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Category A1: Michael Hollis, Aqua Lung Location: San Leandro CA 94577 Phone: (510) 569-3100 Email: Website: Position Statement I am proud to run for a position on the DEMA Board as a member of the A1 stakeholder group. I have been associated with the manufacturing of dive equipment and the development of innovative technology and programs that have contributed to the advancement of the overall diving industry for the last 36 years. It is my intention to use the in-depth knowledge that I have acquired during these years to pursue, identify and execute industry-wide strategies from which we all can benefit. I have learned many things watching the dive industry over the years and the same concerns still resonate year after year: 1)



We need to actively recruit an increasing number of new divers each and every year and instill in them to be our ambassadors. Without new divers, we will not have an industry, we will not have a sport. We need to attract and retain those divers who once knew the excitement that diving offers, but for other reasons are no longer participating in the sport and have moved on to other interests. We need to increase the DEMA membership. DEMA, the trade organization, offers a plethora of benefits and opportunities to its members, yet our actual membership remains very low.

We need to develop and maintain strong action plans for each of these initiatives. We need to be more forthright in our approach and cognizant of the fact that we cannot continue to do things the same way as before. If elected, I pledge to dedicate my time and skills addressing the concerns I have mentioned. I have always established high-performance levels for myself in all that I do. Being a DEMA Board Member will be no exception. I have benefited from this industry and now I wish to give back where I can.

Resume CEO, American Underwater Products January 2012 to May 2015 CEO, Pelagic Pressure Systems (Owned by Aqua Lung) 1980 to Present Co-Founder of Pelagic Pressure Systems established 1979 Commercial Diver/Underwater Welder, Taylor Diving and Salvage 1977-1980 Graduated from Commercial Diving College, Los Angeles, CA Received training in saturation diving for preparation in commercial diving

Category A1: Jenna Meistrell, Body Glove Location: California Phone: 310-374-3441 x102 Email: Website:

RESUME Experience NOVEMBER 2016 – PRESENT Brand Director / Body Glove/ Marquee Brands OCTOBER 2015 – PRESENT Advisor / Earths Oceans Earth's Oceans: OUR MISSION is ambitious, but necessary. Create a global network of incentive-based, self-sustaining plastics recycling facilities that will pay community members to pick up plastics and trash along their oceans and beaches. These facilities will repurpose and resurrect these plastics into useful products, community development and educational awareness programs. JANUARY 2015 – OCTOBER 2016 Committee Chair to Board / Dive N Surf Inc. - Schedule dates, times and location for meetings - Establish and confirm an agenda for each meeting - Officiate and conduct meetings - Ensure all agenda items have been discussed - Work with secretary of the board to make sure notes have been taken - Provide leadership & ensure committee members are aware of their obligations JANUARY 2014 – OCTOBER 2016 Managing Director / Body Glove International 2010 – MAY 2016 Scuba Instructor / Dive N Surf Retail Doing what I love the most, getting in the water and teaching people how to dive. It is so amazing to watch someone dive for the first time, breathing under water and seeing a whole new world open up to them. AUGUST 2009 – JANUARY 2014 Communications Director / Body Glove International

