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saturday, february 9

7 pm & 9:30 pm

tickets can be purchased at ticketmaster.com, charged by phone at 1.800.745.3000 and at etc inside lumière Place. general admission $25 • ViP $40 • lumière theatre J u s t o f f i n t e r s tat e 7 0 • P l e n t y o f Pa r k i n g • 9 9 9 n o rt h s e c o n d s t r e e t • l u m i e r e p l a c e . c o m • 8 7 7 . 4 5 0 . 7 7 1 1 concert is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Valid id required. Must be 21 years of age or older. see mychoice center for details. offer not valid for persons on Missouri disassociated Persons or excluded lists or who have been otherwise excluded from lumière Place, river city or other Pinnacle entertainment Properties. gambling problem? call 1-888-Betsoff. ©2013 Pinnacle entertainment, inc. all rights reserved.





12 WAYS TO BE DELUX What you dont want to miss over the next 60 days

10 TRUTH OR DARE Our Publisher and THE GEORGEOUS SHARON REED square off in a three question battle

14 DELUX NOW Stay ahead of the curve. News you can use

50 50 LAST TRAIN TO ST. LOUIS Sharon Reed is not just a pretty face but is St. Louis’ newest anchor woman on KMOV.

20 DELUX ESSENTIALS Cheers to Life Luxury and Life. These essentials are a must have to continue your DELUX Life

33 DELUX INDIVIDUALS Meet true influencers in our communities. The trendsetters of our generation

42 BORIS KODJOE One on One with Mr Househusband Boris Kodjoe. See what makes him tick

56 THE GREEN ROOM Delux’s Male fashion spread featuring looks for the cold weather season


KMOV’s new anchor women arrives

from Cleveland and now she’s Living St. Louis


2013 Fashion style from St. Louis

Hautest Boutiques

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Men of humble beginings, Mark and Marlon Austin keep their eyes on the prize and their clients suited and booted.

74 T HE RADAR What new and hot in the city? We will tell you in this tell all guide to upscale entertainment and dining

82 INSIDER Anthony Sanders the brain behind the Evening Whirll

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*Dez* Lyons, Fashion Lover from Birth. Born

while her mom was watching the Soul Train Line from her hospital bed, she feels she didn’t get the gift of song or dance but instead the gift of STYLE. With 15+ years in the fashion industry, she’s known for her trademark of Elegance with an Edge. Motto: Each client is a canvas waiting to become a Work of Art. www.StyledByDez.com and www.Facebook.com/StyledByDezMEN

Mario Clay is fashion stylist from Belleville, Illinois/ St. Louis, MO this 24 year-

old however is anything but average. The fashion industry has been his passion since younger days, when he decided he’d rather read Vogue than any other book.Spending most of his free time with his computer, vision board and his collection of movies from the 80’s and 90’s Mario has an eye for fashion. His path is clear and he is making great strides in branding the fashion industry with his unique style.

Zina Saro-Wiwa, Sarogua Mourning, 2011.Digital video, color, sound, 11 min 37 sec. Courtesy of the artist. ©2012 Zina Saro-Wiwa

on view

Joel F. Lester is a web and graphic designer turned photographer. His

photographic eye has taken him to the far reaches of the globe. His works are a cumulative blend of both Raw and Polished shootings style. The photographic principles of “Always Be Shooting” and “Follow the Light” are the staples of his approach.

November 16, 2012 – April 20, 2013 the pulitzer foundation for the arts 3716 Washington Boulevard 314.754.1850 pulitzerarts.org DELUX MAGAZINE



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HENRY FORD Truer words have never been spoken. This issue was a very challenging test of will and dedicaton and it turned out absolutley perfect. With another year under our belt -- somethings worked-somethings didnt. Thats life. Its a long race. But yet we are still here standing strong and ready for our 2013 breakout year. And why not start the year off with a bang... we stepped out our confort zone and decided to go with a double cover. This way we can feature more cover worthy individuals and create a bigger DELUX experience. So Welcome Mr. GQ himself Boris Kodjoe & and the beautiful news anchor Sharon Reed... As we have traveled this 4 year journey with you we have seen a lot, laughed, chuckled, and cried. But whats really unsettling are the shootings in these schools. Never forget. The Grade School Massacre in Connecticut was unbeilievable. Please continue to pray for those families as those could have been our children that now will never know what fruit they were to bare. On a lighter note. Welcome back Pres. Obama!

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Mardi Gras with Big Sam’s Funky Nation









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The 8th Annual St. Louis Blues Festival







Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Purses, Scarves, Sunglasses, and Shoes COUTURE APPAREL FOR WOMEN: Custom designed and crafted apparel. Alterations on all garments.

If Fashion Was Crime, Would I be an Accessory?

Visit our website at: www.shopdajecouture.com and like us on Facebook: DaJeCouture





When was the last time you screamed at someone? Sheesh. I scream so much I cant remember. I think I was screaming at myself. Yes I talk to myself... but I dont answer myself so dont think I totally crazy!

1 2 3

Not someone.. something! The tv! Peyton’s double O-T interception. The Manning boys are class. It was a thrilling game. But I was/am soooo looking forward to the SuperBowl. Ray Lewis.. full circle. It’s a great story. I want a great game!!!

Chinese food : Cleveland vs St. Louis? Last time I went to Cleveland I could not find a “real” chinese food take out place. I was looking for something like I can find on Natural Bridge on the North Side-- no luck.. I AM ONE OF THOSE BELIEVERS. -- St. Louis has the best chinese food in the country! #amen

STL because of Happy China on Olive. Uncle Lee is a great cook and that’s definitely a problem for me. Could eat it 24-7!

Who is the COOLEST magazine publisher you know? DUH?! Was there any doubt?


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

Some guy named Keith... All day!!





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SHOOT FIRST ASK LATER Reality Column by Mark Bland

I am going to throw you all for a loop. I am Pro-Gun! That’s right; the moderate/liberal who sees everything from both sides is a gun advocate. But please, do not get it twisted and take it out of context. Allow me to explain. In recent months, we have been inundated with horrible news stories of mass murders in Colorado and Connecticut. First, James Eagan Holmes is suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado in July. Most recently, Adam Lanza is suspected of fatally wounding his mother before driving to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut to continue his rampage. At the school, Lanza is accused of killing six staff members and 20 kindergarten aged children. Both situations left me horrified and taken aback. What would drive someone to do such a thing to innocent people? Alas, it happened and the fireworks of the gun control discuss hit the world full tilt! The most prominent argument is, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!” This is a very true statement and one of the main reasons I do not blame guns for the unfortunate attacks in Colorado and Connecticut. Guns are inanimate objects incapable of operating without people. Guns have no opinion and do not show emotion. They are pieces of metal designed to propel a projectile at a target with the intent of maiming or killing. Wait! What did I just write? For the sole purpose of “maiming or killing?” Of course, that is what guns are for! Guns were developed as fighting tools! Yet, in both instances, the guns used in the attacks were a means to an end. Destruction!

So, should there be stricter gun control in the United States? I believe there is a middle ground for opponents and proponents of gun control. For opponents, you are absolutely right. Guns do not kill people. People use guns as a way to kill people. For proponents, you are correct as well. There are too many guns in the hands of the wrong people. Where is the middle ground? This country needs stricter laws for people to gain access to guns. I recommend mental health assessments for gun card applicants. However, I realize that in the end, there is no cure-all. People who want to do harm to others will exhaust all methods, legal or otherwise, to gain access to guns. As our lawmakers make laws to protect us, criminals will find ways to skirt the laws. We still live in very dangerous times and need to protect ourselves when lawmakers can not! That is why I am pro-gun. However, I am not pro-automatic weapons. Automatic weapons are designed for mass destruction and are not necessary for selfprotection. China is a country with strict gun control laws. On the same day of the shooting in Connecticut, a man in China is accused of attacking 22 elementary school children with a knife. All of the children survived but they were still attacked. Does China need knife control? The moral of the story is the attacker made a decision to do harm and used the best weapon at his disposal. If he had access to guns, he more than likely would have used guns. Where do you stand on the issue? Food for thought in 2013 and beyond. DELUX MAGAZINE



@DELUXMAGAZINESTL THE BEST MAN PART DUECE The latest news out this week on Malcolm D. Lee‘s sequel to the classic ’90s The Best Man is sure to make fans happy: the entire cast is on board for part deux.

SHAWTY LO LAUNCHES ONLINE PETITION TO AIR ‘ALL MY BABIES’ MAMAS’ A week following the cancellation of his developing reality show, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” Shawty Lo is still determined to get the controversial series green lit on another network. During a recent radio appearance on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, the rapper (born Carlos Walker) shared his thoughts on Oxygen pulling the plug and encouraging fans to sign an online petition in hopes of the show getting back on air. “I feel like they didn’t give the show a chance to air to see what was going on. And she made her assumptions off of the trailer…My life story wasn’t peaches and cream. Coming up was so, so hard for me…And basically what I’m doing is telling my story, showing how Shawty Lo turned a negative into a positive. The show wasn’t about, we finna be fightin’…a lot of fathers don’t take care of one child, don’t even be there with their children. But me, I’m there with my children I’m hands on.” “They making their assumptions off a 13-minute trailer and this like the biggest news around the world right now and it’s unbelievable,” he added. “But I’m working hard for this show to air, because people do want to see it. My kids, they want to see it. They’re disappointed right now…My show is not about no negative; it’s a positive. But if they wanna see the show, y’all sign a petition.”

A press release issued by Universal Pictures stated: “After nearly 15 years apart, Taye Diggs (television’s Private Practice), Nia Long (Big Momma’s House), Morris Chestnut (Kick-Ass 2), Harold Perrineau (Zero Dark Thirty), Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow), Sanaa Lathan (Contagion), Monica Calhoun (Love & Basketball), Melissa De Sousa (Miss Congeniality) and Regina Hall (Scary Movie franchise) reprise their career-launching roles in the next chapter to the film that ushered in a new era of comedy. When the college friends finally reunite over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignite.” With all the players set and a release date confirmed (Nov. 15, 2013), production on the film is expected to begin in the very near future.

ST GERMAIN LIQUEUR St. Germain is a sweet liqueur crafted in the artisanal French style from elderberry flowers. The unusual flavor has been reckoned as containing elements of peach, orange, grapefruit, and pear. The liqueur is commonly mixed with sparkling white wine. The liqueur has a heady lychee aroma, with grapefruit and other citrus undertones.


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com




WEWE LOVE DE BUB-LEY In 1811, just a year after they were married, Pierre Nicolas Perrier and Rose Adéla de Jouët released the first bottling of Perrier-Jouët champagne. Even at 200 it is among the youngest of the champagne brands that make Americans giddy: Moët-Chandon (makers of Dom Perignon), Veuve Clicquot and Roederer (makers of Cristal) are 18th century institutions. When it comes to taste and quality, though, Perrier-Jouët can easily go bubble-for-bubble with its older compatriots. And when it came to celebrating its two-hundredth year, if you ask the house itself, it might have outdone them. It is a conversation that begins with the Perrier-Jouët Bi-Centenaire sculpture and that will last nearly 100 years. And it involves lots and lots of champagne...

BACK OF THE BUS TO FRONT OF YOUR ENVELOPE The U.S. Postal Service is set to unveil a commemorative Forever stamp honoring civil rights icon Rosa Parks on what would be her 100th birthday, reports USA Today. A pair of events on Feb. 4 in Michigan will present the stamp to collectors and admirers from all over the country. It will first be unveiled at 7:30 a.m. at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit during a ceremony with the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development. Attendees can purchase the first Rosa Parks Forever stamps after the dedication. Related: Beyond MLK: Expanding Our Civil Rights Consciousness The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn will host the First-Day-of-Issue stamp event at 10:45 a.m., as a part of a day-long celebration known as the National Day of Courage. Parks is remembered for her bravery on Dec. 1, 1955 when she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Ala. bus, which aided in the fight against racial segregation. She died Oct. 24, 2005, in Detroit, at the age of 92. Author and scholar Henry Louis Gates is a scheduled speaker for the event at the Henry Ford Museum, as well as Newsweek contributing editor Elenore Clift and Rosa Parks biographers Douglas Brinkley and Jeanne Theoharis. A video message from former President Bill Clinton, who presented Parks with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1996, will also be shown.


