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Graduate A Network for Success

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Fall 2010

Volume 1

Delta Career Education Corporation A Network for Success

C O N T E N T S Meet the Director


Brought on board the Delta team as the Director of Alumni Relations, M. Baxter Vendrick, Jr. has seen his way clear to unite all Delta students; past, present, and future.

Love Is In The Air


Campus Director Barbara Reese will be the first to admit that McCann - Hazleton has a special affinity for its graduates.

Social Media Revolution


Social media has covered the world like a virtual tsunami. With over 500 million Facebook users, millions of bloggers and 80 million Twitter accounts, growth of these on-line communities continues with no end in sight.

Dropout Director


Campus Director David Sessoms has risen in the ranks; going from dropout to director at MMC - Fayetteville.

Alumni Section


Find out what’s going on with the Alumni Association at your school. Get information on alumni, alumni events, alumni offers, and more!


Graduate A Network for Success

The Delta Alumni Association Magazine

Managing Editor: M. Baxter Vendrick, Jr. Associate Editor: Rachel Polk Nestor Art Direction and Design: Andrew M. Odom

4 | The Graduate

Fall 2010

Volume 1

Contributors: Andrew M. Odom, Terry Lacy, Amie Hawks, Randall DuBois, Greta Cuyler, Lisa Teague Printed By: Staples, Inc.

Director of Alumni Relations Over the past year, all of our campus alumni points of contact and I have been working hard to bring forth a national alumni association that adds value (and great discounts) to everyone involved, celebrate our successes, cherish our college families, and engage our communities. From our alumni networking events to our different homecoming activities at different campuses, our alumni and campuses have not just shined, they have been positively luminescent! This edition of “The Graduate—A Network for Success” is the first of many editions that share the stories of our alumni family, our students, our campuses, and our involvement in the communities in which we work and live. Rachel, Drew, and I have enjoyed going through the stories, the spotlights, and the upcoming events. We wish we could have shared all of the stories sent in to us, but feel confident that we will be able to share so many more in future editions. Several campuses were in competition for the front cover of this first magazine. Trust me, all of them were worthy. However, a selection had to be made and the exceptional celebration of our alumni in the Hazleton Campus demonstrated by how many are part of the faculty and staff had to be recognized. I encourage every campus to continue your activities; taking photos and sending us success stories so that we may be able to include them in future editions. To all of our alumni, thank you for making the decision to change your future and change your life, as well as that of your family. Continue to shine like you do every day. No matter if you graduated from a McCann School, Miller-Motte, Tucson College, or any of our excellent schools throughout the country, know you are all part of the Delta Career Education Family and truly a part of a “network for success!” Warm Regards,

M. Baxter Vendrick, Jr Director of Alumni Relations

them succeed. Currently there are over 25 McCann grads working at the Hazleton campus in a variety of levels within the organization including: our Campus Director Barbara Reese, Regional Vice-President for Admissions Mike Mazalusky, Director of Admissions Craig Green, Assistant Director of Admissions Matt Adams and Financial Aid Director Christa Antolick. Additional McCann graduates who are employed at the school include six admissions representatives, four financial aid planners, and employees in default management, human resources, front office/administrative, the business office, IT department, registrar’s office, security, massage clinic, and even a program director. From having their futures and lives changed, to changing futures and changing lives, WE ARE MCCANN HAZLETON!

hen looking for a qualified candidate to join the McCann Hazleton team, Campus Director Barbara Reese doesn’t have to look too far; in fact, she doesn’t even have to leave the building. By walking no more than a hundred feet down the hall to the Career Services office, Barbara has access to plenty of wellrounded, career-ready McCann Graduates eager to work. Come graduation time, McCann graduates are anticipating the opportunity to show off their talents and contribute to the overall success of a company. For years the McCann Hazleton Campus has been hiring their graduates and watching

How one campus looks under its own roof to find employees who want nothing more than to change futures and change lives!




