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ABOUT US We are a young and dynamic team oering integrated services to support operational marketing and advertising. We provide hostesses and stewards for trade shows and exhibitions, tour leaders, models, mystery clients, in and out of store promoters. We also supply support for trade show stands, sampling personnel, market surveys, data acquisition, leaet distribution, as well as organizational support for events. From concept to location research, we follow the graphic project and staging, and we attend to the recruitment of the best personnel for each context.


Hostesses are a representative figure found at conventions, meetings, concerts and events. Mainly, they are involved in welcoming and providing accreditation for participants, giving out information, collecting the participants' personal info and distributing material.


The promoter is a dynamic figure who approaches and interacts directly with clients, presenting the product's main characteristics and any current special promos by distributing food and drink tastings, product samples, gadgets, coupons, fidelity cards and discount coupons. The promoter may provide technical info regarding specific environments and take care of registering contacts and filling out forms. Each promo is preceded by a briefing regarding the product's strong points, technical details and report compiling.

EVENTS We supply organizational support for the realization of events by making sure every detail is perfect and by creating moments of great impact and visibility.

Campaigns and Promotion tours We endeavor to grow the brand and make it known by taking it directly to the public, by creating personal empathy and giving our services a recognizable face.

Meetings, Congresses and Conventions

We organize meetings, congresses, events and soirÊes across the entire Italian national territory. We oer our clients professional standards and competence with attention to detail: location, staging, catering, welcoming services, assistance and transfers.

Staging We realize stagings for meetings, conventions, showrooms and street events. We design stands for promotional events within the context of trade shows and sales venues.

COMMUNICATION A communication campaign is the result of content and form. We take care of creative aspects and design, graphics and fonts, selecting the best channels for the conveying of the campaign message, in order to give it the maximum strength and immediacy.

Door to Door and Hand to Hand distribution

We oer professional standards, methodology, knowledge of territory and distribution techniques for hand distribution of advertising material and product samples.

Static and dynamic publicity

From press to poster, from wrap-advertising to maxi-billboards, we collaborate with the most important outdoor dealerships in order to oer our clients a wide range of custom advertising solutions.

Radio and TV

We use the best providers to implement the most original and eective TV and Radio advertising projects.

WEB MARKETING There are two ways to create communication. One classic and one innovative, one oine and one online. For a complete and winning communication strategy, both must be present. Marketing through classic channels, but also web marketing, dedicated to the network. Password "visibility", by any means possible: websites, search engine optimization strategies, newsletters, news aggregators, blogs, industry sites.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING New media strategies which speak to the connected world, anytime, anywhere. Social media marketing uses social networks to achieve its goals. It is a set of strategies at the service of the image which makes the company visible, creating a direct and continuous connection with the public. Highlight of online communications are media relations, activities and strategies aimed at obtaining the consent of the network and more speciďŹ cally of professionals: journalists, bloggers, trend setters.


Via Anagnina, 511/A 00118 Roma Sede legale via Nemi, 17 00043 Ciampino (RM) Tel. (+39) 06 79845196 Fax: (+39) 06 79816015 -

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