Owner and lead consultant, Aaren Muex, has found the first home of Wedding & Event planning company, Divine Events. She hosted her official Grand Opening on Saturday November 17th at 11425 Dorsett Road, Suite 202, Maryland Heights, MO 63043. showcasing the company, its supporters and the services that it offers for current and prospective clients. Combining 10+ years of experience behind the process of creating small to complex events and parties, Divine Events allows clients to give full trust into planning their event from beginning to end. From weddings to social or corporate occasions, they hold their promise of making events Divine.

SKIN CARE FOR THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN R. Cooper’s Power Performance Pack will keep men’s skin healthy and younger looking. The collection includes four of R. Cooper’s most popular products. Perfect to treat yourself or ready for gift giving, this set includes two products from each of the Daily Performance and SpaBody Series. This set contains: Daily Face Wash Face Toner Face Erase Serum Daily Face Moisturizer with SPF 30


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

For additional information, please visit mydivineevents.com for services in St. Louis, MO and the surrounding areas.


Downtown Winter Fest is a celebration of Downtown St. Louis’ restaurants & businesses brought to you by The Downtown St. Louis Restaurant & Bar Association. The inaugural event will take place on Thursday, December 13, 2012, and include over 20 participating venues. Downtown residents and customers will be treated to an afternoon and evening of food and drink specials, beer and wine tastings, live entertainment, an exotic car show, pictures with Santa, scavenger hunts, table top sports tournament and much, much more. Each participating business will craft a special event, activity, or promotion in their establishment and offer it to customers cover free. Free shuttles will be provided so attendees can experience each of the venue’s offerings.






Quentin Tarantino’s racey, controversial, bloody, slave, massacre... what else would you expect from the eccentric director I am not a fan of director Quentin Tarantino or his movies. Not by a long shot. I may even have what some would call an aversion to Tarantino films since I refuse to watch the majority of them. Personally, there is just too much for me to handle: too much malice, too much profanity, and too much violence! I prefer to see the human spirit revealed, not watch it splatter at high velocity all over the screen. Gratuitous sex, violence or anything else is simply not for me. With that said, I do recognize that Tarantino is an important, distinctive, and maybe even revolutionary filmmaker. His movies, which morph and confuse the old with the new, are stylistically unique, a masterful homage to such film genres as Film Noir, French New Wave, Grindhouse, Kung Fu and the Spaghetti Western. It


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

behooves me to say that the man is good at what he does. This holiday season controversy and intrigue sent me willingly to the theater, despite my distaste for Tarantino’s work, to see his newest production, Django Unchained. I wanted to see what all the talk was about. Nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography, this film has consistently turned heads despite intense controversy. During the weeks leading up to its Christmas Day release there were questions that either kept getting asked or were consciously avoided. How will this white man talk about slavery? How can he? I felt the need to personally investigate the answers.

Set in the American south in 1858, two years before the start of the Civil War, Django Unchained focuses on a freed slave turned bounty hunter who will do anything to be reunited with his beloved wife from whom he had been separated at a slave auction. In true Tarantino fashion in order to retrieve his beloved, many, many, many people must die. Django Unchained is part action flick, part Spaghetti Western, part Blacksploitation film, and part comedy, but it is not and should never be confused with a film about slavery. What Tarantino has done, with steady purpose and a skilled eye, is make a film that uses true American history as painfully true contextualization. Slavery persists in the background forcing us to consciously examine it while we enjoy copious amounts of bloodshed and unadulterated revenge. It constantly and consistently invades our thinking space making us recognize and acknowledge it as an excruciating historical fact in a way that no other film has, by making it a character in an action fantasy. This is no historical epic or biopic; it is a fictional piece that dares to use the truth of slavery as creative fodder. The result? A surprisingly sensitive, insightful, and at time poignant depiction of something that has been, until now, film taboo. Bravo Tarantino!




People use self-expression as a means to show the world who they are. Selfexpression manifests itself in a variety of ways including art, cars, fashion, and hair styles. One of the more popular and controversial forms of self-expression are tattoos.

Self-expression through tattoos opens the world to life stories of the many people who choose to give others a glimpse of their world.

Tattoos. The lightning rods of controversy!

Zach Fortune, an employee for the City of St. Louis, has four tattoos including one that shows the world what he values. The proud father has an artistic rendering of his four-year old daughter. Local soccer coach Kevin Simpson has five tattoos, including a tattoo of his mother on his ribs. While Mike Green, a successful gym owner and MMA fighter, has more than 20 tattoos including “Daddy” on his wrist (and in the handwriting of his daughter).

Opinions on tattoos vary. On one hand, proponents of tattoos view them as a way life and as a means of expression. On the other hand, opponents of tattoos view them as excessive, unflattering, and unnecessary. Despite the critics, one thing is for certain: tattoos are artistic creations. The human body is the canvas and the resulting art represents the story of the person’s life. It is a tale of where they have been or where they want to go.

And for most people, their world revolves around the love of their family.

However, despite tattoos providing an avenue of expression, they are not without controversy. One of the more

controversial issues deals with tattoos in the workplace, particularly in corporate America. Some employers require employees to cover their tattoos while on the job. This begs the question: Is it right for an employer to demand its employees to cover their tattoos while on the job? Right or wrong, opinions on the matter vary. Angela Duzman, a professional secretary and single mother, has three tattoos (and has plans to get more). Despite her love of tattoos, she believes that people should be made to cover their body art in a professional environment. Like Duzman, Fortune believes that people should be made to cover their tattoos in at work. Simpson, on the other hand, believes that people should not have to cover their tattoos in the workplace or otherwise. Green, like Simpson, is steadfast in his opinion that tattoos should be shared with the world. Regardless of your stance on tattoos in the workplace, people who choose to express themselves with tattoos should not be victimized by stereotypes. Rather, they should be applauded for their confidence and unique way of expressing themselves. And for helping to add variety to people and for helping give the world more to look at, even in the workplace. DELUX MAGAZINE





The Tiffany Leather Collection blossoms with chic, colorful shapes, created by design directors Richard Lambertson and John Truex. Made in Italy of the finest materials, these elegant handbags radiate the exuberance of spring.

| Tiffany Central Park Picnic Basket in natural wicker and Tiffany Blue速 leather, with Tiffany Weave china and sterling silver cheese knife set, cork screw, bottle stopper and crystal tumblers by Tiffany & Co.; with cutting board, striped canvas napkins and wool blanket. $3,600


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

| Tiffany Central Park Wine Carrier in natural wicker and Tiffany Blue速 leather, with wine tumblers, Tiffany sterling silver bottle opener and striped canvas napkins. $1,400


| Tiffany Babette Clutches (from top): light camel patent leather, white leather with striped raffia in natural/camel/white/light grey. $895,$795

| Tiffany Devin Frame Bag in natural wicker with gardenia white and silver leather trim $1,195

| Tiffany Blaine Clutches, small, in geranium and Tiffany Blue速 wicker and leather $495,$495 DELUX MAGAZINE





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There is something to be said about Luxurious hand sewn and crafted beds

BEDROOM SPLENDER Your face or body isn’t the only beauty asset you should be concerned with on a daily basis. The surroundings in your home should be just as important and pleasing to the eye. Take a moment and think about the room in your home that is most neglected but the location where you spend the most time. Your bedroom is the last room you see before you go to sleep and your first view in the morning. Beautiful bedrooms transcend through the sheets you curl up in, the grand bed that frames your linens and the walls that make your room a defined space. These are simple steps you can take to transform your boudoir into a tranquil, chic, hotel-like suite. Lovely bedding is a must. The bed, whatever size, is the star of you boudoir because it’s the largest piece of furniture in the room. Plus, it’s the item that has the most practical function, providing you with beauty rest! This is where you really go bold. You only have 2 or 3 opportunities to put fabric and patterns in a bedroom. This is accomplished with linens, window dressings or if space permits, an upholstered chair. Choose bedding the same way you would choose a dress or suit for an event. It must stand out in a crowd. Your bedding is surrounded by large wood pieces so color and bold graphic prints work best and are the most inviting. Can we say, come lay on me! Now that your bedding is selected you have a color palette upon which to build. Take three of the dominate colors in your bedding and consider the remaining items needed for the room. For example, if you are working with a combination of chartreuse, jade, chocolate and magenta with hints of white, select the magenta or chartreuse to dominate as accessories and finite details. Since your guidelines of color are selected migrate to your window dressings. If you like to be sun-kissed

Lula B talks bedroom comfort, colors, and creativity. A bedroom-- the backbone of home design in the morning or protected with privacy at night, window dressings can provide you with both. Panels or draperies offer another opportunity to add more color or pattern to the space. Panels that are ceiling to floor really create an appearance of granduer and make your room appear larger. Finally the details that make a room really sparkle are the accessories. Items to consider are lamps, artwork and rugs. For your lighting think about 2 functions, overhead and task lighting. The bedroom should have a ceiling-mounted light to illuminate the entire space. Don’t let this be “run of the mill”. Consider the overall style of your bedding or home and select fixtures accordingly. Bedside lamps are necessary as well. Lamps compliment in the same manner as do earrings with a dress. Shop for a lamp with the correct height, width and color.

Savoir Beds, the custom-made, luxury brand that has been favored the last 100+ years by boldfaced names ranging from the late Winston Churchill and Frank Sinatra, to Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Sir Elton John. Each individual bed is hand crafted and made to the client’s specifications, from the size and firmness of the mattress, to materials on everything from the foot, to the headboards. A king-size Savoir bed retails in price from $12,5000- $145,000. There are currently only about 2,000 beds built annually to ensure that the handcrafted quality remaining intact. Savoir Beds have become mainstays in the homes of some of the world’s most powerful and famous people. “It’s for people who truly wants the best out life,” says Roger Ericson, creative director at Savoir Beds. The original beds date back to 1905 when a UK factory began hand-crafting and stitching the box springs, mattresses and frames out of the finest materials-including tufts of hand-laid loose horse tail said to provide a better sleep. In the 1930s, The Savoy Hotel bought the factory to ensure that only their guests would enjoy this opulent experience and now they are featured in the most prestigious hotels around the world. In 1997, CEO Alistair Hughes brought the beds to the public, and over the past two years the brand has exploded with showrooms popping up in major cities including London, Paris, Berlin, Miami, and New York City.