SEPTEMBER 2008 – DECEMBER 2008 Media Communication / Surf Aid International - Assisted in event planning (Swim 4 Life 2009) - Management of SurfAid social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace) - Creation and distribution of press releases - Assisted in daily managerial activities - Foundation Search JANUARY 2008 – MAY 2008 Marketing Intern / PADI PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors Conducted market research and created a marketing plan for the University of San Diego Planned events such as Discover Scuba in order to attract more of the target market Created weekly market analysis reports Education 2009 Bachelor of Business Administration University of San Diego Major: Business Administration and Management Minor: Communications POSITION STATEMENT The dive industry is faced with the difficult task of maintaining its user base and developing programs to grow in a time of fierce industry competition. Consumers are working harder than ever and their free time is extremely limited. Our youth are spending more time on their electronic devices than out in the fresh air. They will choose to do sports and hobbies but they are learning about what they want to do via the internet and the influencers that they follow. Our industry has better photography assets than any industry out there. What are we doing with those assets to promote to the youth? These consumers are also extremely fed up with in your face marketing. They spend so much of their solitary time on devices that they yearn for experiential events. They are also into seeing the world and traveling, making sure to post those great travel pictures for the world to see. Our goal should be to get that initial diver hooked, buying gear, following our media sites, traveling to destinations around the world diving, taking photos and posting for their friends to see. So many of my friends always tell me “I don’t know why I haven’t signed up for a dive class yet?” The ones I convince are typically hooked. One of my many goals as a DEMA board member is to assist in building a strategy to target these consumers and make them divers for life.

Category A2: Dallas Edmiston, NAUI Worldwide Location: Riverview, FL Phone: (813) 628-6284 Email: Website: Issue Statement DEMA should continue to provide support and services that are data driven. Since DEMA is a neutral party for all industry stakeholders, it is in an ideal position to seek innovative solutions to today’s challenges. Current challenges include failure to convert most new divers into committed lifelong divers and consumers that support a vibrant recreational industry. Also, the failure to attract a new generation of divers in any significant numbers must be addressed if the industry is to flourish. And the potential for loss of liability insurance coverage to protect trainers and manufacturers is also a looming concern that requires our attention. Due largely to the natural competitiveness that can exist between organizations, it is difficult for any single entity to make unilateral changes to address these shared problems, but DEMA exists in part to provide the forum for all stakeholders to find mutually beneficial solutions. Committees or task forces can be charged with identifying root causes for low diver retention and to recommend changes for adoption. Similarly, all stakeholders are at risk if necessary insurance coverage becomes too expensive or worse, not available. Instead of viewing insurance as another competitive tool, training agencies and manufacturers may find a benefit in cooperating to define a larger pool to cover risk, at an affordable rate that is good for all. If the diving industry is shrinking, then it is time to think outside of the box before the box becomes so small, there is no room left. Experience Executive Director, NAUI Services Group | February 2015 to Present During my first year as Executive Director, NAUI has launched a new public website, begun a multi-year technology project and has assumed a larger role as a leader in the diving industry by seeking and developing collaborative relationships with other industry leaders and organizations. Professional Scuba Educator and Business Owner, June 1975 to Present  NAUI Instructor 4099, Course Director, Technical Instructor  NAUI Outstanding Service Award (1979), Board Service Award (2006-2012)  NAUI Board of Directors (elected term 2014-2018)  Founder and Co-Owner, Discover Diving, Buffalo NY (1992 - 2014)  AAUS Dive Safety Officer, SUNY at Buffalo (1998 – 2015)  Instructor, Professional Scuba Inspectors (PSI) #79

Consultant, Williamsville Central Schools, July 2012 to Present Currently providing consultation and training regarding administration of special education regulations in compliance with state and federal mandates for data collection, reporting, and management of software applications. School Psychologist/Team Leader/Professional Mentor, September 1978 to June 2012 Provided diagnostic, educational planning, and counseling services to students and families in a public school setting while serving as team leader of multidisciplinary teams to coordinate planning and delivery of required services. Vice-President, Williamsville Teachers Association, 2007 to 2010 Served for two years as First Vice-President followed by two years as VicePresident for Negotiations for a public employee union. Fire Fighter/Company Officer, Lancaster VFD, 1978 to 2000 Served as a member, officer and company president in a volunteer fire department of approximately 200 members. Education 1978 - Masters of Arts – School Psychology, Alfred State University, Alfred NY 1974 - Bachelors of Art – Psychology, State University of New York (SUNY) College at Buffalo, Buffalo NY Summary of Skills and Qualifications 

  

  

Effective leader skilled in developing collaborative relationships and fostering teamwork to achieve identified goals. Effective writer and communicator to keep stakeholders informed and invite input to identify problems and opportunities, and develop effective strategies in response to each. Proactive problem-solver focused on data-driven decisions and solutions. Trained mentor who understands the role of mentorship as an effective method of induction and professional development. Twenty-two years of experience in the operation of a small business requiring planning, budgeting and implementation of long-term goals and strategies to achieve success. Strong identification and familiarization with the diving industry. NAUI professional actively involved in training for over four decades. Absolute commitment to excellence and quality to promote diving as a safe and enjoyable activity.

