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Herr Dobeleit, Lucky7even recently won the contract to promote the new DFB (German Football Association) series of LEGO minifigures. As the father of a five-year-old son, this must be a subject close to your heart. What part do you play in the company for clients like these? LEGO is a fantastic brand and we are delighted to work for them. Everyone knows it, everyone likes it. My son now plays with LEGO, just like I used to. But even LEGO needs ideas to keep people talking about it. We came up with a brilliant idea for launching the new series of LEGO minifigures, ‘DFB - The Team’, with the smallest press conference in the world where the ‘real’ LEGO German National Football Team and their LEGO manager Joachim Löw introduce this special edition at a virtual press conference. Putting this kind of idea into practice works only if you have a strong, experienced team, which is what we have here in Munich and I am very proud of them. In order to bring fresh impetus and creativity to projects like these, we founded L7Berlin a couple of months ago. And we were able to attract to our production company some of the top creative people in the capital who had previously worked for prestigious German advertising agencies. I learn something new from them every day, the symbiosis of the innate strengths of both the Munich and the Berlin offices works brilliantly. On paper I’m the boss, but I just feel like part of the team.

FROM VIRAL MARKETING FOR A BURGER CHAIN TO TEEING OFF AT SON GUAL Norbert Dobeleit is one of those elite sportsmen who knows how to carry their determination and drive successfully into their second and third careers. After a career in athletics, the Olympic medallist spent several years as a television presenter. Since 2004, as CEO of Lucky7even, a film and TV production company, the TV journalist has been helping clients such as McDonalds and Volkswagen position themselves on social media. With DELUXE he discussed advertising methods of the future, and also what he likes about Mallorca as a keen golfer.


Lucky7even’s showreel features spots with singer Robbie Williams, fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer and footballer Thomas Müller. When should a brand use celebrities and what do you have to look out for? From the perspective of advertising psychology, testimonials are the perfect vehicle for making brands like Volkswagen more appealing and popular. Faced with today’s flood of advertisements, they help us to differentiate between the brands. From a marketing point of view testimonials are usually very effective, regardless of cost. We therefore advise our clients to select the ‘right’ faces to work with. The challenges of providing the perfect testimonial are immense: elements such as background, image and how well known the celebrity is to the general public

Deluxe Mallorca summer 2016  
Deluxe Mallorca summer 2016  

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