Artwork can be a combination of things. If you like prints or canvases make sure they are cohesive to the overall décor. Usually one or two pieces of art is all that’s needed for a bedroom. If the floor in your bedroom is wood or another hard surface, an area rug will help warm your feet when getting out of the bed. You don’t always have to use a large area carpet under the bed. If floor space is limited between the bed and another piece of furniture in the room select a runner. They are usually close to the length of a bed but narrow enough to get a full view of the pattern between pieces of furniture. I always go the extra mile and add candles, picture frames and decorative boxes to surface area on the nightstand or dresser. This will give your bedroom a personal touch, a reflection of your personality. Now, before you close your eyes tonight glance around the room and prepare to dream about your beautiful bedroom surroundings. -Lula B lulabdesigns.com DELUX MAGAZINE





LOW POROSITY HAIR story by: Lucindy L. Lumu, ItsKnotSoEasy

The topic of “hair porosity” has been a very popular yet dispirited issue among women with textured hair. Hair blogs and other social media outlets have been flooded with three pointed questions: What is low porosity hair? How do I find out if I have low porosity hair? And, can low porosity hair be managed? Porosity is the ability of hair to hold fluids. Low porosity hair as a low ability to hold fluids. To determine hair porosity, you will need shampoo, conditioner and a towel (or t-shirt) and follow the steps listed below: Step 1. Wash and condition hair. Dry hair with a towel or t-shirt. Do not add any products to your hair. Step 2. Separate hair strands and gather one strand. Capture the strand with your index finger and your thumb. Step 3. Run your index finger and your thumb up the hair shaft. Start at the end of the hair and run down to the root. Step 4. Determine hair porosity. Overly (high) porous hair, catches down the hair shaft, normal porous hair is smooth down the hair shaft and low porous hair feels slick down the hair shaft. You may have to repeat Step 3 until you are able to determine your porosity level. Now that you know what low porosity is and how to determine if you have low porosity, it is to learn to manage low porosity. Can “low porosity” hair be managed? The answer is a resounding YES! Low porosity hair can easily be managed through eliminating, adding and maintaining some things in your current regimen. Start by eliminating or limiting heat exposure to your hair (i.e. hair dryers, flat irons). You will also want to eliminate, if possible, hair dyes and any chemical that is designed to draw moisture away from the hair. A major part of managing low porosity hair involves changing your daily regimen. It is beneficial to deep condition your hair at least once per week (or when your hair tells you). It is very important to listen to your hair. You will also want to incorporate a water-based moisturizer and either natural oil or butter to your regimen and moisturize and seal your hair twice daily. Moisturizing and sealing is a technique that has been around years that helps to aid the hair into retaining moisture. For extra conditioning or moisture, you may want to use the baggy method. The baggy method involves sleeping with a plastic cap over your hair after conditioning (or moisturizing and sealing). The popularity of this method has spread like wild fire in the natural hair community due to its moisturizing affects and its ability to stimulate growth. Now that you have your questions answered on the issue of hair porosity there is no longer a need to feel haunted by it. Embrace what you have. Take care and manage your hair no matter what your porosity level is. Appreciate your textured tresses and know that, though you may not change the porosity of your hair, you can change how you manage it which will ultimately lead to how you perceive it. Remember, the only “bad” hair, is neglected hair!


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

RENE FURTERER ASTERA SOOTHING SHAMPOO This shampoo ensures gentle cleansing, soothing and detangling action. The scalp is soothed and hair regains strength and health.Rene Furterer Paris Astera Soothing Fluid with Cold Essential Oils sensitive and irritated scalp, contains cooling essential oils that provide immediate relief and a long lasting, refreshing sensation, as they soften and smooth the skin. Vitamins A, E and F help restore the scalp’s healthy and natural balance.


Many scalp conditions such as irritated or itchy scalp infections and hair loss can stem from causes which are related. There are quite a few different factors that can cause scalp and hair problems that may seem to elude our understanding, but there are also some very common factors that most of us don’t realise we can take control of.

ANTI FLAKE SHAMPOO Life changer. Gives your scalp instant relief from itching and flaking, while leaving hair soft, bouncy and vibrant. Perfect for treating dandruff or psoriasis, or to balance a dry or oily scalp. Evens out skin cell turnover to give you a flakefreer scalp and shoulders. Safe for color-treated hair. Provides immediate relief that can last for days. Paraben & Phthalate Free.

MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL The key ingredient in this magic blue bottle is Argan oil, a naturally derived oil from Morocco that’s rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and used heavily in skincare for its age-defying effects. Used in hair products however, it helps to restore shine and bounce to dull, lifeless strands.


OJON HAIR BLEND OIL Only Ojon Goes to the Ends of the Earth to Help Repair Damaged Hair. New. Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy. Infused with restorative Ojon™ Oil plus 6 natural oils from around the world legendary for their healing powers.

Get clean hair Naturally. Made from Raw Black Soap, this shampoo is great at cleaning the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. It leaves your hair moisturized and soft. It is watery form so no thickening agents have been added. Scent is tropical and fruity. This Product is 100% Natural and 100% Organic








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NOODLE & BOO ORGANIC WASH Start on the right foot with good hygiene skills for little hands. The wholesome all natural ingredients in each product are healthy both for your little one and the environment. They are ever-so-addictive, the whole family will be joining in on the hand grooming fun! Healthy Hand Wash ($12) Cleans without stripping natural moisture leaving little hands soft and fresh Soap free formula fortified with vitamins A, C, and E nourishes skin between washings Dermatologist and Pediatrician tested formula is mild enough for daily use Ideal for frequent wash environments Hypoallergenic and clinically tested for sensitive skin Wholesome Hand Lotion ($15) Ultra-light, fast absorbing; perfect for little ones on-the-go Gentle non-greasy formula soothes and moisturizes leaving hands extra soft and smooth Fortified with vitamins A, C and E Mild enough for daily use on newborns and babies Hypoallergenic and clinically tested for sensitive skin

Noodle & Boo was founded by Christine Burger, a mother of three. Her dedication to providing her children with suitable products for their sensitive skin resulted in her luxurious and beneficial line, Noodle & Boo. With Noodle & Boo, bath time is better than ever, as the products use only the best ingredients. Noodle & Boo products are available at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Von Maur, and NoodleandBoo.com.

PSSST... HAIR GLUE AIN’T FOR EYELASHES story by: Gorgeous McPeters, Celebrity MUA

Hair glue may contain varying ingredients but typically will include silicon adhesive, a blend of cyclohexane, polysiloxane, naphtha, toluene and benzene. Several of these ingredients are considered unsafe for use during pregnancy. Naphtha is a solvent used in many commercial products. According to MSDS (material safety data sheets) information, certain types of caphtha can be carcinogenic. Carcinogens are substances known to cause cancer. Benzene is also a known carcinogen. Typically benzene is used as an additive to gasoline, but due to the high-risk of cancer associated with the solvent, its use in gasoline and other commercial products is now limited. Toluene, a derivative of benzene, is also a solvent with potential carcinogenic effects. Toluene should not be inhaled due to its health effects. Low to moderate levels can cause tiredness, confusion, weakness, drunkentype actions, memory loss, nausea, loss of appetite, and hearing and color vision loss. These symptoms usually disappear when exposure is stopped. Inhaling high levels of toluene in a short time may cause light-headedness, nausea, or sleepiness. It can also cause unconsciousness, and even death.


eeping your face clean by washing it twice a day, is extremely important in black skin care. Using NYRAJU Skin Care’s black skin care products that are formulated especially for your skin, is even more important. Our products address your skins specific texture and needs. While we might all have the same physical attributes as humans, black skin is quite unique. A pimple not treated properly can become a keloid on your face. Picking a blackhead can leave a dark spot. Learning your skin type is extremely important to the type of black skin care products you choose in caring for your beautiful black skin. To use a gel type cleanser on dry skin will dry your skin even more and to think you can’t use a hydrating moisturizer on oily skin is not always true. Oily skin can be dehydrated. The over use of black skin care products that are alcohol based has caused this condition.

Exfoliate You know how you might have that tendency to look gray and ashy, well that could be because you’ve not exfoliated your skin. What exactly will exfoliating your skin do for you? One of the main things is to remove dead skin cells from the surface layer of your skin. A great black skin care product would be NYRAJU Skin Care’s jojoba scrub. Jojoba beads, in a base of shea butter make an excellent exfoliator for skin care black skin. The jojoba beads are gentle to your skin and not harsh like almond or some salts would be. By using them to gently exfoliate your skin, not only will you rid your skin of its dull grayness but you will see a more even toned and radiant appearance to your skin. Toners Toners, restore the acid/alkali balance of the skin, because they are pH balanced. Toners also assist in removing the remaining dirt that might have been missed in your cleansing process. Moisturizers When you think of skin care black skin, moisturizers are one of the most important products to use on your skin. Moisturizers remove that dull, ashy appearance on your skin that African American women have a tendency to get. Moisturizers combine both water and oil depending on your skin type and its use. Who says water and oil don’t mix? In the case of moisturizers for your skin, they can make a great combination. Moisturizers give a smooth finish to make-up. Putting on a light moisturizer will make your make-up much easier to apply and reduce the risk of dragging your skin. Black skin care products bring out the enhanced beauty of your skin, while rejuvenating your skin’s texture and making your skin look younger. As a company that specializes in Black Skin Care, NYRAJU Skin Care provides you with the how-to’s of having great looking skin. Skin care black skin hasn’t always been top of the mind when it comes to beauty companies and African American Women. We’ve had to use products that weren’t formulated for our skin and this has often caused more damage to our already sensitive skin. DELUX MAGAZINE



THE NAG FACTOR: Am I Pulling Him Closer, or Pushing Him Away Everyone hates to be ignored. But no one more than a woman who is in a relationship where her significant other has become hearing impaired. How he lost his ability to hear verbs, nouns, and other sounds women make is not important, but what is important is resolving the underlying issue in the relationship, before he becomes blind too and doesn’t see his way home anymore. Nagging seems to be the default for any woman who has a bone to pick with her mate, or merely a cup that has runneth over. Essentially, when a woman feels unconsciously compelled to open her mouth and start reading you your Miranda rights, either you’ve screwed up or there’s an unresolved issue that keeps picking at her. Understandably, some women believe that they’re doing their relationship a huge service if they assert themselves and speak what’s on their mind –sometimes to a fault, however. They find it a better state of play versus taking other actions to get their points across such as cheating which may be more damaging than the original problem. But if your constantly find yourself hitting a brick wall with your ideas and/or demands, then you run the risk of pushing your mate further away, instead of pulling him closer. In order to ever come to any conclusion in the nagging game, you need to understand your opponent, the terms of the battle, and what there is to win from going to war in the first place.

Knowing the terms of the battle: What’s at stake? In the case of cheating, when

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Knowing the prize you win: Relationships should never be about winning a battle, but rather maintaining harmony more often than not. No one person is always going to be right, and no one person is always going to be wrong, but when you come across moments or foothills of friction, you need to weigh the situation in your mind and decide if the battle is even worth your time. Do you need to go after him every instance he leaves the toilet seat up or doesn’t separate his clothes before you do the laundry? Is it necessary to harp on him every single time he doesn’t think of you or put your feelings first? Are you up to your ears in complaints about him being too selfish to reciprocate in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re tired of him cheating, and think that nagging him will eventually generate a break through or a difference? I can deal with the toilet seats and the laundry, but what do you stand to win from someone who is a serial cheater, or is too selfish to understand how he’s hurting you in the first place? Make sure the battle you’re hoping to win and the person you’re fighting for is really worthwhile. If not, then the only battle you need to be in, is the one that ends in you maintaining and knowing your self-worth.

Relationships should never be about winning a battle, but rather maintaining harmony...

Knowing your opponent: Sometimes the reason you can’t break through to your opponent no matter how many times you’ve addressed the issue, is because the crime that you’re holding him accountable for, is honestly a character flaw within him, or something he’s decided should remain a permanent part of his behavior. If he’s been messy his whole life, no matter how many times you tell him to clean up after himself, or have respect enough to wash the dishes after you’ve cooked dinner, or even take the trash out without you having to physically ask him to, you’re still going to find yourself being the broken record over and over again. I can guarantee you that the very first person to nag him about his tidiness was his mother. At the age he is now, I’m certain he’s learned to live with the verbal punishment by being an expert at tuning women out when they start spewing verbs at him.


a man has created another avenue for himself sexually, emotionally, or mentally, he has likely also created the option to either comply or deny your wishes. If you’re where he wants to be and he is aware he has made a mistake and learned his lesson, then when you’re battling it out, you might stand a good chance of breaking through to him. But if he’s already checked out of the building, and is only physically present, then everything you’re fighting about and fighting for, has a bigger chance of falling on deaf ears, and being a war you can’t win.