Category A2: Kristin Valette Wirth, PADI

Location: California Phone: +1 (949) 858-7234 Email: Website:

BIOGRAPHY Kristin Valette Wirth, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer for PADI Worldwide, is responsible for setting the direction for the PADI brand in the global marketplace, implementing marketing programs to attract non-divers and divers into PADI’s scuba diver and freediver training programs, acquiring and retaining individual, dive center and resort members, and developing effective promotions and marketing programs to meet sales goals. She is also responsible for determining and leading the strategic direction of the company and overseeing key business development opportunities for the PADI brand. She is a member of the PADI Worldwide executive team who is responsible for the overall operations of the global company. Wirth came to PADI more than 21 years ago to work in the Legal and Risk Management Department where she stayed for two years before moving to the Project AWARE Foundation (an environmental non-profit organization created by PADI) where she assumed the role of Executive Director. During her time with the Foundation, she managed the development of public awareness and education campaigns, public service announcements, instructional curriculum and environmental events. Her articles and contributions have been published in numerous industry magazines, web sites and manuals. She has given educational and marketing presentations throughout North America, Central & South America, Asia Pacific and Europe, and has testified in front of state and federal legislators on a variety of issues. With 24 years of experience in the scuba diving industry, including several years managing a dive center in Santa Barbara, California, an MBA in Marketing, and a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating, Wirth brings a unique combination of experience and passion for diving to PADI Worldwide.

ISSUE STATEMENT In running for the DEMA Board of Directors, I’m asked to write a short statement about a major issue facing the dive industry today. The problem is, we face more than one: environmental damage, government regulations, competing recreations and shifting spending patterns due to online commerce. But, of all the challenges we face, probably the most urgent (from a business perspective) is the number of new divers entering our sport. As Baby Boomers and Gen X’rs age, we increasingly rely on younger generations to fall in love with diving. As a DEMA Board Member, I would collaborate with fellow industry stakeholders to reach outside of our industry and creatively appeal to the future generation of divers. Although the dive industry faces challenges, doesn’t every industry? And, let's face it, this won't change – as we overcome today's trials, we take on tomorrow’s. This isn't a problem – it's what an industry does as long as it exists. Prevailing over our struggles isn't always easy, but that's neither new nor unique to diving. I wholeheartedly believe we will not only overcome these challenges, but diving can experience significant growth in the coming years, if we make some changes. The most important is that dive industry stakeholders must address these key issues with unified, collaborative actions. If we continue with disjointed individual efforts, we won't see significant growth. Although we're competitors internally, as we address our mutual challenges we must set this aside as we aggressively recruit new divers, re-attract inactive divers, embrace changes in consumer trends and demographics, and take on the legal and environmental problems we face together. The DEMA Board must be made up of passionate people who believe in the same goals and priorities, and have the fortitude to drive toward them. This core group will influence a "critical mass" that will carry out the plans to dramatically uptrend diving's growth curve. I’m running for the DEMA Board this year because I believe in our industry, I believe in its future growth, and I believe in working together toward shared goals. It's not only possible, but essential, that we do so.