Old Media, New Media and Where the Rubber Meets the Road By ANDREW M. ODOM

Social media has covered the world like a virtual tsunami. With over 500 million Facebook users, millions of bloggers and 80 million Twitter accounts, growth of these on-line communities continues with no end in sight. In five short years, social media has redefined how we relate to our friends, our families, and those companies we do business with. It has opened up connections to all parts of the world so that communication is possible between groups that didn’t know each other existed just the day before. In the business arena, businesses are able to promote themselves in an intimate way that allows for relationship building, brand identity, and constant communication. Businesses are able to not only speak to the consumer but also engage in otherwise unavailable, dialogue. They can immediatly resolve issues and appeal to the needs of their consumer. The old game of public relations has been derailed. Consumers now have the authority to speak to other consumers and view honest, real-time, reviews instead of trusting only the manufacturer’s press memo. Even the political process has been permanently impacted by social media. Many would say that the key ingredient to candidate Obama’s campaign in late 2008 was his successful mastery of the world of social media. Through a dynamic Facebook page, a YouTube channel populated with both formal and informal videos, a Twitter account kept up to the hour, Obama was able to connect to a demographic that historically has been discounted: the young, but motivated, voters. It has even been reported on C-SPAN that legislators watch the instant messages from Twitter users to modify their standing on pending legislation. Social media is such a broad topic and has penetrated so many areas of day-to-day life that it cannot begin to be disected in one article. It has so heavily infiltrated the collective American life that it cannot even be recognized as social media in some areas anymore. So how is it that social media changes the way we think, process, and consume media? How does it impact “me” and “my relationships?” What concerns

Social Media Stars For many, social media sites are little more than virtual places to express one’s voice or have some fun. For the enterprising ones, social media can mean big business. You probably do not have to move your mouth to talk to the right people but the good news is, on the following five social media platforms, they will still “hear” you. You would be amazed at the powerful connections that social media sites have. Facebook is the largest social media site in the world allowing users to create profiles with photos, lists of personal interests, contact information and other personal information. Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service, owned and operated by Twitter Inc., that enables its users to send and read other users’ messages called tweets. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site launched in May 2003 and used primarily for professional networking.

Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community that allows users to share and embed personal photographs on blogs and other social media platforms. YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos.

should there be having all of this information available at the click of a button? Perhaps the most obvious impact of social media is the speed of consumption. There has become an instantaneous reaction to events. News breaks faster than ever; right, wrong, or indifferent. When Michael Jackson died it took only one minute and twenty-four seconds for the story to break on Twitter. The red flag though? On June 24, 2009, the world was all a-Twitter about the death of Jeff Goldblum; a passing highly fabricated and overly publicized. In short, social media has allowed a voice to those otherwise muted but has failed at providing a sense of responsibility and discernment. While social media continues to revolutionize the world around us it can only do so when we both reporter and consumer - regard it with sensitivity and responsibility. The Graduate | 9

The Dropout Director Miller-Motte (Fayetteville campus) Director David Sessoms who went from 3-time dropout to Campus Director, credits his success to learning how to manage tasks and time.

What makes a man go from a threetime community college dropout to Campus Director? Just ask David Sessoms. At six-foot-three, David Sessoms can seem overwhelming, but his slow southern drawl and booming laugh are quick to put his students—and his faculty—at ease. His door is always open, and the candy dish is always full. He’s quick to tell his own story if you ask him—where he’s from—how he got here—and most important, what it takes to make it. “Stay in school,” he says, and he says it a lot. When a student comes to him with a life problem, he tells them to stay in school, no matter what. “I’ve been there. When I was a student at MillerMotte, I tried to quit. I would come in and tell them that I needed time off, or I needed to work, but they would keep after me, and tell me I wasn’t allowed. The next thing I knew it was time to graduate.” From Miller Motte, he went to Campbell University, graduating with a BS in