A man will hear you if he wants to hear you. A man will change if he wants to change. No matter how many times you badger him about something, he has to first make the decision to be a “better” him — and even before that he has to decide whether or not he thinks your problem is a problem to him in the first place. If he gets it, and cares, he’ll do his best, to rectify his mistakes, but if he’s not making it a priority, then you may want to consider finding someone who you don’t have to nag in the first place. Lastly, if your nagging ever becomes second nature, then maybe consider the idea that you just might enjoy being a control freak. In that case, expect to be alone, or at least expect to be the continual recipient of issues worth nagging over.

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BEAUTIFULLY HUMAN Words by Angela Nichelle

new you for 2013. My hope for you is that while you are hitting the gym and adopting a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle, you will remember to water your emotional and spiritual gardens. My resolution involved doing the same! I am hoping you are inspired to take a reflective inventory of your life and make a commitment to making the necessary changes to become a better person. A few years ago, I realized how easily our self-esteem can become tethered to someone else’s value system and how detrimental that can be to our self-worth. Definitions of beauty vary from person to person. Beauty does not have a prototype. As a result, one’s definition of beauty may be based upon standards set by the media, particularly through who we see on screen, on stage or on the runway. Yet in still, each person has their own unique style of beauty that does not have to be validated by media standards. The true essence of beauty is defined by the deeds of your life’s work. People possess a variety of qualities that transcend their physical being. These qualities, including warmth, a welcoming smile, and a spirit of compassion for others, are visible in the people I encounter on a daily basis. As you continue in your journey through 2013 and beyond, let your beauty shine by doing something that improves your life and the people you encounter. Start by discovering your talents and passions! I know a woman who is marrying the man of her dreams. To her, he embodies everything she has ever wanted in a soul mate. When they are together, you can almost see sparks fly between them. To him, she is his dream girl. He knows everything there is to know about her and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life discovering her all over again. Needless to say, they are in love and are living a storybook life straight from the pages of a fairy tale. As is life, this true life fairy tale almost never came true.


I were to ask a man for his definition of beauty, he is more than likely to describe the woman of his dreams in meticulous detail. His definition would include a vivid description of every inch of her body, from the flow of her hair, moving boldly past the curves of her waist, and ending somewhere south of the sway of her hips. As a woman, I can respect a man who knows what he likes and why he likes it. After all, it has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When those eyes can appreciate me respectfully, I feel desired, worthy and yes, beautiful! Receiving a sweet nod of confirmation is valued. However, in order to experience the true beauty of a person, you may have to close your eyes and listen with your whole heart, as beauty can sometimes hide itself from the naked eye. As we embrace the start of a new year full of infinite possibilities, I challenge each of you to focus on the deeper qualities of beauty. On January 1, 2013, I made a New Year’s resolution (as I am sure many of you did as well). With a renewed sense of determination, you probably pledged, promised and planned your way to a

Between her seemingly impossible list of partner qualifications and his Hollywood standard of beauty requirements, their union was definitely not love at first sight. For that matter, it was not love at second sight or love at third sight. With that, both resolved that it was just not meant to be for them. They each had their own vision about what their ideal partner LOOKED like and neither of them fit the bill. That is, until they spent a warm, summer afternoon together volunteering in the community. On that fateful day, she learned that he spoke several languages, including Italian, which she loved and had a desire to learn. He learned that she was an avid golfer and golf was his favorite pastime. The time they spent volunteering and getting to know each was filled with more laughter that either of them had experienced in a long time. They also took the time to look past their expectations of perfection and discovered the inner beauty of each other. They discovered that they were each beautifully human!





Boost your grooming game with shavers that offer high-end functionality, stellar design and smooth baby sft skin.


CUSTOM SHAVE SYSTEM ($80) Shaver has three different heads allowing for three different closeness settings. Pop-up trimmer for sideburns. target.com


SERIES 7 ($269) Innovative pulsonic technology 10,000 micro vibrations help capture more hair. 3 personalization modes for a more individual shave. Fully flexible shaving system for maximum facial adaptability.


ARC5 MULTIFLEX SHAVER ($315) Enjoy the convenience of dry operation of use with foam or gel for a pampering, silky-smooth shave. Rinses clean under running water. Follows the contours of your face for efficient coverage and maximum comfort.





P SERIES FOIL 3-HEAD SHAVER ($75) Enjoy a faster, closer shave with the Philips PT920/19 PowerTouch Pro dry electric shaver. It features a Super Lift and Cut system for a comfortably close save. amazon.com


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ARC5 MULTIFLEX SHAVER ($90) Two surgincal steel foils with intercept trimmer adjusting comfortably to your face, while providing maximum closeness amazon.com

BEE BALD gently exfoliates and thoroughly cleanses. Impurities are washed away, leaving the entire head and face feeling totally clean, refreshed and revived. Jojoba beads gently exfoliate while Vitamin B replenishes moisture and Allantoin protects, calms and soothes. AHA’s deep clean the pores for debris, reducing pore size for an overall healthier look, and antioxidants Goji Berry and Vitamin E fight free radicals. Licorice Root, Honey and Bee Pollen Extract are healing and antiseptic while protecting against pollution, UV rays and other inflammatory factors.





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Fresh 2 def

bespoke twins Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m dressed so fresh so clean... - OUTKAST BY ERING FALKER PHOTOGRAPHY LAWRENCE BRYANT DELUX MAGAZINE



MARK & MARLON AUSTIN Saint louis’ finest

Bespoke couture may not be a phrase you are familiar with but is the bread and butter of Mark and Marlon Austin, two Chicago based entrepreneurs and fashion moguls. The Twins started producing hand-made ties in 1991, part-time as a hobby, but soon developed a solid client base one impeccably accessorized client at a time. After developing their own line of hand crafted men’s shirts and suits called Fratelli-Gemello, the brothers opened their first boutique in 1996. They used this opportunity as a launching pad to travel all over North America doing consulting work and designing the clothing and apparel of some of the top entertainers, athletes and business men in the world. 34

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In 1998, while sourcing abroad for the best quality made goods for his boutique, Marlon got the opportunity to work overseas for a conglomerate of factories producing highend women’s and menswear. He sold CMT Contracts to the worlds most renowned designer brands, resulting in a wealth of experience of the fashion world, the best production sites, artisans, and sources for the finest materials. After working to successfully build other brands, the brothers decided that the time had come to focus all efforts and experience gained, within the fashion industry, on building their design house- Bespoke Couture- Mark &

Marlon Austin. The philosophy behind the line is to only use the best workshops and artisans in the world to bear the label’s name. From the office straight to the nightclub, the look of the new urban male can only be defined by the Bespoke Twins. When today’s modern male demands a new look, one that is sourced only from the world’s best cloth mills and manufacturers, and that is “tricked out” down to the last detail, that demand can only be accommodated by Mark and Marlon Austin.





Tishaura Jones As many people were gearing up to celebrate the dawn of a new year, Tishaura Jones and her supporters were gearing up for much more. The newly elected St. Louis City Treasurer wanted to hit the ground running as she prepared for the dawn of a new day in city politics. Jones, who hosted a New Year’s Eve party at City Hall, was sworn into office soon after the clock struck midnight. With hundreds of supporters looking on, Jones reiterated her campaign promise of transparency in city government. “We plan on having a more robust website where people can go to the website to see how their tax dollars are being spent, and access resources for financial empowerment,” she said. Jones did not waste any time getting down to business. Before her first 30 days in office, she began purging staff to rid the office of “ghost employees” and people who did not share her philosophy on service and transparency. “We are reorganizing our staff,” she said bluntly. “Some positions were eliminated and others were combined. This is the first of many changes.” The fact that Jones has not wasted any time in trying to rebuild the public’s confidence in her office should come as no surprise. She has dedicated her life to public service and improving the lives of the people she serves. Prior to her becoming city treasurer, Jones served in the Missouri House of Representatives. She spent last two years in the House as the Assistant Minority Floor Leader. She has also served on the St. Louis City Central Democratic Committee and the 3rd Congressional District Democratic Committee. She was also a member of the Urban League Young Professionals of Metropolitan St. Louis. With all of her success, it would be easy to rest on her laurels. However, Jones insists she has only scratched the surface and is looking forward to transforming the treasurer’s office. “My most immediate goal is to stop the bleeding,” she said. “There a number of issues to be addressed.”



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St. LOuis Is HOME


AS TOLD TO Deneen Busby

Do you remember hearing this bubbly voice on 100.3 The Beat back in 1999 in the midday boasting, “I’m Déjà vu, your radio love?” Remember how she sparked the airwaves and gained the trust of listeners in the Lou? The former Midday Host/Asst. Program Director/Music Director started several projects that made a major impact in this community beginning with area youth. Many of her Flava Unit kids recall the good old days with a smile. If you ask them, they’ll tell you how important the program was to them. “It gave us the chance to get first-hand experience in a radio station and we still did good things for the community. It was a lot of fun,” name recalled of her Flava Unit days. “Déjà was fun, but she didn’t play. We had to stay focused or we couldn’t be a part of the Flava Unit. I miss those days but I still stay in touch with Déjà,” name added. At the same time Déjà vu took her creativity to the streets by creating Sister Girl Tuesdays at local clubs. The popular social networking event allowed club owners to capitalize by promoting drink specials. The promotion brought in the crowds. Subsequently, club owners laughed all the way to the bank. You can find Sister Girl Tuesdays embedded in cities all across the country. “I’ve always loved entertaining people. Helping and connecting with people has been my thing from the beginning,” Déjà said. You can say that again. As a little girl growing up in Jacksonville, Florida it all started with one innocent act of love by her mom. Déjà laughs and says “it all started when my mom gave me a tape recorder! “ Recalling the memory as if it was yesterday Déjà excitedly says she started her own station; WXYZ-FM 92 Your Radio Station. Déjà took her station on the road-everywhere she went so did her station. She was a media mogul in training. It was nothing for her to broadcast live from your house, business, park, wherever. The radio prodigy was only 8-years old at the time! “I still have cassettes with me saying “your radio station” to this day. That love for entertaining and helping would transcend to her first job in radio job in her hometown. At the same time, a new, young Program Director had arrived in Jacksonville via St. Louis, Doc Wynter. “The 1st break I heard on the hip hop station was Deja. Her energy

& enthusiasm was something I’d never heard before. It was crazy,” Wynter brags. Focused on doing building her career, Deja left Jacksonville and headed to Birmingham. The good news is her number 1 fan was the Sr. President of Urban Programming for Clear Channel Media & Entertainment, Doc Wynter. “When I had the opportunity I hired her back to Clear Channel,” said Wynter. She joined the staff in St. Louis as Assistant Program Director/Music Director. Unfortunately, St. Louis couldn’t hold her down. It wasn’t long before she was tapped to move on to Richmond, Virginia as a Program Director. Wynter said, “When we were starting Power in New York, Deja was the only female I considered. Steve Smith was also a fan and he agrees,” Wynter added. New York must agree too. These days you can hear your Radio Love, Déjà vu rocking the airwaves at 107.5 WBLS in New York City. She also remains a popular personality worldwide for Sirius Radio. The veteran personality can also be found doing interviews with big name celebrities at major entertainment events including the Essence Music Festival and the Grammy’s. There have been plenty of changes in her life including a new husband and several new business ventures. Deja is also a Life Coach. As a Life Coach she remains committed to her initial mission; meeting the needs of her audience. “I realized with radio I help people with music, but being a life coach goes a lot deeper. It’s a transformation for many women and I like being able to help them reach their goals,” Deja said. Deja added she generally works with women and teens. InnerView Coaching is one of her benchmark programs. This program taps into your “F R E Qu E. N. C. Y. “It’s a plan to get women to re-purpose their dreams and get clear about what’s important to them.” Flava Unit for area teens continue to flourish in New York. Her creative spirit has expanded into SistaGirlz Tuesdays. Those programs along with InnerView Coaching are designed to enhance the lives of her listeners. “It’s fulfilling for me to share my experience to others and to be a part of helping others and making my community a better place,” said Déjà. DELUX MAGAZINE




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KHALIA COLLIER Khalia Collier is a baller in every sense of the word. The former college standout from Missouri Baptist University is the owner and general manager of the St. Louis Surge, a semi-pro women’s basketball team in the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League (WBCBL). Collier became a part of the Surge franchise as a player but soon realized she wanted more. Soon after joining the team as a player, she acquired ownership of the franchise last year. Collier, who was raised in the St. Charles area, was 23 when she became one of the youngest owners in all of professional sports. As the face of the franchise, Collier is striving to be a beacon of hope for young women with a desire to participate in professional sports, both competitively and in the board room. As told to: Vincent Boyd Photography: Lawrence Bryant

Like her contemporaries in the major sports leagues, Collier understands the importance of marketing to building brand loyalty and a strong following. With solid set of core personal values, including working hard and being the best she can be, Collier is building the Surge brand with an eye towards the future. She envisions a time in the near future of moving the franchise to the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). In the mean time, she is poised to give the St. Louis area another exciting team to root for. If her past success is any indication, the Surge is going to thrive under her poise and leadership.