Category A3: Jerry Beaty, Dive Training Magazine

Location: North Texas Phone: (903) 819-4606 Email: Website: RESUME

Three years college at North Texas State University • 1976 – 1996 Dive equipment representative for multiple manufacturers of various types of scuba diving equipment and underwater cameras. • 1989 – 1996 Represented dive travel resorts and destinations. • 1991 – 1996 Owned and ran All Sun Tours as a wholesaler of dive travel specializing in group trips exclusively to dive retailers. • 1996 – 1998 Sales Managers for Specialized Publications • 1998 – Present Associate Publisher for Dive Training Magazine and Dive Center Business Present Employer Specialized Publications, E. Mark Young, Parkville Mo. Associations • 2000 – 2003 Was one of 5 persons to invent, test & patent “Supplied Air Snorkeling for youth” (SASY) • 2001 – 2004 Helped to organize and run Dive Around Texas (DAT) • 2003- 2008 Sat as Secretary on the board for “Oceans for Youth” (OFY) • 2005 – 2006 Consulted for “Coral Reef Alliance” and participated in lectures and seminars in the Yucatan, Cozumel, Belize and the Bay Islands of Honduras. • 2010 – 2017 Worked closely with the “Coral Restoration Foundation” to create “The Coral Restoration Foundation International” which resulted in coral nursery’s being started on Bonaire, Curacao and Grand Cayman • 2015 – Present Served as an Advisor to the Board of “Sea of Change” and planned, helped and completed 4 coral nurseries’ off Grand Cayman.

ISSUE STATEMENT In a general statement that covers many different areas on the same subject, the problem of communication, or more specifically the lack of effective communication. Particularly in the ever-changing dive retail community. DEMA membership already provides many benefits, far more than most of its members, even current members are aware of. Programs such as the “Go Dive” program need to be understood by all retailers both members and nonmembers. Getting that information out is vital to keep an active and interested member group. All of the stakeholders in our 5 separate stakeholder groups need DEMA to provide more than just an industry trade show. They expect to have retailer attendance at the trade show. Only a very small number of North American retailers join DEMA for the right reason – to participate. We must create a bond with the front door of the dive industry, the 1,500 dive retailers that train, sell the equipment and provide travel to the bulk of our new entrants. We must be able to communicate what the benefits of DEMA Membership are to new members and reinforce the benefits to existing members. If there are not enough compelling reasons to recruit new members, we must create them.

Category A3: Dan Orr, Dan Orr Consulting Location: Driggs, ID Phone: (919) 369-0583 Email: Website: Position Statement I respectfully request your vote for re-election to the DEMA Board of Directors in the A-3 stakeholder category (Media, Associations and Others). I have devoted my professional career to serving our industry. I retired as President of DAN in 2013 after helping DAN develop a wide array of training and education programs including being responsible for the development of the DAN Oxygen First Aid course and focus on its worldwide diving safety mission. Prior to coming to DAN, I developed course curricula in the academic environment, collected data and supervised research efforts in the field of science diving, tested diving equipment for military contractors and worked for or served on the Boards of non-profit and for-profit organizations including the Historical Diving Society-USA, the WCH Media Group, the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, the Recreational Scuba Training Council and the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA). As a member of the DEMA Board of Directors, I have served you in many ways, including being the Senior Vice-Chair of the Board and Chair of the Public Policy Committee. As an active industry professional, I am committed to making our entire industry grow and prosper in these very challenging times. This partnership between all segments of our industry is a key element to our future success. As partners, we can harness the value and strength that is gained by working together for a common purpose. That common purpose is to identify the challenges we face, develop achievable solutions and put into action strategic initiatives that will help guarantee the future of our sport, our industry and our lifestyle. We all recognize that our industry continues to be under a great deal of stress. Aggressive competition from other sports, a struggling economy and the business challenges presented by the Internet as well as the impact that uncertainties in the global business and political climate has on dive travel are all factors influencing our business. I am convinced that by working together, harnessing our collective energies and expertise to develop and implement effective strategic initiatives, we can positively affect our future. My philosophy has always been to roll up my sleeves, identify all available options and meet challenges head on. I am sincerely convinced that together we can achieve success. As Margaret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of

thoughtful committed people can change the world . . .” As a member of the DEMA Board, I can help us change our world! For us to be successful, we will need a strong and responsive trade association and Board, willing and able to make positive things happen. Now, more than ever, we need a trade association that understands our needs and a Board that is prepared to focus our collective resources to solving the problems that all of us face. If I am re-elected to the DEMA Board, I pledge to work tirelessly to represent your interests by:  