BY TERRY LACY PHOTOGRAPHY BY AMIE HAWKS medicine in ’01, then remaining for a Masters. He worked as a graduate assistant in the Athletic Training Department until he graduated in ’03, then returned to Miller-Motte, looking for a career. He went from fulltime instructor to program director for the Medical Department in a year, then a year later transferred to Cary, N.C. as the Director of Education. In October of ’07 he was named Director of Education in Charleston, July ’08 Assistant Campus Director in Charleston, and then, in January, ’09, the Interim Campus Director at The Institute for Business and Technology in Santa Clara, California. In April of ’09 he was named Director of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and opened the school’s doors in October, ‘09. “It was a long road, but it was worth it. I love it here.” When asked what the worst part about him was as a student, he says it’s that he didn’t know how to study. He had no idea how to allocate time between school and home, but his desire to be successful drove him to overcome. He credits the staff at Miller-Motte for teaching him how to manage

his time both in and out of class. He pushes his faculty now to work with students on time management, and he tells his students that if they can succeed at Miller-Motte, they can succeed at anything they try. His favorite part about being a teacher is when the light comes on”...when you look at the student and their eyes change and you know they have it. That’s when all the time we spent on it is worth it.”

He’s quick to credit his parents for his success as well. The times when his mother let him use her car because his was out of gas, or his dad gave David his last dollar for lunch. “I tell my students those stories now. I understand what they’re going through. The smallest problems can seem so catastrophic. Their cars break down, or they can’t find a sitter, or any number of a million things—I just tell them to stick it out. Come talk to me, we’ll figure it out.”


Order alumni gear Connect with Career Services Meet other alumni Refer a future graduate ...and so much more! ENROLL TODAY The Graduate | 11

Career Services Dawn Zimmerman - Chattanooga, TN I have been a member of the Delta Career Education Corporation and Miller-Motte Technical College team since September 2006. I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and have over 28 years of experience in Human Resources including career coaching, mentoring and counseling. The Chattanooga Career Services Team includes Lisa Roche, DeSharla Lavette and myself. We believe in the mission “Changing Futures. Changing Lives,” and complement each others’ strengths. Our department has developed great working relationships with our students, graduates, employer partners, and our staff and faculty. I have the best job on campus – I love my job and if I could share one thing with the reading audience it would be YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! My favorite quote: “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Jessica Erbacher - Troy, OH I have been in the Career Services department at the MJCC Troy campus since December 2009. It has been an incredible journey. It’s gone from one extreme to another as far as being a lot of fun, and being stressful to the point of being tempted to pull my hair out. With that being said, anything worthwhile is going to be hard or difficult to achieve. So how have I managed to succeed in Career Services? If you look at the overall picture, I think I have succeeded because I don’t see my students or graduates as just numbers. They are real people, with real struggles and real hardships. I got to know the students. I got involved with the things they did and were interested in. Our conversations naturally flowed to the subject of their job search, leads I could send, interview tips, etc. It started coming together and before I knew it, graduates were getting placed every week. We ended the fiscal year at 91.6% placement of 196 graduates. That would not have been possible without the use of facebook and the realization that my graduates are not just numbers. They are individuals that I have committed to helping in any way I can to help them get into their desired career field.

Career Services: The Icing On the Cake Kathleen Bird Dickson City, PA One year ago this week I began my career with McCann in Dickson City, PA and Delta Education and oh, what a year it has been. This year has truly been one of the (if not the) most rewarding opportunities I have ever experienced; truly Changing My Future and Changing My Life. My background is primarily in Marketing & PR. I was the senior marketing director for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters, director and producer of Live Events for MTV and Nickelodeon, as well as opening an arena here in Northeast PA. Trust me, I have had some very exciting moments; however, when the first graduate called with a job placement to begin her new career, that feeling was better than the roar of any audience! From there it only grew. When I hit 90% placement and saw our enrollment numbers for the Alumni Association, I just knew that the excitement, passion and goals we had inside this school were spreading outside and growing. McCann is the place you want to be and the place I want to be!