Before Tef Poe was featured on major hip-hop media outlets including Thisis50.com, smokingsection.net, sohh.com; he was Kareem Jackson, a young kid with big dreams. Growing up in one of the most notorious neighborhoods in St. Louis, Tef Poe moved toward music as a distraction from gangs and violence that plagued his community. “When I first started rapping, I don’t think anybody really knew I could rap. I used to write a lot, but I could never memorize my rhymes. So, I ended up learning how to freestyle from that. I wanted to get into the cyphers but I couldn’t spit my written rhymes so I started freestyling and that would show people I had skills. “I remember my first year after high school there was this big battle held by Big Tigger and HBO, so I auditioned for it. I went down there and they played a beat, but when I started rapping they went crazy. That’s when I knew I had something. It was really raw, uncut and unpolished. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just knew I could make words rhyme and I could rap aggressively,” he continued, “So they put me in the battle, and honestly, I fell flat on my face and lost horribly. I knew how to rap but I didn’t know how to emcee for real. I didn’t know how to hold the mic. I didn’t know how to connect with the audience. I didn’t know how to deliver my punch lines. It was a big learning experience when I had to wake up and realize I didn’t know what I thought I knew”. Veteran rappers Black Spade and Kash—along with Soul Tyde founders, Seldom Seen and Mustafa—saw the potential in the young battle rapper’s approach and stepped in to help further develop his delivery. From there he continued to capture the attention of onlookers in battle arenas around the country as his assertive attitude paired with his pompous punch lines often left his competitors lyrically paralyzed in a montage of metaphors. But like all good things, it came to an end as the verbal villain set his sights on more ambitious opportunities. “I had to step away from [battle rap] because it was so stressful. Plus, I didn’t want my career to be defined by that. I didn’t want to go down as just a battle rapper when I know my capabilities were bigger than that”.

Now with his latest mixtape, The Hero Killer, available for download Tef Poe is busy prepping for the release of his next album, Cheer For the Villain. Unafraid to stay true to himself while building a buzz on the back of the city; it’s finally time for St. Louis to say hello to the bad guy.


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Since his inner-emcee was unleashed and his first polished project, Glory 2 God, was produced for mass consumption, Tef Poe has continued to create Midwest masterpieces with increased anticipation with every release. With solid soundtracks such as War Machine and its fresh follow-up, War Machine II, Tef Poe’s name became increasingly familiar within the hip-hop community. After opening for established artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, and Talib Kweli; and working with his music mentors including Big K.R.I.T., Royce the 5’9, Rockwell Knuckles, GLC, and Killer Mike; Tef Poe landed on the stage of 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday where he walked in the challenger and left as the champion.




Ever since first stepping onto the scene years ago, Boris Kodjoe has been one to stay on our radar ... especially for women. From his recent returning role as Luther West in Resident Evil: Retribution, The Real Husbands of Hollywood comedic series, his new incursion into the directing world and being an all-around inspiring family man, Boris stays with a full plate and an healthy appetite for seconds. Boris took some time out for us here at Delux to tell us a little bit about his upcoming projects, his purpose, finding happiness. He does all this while giving back and utilizing the same twenty-fours given to everyone to accomplish so much more than your regular, typical fellow. Story by: Vanessa Tatijana



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Was it hard to keep a straight face and get things done with it being so relaxed? “It was impossible that’s safe to say because they’re all a bunch of idiots. We all act like idiots so it was next to impossible but that’s what made it so much fun. We had to sort of work through that and still be productive.” Tell us a little about Looking for Jimmy Lee and your new role. “It’s a romantic comedy that I’ll be directing. It’s my first foray into the directing world behind the camera and I’m excited about it. It’s a truly an American romantic comedy. A feel-good movie that reunites me with my wife … something that we’ve been looking forward to.” What evoked you to sit in the director’s chair? “I’ve always seen acting or the world of entertainment as a three-dimensional vehicle with so many aspects to entertainment and this business. … I’ve always been interested in exploring different venues and getting a different perspective of things. I’ve never closed myself off to anything. Having developed this interest of becoming or attempting to direct a movie was sort of my logical next step and I’m very excited about it.”

THE BUSINESS MAN So, while researching you, I found out that you have a business called the World of Alfa with custom suits. Tell us about your business World of Alfa. “It’s something I’m very proud of because my brother, Patrick, and I developed the concept and turned it into almost a clothing revolution because we wanted to bring the luxury of custom made clothing to everybody. … We figured out a way to make it affordable. Our suits start at $220 and our shirts start at $30 which is something everybody can afford. It’s great because people don’t have to compromise anymore in terms of size and style. When you buy off the rack, you always buy something that doesn’t really fit. … There’s a 3D designer and you pick from everything: the color, the cuffs, the collars, the lining. … Twenty-five days later you get your stuff. … We can afford to basically share those savings with our customers and make it affordable for everybody.

THE ENTERTAINER What was it like playing Luther [West] on Resident Evil: Retribution? (Released Sept 14, 2012) “It was a lot of fun. This was my second round with Mila and the whole crew. So, for me it was sort of like a family reunion. ... The whole atmosphere is so fun and so relaxed and that makes it much easier to enjoy what you’re doing obviously. ... You get to be physical, which is a lot of fun and kick some zombie ass; so playing Luther is definitely one of those roles I’m looking forward to playing over and over.” So, you guys had a good chemistry. You said it was like a family. What made you take on the Luther character in the Resident Evil film series? “Luther was one of my first forays in the action genre. … I never really had the opportunity to do an action movie so this was the reason for me to pick that role because I wanted to explore some other things about some other roles and some other genres. I love the action drama. For me, it was a welcoming aspect.” So, with you already being a very physical person, how you did you prepare yourself for the demands of an action movie? “Well, we did a lot of fight training. … We learned a lot of


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martial arts like jiu jitsi, tae kwon do, kraw maga to be able to pull off these quite specific fight sequences. … You can’t just walk on the set and do these moves and expect to walk away without bruises, ya know? We definitely have to get ready for it but it was fun. It was a lot of fun.” So, since you like this type of action genre, will we see more of you in this genre? “I would love to do more action films. To me its a lot of fun.” On the opposite end of the spectrum, what was it like working on the comedic series The Real Husbands of Hollywood? “The [Real] Husbands [of Hollywood] is definitely on the other side of the spectrum, but its just as much fun because I’m working with family again. I’m working with people that I love. I’ve known Kevin for many, many years. I’ve known Nick. I’ve known all these guys … the producers. I’ve worked with all of them so to be able to do that it’s almost like being at one of our barbeques, ya know? Everyone’s familiar, you’re goofing off, you’re being yourself so even though the Real Husbands is sort of a hyper version of who we are … in a safe environment so its a lot of fun to let go and be goofy.”

We launched the Alfa Team Initiative which is an initiative where we empower people to partner up with us. Everybody who partners up with us can start their own business and have their own website … supplement your own income … boosts the economy and gives people a sense of purpose, a sense of pride to be financially independent. That’s been very successful because in this economy everybody needs a boost.” That’s great. You found a way to do something where you found a void, turn around and still create opportunities for others. “When you have a platform like I do, anything you do HAS to benefit more than just yourself otherwise you’re an idiot. My wife and I always find ways to create opportunities for other people and be socially conscious. In this day and age, I think it’s important that celebrities do that and not just take advantage of the opportunities for their own benefit but to create benefits for other people.”

THE PHILANTHROPIST Your daughter, Sophie, was born with spina bifida. Tell us about Sophie’s Voice Foundation [SVF]. “SVF was born in honor of Sophie who was born with spina bifida at birth. Spina bifida is a neural tube defect that affects about 8 babies a day in the US. It’s the most preventable birth defect there is which means 75% of spina bifida patients could be prevented … if women knew to take their folic acid. To protect yourself, you have to be on folic acid at all times because 50% of pregnancies are unplanned … the crucial time period to prevent spina bifida is the first 10

weeks. ... Our mission has been to spread awareness and educate people about that to help the people affected the birth defects. We founded the center for spina bifida research and prevention in Atlanta … in Emory University at the Rollins School of Health. Fortification is the attempt to put folic acid in flour so that people are automatically protected by eating their bread and pasta. That’s been our mission as well to worldwide institute fortification across the board which has been a battle. The head of the CDC pronounced in May at our event that is is possible to eradicate all preventable spina bifida within ten years. That’s globally. That’s our goal to make sure spina bifida is dissipate from the face of the earth. That’s where we’re putting all of our muscle. Nicole and I have been working really hard to take advantage of our platform to scream that message from the hills if you will. It IS possible.” Any upcoming fundraisers? “Our way to create revenue for the foundation was to create businesses. Anybody who signs up with us at World of Alfa and anyone who buys a suit or shirt automatically contributes to the cause. Part of the proceeds go to Sophie’s foundation. As well as my wife’s product, the Save Your Do Gymwrap … also 10% [of proceeds] goes to SVF.”

THE FAMILY MAN You’ve worked with her [wife, Nicole] many times on projects. Is it something that just works and clicks for you two? “We like spending time together believe it or not. [chuckles] Which is a prerequisite for a successful marriage I believe. We just enjoy each others presence. We challenge each other. We make each other better. We make each other laugh. Anytime we have the opportunity to work together, its just icing on the cake.”

With that being said, what aspect of yourself do you take the most pride in as a husband? “I am very patient. I am always supportive. Being patient and being supportive lets me empower her to be the best she can be in a very safe environment. In one sentence, I provide the safety for her to be fearless in her aspirations and endeavors.” Same question... As a father? “I’m present. I’m reliable. I’m loving. I’m supportive. I consider being a father the most meaningful and important job. It’s a tremendous job, honor, privilege and my ultimate legacy.” So, as a father what is that ONE thing you want to make sure your children get from you? I’m in charge of three things. Love. Attention. Confidence. As long as I can give that to my kids they are absolutely and completely ready for the world and take over. Ready to take any obstacles or challenges. Does your “global”, multi-cultural upbringing, does that in any way affect how you bring up your children or influence you in some way? “Absolutely. That’s what I do. I want my kids to know my culture and my diverse background. My kids have traveled with me ever since they were babies. They have more stamps in their passports than any other kids I know. We raised them multilingual; they speak three languages. They’ve been to Asia, Africa, Europe ... They’ve been all over the place. They understand our way of life here in the states is a way of life that not many people around the world enjoy so they understand real life. The understand different cultures, language, mentalities.... very open and embracing of those diversities.”

