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Architect Uwe MAtzner shares responsibility for the design, planning and implementation of solutions. he assists Bernd KUssMAUl in Mallorca, too.

That was a real coup. In 2005 we were named as a development partner and active participant in the prototype phase for components for the freight loading system on the new Airbus A380. To be frank, my knees were shaking when the contract was confirmed. But we were able to meet all their quality requirements and timelines. This put us on the radar of the aviation industry. Has there been one contract that has challenged you more than the others? Yes, and once again that came from the aviation industry. This time it was for the interior design of an exclusive VIP aircraft. As the project went on, more and more decorative and ornamental pieces were ordered, at shorter and shorter deadlines. We just couldn’t keep pace with the contractual adjustments. Luckily our partners kept to all their verbal agreements. But it gave me many sleepless nights. You need something like that only once in a lifetime.

With DELUXE Bernd Kussmaul discusses traditional craftsmanship, innovative materials and new product ideas. For Galeria K in Palma, he recently exhibited a quite unique work of art and later in the summer a second design project will be unveiled on the Island.

Herr Kussmaul, in your factory you combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology. What projects are you working on at the moment? The focus is on premium vehicles. Bugatti, Jaguar Land Rover and Audi Quattro GmbH are our most important clients. This year they were joined by Rolls-Royce. As a systems partner, we make highly polished anodized aluminium interior and exterior trim for them, in addition to other items. For more than 15 years


we have been responsible for procurement and project management for all Audi RS models. ‘Premium products for premium clients’ applies to individual and highly innovative solutions for private homes, too. The more challenging the project, the more interesting it is. As inventors from Swabia that is what really excites us. In the past you have also worked for Airbus. What kind of contract was that?

Since 2014 you have succeeded in attracting new customers through your design showroom in Mallorca. Who can come to you with requests, and how do you then work together? Initially, anyone interested in technology and materials. I see Kußmaul GmbH as a think tank, and a provider of technological and design services. My staff and I are network managers, lateral thinkers and technology scouts all rolled into one. Key, however, is the personal discussion with the client about what they want. Only when we both understand each other do we go into details. Then we switch to creative mode. This is the only way that together we can develop innovative, personalised, economically attractive solutions – something unique. Our goal is always to astonish and amaze the client. Keyless controls and opaque glass that becomes transparent at the touch of a button – lots of things are possible today that haven’t yet reached the mass market. What technological highlights are you using to break new ground?

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