  

Continuing to find ways to improve the DEMA Show so that exhibitors, attendees and the association reap the maximum benefit; Finding ways to develop and use effective metrics, through applied market research, to collect and disseminate important demographic data for use by our association and stakeholders; Developing and implementing effective efforts to improve acquisition and retention of new divers; Being ready and prepared to act quickly and decisively to legislative challenges that affect our sport and our industry; and Promoting a conservation ethic that focuses on responsible use of our natural resources through the promotion of global educational outreach programs;

I believe that I can continue to help DEMA and our industry achieve the success we all want from our trade association. With the help of a strong trade association and an effective and responsive Board of Directors, we can work together and meet the challenges and opportunities the future has to offer. I am an optimistic and “glass half full” kind of guy and I want to continue to be a part of our collective future; I want to continue to serve you on the DEMA Board. I pledge to continue working tirelessly on your behalf to help us maximize the success in our future. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered to represent you and your interests on the DEMA Board of Directors!

Category A4: Patrick Hammer, Scuba Emporium Location: Chicago, IL Phone: (708) 226-1614 Email: Website:

ISSUE STATEMENT What issue do I see facing the industry; some people might say there are a lot, but I think we can bring them down to just a few. • The first issue is not attracting new blood to the industry and we have lost the appeal to diving. So, we need to make SCUBA look like a recreation that everyone wants to do. We need to express the social aspect as well as the excitement of exploring. SCUBA needs to become a trending idea not a bucket list idea. We do not want people to try SCUBA and check it off; we need them to fall in love with SCUBA. We can show divers interaction with marine life as well as on safety stops playing games on the iPad. • The second issue that I see is, as the current store owners are getting past retirement age, they are looking to sell off the business (some have made that their retirement funds alone) and cannot find interested parties, to sell to. Some are forced to just shut down. It is time to stop saying you cannot make money in SCUBA. It is not always what we make, it is what we save and receive. We need to show the great lifestyle of a store owner. EXPERIENCE Owner, Vice President & Course Director, Scuba Emporium, Orland Park, IL 1974 – Current • Train people to become SCUBA instructors • Train people to become SCUBA divers • Write new training material for recreational and professional divers • Oversee technical staff and equipment repair • Oversee training of staff in new DAN, PADI, & EFR standards • Also owned and managed locations in Alsip, Evergreen Park & Tinley Park, IL; FL; GA, & MI operating under the same name and, in some cases, at the same time Owner & President, Our World Underwater, Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; Texas 1975 – 2015 • Oversee set up and break down of show as well as volunteers • Arrange for speakers for over 100 presentations each year • Arrange for DAN, PADI & EFR training as well as technical training for equipment repair • Oversee fund raising, silent auctions and photo contents