What can you now tell us about marriage that you couldn’t in the beginning? “That’s a good question. [pauses] Naturally, you have a better understanding of who your partner is after you spend years together. With that comes the notion of how to nurture each other while growing individually and growing together. I think one of the myths of marriage is that you grow together as one which I think is complete bs. You’re always going to be an individual. You’re always going to grow as an individual. I think what I’ve learned is how to grow as an individual but at the same time learn about my wife and empower her and support her. Find ways to enjoy our path together.”

Do your children, Sophie and Nicolas, speak German or French? “They speak English, German and Spanish.”

Would you say it’s something that just flows or takes work? “I think it’s 70% work and 30% flow. Undoubtedly, you have to put in a lot of effort, a lot of work and a lot of commitment into anything that you want to be successful in so marriage is no different. You HAVE to invest a lot of time and effort and a lot of work into your relationship which obviously bears great fruits. You have a great an evergrowing relationship with somebody you respect and love and can plan your future with and there’s nothing better I could have imagined. “

What else can we expect to see from you in the near future? “I’m going to continue to raise my kids and make a difference as much as I can through our platform, grow our businesses, do movies, a t.v. show or two if I feel so inclined. We’ll see. I’m in a real good place. I’m happy. My family is healthy. I always wake up and count my blessings. I’m very aware of how blessed I am and I don’t take anything for granted at all.”

What have you learned as a family man? A new chapter in your life being a husband, father, and approaching things differently. “I learned I was completely useless until I became a husband and a father. I learned my real purpose is my kids. I’ve learned real happiness and joy comes from being married or being with your best friend/lover/partner.”





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BEATING THE WINTER BLUES Shuntae Shields Ryan helps those who may need to polish their professional image, establish presence and learn how to exude radiance, confidence and poise benefit greatly from having an Image Coach on their team.


ell my friends, winter is here! People are usually in a good mood and lifted right through Christmas and the New Year’s Eve celebrations but hit the pavement hard mid January. The winter season tends to send people right in to cabin fever. If that’s you, then there’s a solution for that. The good thing is that you control your environment and how you respond to this season. Here are a few ways to shake the Winter Blues: 1. Get fit! Start working on that Spring body now. Exercise thirty minutes a day, drink more water, choose healthy snacks and get more rest. Motivate and reward yourself for each milestone you meet. All of these will help you stay active, focused, feel better and soon be on your way to a more fit you! 2. Focus on you! Take a weekend or overnight vacation for just you where you can revitalize yourself (spa maybe?), your mind (read a good book?) and body. Or, find something new to do----alone and/or with friends. Do you have a passion for dining? Then find a new restaurant to try each weekend. Like hanging with the fellas/ girls? Schedule weekend lunch, happy hour, book club or a movie. Need a makeover? Go to the mall on the weekend or one evening and meet with a consultant. The key is just to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, get fresh air and try new things. 3. Get a grip on your emotions! Control the way you feel! Sometimes you are the one keeping you stuck in a rut. Change your thinking. Turn the

negative, sad thoughts into positive and happy thoughts. Usually this can be done by opening your mouth and speaking positive versus letting your mind wander with the negative. Just speak positive and position yourself to change your mood! 4. Perk up! Wear color to brighten your mood and create your own Spring day. Women: pastels are returning this Spring, jackets, blouses and even pants! Men: Top designers are also recommending you lighten up your wardrobe as well. Don’t be afraid to wear light blue or green paired with chinos or jeans. When you wake up feeling blue, choose one of the brighter colors. Remember when you Dress better, you feel better! 5. Refocus on your 2013 goals! Where’s that list of goals and dreams you created for 2012? We are a month into the new year, have you looked at the list lately? Accomplished any of those goals yet? Keep them in front of you and choose one thing from the list to focus on each week and you’ll soon be on your way to achieving them.

Poise. Presence. Polished.TM facebook.com/ryanimageconsulting twitter.com/imshuntae

6. Get organized. If you must stay inside, instead of sitting still or lounging, find a household project to get involved in. Purge your closet, take out anything you haven’t worn in a year, or those items that don’t fit or match your image. Donate them to charity or have a “Swap Party” with friends. Colorize and itemize your closet so things are easy to find. Or, organize your basement or take an inventory of your spring clothes so you’re ready when Spring rolls around. Pick a few things from this short list to focus on and you’ll beat the winter blues in no time! For continuous motivation, positivity and advice, follow me at facebook.com/ ryanimageconsulting or twitter.com/imshuntae. DELUX MAGAZINE



Inspired by a trip to Tokyo in 2003, Superdry fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana, with the values of British tailoring. The result – unique urban clothing, with incredible branding and an unrivalled level of detailing. Such distinctiveness has gained the brand exclusive appeal, as well as an international celebrity following.

Brad Leather

Superdry men’s Vintage distressed leather Brad jacket made from super-soft full grain leather with six pocket design, embroidered shoulder motif and layered collar detail.


Classic Duffle

Men’s Superdry classic hooded duffle coat with single zip and large toggle front fastening, removable inside collar, adjustable hood strap, two large front pockets and single inside pocket, checked lining and metal arm logo badge.

Off Jermyn Street Trench

Superdry men's classic design Off Jermyn St. pea trench coat. Part-lined jacket with double breasted button fastening, three front pockets, double rear vent, embroidered shoulder logo and sleeve logo badge.

Merchant Pea Coat

Superdry women’s navalinspired Merchant Pea Coat, with removable faux fleece lined double collar, double breasted button fastening, four external pockets, rear vent, single inside pocket and sleeve logo badge.


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

Super Rain Coat

Superdry men’s classic design Super Raincoat. Stay dry in this part-lined raincoat with double breasted button fastening, waist belt, double collar, two outside pockets, embroidered shoulder logo and single inside pocket.



Story by: Seven L Maxwell Photography: Lawrence Bryant

RED LABEL ACCESSORIES AND RAWLINGS: The Reemergence of an American Classic


ince the company’s inception in 1887, Rawlings has been a staple in American athletics. With a lasting legacy anchored in authenticity, innovation, performance, protection, and professionalism; Rawlings has been consistent in delivering the highest quality products to their customers for generations.

By merging modern styles and colors with the iconic name behind America’s favorite sport, Rawlings Red Label developed a product line that remained consistent with the quality synonymous with the Rawlings name. The alliance of the two brands created a premium collection designed to engage the consumer with products that are familiar while representing the various tastes of the millennial man.

Rawlings expands its brand and delivers a luxury line of leather goods with international appeal. Rawlings Vintage America and Rawlings Red Label have collaborated to present a contemporary collection crafted from premium leather built for the stylish guy who sports athletic undertones. The collective efforts of the brands evoke nostalgia while fusing fashion and function making it fresh enough for special occasions, yet tough enough for daily wear. Tony Spielberg—a third-generation manufacturer, developer and seller of luxury handbags, luggage, and small leather goods—is the moving force behind Red Label. After seeing the interest St. Louis Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny attracted while walking through the airport carrying a Rawlings bag, Spielberg assembled a team comprised of Ashley Jacobs, Jordan Tenenbaum, Marcus Strauther, Rovina Lee, and an experienced advisory team to create a product that would innovate the accessories industry.

Remaining true to the Rawlings name, Rawlings Red Label was offered the opportunity to create an original bag—the Gold Glove Duffel—to be presented to the 2012 Gold Glove winners and presenters at the 2012 Rawlings Gold Glove Award ceremony. Yadier Molina and Jake Peavy, are among the veteran players such as Ozzie Smith, Johnny Bench, and Don Mattingly, and Hank Aaron who own this elite item. Be on the lookout in the summer of 2013 as Rawlings Vintage America and Rawlings Red Label releases their product line that promises to extend the Rawlings brand and its lasting legacy. Mike Matheny for Rawlings

For more information, check out http://www. rawlingsvintage.com.




The Concept:

A portal back to the 1970’s vintage era with asymmetrical patterns, bold colors, floral prints, androgynous hippie style, and statement jewelry pieces all with a slight modern-day flare.



FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

All wardrobe pieces are from a vintage consignment shop.



Inspired by Solange Knowles “Losing You” Music Video.


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

The Concept:

A portal back to the 1970’s vintage era with asymmetrical patterns, bold colors, floral prints, androgynous hippie style, and statement jewelry pieces all with a slight modern-day flare.




FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com


Photographer: Will Sterling Wardrobe Stylist/ Creative Director: Kollin Carter Makeup Artist: Erica Gabrielle Gladney Model: Chanelle Renee’



(11.03.2012) FRANK McCOMB & THE BAYLORS @ PLUSH STLOUIS Photos Courtesy of B. Free Paparazzi

(11.21.2012) TRUE FLAVOR GREY GOOSE EVENT @ SOHO Photos Courtesy of B. Free Paparazzi


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has a Name

Sharon Reed is not just a pretty face but is St. Louis’ newest anchor woman on KMOV. The Emmy nominated anchor known for her crisp storytellying and the uncanning ability to grab the exclusive story sat down with DELUX and told us why she brought her talents to St. Louis. WORDS BY: KEITH GRIFFIN II PHOTOGRAPHY: LAWRENCE BRYANT CREATIVE: DESIREE LYONS CLOTHING: ZIEZO St. Louis MO


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com




FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com


Respectful. Honest. Confident. Opinionated. These four words perfectly describe former Cleveland now KMOV’s beautiful news anchor, Sharon Reed. Sharon Reed know for her many exclusives “...she has established herself as an anchor who understands the importance of leaving the studio desk and heading to the field during big breaking stories”. In case you missed it, Reed got naked for “Body of Art,” a feature story covering photographer Spencer Tunick’s June 2004 Cleveland installation, which attracted around 2,700 other naked people for a photo shoot downtown Cleveland. Sharon is not a rookie to being behind the cameras she has previously worked as a news anchor in Cleveland, Philadelphia, Miami, and Baltimore -- & yes she is also pulling for Ray Lews and The Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. Reed’s style is more adventurous than most. She favors sexy suits and necklines low enough to keep your DVR full of new and old boradcast. Reed doesn’t just relay the news of the day, she wears it. Welcome to The Lou.

DELUX: What is it like being a female news anchor ?

It’s exciting in many ways because you never know what’s going to happen that day.. or any day. I like the uncertainty of it and i also love challenging myself to be ready and poised for anything. Being a woman in this business is rewarding and challenging at the same time. You have to be able to hold your own in the newsroom and at the desk. You have to be ‘on’ at all times. That too inspires me to work hard and always try to get better. DELUX: You’ve been an inspiration to many. What inspires you? There isn’t one person or one thing necessarily that inspires me. But I certainly get energized by a combination of people and their accomplishments. The greats from my business - Oprah, of course.. Bryan Gumbel.. Diane Sawyer. They do great work. So those are people who inspire me. But i’ve always been a big thinker.. a dreamer. I like to make lists. Goals. I’m inspired when i get after them everyday. Don’t ask what’s on my list ;-) DELUX: Tell me about the joy that is in your life right now - what is happiness to you?

Happiness to me in knowing you are on the right path and having the confidence to stay the course. My little one is absolute joy to me. Being a mother is 100% happiness. I love the responsibility for that life. It’s scary but rewarding. I have already found much joy at my new gig. The people are tremendous. Fun, talented, smart. It makes everyone step up their game. That’s what you want in this business. It means it’s a pleasure to come to work. It’s not work, actually. DELUX: What struggles have you had to face working the television?

