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-Jessica Jaramillo Carbajal Many girls get kidnapped from irresponsible parents. For instance, innocent girls are taken out of their calming homes to suffer from an unknown person. Kidnapping is very serious and there is no way to predict when it might happen. Many people don't have caution and they, unfortunately, end up paying the price. There are some ways parents can prevent their children from getting captured by strangers. A Tragic Event An eleven-year-old girl was found dead and raped in Meru, a town in eastern Kenya The mother has said that her daughter Pauline had just arrived home from school from lunch. Her mother asked her if she could go to the neighbor’s house and get some salt. ”I sent the little girl to fetch some salt from our neighbor. I did not know that in a few minutes I would find my beloved daughter dead," said Mrs. Joyce. The mother said that her daughter's body was discovered in a maze garden at 2 P.M., blindfolded with severe injuries on her private parts and her neck. A test showed that she was indeed strangled and raped. A 25-year-old suspect is being held by the police because of the incident. The mother said that the family is living in fear as the relatives are threatening them over the suspect's arrest.

The Frightening Truth How can someone be this cruel? The 25-year-old may or may not have done it, but if he did he must be really sick in his head. What if that was his little sister he wouldn't want anyone to do nothing to her. Also the relatives I understand that they are upset, but they can't be threatening the already hurting family. It can be very scary how the mother asked her daughter to do a simple task and unfortunately, the consequence was the death of her child.

How Parents Can Prevent Their Daughter From Getting Kidnaped There is no way to know when or if you are going to get kidnapped, but to prevent it parents can have a huge impact on the percentage of that happening. Parents need to know what their children are doing. This can be an advantage if something does happen, they know where their children have been. Don’t send your children alone at dark or don’t send them by

themselves without a guardian. Parents also need to teach their children to have precaution with strangers. Parents need to teach them that if a stranger says I know your mom she asked me to pick you up, say no. Never to leave with a stranger. The mother had the fault in the situation.It was a very innocent thing to go to the neighbor's house to get salt, but it was at night and she was alone. The criminal saw this as a perfect opportunity to take the girl and sadly that ended her life.

Overall, Parents need to be careful of their children. There is cruel , mental people out there and they don't have consent. Those people don’t care how old the victim is, they just want stuff out of them. Poor Pauline had to suffer with one of those people. The parents could have done something about it if they would have known about the consequences.

Jessica jaramillo carbajal feature article rough draft  
Jessica jaramillo carbajal feature article rough draft