The Career Services Department is a vital resource to achieve your ultimate career goals. Now more than ever before, we live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. There is no better way to stay on top of labor market information, trends in employment, internet resources, wage rates, job vacancies and other career-related resources than through the Career Services Department. The Career Services Department seeks to support and empower its students and alumni by providing guidance, resources and career opportunities. We provide more than just information about job openings. We actively market our school and its graduates to potential employers. We assist employers by connecting students through job fairs, on campus interviews and our internet job posting board— always searching for the “best fit” for both graduates and employers. Our doors are always open to alumni from any of the many Delta campuses across the country. We are here to assist with goal setting, resume refinement, portfolio review, interviewing skills, networking opportunities and individual job leads—matching the right student to the right employer! We get to know our students well even before they begin their educational journey—starting with Grad Prep. Career Services knows each student is a VIP and we want to know what their VIPS (Values, Interests, Personality and Skills) are. By knowing our students VIPS and exactly what our employers want in their next employee, we are able to offer a great opportunity for both. Our quarterly recruitment events are open to all of our alumni and they are a great way to speak to potential employers and keep the networking lines open. Get to know your Career Services Team—they are the experts in getting you started on the path to a Great Career!



Dickson City Campus Director TJ Eltringham inducts Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty into the McCann Alumni Association.

(Above) Kathleen Bird, Career Service Director welcomes actor Andy Buckley into the McCann Alumni Association. (Right) Alumni Holly Butler, MA and Medical Program Director Cathy Teel pose at the Alumni Kick-Off Event. (Below) Alumni Elaine Palfrey, McCann Alumni & Employee (Library); Jennie Johannes, McCann Alumni; Denise Daine Ocasio, McCann Alumni; Ellen Redding, McCann Alumni & Employee (File Clerk); and Mark Saar, McCann Alumni & Employee, catch-up over dinner.

14 | The Graduate

The Inaugural Gathering for the McCann School of Business and Technology was held July 17th at Uno Chicago Grill in Dickson City. Approximately 50 Alumni, McCann Program Directors and Staff gathered to catch up on current affairs, reminisce about old times and network. Campus Director TJ Eltringham distributed Alumni certificates and pins. Raffle prizes were handed out for references and the McCann Alumni T-shirt was proudly handed out as a welcoming gift.

ALUMNI EVENTS On Thursday, August 26, 2010, McCann School of Business and Technology, Pottsville, PA hosted Alumni Homecoming Day in coordination with Student Appreciation Day. We were able to bring together past graduates and current students for a day of fun and “McCann Family Pride”. The festivities included food, music, face painting, games, a rock wall, a dunk tank, and most importantly, family, friends and alumni.


McCann - Pottsville alumni gather together at Amigo’s Restaurant in Minersville, PA for a Spring ‘10 mixer.

The Graduate | 15

ALUMNI EVENTS McCann Sunbury Director Susan Lynch; Alumni Coordinator, Tony Fetter; student, Dean Showers; and student, Jeremy Raup discuss the alumni program and potential ideas.


Shown at right is the recruitment table set up by McCann Sunbury along with registration forms and information packets.

16 | The Graduate

Students Jim Derr and James Book with their alumni certificates.

ALUMNI EVENTS Happy 1st Birthday!

On September 2nd, McCann - Allentown held its first annual Criminal Justice Family Fun Day Event featuring a petting zoo, games, food and refreshments for the entire school, including demonstrations by the local police and probation board. Criminal Justice Advisory Board members were present as well to answer questions and show support for the program.

Scott Schlechter, Lehigh County Adult Probation Supervisor, stands watch over all the fun, including Professional Massage Therapy Students.


Dr. Rich Kipp goes down in the dunk tank while Gail Haebler serves up snow cones.

