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DELTA PL95H Pipelayer configuration based on Caterpillar D9H

Delta Machinery is an earthmoving and pipeline machinery dealer based in The Netherlands established in 1984 with subsidiaries in Houston, USA and Dubai, UAE Middle East. With the Delta PL95H we developed a reliable, high performance and cost effective pipelaying solution. These pipelayers have been completely remanufactured, updated, re-powered and converted into high performance, solid and easy to maintain pipelayers.

configuration: - Caterpillar D9H frame, track-frames and final drives are completely disassembled, thorough inspected and reconditioned. All bearings, seals and gaskets are replaced. The Caterpillar D9H track frames provide an extremely low center of gravity which gives maximum stability and outstanding performance. - Track-frames are reinforced, extended with 1 carrier roller, new track adjusters, seals and complete new undercarriage is fitted. - Torque Convertor and Transmission of the Cat D9H are removed and replaced with new Sauer-Danfoss Hydraulic pumps and drive motors. This powerful and step less joy-stick controlled innovative hydrostatic drive in combination with the Caterpillar C13 engine gives outstanding maneuverability with maximum precision and sufficient power even on steep slopes. When the machine is no longer moving an automatically activated parking brake provides additional safety, even when the engine is not running. The PL95H is able to turn 360â ° on the spot with maximum load.

DELTA PL95H Pipelayer configuration based on Caterpillar D9H

- Caterpillar D353 engine is removed and a new Caterpillar C13 Acert engine including the Caterpillar messenger system is installed. This Cat engine conforms to all applicable standards prescribed by the Canadian off-road compressionignition regulations. There is a 2 year worldwide warranty on these engines. - New radiator including oil-cooler and hydrostatic fan is installed to ensure optimal cooling capacity. - New wear resistant wiring and connectors are installed, incl. new switches and gauges. - Complete new pipelayer attachment designed to create high lifting capacity, good visibility, fully hydraulic joy-stick intuitive and precise speed controlled Braden winches powered by Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic motors. - Certified O-ROPS is installed including new design engine cover and fuel and oil tank. Enclosed ROPS cab incl. heater and air-condition and cold weather kits can be installed as an option. - CE certificate is available with the machines. The Delta PL95H is designed in cooperation with experienced pipeline contractors and is intense proven to be reliable under the most difficult operating conditions. Currently over 70 units PL95H’s are working on projects in several continents in the Delta Machinery Haven M529, Port of Moerdijk Mark S Clarkelaan 6 4761RK Zevenbergen The Netherlands Tel + 31 888 966 966 Fax + 31 888 966 950

world. The PL95H with its basic design performed excellent at low temperatures in Kazakhstan and in the hot desert in Mexico. All service and spare parts are available at our parts department: Disclaimer The information contained in this brochure is intend to be of a general use only. Delta may at any time for technical or other necessary reasons modify any of the specifications mentioned. Illustrations do not necessarily show the product in standard conditions. The dimensions, weights and capacities shown are approximate only and are subjects to variations within normal manufacturing techniques. Rental is subject to terms and conditions.

Delta PL95H pipelayers - based on Caterpillar D9H