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The Next Cold War? ​With

all the North Korea’s threats going around, should we

be scared?North Korea has been sending threats to the U.S and the U.S has responded with tweets and even the president threatening  North Korea.With all the threats going around , should we be scared ?  War, something that the world is not new to. The united states have  been threatened in the past by the likes of Russia, but life was  different back then. In the cold war, the people were considered  traitors on both sides. In modern days things are a lot different like  the tweeters wars.In modern days people get a lot more offended.On  August 6 in 1945 the whole world saw the power of what mankind can  create or destroy.Not even a full megaton, little boy was only the first.  Jumping ahead to October 30th, 1961 when the world saw the bomb  that was 50 megatons, the bomb was called Tsar Bomba or the king of  bombs.With Russia and US had made peace and the world realized that  these huge force of destruction were too dangerous and could end  humanity. In North Korea has made weapons the could destroy and  they scared a lot of people.I don’t think that neither of the leaders  wants to start a war that they can’t finish. There is no good versus evil  or who’s right or wrong. The difference is that if the US or North  Korea is doing the right thing or not. The real complication is could  there be peace. If this  continues this cold war will  escalate to a war or worse a  world war    If North Korea shot bombs to  you and US returned fire what  would you do?    World leaders-The world  leaders should be worried  about other things, president  Trump and supreme leader Kim Jong started something that worries 

other countries. In CNN They found that Vladimir Putin has even said that this action could start international warfare. China has been an  ally for North Korea, but they say all this is “unacceptable”.  When will this end ? Will shots be fired through words or missiles ?  Only the future can tell .    

The next cold war  
The next cold war