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Jewellery collection goes ‘green’ It is not just Hollywood that is looking for fashionable jewellery as an ethical investment. In Mallorca Dietmar Beermann presents his new jewellery collection that also follows this trend.


he great divas of the film industry, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Gina Lollobrigida had professional relationships with the best jewellers in the world that mostly lasted throughout their lives, unlike some of their love affairs. The jewels they wore were often the

glittering focus of media interest that helped to bring to worldwide attention all involved. Diamonds, rubies and sapphires are still considered today to be a “girl’s best friend”. In recent years, the promotion of these milliondollar stones has caused quite a stir and doubts have been raised about how ethical

Edith Minkner (left) and Melati Feldberg Amirrudin (right) present the Art Safire collection in Mallorca for master goldsmith Dietmar Beerman


they are. The trend is now towards synthetically-grown crystals that are as good as the genuine article in both clarity and cut. And their production in laboratories with verifiable ethical working conditions has rapidly turned them into must-have pieces for collectors and socialites alike. Followers of the scene were therefore not surprised by the announcement in the press at the end of last year that Leonardo DiCaprio had joined the ranks of diamond producers. By investing in a start-up company making synthetic diamonds, DiCaprio is hoping to make a statement against the mining of raw diamonds. According to ‘Business Insider’, his fellow investors include other billionaires such as Evan Williams, the founder of Twitter, Andrew McCollum, co-founder of Facebook, and former eBay President Jeff Skoll. Someone who recognised this trend early on is Dietmar Beermann, from Idar-Oberstein in Germany. The master goldsmith has been working for 38 years, using until now traditional stones for his brand “it’s a be”. Then in mid-2014, he launched his new capsule collection ‘art Safire’. “We are moving with the times. With forty different colours and an innovative means of production we can offer all our customers the perfect piece of jewellery and the ability also to order the exactly matching ring a few years down the line – a real advantage over using traditional stones, where you either have to buy several additional stones at once, or never find them again,” explains Dietmar Beermann. He makes his synthetic jewellery collection in the same workshop and using the same team that makes his jewellery with natural stones. Highly specialised craftsmen, often with forty years of experience behind them, apply the same care in the cut and the settings, and ensure that just the same quality is maintained. Suppliers in Mallorca are Melati Feldberg Amruddin in her boutique Extra-Moda in Port Andratx, and Edith Minkner who is available to hold private events. Both wear ‘art Safire’ jewellery themselves and know it well. “It offers real advantages if you travel a lot. And if you opt for less expensive settings, then you can

Deluxe Mallorca summer 2016  
Deluxe Mallorca summer 2016  

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