It’s a tough, competitive business. A grind sometimes. And it certainly isn’t always fair. But neither is life. So I tend to turn struggles into a personal challenge to overcome and then thrive. DELUX: What advice do you have for young women looking into the television industry? Learn EVERYTHING you can. Learn every job in the newsroom you can. Find a mentor in every department you can - anchor, veteran reporter.. and especially the photogs! They know it all and they are usually the ones who can help you the most and make you look the best! Knowledge is power. You can always get better no matter how long you’ve been in the game. And there is always someone who is willing and able to teach you. DELUX: What was the driving force to move you from Cleveland to St. Louis? Just came off maternity leave. The job was up in Cleveland so when KMOV called I was intrigued and excited about such an important role at the station. It’s a huge commitment and, admittedly, there is pressure. But it’s a great gig and i’m honored to be here and to get to know the city and the movers and shakers here. DELUX: What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years? Making sure I am still being the best mom I can absolutely be. That’s first. But also accomplishing the things at the station I was brought here to do. It’s an investigative shop - so I definitely want in on that. I enjoy breaking stories. I’ve always done that. I want to carve out my place here and earn the trust and respect of folks. DELUX MAGAZINE



FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

DELUX: What have you learned from the television industry? How much power there is in the tube. We have the ability - good or bad - to change the course of events.. to change a newsmaker’s life.. and to affect everyday life for people who are watching. People who think tv is dying are forgetting that. The industry has also taught me that change is to be embraced and we must always think of ways to reinvent and stay ahead of the curve. But the biggest thing i’ve learned about television is “authenticity” rules. Tv doesn’t lie. This isn’t the movies.. not Hollywood. In order to make a lasting impression with a tv news viewer, you have to be real. True to yourself and true to them. DELUX: How has this experience with being a recognized news reporter changed you? I have been more cautious. I’ve been careful. I’ve been guarded. But I’ve also learned along the way that life isn’t worth living if you can’t let your guard down and get to know people. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. DELUX: How do you get through the daily experience of being a news anchor? I keep an open mind. Whether i’m covering a specific story or trying to discover one, ya just never know what the bottomline might be. The beauty is in the digging. DELUX: Who helped you see this was the path you wanted to take in life? I saw a beautiful, smart, classy newswoman on the air. I didn’t want to be her. But I certainly wanted to have her experience. It was a natural fit for me. DELUX: Now we must know this… Are you single? Dating? Looking? Well, I never ‘look.’ That’s no good. For now, i’m just a mom. ..A mom who keeps her options open ;-) DELUX: What are your thoughts of St. Louis so far? Sometimes people who do what I do lie when they are asked this quesiton. “Oh, I love it!” But, I actually do! I have family here. I work for a great station and a terrific company in BELO. But it’s the people. Warm. Down home. But St. Louis has flavor too. Lots of flavor and rich history! I enjoy discovering it. DELUX:: You seem like a very humble yet passionate person. Do you have a charity you advocate for? I’m going to be hosting an event for The Lupus Foundation. I had an aunt who died of the disease. I also have done work for the American Diabetes Association. It’s in my family and I know a lot of people living with the disease. And I have also done some work on behalf of the Leukemia/ Lymphoma society. Recently a dear friend and brilliant, loving man passed away so I want to get back to doing more work with them.



Rawlings Vintage Little Slugger Duffle ($600)


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com




Rawlings Vintage Double Play ($595)


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

Rawlings Vintage The Agent ($575)



Rawlings Vintage Easy Out ($275)


FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com




FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com




photo by: McArthur


Brennan’s CWE

Brennan’s in the Central West End is your one stop shop for a good time! Located in a hotspot of eateries and lounges, they’ve proved they are not just another wine bar. Seven days a week, you can indulge in a variety of events. From the vinyl record spinning in the Zino Platinum Cigar Lounge to live entertainment in the form of comedy, music, and a live debating series, Arguments & Grievances, in the PURUS Entertainment lounge (shout out to the organically grown PURUS Vodka). Monthly beer, wine, vodka, whisky, scotch and cigar tastings comes as a bonus to those who become a member. Since 2007, Brennan’s has earned several awards for “best lounge”, “best outdoor drinking”, and even “best place to lose yourself” from the Riverfront Times, Sauce Magazine, and many more. Be in the know and check ‘em out! 4659 Maryland Ave. 314-361-9444. Cometobrennans.net

Ritz Carlton Cigar Club

While the Ritz Carlton hotel is smokefree, The Cigar Club is a private outlet


designed for those who choose to smoke cigars. Day passes are available for visitors wishing to indulge in a fine selection of scotch, whiskey, cigars, and casual fare. Members are able to kick back while viewing the latest sports on flat screen televisions and enjoying the complimentary Internet access in a setting adorned with warm, burnished wood paneling and rich, full fabrics. Buffalo wings to Cheese and Charcuterie Board, Padron Anniversario 1964 (the most sought after cigar in the United States) to the Padilla Miami Edition – Torpedo (the 2008 Cigar of the Year...Rolled in Little Havana, Miami)…The Cigar Club offers something a little different for your rest and relaxation purposes after a long day at work. 100 Carondelet Plaza St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Gulf Shores Restaurant

Owner, Harry Parker, feels “realizing a life long dream can be exciting and challenging.” His dream was to own a restaurant business that would allow him to build on his passion for people. He did just that. Gulf Shores specializes in hand-cut fish, hand-battered shrimp, homemade crab cakes, gumbo soups, and fresh

FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

Brennan’s CWE

ocean fish entrees to compliment their homemade cobblers and pies, beignets and bread pudding. It’s all served with southern hospitality and a Cajun flare. Stay up-to-date with their latest specials, chef’s creations, and live performances on their website’s homepage. 12528 Olive Blvd. 314-878-3306 . Gulfshoresrestaurantandgrill.com

Pomme Cafe & Wine Bar

With two locations to choose from, each more unique than the other, the Pomme Restaurants have your brunch, lunch, and dinner needs covered. At Pomme Restaurant you’ll find a rich tradition and contemporary style. Your dining pleasure is the result. There’s an array of domestic and French wines to choose from along with a three-course prix-fixe dinner special. Entrees range from rainbow trout to a roasted breast of duck. Next door, Pomme Café & Wine Bar offers tasty wines, a full espresso menu, smoothies, and cocktails. The soups are made from scratch and delicious treats are freshly baked each day. As for the atmosphere, one reviewer shares, “With its exposed brick walls, an oversized chalkboard menu, and

globe lights, the place is undeniably romantic. More like a small sidewalk bistro in Paris than a café in Clayton.” Owners Diane and Brian Carr would love for you to join them! 40 N. Central Avenue Clayton, MO 63105. 314-727-4141. Pommerestaurants.com

Crushed Red

Fresh, all-natural ingredients and unique flavors make Crushed Red a place for both the food lover and health-conscience diner in you. They consider themselves to be an “urban bake, chop shop serving the freshest and fastest chopped-to-order salads along with a diverse offering of warm, flavorful dishes such as made-to-order handcrafted pizzas, hearty soups and savory shareables.” Customers can watch as their orders are prepared right before their eyes, allowing them to see the ingredients and tailor them order to their liking. It’s a great fastfood concept for an affordable price. Crushed Red 8007 Maryland Ave St. Louis, MO 63105

photo by:Lawqrence Bryant

THE RUSTIC GOAT The Rustic Goat Eatery & Lounge located at 2617 Washington Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63103 is open for lunch Monday through Friday, 11am-2pm. Also open for dinner, with a southern-comfort-food-inspired menu, Wednesday through Saturday from 5pm onwards. Call for information about private event rentals at 314.371.4031 or visit




Jason Wilson’s: CHRONICLE COFEE “A community builds itself from the inside out,” a quote by which owner Jason Wilson and his localdwelling employees at Chronicle Coffee serve their customers. Located in St. Louis’ Theater District, which was formerly known by its public housing complex, Chronicle Coffee is one of the best-kept coffee secrets in the city. “What was once a stimulant [for me] became a routine. Sitting around the water cooler, drinking coffee. As I started drinking it more, I began analyzing why people choose it and why they drank it.” Through his first business (a car wash), Jason sought to hire people in need of second chances. But he felt he wasn’t giving back enough. There wasn’t much more he could do for his employees beyond paying them. He started the coffee shop with the idea to do more than sell the best coffee. It’s comprised of a family of hardworking people who are passionate about excellent coffee and building their community. They strive to be incomparable and not just another coffee shop. The focus is set on building global connections, importing raw beans, and sharing cultural stories from the coffee-producing countrymen of the Global South to those of the urban coffee drinkers in St. Louis. The vintage yet contemporary atmosphere offers a relaxing place to enjoy premium coffee and freshly made food while engaging in meaningful dialogue and activities. Jason recently purchased Northwest Coffee. The former owner, Rick Melton, sold Jason both locations: one in Clayton and the other in the Central West End. Both are heavily trafficked areas. He bought this company with the intention to be able to continue to help Northwest grow while simultaneously growing Chronicle. The Clayton and Central West End locations, whose names will remain the same, were built to suit their diverse, unique clientele and were built to “match their neighborhoods”. Jason had the same intent with Chronicle, it’s surroundings, and the clientele served. A goal for Chronicle Coffee is to enhance the newly revitalized urban neighborhoods in North St. Louis by developing a positive gathering 76

FEBRUARY | MARCH 2013 delux-mag.com

Photography: McArthur Story by: Tiffany Shawn | mynaturalreality.com

space for socially conscious residents and politically aware conversations. To me, that’s their fancy way of saying c’mon down, hang out, and talk about the real issues of the moment while sipping tasty java. A coffee house, in the city, providing space for community engagement, inspiration, motivation, and relaxation deserves your support!

Chronicle Coffee 1235 Blumeyer Ave St. Louis, MO 63106 (314) 534-0524

Chronicle Coffee 1235 Blumeyer Ave. St. Louis, MO 63106 (314) 534-0524 Northwest Coffee (Clayton) 8401 Maryland St. Louis, MO 63105 (314) 371-4600 Northwest Coffee (Central West End) 4251 Laclede Ave St. Louis, MO 63108 (314) 725-8055







do something that wasn’t ordained for you to do you will not be successful. Do not set your personal expectations based upon someone else’s. Recognize your calling. Happiness is not tied to finances nor materialistic things.” Words like that keep me on the edge of my seat. Speaking to James Clark was definitely insightful, motivating and life changing. Even watching him enjoy his squash bisque made a very picky eater like me, consider trying the dish. I could definitely see the gift that he is given exude through each word he spoke and each time he smiled at the thought of helping our community. “I have found my purpose in life and it has been reaffirmed by God and how he has positioned me. I have been provided with all the tangible and intangible resources that I need to fulfill his purpose,” says Clark.

DR. JAMES CLARK: Genuinely Reaching Out Have you ever yearned to work in a field you are passionate about? Some people may dream of the day to make a living by doing what they love every day. James Clark, VP of Better Family Life embodies that. “It is everything I need,” he says with a smile. James Clark is constantly building new partnerships, changing people’s lives and leaving each time with a rewarding feeling in result of meeting another families need. Having learned issues we face day to day, Clark encourages our communities to resolve them. “I have learned two things. The issues we face every day the government, police, or the churches can’t solve. Families have to solve these problems we face,” Clark believes. If we bridge the gap between resource providers and neighborhoods that are challenged, a lot of problems will be resolved. Clark states, “African Americans can’t go any further as a race until we deal with the crime, dysfunction, and violence that is disturbing the urban core. We as black people have been pulled into a circus fossa, which right outside the tent 78

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(nightclub) are warzones. Our future is bleak. During the civil rights movements, we were taught to be non-violent against others. Now we need to be taught to be non-violent with each other.” Clark then reminds me of the sad communities we have. He pulls up YouTube on his phone. There are thousands of videos of our young black brothers and sisters fighting each other. This particular video saddened me because it was two young black girls fighting like animals. Just within arm reach of their fight were about seven teenagers watching and laughing, including the person recording. Then it became worse. A young black male joined the fight and attacked one of the girls. After that a big brawl was on the rise. This is what society sees when they think of young black individuals. Talking to Clark opened my eyes even wider that we need to take the effort and time to reach out and save our people and our communities. Clark advises, “Listen to and be in tune with what God is telling you. Do not ignore the obvious. If you

Staying in the lane God puts you in and accepting things will happen in due time is what Clark believes will veer one from enduring any struggles along their way. Clark having God in his life helped him see which path to approach. Although, his father showed him the basic stepping stones to take. “I am on another level with my path. I remember saying I wanted to be rich, and my dad said Life isn’t about money. I have thought about being a lawyer, professional football player, real estate agent and even opening several businesses; but with those ideas nothing happened. As soon as I started helping people is the moment when so many doors opened for me. Now I am able to open doors for others. When I look at how many thousands of people I helped find jobs, mothers who couldn’t reach their sons and I put them on a better path, those are the moments worth celebrating. I know that I’ve saved lives. I am totally being led by God and I love it. I encourage other people to walk their path. When you find your unique path that’s when you’ll be blessed beyond measure,” says Clark. Speaking to James Clark, I could just see in his eyes that he really genuinely loves his job. I can tell that Better Family Life is his home away from home. I can tell that he hasn’t taken a vacation since 1997 because he loves what he does so much. Being such an inspiration to young people and even every other generation, Clark has inspirations of his own. “From the years 1990- 2000 I visited Juvenile Centers every Tuesday talking to young men and women. I ran into a young man once who told me what I said to him at the juvenile center 15+ years ago kept him from going to the penitentiary. Then at that very moment he called his son over. He told me he teaches his son everything I taught him. His son told me one story that I told his father word by word. Moments like those are what inspires me.”



