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The Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta Presents


EDITOR’S NOTE I should start off by apologizing for the large gap between publications. With all of the excitement about our accomplishments it is easy to forget to pass that information along. Thankfully two eager pledges, Boris and Tony, have stepped up to help. we hope to get publications out with greater frequency. But this past year has been full of accomplishments, many of which you will hear about in the publication and at Pig Dinner. The house continues to improve and I have no doubt you will be pleased with the results. We have also reinforced the structure of the house, porch and the roof to make sure the house is safe for brothers and graduates during Pig Dinner. If that was your main concern fear not and sign up to attend what is




Page 1: Editor’s Note Graduate Relations Page 2: State of the Chapter Scholarship Update sure to be our largest Pig Dinner yet! We are always looking for feedback on the publication so please don’t hesitate to email me concerning anything you enjoyed or think we could do better. You can do so by clicking my name below.

Page 3: Recruitment Update Scenes From FIJI Online Page 4: Brofiles Micro Scenes from FIJI

Fraternally, Jeffrey Kwiatek Perge!

PIG DINNER UPDATE Brothers, My name is Ted Brewer, and I am your Graduate Relations Chair! I hope all is well with you. Our chapter is started off to another great year and we would love for you to be a part of it. Join us for Delta Iota’s 17th Annual Norris Pig Dinner on Saturday, November 13th at Wakonda Country Club. We will spend time looking back at past accomplishments as well as looking into our future plans, but most importantly, we want to enjoy spending time with our brothers. I’ve been getting lots of enthusiastic feedback about Pig Dinner this year, so I’m looking forward to seeing many of you on November 13th! I have two more topics to share with you. First, I am continuing the effort to increase organization and

communication among graduates. The goal is to help you experience more great times while making Fiji “Not for college days alone”. A big step towards this goal is establishing class representatives. One of my goals is to make sure each class has an effi-

The Official Publication of the Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta

cient means to communicate with each other by the time my term is up. For example, the Phi class has done a terrific job by communicating through Google Groups. If you have questions or are interested in being involved in this initiative, I can be contacted at or on my cell phone at (515) 865-8330. Second, we are resuming the tradition of getting your names engraved in the bricks on the front sidewalk. Contact me if you are interested. Cost will be $60 with proceeds going towards chapter improvement projects. Have a great day and I hope to see you at Pig Dinner! Fraternally, Ted Brewer Perge! Page 1


Fall 2010

STATE OF THE CHAPTER: PRESIDENT FRANKLIN PEITZ Brothers, My name is Franklin Peitz and I am the current president. My term is winding down, but only good things have been happening since the last publication. Last spring we reclaimed the Voltmer trophy, which has been absent from the house for the past two years. It was also our first time in four years since we’ve had FIJI Island at the house, which was a great time. Various gimmicks we had included a 15-foot volcano and a Rap group. Over the summer four cabinet members traveled to Scottsdale, AZ to attend the 162nd FIJI Ekklesia. It was an amazing experience and we were fortunate enough to come home with some hardware. We won the Owen Cup, which is awarded to the top chapter internationally for scholastic improvement. We also

received an honorable mention in the Coon Plaque, which is awarded for outstanding graduate publications. Lou Ann Simpson was awarded the Crowder Cup, for her outstanding dedication as a faculty advisor (recognition for her ability to put up with the chapter at last). Further, Drew Engebrecht received an honorable mention in the Durrance Award, which is given to the top Purple Legionnaires in all of Fijiland. We celebrated these awards with a cookout where we recognized Drew and Lou Ann for their contributions to the chapter. This fall we held our first annual Chapter Retreat, an event that went extremely well, to familiarize the pledge class with the working of the house and build brotherhood. The committee heads shared their

goals with the entire chapter and then each pledge was assigned to a committee to learn about the position and help the committee head. That’s all I have from my position, but if any of you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I look forward to seeing you all at Pig Dinner! Fraternally, Franklin Peitz Perge!

SCHOLARSHIP UPDATE Brothers, My name is Kevin Kinnamon and I am the current scholarship chair. I would like to briefly tell you about some of the improvements to the house scholarship program I have been working on. The first is bringing back a study room for the house. At the beginning of the school year we took a former bedroom and converted it into a study room. It now provides a quiet space with desks and test files for all brothers to use. We are also working on continuing the success of Professor Dinner. In the past couple of years it has been a tremendous help creating a good rapport between members and their professors. We have received many complements on it the past few years.

