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Dema Isbeih Visual Merchandising Project 2 03-13-18

The Artist: Wassily Kandinsky

Fashion and art have always gone hand in hand. We’ve seen designers use paintings, sculptures, and art pieces as inspiration for their designs. As the garments walk down the runways we see aspects of art whether it shapes, colors, or patterns. Art has been one of the main inspiration in fashion throughout history and today. As I continue to speak about how art inspires fashion I will speak about how an artist of my choice will inspire a design of a fashion bust form. Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow on December 4, 1866. He began studying drawing when he was five years old when he moved to Odessa to live with his aunt. Even as a child his love for art was never ending saying, “each color lives by its mysterious life.” ​His father encouraged his unique gift for the arts and enrolled him in private drawing classes, as well as piano and cello lessons. Despite early exposure to the arts, Kandinsky did not turn to painting until he reached the age of 30. Instead, ​he went along and gained a degree in Law from the University of Moscow in 1866. With his degree he began working on the Moscow Faculty of Law while managing an art-printing works on the side. However, he did not feel satisfied with his position and decided to change his career in 1896 and devote himself fully to the study of art. He began attending, one of the most prestigious private painting school, Munich Academy of

Arts. During this time he began experimenting with color, shapes, and how it correlated with emotions. Soon he would gain the title Father of Abstract Art. Kandinsky exploited the interrelation between color and form to create an experience that engaged the sight, sound, and emotions of the public. His first art pieces were influenced by constructive movement, hard lines, dots and geometry. His artwork ​inspired to create art that communicated a universal sense of spirituality. His work developed through three phases of representational canvases and their symbolism to his rapturous and operatic compositions, to his late, geometric and biomorphic flat planes of color. His theory was that the artist was a spiritual being that communicated through and was affected by line, color, and composition. Kandinsky was mainly known for his language of abstract forms and colors that when outside the normal boundaries. Throughout his work he represented what the world looked and felt to him and used colors, lines, and shapes to convey his ideas. In the art pieces Composition VII, Composition 8, Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles, On the points, and Accent on Rose we see the use of different color hues, lines, and shapes Kandinsky was known for. It was these paintings that caught my attention and made me want to use them for inspiration. I found the way he created abstract shapes through color motion and lines interesting. Through observation I saw how he took real life events and recreated them symbolically. It was the element of shapes and lines stood out to me and made me want to explore different ways I could create a design based on his artwork. Throughout my designs one will see the use of intersecting lines and connecting shapes like shown in the art. I will be taking inspiration from his art pieces and creating designs that represent who Wassily Kandinsky is and his artwork.

The Retailers Jeremy Scott - Macy’s

The two retailers I decided to connect to my artist inspired bust forms are Jeremy Scott and Macy's. I will be doing a female bust form for Jeremy Scott and a male bust form for Macy’s. I will also create one display prop inspired by Kandinsky. Though these two retailers are completely different I felt they they connected to my artist and inspiration in different ways. I chose Jeremy Scott because like Kandinsky his clothing is abstract and unconventional. His clothing incorporate the use of mixed and vibrate colors like shown in the art pieces by Wassily Kandinsky. I would describe Jeremy Scott’s target consumer as a woman who does not mind standing out and wearing unique clothing. She is between the ages 27-38 and enjoys unique designs that incorporate shapes, colors, and lines. Like Kandinsky, Jeremy Scott creates designs that are abstract distinctive to his views and ideas. I believe my bust form and display prop are appropriate because it show the individuality of both artist and designer but also reinforces the style of Jeremy Scott. I believe having an abstract woman's bust form will highlight who Jeremy Scott is. As for Macy’s, I think creating a males bust form and prop with inspiration from Kandinsky makes sense because they are known to having unique displays. Though they are not abstract they showcase creative displays. Their target consumer is a young male who enjoys being fashionable and wearing different style clothing. They are between the age 24-36 and enjoy clothing that incorporates color and distinctive designs. This bust form can be a center

display that showcases the creativity of Macy’s and draw the attention of the male consumers because it is something they haven't seen before. Inspiration

With This art piece, called Composition IX, I took the elements Of a checkered pattern, diagonal lines, and curved lines, and Intersecting circles for the base. This female bust form will be Made out of ceramic and include colored tiles of yellow, pink, Blue, red, orange, and green. The base will be made out of bended metal in the color black. I believed making the form out Of ceramic tiles would add to the feminity for Jeremy Scott.

For the male, Macy’s, bust form I focused on the usage of Thin lines from the painting Composition 8. With that I wanted to create a completely caged bust form. The bust form would be made out of black wiring. The neck would sit on a base that attaches to the body. The Neck is broken into three sections and colors. The middle being blue, the left being yellow, and the right being red. As For the base the same will be created using the same colors, But having the base being a layered half circle.

For the display prop I used the painting On the Points. I wanted to create a piece that replicated the idea of all the shapes going to the same endpoint. However, I wanted to create something that didn’t use an overwhelming amount of shapes instead I took parts from the painting to create my end piece. The piece would be made if gold triangles, red circles, and the base being orange. The whole piece would be made out of malleable glass. This prop could either sit on a surface or hang down.

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Project 2 vm  
Project 2 vm  

This paper shows the relationship of Art and Fashion Design and how they can be used together.