President & Instructor, Emergency Medical Training, Orland Park, IL 1980 – Current • Oversee instructor training • Provide emergency medical training including CPR, AED, first aid and bloodborne pathogen training to non-diving corporations at their places of employment • Provide retraining of staff and corporations EDUCATION Attended 1972-74, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, LaCrosse, WI Focus in Psychology and Business SUMMARY • PADI course director since 1974, eight-time award winning PADI Platinum Course Director, and PADI Elite Instructor; training over 15000 students and 3800 instructors in the United States and Caribbean. Certified to teach over 140 educations and instructor level courses • Red Cross Instructor since 1975 • DAN Instructor and Instructor Trainer offering training in 29 educational and instructor level courses • Author of numerous articles for Midwest Diving Magazine • Author or co-author of over 60 PADI specialties, including over 40 Distinctive specialties and contributor to the PADI course Director Manual and PADI Public Safety Diver program • Author of two skin diving manuals, a log book, two operations and resort training manuals, and a book on Lake Michigan wrecks • Past member of the Aqua Lung Advisory Board, the PADI Retail Associations Board, Coral Reef Alliance Board and DEMA Board • Instrumental in starting some of the first rescue and recovery programs in the state of Illinois • Instrumental in starting the Ralph Erickson Foundation, which seeks to allow underprivileged individuals the chance to start a career in dive education • Instrumental in starting the Tim Early Foundation, which has a two-fold purpose: introducing school-aged children to the world underwater, reaching over 1700 children in 2010 alone; and funding underwaterrelated projects in the Midwest including the sinking of the Straits of Mackinac and the Buccaneer in Lake Michigan • 2014 DEMA Reaching Out Award • 2016 PADI Platinum Course Director • 2016 PADI Elite Instructor Award

Category A4: Myra Kurn, Ocean Enterprises Location: San Diego, CA Phone: (858) 565-9474 Email: Website: POSITION STATEMENT Hello, my name is Myra Kurn, and I am seeking a position as a retail representative for the DEMA board. I have spent 37 years working in the dive industry as an owner and operator of Ocean Enterprises. During this time, I’ve been involved in many aspects of the diving industry such as social media, marketing, retail merchandising, buying, procedures, sales training, operations, instruction, and travel. Over this period, DEMA has been a resource in contributing to the success of our retail business. My many years of retail experience and dedication to the cause of ocean conservation, education, and sustainability are the reasons I believe I have much to offer the DEMA board. With your vote, I look forward to being an advocate for the growth of dive retail stores and the success of the overall diving industry. EXPERIENCE 1979 to present CO-OWNER, VP and PRESIDENT, San Diego Ocean Enterprises, San Diego, CA (Scuba Diving multi-retail stores including merchandising, displays, equipment sales/repairs, diving instruction, and group travel excursions across the globe.)        

Co-built a successful retail/instructional services organization from the ground up Achieved consistent profit margins of 50% to 75% (far above industry standards) Created and taught effective training programs (including co-authorship of a comprehensive training manual) Wrote in-depth policies and procedures manual that outlined goals, expectations and accountabilities Leveraged strengths in marketing and merchandising to widen brand recognition Devised and implemented the inventory process to minimize shrink and control costs Set up and continuously monitor all procedures and programs in place Administrator at PADI INTERNATIONAL College in Pt Loma, CA - 1980-1982

EDUCATION AA Degree Mesa Collage - 1977 AA Degree, San Diego College of Business - June 1979 Major: Court Reporting with business emphasis GPA: overall, 3.9 ADDITIONAL  NCL (National Charity League) Grade-Level Advisor training, Board Member, San Diego, California – 2001-2007  Santa Fe Christian School Board – 2005-2008  Santa Fe Christian Middle School – Yearbook Advisor for Middle School 2000-2003 TRAINING  Certified Assistant Instructor – PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) San Diego, CA, 1997 – Present  Certified YPO Forum Moderator, La Jolla, CA, 2002 – Present SUMMARY OF FUNCTIONS      

Organize and implement organization’s fiscal function Develop solutions to business challenges Introduce new programs and computer software Predict financial trends in this industry to assist in growth Enforce policies and procedures of the organization to improve overall effectiveness Create and evaluate departmental budgets as well as optimize cash flow

