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Hodding Carter Memorial YMCA 2014-2015 Delta Explosion Gymnastics Competitive Team Handbook For Parents and Athletes    

*How to be a Good Team Parent *Rules and Policies *Financial Information *Meet Etiquette

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our competitive program is to provide an opportunity for our team gymnasts to achieve their potential in a safe, fun, and positive learning environment. While we are concerned with physical development, we are also focused on character development, self-discipline, responsibility, and self-confidence.

From USA Gymnastics Athlete Wellness Parent Do’s and Don’t   DO:

• Emphasize fun, cooperation, self-discipline, commitment, competition, and personal skill development. • Place importance on effort, rather than results. • Get pleasure from your child’s participation, but do not become overly involved. • Have a life of your own outside of your child’s sports participation. • Get them to practice and competition, and provide only healthy food. • LEAVE THE COACHING TO THE COACHES.


• Expect anything more (or less) from their sport than a good time, physical fitness, mastery and love of a lifetime of sport, and transferable life skills. • Make your child feel guilty for the time, energy, and money you are spending, and the sacrifices you are making. • Expect anything from your child except their best effort. • Think of your child’s sports participation as an investment for which you expect a return.


Being selected for a gymnastics team is not solely based on acquisition of skills. Gymnastics is a sport of dedication and concentration. • Attitude – respect for your coaches, teammates, and facility. • Dedication – work ethic & love for gymnastics • Physical Ability & Potential • Strength & Flexibility • Attendance • Coachability- the ability to be corrected and the willingness to act on that correction.


All new team members will compete at USAG level 2. Future advancement will be determined solely by the Director and the Team Coaches.

Completion of a level does not assure the gymnast will move up the next year. We will use the following criteria: • • • •

Skill Level Mental Attitude Child’s desire, commitment, and attendance Probable success at next level


Practice: Attendance is mandatory. For our girls to attain a level of success, we need 100% commitment from gymnasts, parents, and coaches. If a gymnast has to miss a practice, coaches should be notified in advance. The number to reach us through the YMCA is 3357258.

Absence Policy: If a team athlete misses 30% or more of a month’s scheduled practices a meeting will be held between the parents and director to find out what the reason is for the absences. At this point the athlete will be placed on probation. If the absences occur again the athlete will not be allowed to remain on the competitive team. Competitions: For this season, I plan to schedule between 4 and 6 meets. Athletes are required to attend at least 4 regular season meets. Remember that once you have already registered and paid for a meet, if you have to miss, there will not be a refund issued. These rules are established by USAG and the individual meet directors.    


Be on time for practice. The girls will not be punished when they come in late, but they may feel like they are when they have to do the entire warm up and the group has moved on without them.

Do not drop your child off more than 15 minutes before class starts. The coaches use the time in between classes to set up for the next class and to handle any club business that may arise.

VACATIONS and OTHER ACTIVITIES Gymnastics is a year round sport.

The team is on vacation any time the gym is closed. Please try to take your family vacations during these times if possible. I know that there will always be special occasions where a gymnast must miss class for a time, but please come talk to me or Hannah about this in advance so we can prepare a conditioning and flexibility plan for your child to do on their own while they are away. Any time off leads to a loss of strength and therefore a loss of skill. Other sports and extra curricular activities are important, but in choosing them, do not schedule something that conflicts with gymnastics practices or competitions.


It is not uncommon in any competitive sport for teams to require consistent coaching. Team gymnasts taught in a fashion required by USAG to gain the required technical excellence to be competitive in Mississippi. For that reason, gymnasts are prohibited from taking any classes outside of Delta Explosion Gymnastics in order to prevent inconsistent instruction. This also includes private lessons. Private lessons are only to be given by your team coaches at the DEG Facility. Failure to adhere to this policy will forfeit your gymnast’s position on team. Exceptions to this rule are made for organized Group Gymnastics Training Camps and Clinics.


Many gyms do not allow parents to watch team practices and here are the reasons: distraction, discipline, and safety. If you decide to take part in our viewing area, please refrain from badmouthing the parents, gymnasts, coaches, owners, or the gym to the other parents. If you are there to enjoy watching your child, just relax and enjoy the fact that your child is special. Please do not allow any other children who are with you to run wild and be distracting in the viewing room. Also here at the YMCA, we have so many other activities available for your family, you may want to take those 3-4 hours to enjoy that time for yourself: take a swim or workout in one of our weight rooms or classes.


All gymnasts must wear a leotard. Hair must be brushed and tied back. Warm up suits may be worn in the winter until the gymnast is warmed up. Velvet or lycra tight fitting shorts may be worn, but if the coach needs them off for any reason, the shorts come off. This may be a matter of safety in spotting or visibility of body shapes.



Money matters – to all of us. Competitive gymnastics costs money, but when you think about the amount of time and effort we are spending with your child, it is a bargain. We have the best facility in the area and we strive to maintain our place in terms of amount of equipment, space, and high-level coaches. We will continue to have fundraisers throughout the year to help with the costs of competitions. Some scholarships are available; if you need information on this please inquire at the YMCA Front Desk. Team tuition is due on the 1st of every month. All meet fees must be paid before the due dates. USAG and MSUSAG fees of $65 are due by Sept 1. Competitive Leotard $100-$200(new this year so unsure) Competitive Warm Up $75-$200(new this year so unsure) Team Bag $30-$75 (new this year so unsure) Ankle Weights 1-2 lbs max per leg $5-$15 Private lessons are available to team members at $25/half hour lesson. However, all tuition and fees must be up to date. These lessons must be taught by a team coach. Your team coaches are: Missy(Head Coach/Director),

Hannah(Assistant Head Coach), Kaylan, Karey, Sarah, and Madison.)


Girls should arrive at the gym early, ready to go: hair done, leotard and warm up suit on, focused on gymnastics. Make sure all nail polish, toes and fingers, has been removed and no dangling jewelry or hoop earrings. Small stud earrings are allowed. All of our Delta Explosion parents should try to sit together and cheer for our team girls. If you have a team shirt please wear it. Do NOT make any derogatory remarks about any other team, girls, or coaches. Once your child enters the gym and locates their coach, they are not to interact with the parents until the meet is over. Do not question the coaches or child about their scores or performance. The coach is paying attention and will address all mistakes at the next practice. In the child’s gym bag should be: bottled water, grips, a practice leotard, and extra hair stuff in a ziplock bag. Please NO candy or food in the gym bag, most gyms do not allow it on the competition floor. Please try to be supportive of your gymnast. Do not concentrate solely on their place on the awards stand. Be positive about any small achievements such as: a higher score than previous meets or successfully performing a skill they have been missing or falling on. Let the coaches work with them on mistakes and corrections and you be their cheerleaders!

Parent / Gymnast Acknowledgement

I have read the document titled 2014-2015 Delta Explosion Gymnastics Competitive Team Handbook from cover to cover and understand and agree to the guidelines set forth. I also understand that the policies and procedures may change throughout the year. Modifications and additions to this document may be made via letters or communications from the Team Coaches and / or Gym Director. Should I have any questions regarding any policies or procedures, I understand that I should contact the Gym Director for the appropriate answers.

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Welcome to the Team!



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