VOTE FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BARE ARMS Ok so it’s sleeve season. That doesn’t mean we ignore are arms because their covered. Now is the time to sculpt the arms we want to show off next summer. Women want to shed the “bat wings” or excess skin on their arms while guys to beef up their arms. Don’t fret you’ll be sleeveless in no time with these sure fire arm exercises. GUYS Want bigger arms? Work your triceps, not your biceps. The triceps brachii is the largest muscle on our arms so the stronger/ larger we get our tris the more girth our arms will appear to have. Focus on about 60/40 triceps to bicep work. Also take note of your form. Curls and extensions should be done within the proper range of motion. Too short of a range of motion is waste, too long of range of motion increases injury risk. Rest! Realize that when we weight train we are literally destroying muscle fibers and forcing them to be rebuilt stronger and more durable. Destroy, rest, repeat! If you don’t allow recovery, you won’t see results.

GALS Don’t be afraid to lift heavy! No you won’t be bulky. No you won’t get body builder arms. Women don’t have enough testosterone for bulky muscles so without supplements it’s not going to happen. If you want change you have to

challenge your muscles enough to force change. Trust me they won’t do it on their own. No weights, no problem. Tricep pushups are a simple way to sculpt your arms without picking up a dumbbell. Simply moving your hands closer together during your pushups (yes “girl” pushups are ok) recruits more of your triceps to be worked. You’ll feel the burn almost immediately but 3 sets of 15 should do the trick. Chances are if you have unwanted fat on or around your arms you need to lose weight. Focus on burning the fat off of your arms so those guns can show. Diet and intense cardio may be your best solution to your arm problems

Don’t know where to start? Just ask pinnaclestl@gmail.com Daron Moore CPT NASM


Pomegranates have long been hailed as a healthy food we should all be eating more of. Widely regarded as a superfood, pomegranate juice is packed with antioxidants and is also known to lower blood pressure, guard against heart disease and help fight certain types of cancer. Amongst the benefits associated with pomegranate juice consumption are: · Bulge-busting. Pomegranate juice can deflate so-called muffin tops and belly fat, according to a study by Queen Margaret University (QMU), Edinburgh, published in the last few weeks in the Journal of Nutritional Science. Volunteers who drank 500ml of juice every day for four weeks had lower levels of plasma NEFA (non-esterified fatty acids), which are linked to the storage of abdominal fat. · Perfect skin. A million research programme by scientists in Spain has discovered that pomegranate extract stimulates type I procollagen synthesis

in the skin, which helps promote skin repair. The team at Probeletebio laboratories, Murcia, is now conducting further clinical trials on the ability on pomegranate extract to restore the skin’s youthful appearance. · Anti-stress. In a separate study, the QMU team reported that pomegranate juice significantly reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol in saliva, while volunteers reported feeling more enthusiastic and less distressed after

having the drink. · Love Potion. The same study also found that a daily glass of juice increases levels of testosterone – which can boost sexual desire – in both men and women. Testosterone can also boost memory and calm nerves. · High Energy. Some brands of pomegranate juice drink now contain a natural fruit sweetener which provides a slow, continuous energy release rather than a short-term energy rush.





Story by: Tiffany Shawn | mynaturalreality.com

Ohh the emails you find when rummaging through your account!! I reached out to this brotha in August…and I’m so sorry I just now realized the email was there, waiting to be posted on my site, offering men inspiration!! *tisk tisk* Shame on me. “I would say that there are two things

The music is also unique because I

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horns and strings and I play all of

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myself. Many of the chord and song

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that’s progressive and enhances the

to being an art. You wouldn’t just

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general feeling people have in their

put on a lab coat and decide you’re

expression in sounds. Of course, I

lives. My sincerity comes across in

a doctor. So, you can’t expect to

also write about love and family from

the music and people connect with

just start singing, rapping, playing

time to time because that’s a part of

it. I believe that music is not only

or writing and be good at it. Be

all of our lives.

to entertain, but also to share, learn

dedicated and you’ll get a lot of joy

and educate in an intellectual and

out of it. “

spiritual way. 80

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DEBORAH BOND Story by: Tiffany Shawn | mynaturalreality.com


Soul diva Deborah Bond is stepping out of the production booth at SiriusXM Radio and on stage at the Mansion at Strathmore to debut a new work and explore her growing repertoire during her Artist in Residence (AIR) concerts

er soulful voice has a hint of sweet innocence and the lyrics speak to your soul. Before reading a bit about her musical experience and hair journey, please watch her latest video, “You Are the One,” from her 2011 album Madam Palindrome. “My musical experience so far has been really adventurous, hard work, and lots of learning and continuous growth. Its been very exciting. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many artists [of which] I’m inspired by, that I look up to, and learn from. I’ve collaborated with great people so far. Excited I have my second national video on television and it’s being supported on satellite radio. It’s a lot of work, ever changing, and humbling. It’s a good road.” “Time management is probably one of my challenges when it comes to being an artist, dealing with my personal and music life. Lately I’ve been working on incorporating more calendars into my life, like my iPad and my laptop which have the necessary applications. I like having things laid out for me so I don’t miss anything and I’m on point. It’s tiring. Many days I don’t know how I balance the things I have going on. I guess it’s the passion I have for what I’m doing, I just try to make it happen. I continuously try to, slowly but surely, get more organized. Thank God for the iCal and things like that!” “My journey with my hair has been pretty interesting. I always had natural hair up until probably about 18 years old. I wanted to get perms when I was growing up, but honestly my mom wouldn’t allow me to. I had to deal with not having the ‘Salt N Pepa’ haircuts and all of the cute cuts the girls were doing with their perms. At that time in my life I felt like I was missing out by not having chemicals in my hair; I got my hair pressed but as an athlete I didn’t have the most fly girl hair, or so I thought.” “In college, I moved away, did my own thing, and got a perm. It wasn’t a good experience from the beginning. I react bad to any kind of chemicals. I can’t even dye my hair. I’ve broken out in rashes and my scalp would be burnt. But I still was determined to do my

own thing in college. I still got perms. I had my hair fall out two or three different times from homegirls telling me they could do my hair cheaper than the salons. I still consistently got perms because I thought I needed that for my hair to look nice. I had an interesting frame of mind back then.” “Seeing family members go natural and loc their hair, I saw how strong it was and how fast it would grow. I was always adventurous with my hair with braids or I’d cut it really short. Around that time when I cut it, I knew I could do anyting drastic. Stopping the perms was the best decision I ever made. It’s the longest and strongest it’s ever been. I started my locs from very tiny twists. I was still attached to the perm look because I didn’t want people to see my hair. So I wore headwraps. After a while, the more it grew and the more attached I grew to it…it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. There are so many women who I wish knew how beautiful their hair would be if they’d keep the chemicals out of it. I do miss short hair and at times I miss bangs, but I love my locs.” “I love to see more and more men and women embrace natural hair. I’ve been growing my locs for 11 years. Having a very hands-on personality, I try to do it myself (not to mention I don’t want to spend the money to get it done). I’m pretty well-known for wearing my hair in a high bun and I’ve been experimenting with wearing them in a high ponytail ever since I could put them in one. People tend to know me from those types of hairstyles. I love using all natural products: olive oil, grapeseed oil, aloe vera gel, and other natural oils. I don’t use heavily saturated products like beeswax. I stick with the essential oils. I don’t know if I’ll ever cut them but I recommend to all my friends who are considering going natural who are afraid, just do it. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!” DELUX MAGAZINE


[LEGENDS] ANTHONY SANDERS A STROKE OF GENIUS words by: Erin Falker Photography: McArthur

Since its founding in 1938 and for more than 70 years The St. Louis Metro Evening Whirl has shamelessly attacked criminals, and exposed the dark underbelly of crime in St. Louis City. With an uncompromising approach that has changed little over the years The Whirl combines entertainment with crime reporting in such a way that keeps a loyal readership coming back for more. At the helm, stern, and bow of this crime fighting publication, is editor-in-chief and coowner Anthony Sanders who, since 1996 when the paper’s founder Ben Thomas stepped down, has guided the publication to a mature age of 75. He got involved with The Evening Whirl while working as a production designer for The East Saint Louis Monitor newspaper in 1971. “Ben, was looking for someone to handle design and production,” and someone suggested that he go and talk to Sanders. Sanders agreed to the weekend arrangement, thus began a long affair with the newspaper. The Whirl had pretty much been a one-man operation before Sanders stepped in as editor-in-chief in the 1990s. Thomas, who was a fixture at police headquarters, was the founder; lead investigative reporter, and chief editor for the tabloid. Sanders, for a while at least, tried to emulate this practice. He recalls venturing to the homicide office 3 or 4 times a week to check in with his sources and try to get a glimpse of crime scene photos and autopsy reports; “During my first seven years I pretty much did it all. From 1996 to 2004 I literally did this paper all by myself.” While Thomas’ methods had merit, and certainly produced one top-selling broadsheet a week; Sanders had other ideas. After teaming up with Brian Ireland in 2004, Sanders began to expand The Whirl in earnest, putting together a crew of about 20 folks who worked on the paper every week. “This absolved me of having to do all of the writing and the newsgathering. Not to pat myself 82

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on the back but I was able to get good people involved in the program so that I could focus on really trying to grow this paper.” Growing the paper included the addition of politics, lifestyle, and entertainment sections, as well as weekly columns, guest writers, and color photography. “We had to make changes because we aren’t the only ones capitalizing on this thing anymore,” Sanders states; “In the last couple of years it seems that everyone is getting in on our little niche,” crime is starting to pay the bills in other peoples houses. Despite the fact that they are no longer the only game in town the mission of the Evening Whirl remains the same. Sander’s firmly believes, as his predecessor Ben Thomas did, that The Whirl is a necessary and productive extension of law enforcement. “We have worked directly with the police and district attorney’s offices in Missouri and Illinois; this phenomenal publication really does a lot to help.” Despite the noble mission the paper is often criticized as a tabloid that profits from the exploitation of black criminals and their victims. Sanders, like Thomas before him, makes no apologies; “It insults my intelligence when people say stuff like that, 62.25% of our readership is black and papers get sold based on what’s on the cover and what’s inside. White people in the county commit crime too, but those crimes don’t sell papers. It may be a bit callous but its real.” The Whirl has a hungry public. Anthony Sanders is just a man giving people what they want.




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DELUX Magazine Feb/MAR  

Sharon Reed & Boris Kodjoe fill the cover for our annual Health & Beauty Edition.

DELUX Magazine Feb/MAR  

Sharon Reed & Boris Kodjoe fill the cover for our annual Health & Beauty Edition.