CATEGORY A5: Stuart Cove, Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas Location: Davie, FL Phone: (954) 524-5755 Email: Website: POSITION STATEMENT Throughout my years in the diving industry I have dedicated my time to education. My company has focused both time and resources to the career development and employment of Bahamians. If I am elected to the DEMA board, I would like to see my passion for the underwater world be the driving force behind increasing awareness and interest in youth programs. Our future generations need to be inspired to take our industry to a new level. STUART COVE Curriculum Vitae Few people know the waters around Nassau better than Stuart Cove. Born and raised in the Bahamas, Stuart has been exploring the waters of Nassau as a captain and dive guide his entire life. Stuart’s father taught him to dive in their family pool at the tender age of 5 and he developed his love of watersports during their family’s many trips to the Exuma Cays and the Bahamas Out Islands. Stuart began by working as a gofer or as we like to say “fin boy” on a tourist snorkeling day trip when he was 10 years old. He left Western University in Canada in his second year to pursue his love of diving as a business. He started Coral Harbour Divers using a few tanks and one of his father’s boats to take tourists diving on the diverse sites on the Southwest side of New Providence that we continue to visit today. In 1979 Stuart was hired as a diver on the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only” enabling him to buy his first boat. In 1983 Stuart was offered the Watersports concession at the prestigious five-star Lyford Cay Club and his business boomed. The business was soon bursting at the seams and it was in the nick of time that Stuart successfully acquired the South Ocean Golf and Beach Resort Dive Centre in 1992 where the main operation is located today. Stuart also is a pioneer not only within the Bahamas Dive Industry, but a significant force within Hollywood, having made “Hollywood’s 100 Most Influential People” list twice for his work in many blockbuster movies and TV programs. Stuart has worked or coordinated film projects for many of the James Bond films, including "For Your Eyes Only", "Never Say Never Again" and “The World is Not Enough”. Other major film projects include “Flipper” and “Into the Blue” plus hundreds of TV projects such as being featured for 10 years-running on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Stuart is also the recipient of the prestigious Cacique Sustainable Tourism Environmental award by the Bahamas Government in 2010 as well as founded “Children on the Reef,” a

non-profit foundation that offers underprivileged children an opportunity to experience the local ocean and reefs. To date, this program has offered over 30,000 children a life changing experience on Nassau’s reefs. For the last 10 years, the company has also offered 10 scholarships to underprivileged teens and young adults, many of which have been in trouble or headed for prison. Though this scholarship program, these candidates are given the opportunity to progress from non-diver to PADI Instructors, and working with PADI and the Ralph Erickson Foundation, create careers for Bahamians within the diving industry, all at no cost to the candidates. As part of a close working relationship with the local community and Government, Stuart is responsible for sinking 22 wrecks to date in the waters around New Providence, adding significantly to the artificial reef system in The Bahamas. Most recently Stuart was the recipient of DEMA’s Reaching Out Award. DEMA honoured Stuart for the role he has taken in promoting the underwater world in several media disciplines and his continued efforts in marine conservation. In September of 2016 Stuart was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. For the last 10 years, Stuart has also served on the award-winning National Coastal Awareness Committee, and chaired the Clean-Up sub-committee. Aside from land-based initiatives, Stuart has campaigned successfully to help create a ban on long-lining fishing, and most recently, assist with the creation of the national ban on shark fishing and finning in Bahamian waters. Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas offers diving, snorkeling, SUBs personal submarines, full service digital photo centre and large retail facility. Blue Adventures at Atlantis Resort is the exclusive watersports concessionaire at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Lyford Cay Watersports offers diving, snorkeling, non-motorized watersports, wakeboarding, skiing, banana boating and a large upscale retail boutique available exclusively to Lyford Cay Club members & guests. Bahamas Charters offers a luxury 60’ Viking Sportfisher motor Yacht for island excursions and fishing charters. Albany Resort a luxury Tiger Woods Golf & Marina resort development, offering full watersports and related activities, plus a high-end resort boutique. Stuart Cove’s Tiger Beach Safaris located at the Old Bahama Bay resort in West End, Grand Bahama, this dive operation focuses on the world-renown ‘tiger beach’ location for diving with Tiger Sharks a well as wild dolphin excursions. The company employs a total staff of 120 across eight locations in the Bahamas and US, with 80 of those at our main Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas site offering 20 boats total. Over 75,000 people are serviced by his various locations each year in The Bahamas:

