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A prac2cal  solu2on  for  the  protec2on  and   restora2on  of  our  valuable  wetland  resources.  

SHORE|LINKS® is  a  promising  technology  patented  by  the  LSU  AgCenter  and   exclusively  licensed  to  Delta  Land  Services,  L.L.C.  with  a  shared  goal  of  restoring  and   protec2ng  our  valuable  wetland  resources.  

Many factors   contribute  to  the   loss  of  our  coastal   wetlands.     In  most  cases,   erosion  of  fine   sediments  by  waves   and  2dal  currents  is   the  direct  cause  of   loss.  

SHORE|LINKS® offer  a  cost-­‐effec2ve,   easily  deployed   solu2on  for   protec2ng  vulnerable   shorelines  against   further  erosion.       Creates  an  integral   and  permanent   founda2on  of  a   hardened  substrate   that  protects   threatened  wetlands.  

Low density  allows  for   it  to  sink  in  water  but   float  on  the  surface  of   marsh  sediments,  and   not  rapidly  subside   into  fluid  marsh   sediments.     Promotes  marsh   crea2on  over  2me  by   accre2ng  and   entrapping  addi2onal   sediments  and  organic   debris,  especially  aQer   vegeta2on  occurs.      

SHORE|LINKS® not   only  ‘harden’  the   shoreline,  they  offer   an  ideal  growth   medium  for  marsh   plants.       Once  colonized   by  vegeta2on,     SHORE|LINKS®  offer   an  aUrac2ve,  stable   marsh  habitat.    

Creates an  excellent   roo2ng  medium  for   emergent  and   shoreline   vegeta2on.     Facilitates  effec2ve   plan2ng.  

SHORE|LINKS® are   constructed  using   lightweight   aggregate,  a   ceramic  of  heat-­‐ fused  heavy   ‘gumbo’  clay.       This  aggregate  is   encapsulated  in   either  UV-­‐stabilized   poly  mesh  or   degradable  burlap.    

This stable  ceramic  is  ideal   for  construc2on  of  erosion   control  structures  in  the   coastal  marsh  because:        

•  Low density  prevents  or   greatly  retards  structure   subsidence     •  Porosity  entraps   sediment  and  supports   aqua2c  vegeta2on  

Lightweight aggregate  is  manufactured  in  Erwinville,  Louisiana  

SHORE|LINKS® were   designed  as  building   blocks  for   construc2on  of   various  erosion   control  structures.     The  interlocking   lobed  design  allows   units  to  be  stacked  or   rolled  to  construct   robust  structures   below  and  above  the   water.    

Where wave  energy   is  high,  encapsula2on   of  SHORE|LINKS®   units  in  geo-­‐grid   results  is  lightweight,   highly  robust   structures.       Mats  were  designed   for  protec2on  of   exposed  shoreline  on   open  bays  whereas   ‘logs’  were  designed   for  construc2on  of   breakwaters.    


SHORE|LINKS® is a promising technology patented by the LSU AgCenter and exclusively licensed to Delta Land Services, L.L.C. with a shared go...

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