I have also been working with the pledge class to make sure they start off with a good academic grounding. I have instituted a new way to help our current pledge class improve academically. If they are struggling with a class they meet with me and then are paired with an active to help them improve their grade. This is a great way to not only help the pledges academically, but also to help them meet actives within their same field of study. I have also kept updating the Scholarship Website that was started by my predecessor. This website lists all the brothers’ majors, classes they have taken, and phone numbers which allows brothers to get in contact with others in the house who have

already taken classes they are currently taking for help. Our strong academics are a point of pride but there is always room for improvement. While we had a great average GPA for the past spring semester of a 3.24, above the all Fraternity average of a 3.20, I still believe we can do even better after this semester. Additionally we posted the highest Pledge Class GPA during the spring semester. I am confident that we will continue to post a GPA that is competitive with the rest of the street. Please let me know if you have any questions, my email is Fraternally, Kevin Kinnamon Perge!

We have lost contact with some of our graduate brothers. If you know of someone not receiving a copy of The Drake FIJI, or any correspondence from the house please email our Graduate Relations Chair: Ted Brewer The Official Publication of the Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta

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Fall 2010

RECRUITMENT UPDATE Brothers, Recruitment this year was a huge success! We signed the largest pledge class on the street with 27 and we could not be more thrilled. Our pledges have been bonding extremely well through this pledge semester from placing in Sweetheart Sing, to having the number one synchronized swimming routine in Anchor Splash. Our house really rallied this year during recruitment. It was remarkable how well the house came together and the effort that was put forth by every single member. Our recent house renovations, improvement in grades, intramural success and representation on campus had the potential new members harder than their first dance on the Dublin dance floor. It was very simple to market the house and find potential members because the experience we were offering was unrivaled by any other fraternity or organization at Drake University. It showed when we extended 36 bids and only

lost 5 potential new members to other houses! A great recruitment tool this year was the Persistent Leader Scholarship. Franklin Peitz, our current president started this scholarship last year and it has really taken off. We had around 80 first year students apply for the scholarship and ended up with 15 finalists. We gave a combined $4,000 to the finalists and signed 9 of the 15 during recruitment. The relationships made with the applicants truly helped us find leaders and standout individuals that would be great additions to FIJI. A special thanks goes out to not only the members who assisted with the scholarship, but also to the graduates who contributed both during the interviews and recruitment. The knowledge gained and relationships created through the scholarship are truly invaluable. Each semester we set ourselves apart from every other house on the

street through our commitment to finding and recruiting the highest quality men at Drake University. If you have any questions about our recruitment process or the Persistent Leader Scholarship, do not hesitate to email me at or Mitch at I look forward to seeing all of you during Pig Dinner and I hope you all look forward to meeting our newest brothers. Fraternally, Paul Copolous and Mitch Webster Co-Recruitments Chairs Perge!

SCENES FROM FIJI Like I mentioned in the last publication we have moved all of the pictures over to Flickr so that graduates can always access the pictures of the chapter. This is also a better way of storing pictures and keeping a running history. We are extremely excited to introduce this platform to our graduates and hope you like the change. The link is provided below so you can check out what has been happening over the past year in the Delta Iota chapter. However we will still have some pictures at the end of the publication because who doesn’t like pictures. For a more complete look check out the chapter flickr stream:

DELTA IOTA FLICKR STREAM The Official Publication of the Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta

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Fall 2010

This year we’ve added a couple faces to the publications committee from the AΛ pledge class. And, since I have total control over them, they’ve each written a brofile. If you see them at Pig Dinner please introduce yourself, I promised them that would happen.

TONY FROELICH Greetings graduates, my name is Tony Froelich and I am a first-year pledge for FIJI at Drake University. I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go Packers!) and I am currently a History major with hopes to double in Political Science. After college I look forward to joining the Peace Corps and making a living as a political activist. With so many exciting things going on in

my first year, my favorite FIJI memory thus far was waking up at 6 AM every morning to prepare for Anchor Splash synchronized swimming (which we won). Pledging FIJI has been by far the most exhilarating experience of my freshmen year and the brotherhood I have experienced here has been surpassed by none. I look forward to the many memories to come with FIJI and

I look forward to meeting many of you at Pig Dinner. Press On!

BORIS MRKAJIC Hello my graduate bros, my name is Boris Mrkajic. And yes, I am Bosnian as you could probably tell from my name. I am a first year and damn proud to be a FIJI pledge. At this point I am studying BCMB and Psychology at Drake (obviously). It’s been enjoyable so far and I expect it will only get better. The best part about Drake has got to be the Greek life especially

FIJI. Chill! I have had many great memories during my time in FIJI so far but, if I had to choose one, it would have to be all the porch time that I have experienced. Porching it may be one of the most chill experiences anyone could have. I am looking forward to meeting every last one of you guys and am excited to eat the tail off the pig during Pig Dinner. Press On!


The Official Publication of the Delta Iota Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta

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Fall 2010 Publication  

The fall 2010 publication of the delta iota chapter of phi gamma delta.

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