

THE CHEFʼS DISH After stirring up some sizzling conversation with Chef Eric Avila, he serves up his downright delicious reasons to dig into bon COOK. Straight from the pro's kitchen, here's some food for thought. Every kitchen should have the bon COOK soft touch. And I mean that in the literal sense. My kitchens – both in the restaurant and at home – are stocked with just about every piece in the collection, and what I don’t have yet, I will definitely get. The quality is professional grade, without a doubt, but it’s the awesomeness that is built into every flexible, non-stick option that can turn any cook into a culinary artist. I use them to whip up everything from mouthwatering roasted vegetables to desserts that delight the palate as well as the eyes. When it comes to results, it’s the details that make all the difference: the golden browning, the amazing oven rise, the perfect coloring, and the unique shapes that keep me reaching for them every time. As a chef, I have always been finicky about what I put in my oven and keep on my shelves. For taste that is out of this world, cooking ease and feasts for the eyes that leave guests speechless, I choose bon COOK, hands down. Eric Avila Townsend Hotel Executive Chef, Birmingham, MI.


My family has owned a bakery over 35 years and just learned of this amazing bakeware in the last 2 years. We make everything we can in these products. Our muffins and 3-tier cakes are masterpieces.

Joanna Kuns Bakery Manager & bon COOK Consultant

bonco o k . co m 4 5

GLOBAL & LOCAL COMMUNITY PARTNERS Threads of ESTHERS exists to provide discipleship, counseling, and employable skills for adolescent girls and young women, equipping them to start their own micro-business. Trained to sew, paint and crochet, each Freedom Fighter will graduate with the skills and resources necessary to create her own micro-business. Each item made by one of these Freedom Fighters helps provide her with sustainable income to fight against the extreme poverty, violence and exploitation that surrounds her and her family.

APRONS FOR A CAUSE ECAPRON | $20.00 Purchase an apron and help to feed a family. Every apron is handmade and unique. Colors and prints vary. One size fits all. No returns, refunds, or exchanges

Find out more about ESTHERS Children and how you can help at


BE A BONTREPRENEUR Visit us in-person or at and get a taste of what's stirring. No matter your skill level, connect with us today and be on your way to becoming a bon COOK.

This company has given me confidence I didn’t know I had! Melissa Edwards bon COOK Consultant

This business isn’t something I would ever have imagined doing! I took a leap of faith and went for something that was completely out of my comfort zone, and by doing so I opened up a whole new world I never knew existed. Jim Gordon bon COOK Consultant

It’s like a dream come true! I enjoy cooking and baking, so when there was an opportunity to make money doing what I love, why not? Jessica Carter bon COOK Consultant

My family now loves having family dinners together almost every night. We take time preparing meals and sharing stories together. There’s so much more love and laughter at the table now. I look forward to cooking for my family instead of dreading the “what’s for dinner” questions. Misty Lightfoot bon COOK Consultant

merci beaucoup! We'd like to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to our neighborhood Scavolini and The Townsend Hotel for partnering with bon COOK to build this catalog.

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LETʼS GET SOCIAL! Visit us at and see what’s cooking online. Learn more about joining our community of bon COOK brand lovers today.

34901 Woodward Avenue, Suite 201 | Birmingham, MI 48009 | ph: 888.838.1998 | fax: 866.219.5155 | | All of our products are BPA and PFOA free. Food and Drug Administration Certified. Chapter 1, Section 1, Section 21, Paragraph 177 2600 and 175 300. Kosher Certified certifies that our Flexipan® Molds and Trays, Bonmat™ and Roul’Pat®, made from woven glass and food-grade silicone are certified Kosher-Pareve for pre-baking, baking and freezing. bon COOK is proud to share with you that our Flexipan®, Bonmat™, Silpain® and Silform® are certified NSF and are in line with our ongoing commitment for the well-being and safety of all. ©2017 BON COOK. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Boncook 2017 2018 catalog

Boncook 2017 2018 catalog  

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