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SHORE|LINKS® were  ini2ally   developed  to   combat  erosion   in  the  coastal   zone  where  few   other  op2ons  are   available.  

SHORE|LINKS® have  also   been  used  successfully   at  upland  sites  to  control   erosion.      

The porous  media   provides  an  effec2ve   filter  for  scouring   sediment  from  runoff   and  effluent.    

Vegeta2ve stabiliza2on  is  a   highly  effec2ve  and   permanent  method   of  erosion  control.        

SHORE|LINKS®  provide  a   stable  roo2ng  medium  to   facilitate  coloniza2on  in   areas  where    currents   and  waves  prevent   growth.    

As vegeta2on   emerges,  roots  firmly   anchor  SHORE|LINKS®   to  the  sediment   surface.       Over  2me,  sediments   accumulate  and   SHORE|LINKS®   become  part  of  a  new   sediment  surface   hardened  against   further  erosion.      

SHORE|LINKS® are   constructed  using   lightweight   aggregate,  a   ceramic  of  heat-­‐ fused  heavy   ‘gumbo’  clay.       This  aggregate  is   encapsulated  in   either  UV-­‐stabilized   poly  mesh  or   degradable  burlap.    

This stable  ceramic  is  ideal  for   construc2on  of  erosion  control   structures  in  the  coastal  marsh   because:         •  Low  density  prevents  or   greatly  retards  structure   subsidence     •  Porosity  entraps  sediment   and  supports  aqua8c   vegeta8on   Lightweight  aggregate  is   manufactured  in  Erwinville,   Louisiana  

The tough,  kniRed  mesh  in   SHORE|LINKS®    retains  the   lightweight  aggregate  filling   from  washing  away  un2l  it  is   integrated  into  the  surface.       This  porous  UV  stabilized   material  traps  sediment     and  is  sufficiently  flexible  to   allow  emergence  of  large   stems  and  roots  .      Once   SHORE|LINKS®  are  covered   by  vegeta2on  and  sediment,   photo-­‐degrada2on  is  of  less   concern.      

SHORE|LINKS® are   convenient  building   blocks  for   construc2on  of   various  erosion   control  structures.        

The interlocking  lobed   design  allows  units  to   be  stacked  or  rolled  to   construct  robust   structures  below  and   above  the  water.    

Where wave  energy  is   high,  encapsula2on  of   SHORE|LINKS®  units  in   geo-­‐grid  results  is   lightweight,  highly   robust  structures.          

Mats were  designed  for   protec2on  of  exposed   shorelines  on  open  bays   whereas  ‘logs’  were   designed  for  construc2on   of  breakwaters.    

SHORE|LINKS® readily   conform  to  irregular   surfaces,  greatly   reducing  the   prepara2on  required   to  create  a  stable   protec2ve  structure.  

SHORE|LINKS® weigh   about  25  lbs.  each  and   are  easy  to  handle  and   transport  to  remote   sites.        

Individual  units  are   available  in  pallets  of  50   which  can  then  be   transferred  to  an   appropriate  vehicle  or  boat   for  delivery  to  the  site.    

Shorelinks Presentation  

SHORE|LINKS® a convenient new tool for combating erosion

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