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Executive Summary Pull Prospects with Google AdWords If you are looking to drive traffic to your website, Google AdWords is a cost-effective method which delivers measurable results to marketers. Visit the AdWords website to learn more, or read further to get a better understanding of the concept.

How does Google AdWords Work? •

Create your Ads - using their selection tool, you pick the relevant keywords and phrases for your business and product lines. There is a keyword engine that will help you build a list of related keywords to your initial selections.

Set your Budget - you are in full control of ad spending as there no minimum-spending requirements. Google provides keyword traffic and cost estimates, and you have the ability to set a maximum cost-per-click (CPC). This cost structure ensures you are only paying for measurable results.

Your Ads Appear - when your target audience searches Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear beside or on top of the search results. This way, you are directly targeting prospects that are already interested.

Gain Web Leads - when a prospect clicks on your ad, they are immediately brought to your website to learn more about your offerings.

Measure Results - Google AdWords is integrated with Google Analytics. See Demand Metric's article Free Web Analytics from Google, to implement a reporting platform that tracks user activity, time spent on your site, etc.

Action Plan: 1. Try a Web Search - type in a few keywords that are relevant to your business and product/service lines. If your company is not appearing in the top 20 hits, there is a chance you are losing leads to competitors. 2. Learn More - visit Google's AdWords website to learn more about their programs and determine if this strategy is right for your organization. 3. Analyze Keyword Campaign ROI - use our Online Advertising ROI Calculator to determine how much to pay for keywords. 4. Conduct a Pilot Campaign - try a pilot project with 20 keywords to see what kind of results you can get for a limited investment. If it works well, scale up aggressively. © 2009 Demand Metric Research Corporation

Pull Prospects with Google AdWords  

4. Conduct a Pilot Campaign - t r y a p i l o t p r o j e c t w i t h 2 0 k e y w o r d s t o s e e what kind of results you can get for a l...

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