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Frau Remy, you studied architecture and interior design in Munich and for the past 30 years you have worked all over the world. From this summer you will be working in Mallorca and commuting to Baden-Baden and Munich. How will you manage your new life? While I was doing up the house I planned to use as a holiday home I fell in love with it, and found myself spending more and more time there. I was particularly captivated by the light. Now I have moved my professional life to the Balearics, too. The focus of my work is supporting clients who are building their own home to turn their ideas of pleasurable living into reality. For home owners selling their property I offer a home staging service to make it as attractive as possible to potential purchasers. You studied Feng Shui with Derek Walters and qualified as a homeopath, both of which add more strings to your bow. What is your philosophy? As I couldn’t decide at the time whether to study medicine or architecture, I trained as a homeopath while I was working as an architect. This led me to Chinese medicine and the five pillars of Feng Shui. Combining medicine and architecture makes sense. After skin and clothing, a room is the human’s third surrounding. The harmony of Yin and Yang is reflected in a balance of colours, shapes and materials. Understanding the flow of energy helps to design harmonious floor plans.

Living in her own ‘show home’ and STARTING OVER German architect Regine Remy has planned her new life in Mallorca well. Her home in Llucmajor reflects how she wants to live. From now on she plans to design living spaces for her clients on the Island, too. In DELUXE she talks about her life today.


For your clients you are the point of contact for new plans, extensions, conversions and modernisations – from construction to furnishings. Is your work in Mallorca different from that in Germany? Yes and no! Wherever I‘ve worked the expectations of my clients have been equally high. My experience with local craftsmen, however, has varied enormously at times. I like to design rooms on site, just like an artist creates a sculpture, and not be governed by the limitations of a CAD programme on the computer. This ambitious approach binds spaces together as if they had always been like that. In Mallorca you have chosen a finca in the countryside for your home. What tips do you give your clients when they are trying to decide whether they should convert or modernise their home? What is most important is to find out the reason for wanting a change. What do I want to

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