Category A5: Tim Webb, Caradonna Dive Adventures

Location: Longwood, Florida Phone: 1-800-328-2288 Email: Website:

RESUME • Caradonna Dive Adventures, Longwood, Florida, President 2004-2017, Vice President 2000-2004 Doing business as: • Caradonna Dive Adventure, North America’s largest scuba travel specialist. o PADI Travel Network, sub-contracted by PADI o Delta Air Lines Vacations, sub-contracted by Delta Vacations. o United Airline Dive Vacations - sub-contracted by Mark Travel. o Cayman Express, a leisure operator specializing in the Cayman Islands. • Harbour Village Beach Resort, Bonaire, General Manager 1998 – 2000 76 luxury hotel rooms, 96 slip full service marina, world class spa, and 4 restaurants with over 120 employees from 13 different countries. • Sand Dollar Resort, Bonaire, General Manager 1994 – 1998 1997 Voted, “World’s Most Popular Dive Resort”, Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine. EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Executive Program, CEDEP European Centre for Executive Development, Fontainebleau, • France, 2005 • Bachelor of Science, University of South Carolina, 1983-1987 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS TUI Travel PLC, North American Specialist, Board Member Diving & Equipment Marketing Association - Board of Director, 2007-2017 • Board Chair, 2015-2017, Finance Committee Chair, 2007-2013, Marketing committee, Trade Show committee Caribbean Tourism Organization Central Florida Chapter • Vice President, 2001 – 2004 Bonaire Hotel & Tourism Association • Bonaire Treasurer of the Board, 1998 - 2000 • Chairman of the Board, 1996 – 1998 • Vice President of the Board, 1995 STINAPA Bonaire Marine & Land Parks): Board Member, 1997-1999 Lighthouse Beach Homeowners Association, Bonaire: President, 1995-1998 Caribbean Hotel Association, Bonaire: Board Member 1996 – 1998


2010-2011 Top Performer, Delta Air Lines 2007 Person of the year, voted by the Island of Bonaire. 2006 Caradonna, Company of the Year, voted by the Island of Bonaire. 1998, “The General Manager of the Year,” voted by members of BONHATA.

POSITION STATEMENT I am honored to be a candidate for re-election to the DEMA Board of Directors. In Today’s changing global business environment, we all face challenges. Not only what we face as a business daily but how the global economic challenges affect our day to day businesses as well. These consist of; geopolitical disruption, energy and environment security, conflict and poverty, competing in a new era of globalization, global imbalances, rise of new powers, global corporations and impact, global health crises to just name a few. DEMA must play a role in filtering these out, and communicating these to its members and how to face these challenges and succeed. Of course, DEMA is tasked with growing the industry for all stakeholders. Finding innovative, cost effective ways to accomplish this through collaboration with each stakeholder, looking at other industry “wins,” apply these to the dive industry. DEMA did just that with GO Dive Now, taking innovative ways, we found in another industry translating this to “dive” and execute a plan. Now we need to get other stakeholders on board and expand our budgets and global spends but other private sector companies doing the same, and creating a global brand, “Go Dive Now.” DEMA must maintain its strong voice in the legislative arena. DEMA has made a difference in past and that must be maintained. All committees that DEMA has must be firing on all cylinders for the industry to rebound and become stronger for each of our businesses. In the past three years as the Chair of the Board of DEMA we have done just that, we have launched and executed marketing and dive acquisition plans, we have fought and won several legislative battles, we have been fiscally responsible and that shows with the ability to provide disaster assistance to our members who have been affected in the recent months with natural disasters. If elected I will continue as a leader in our industry making decisions and leading the organization to future success. I thank you for the support for the past terms I have served on the board of DEMA and I hope to get your support for this upcoming election as well.

Meet the 2018 DEMA Board of Directors  
Meet the 2018 DEMA Board of Directors