The Graduate | 19



Ryan Plank entered McCann in April, 2010. He is working towards a degree as a Surgical Technician. Ryan was born and raised in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where he graduated from Delone Catholic High School in 1993. After high school he worked at Masterbrand in Middletown, PA, where he assembled kitchen and bathroom cabinets. He also worked in Retail Management at Value City and as a Design Consultant for a furniture store. Currently a resident of Littlestown, Pennsylvania, Ryan decided to go back to school for an Associate’s Degree after the Masterbrand factory closed its doors. Ryan has chosen to pursue a degree in the field of medicine as a Surgical Technician. He chose to enroll at McCann in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for several reasons. McCann was able to enroll him immediately, and the school is close to where he lives and works with his wife Angela. His wife owns Pizza 2 U in Littlestown, where Ryan works when he is not in school pursuing his degree. He chose the field of medicine, in particular a Surgical Technician, because he wants to enter a field where there is demand and job security for employees. He is also focusing in on a career field where he can help people. His ideal job after graduating from McCann in December 2011 would be in an operating room or at an outpatient facility in the area. Ryan Plank is a straight “A” student, a hard worker, driven and full of potential. He epitomizes the ideal McCann student. He is changing his future and changing his life. McCann in Carlisle is proud to have Ryan Plank as a student and an example for any and all who want to better their lives by changing their futures.


When Disaster Strikes Berks Technical Institute graduate Charles J. Cooper designs schoolhouses that double as shelters By GRETA CUYLER, Reading Eagle


Imagine if the people of Haiti never had to fear another natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane. Homes and schools would be hurricane-proof and earthquakeresistant, and a thriving agricultural economy would fuel a low-cost building boom throughout the nation, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. That's the vision of Fleetwood resident Charles J. Cooper Jr., a recent graduate of Berks Technical Institute in Wyomissing. Cooper, 36, a former auto mechanic, was one of four BTI drafting technology students who recently completed a 10-week final project for drafting instructor Pat Smith. "Everything that you buy or use has been drafted first," Smith said of the field's importance. "The drafters are the invisible creators of the built world." Cooper's vision is to see Haiti teeming with dome-shaped, oneroom schoolhouses assembled

using interlocking prefabricated plastic pieces. The structures would be encased in a resin made of agricultural products indigenous to Haiti. The aerodynamic buildings, outfitted with PVC windows and doors, would accommodate 60 students and withstand hurricane winds up to Charles J. Cooper Jr., 36, of Fleetwood dis200 mph, Cooper said. plays his design for a storm-resistant buildDuring an emering made with products indigenous to Haiti. gency, the domes could Photo by: Jeremy Drey, Reading Eagle. double as shelters for is like cities with tents and tarps. about 25 people each. There are over 1.8 million people The idea, he said, was based displaced (by January's earthon similar buildings designed by quake)." International Dome House Co. He plans to continue work on Ltd., a Japanese firm. Cooper, the project but first will focus however, made design changes on finding a full-time draftso the domes would not need a ing job to support his family. separate roof panel. Cooper and his classHe also designed the panel resin, which would seal the entire mates were challenged to create a project that could structure, to be made of agricultural materials grown in Haiti. The improve the lives of others. hope is that would help kick-start They chose topics they were passionate about. the nation's decimated agricul"I think they learned an tural economy and fuel a building awful lot by doing someboom. thing they wanted to work Cooper next plans to build a on," BTI President Joe Reichdome to see if it will work as he ard said. "That got them envisions. He's also discussed his idea with a nonprofit organization emotionally involved in the helping with Haitian relief efforts. project and that shows they "What I would like to do is go applied the technology learned in school to someto Haiti and show them how to thing meaningful." build this, so they could build it themselves, so it could be sustainable," he said. "Right now, Haiti The Graduate | 19


Celebrating 150 Years of Academic Excellence


NOTE: MJCC - Springboro is excited to announce the success of our first Homecoming! The Alumni Association sponsored a Homecoming dance in October for alumni, students, and their families. Called, “The Red Carpet,” attendees were afforded the opportunity to connect with alumni, students, and staff. Visit the Springboro Facebook page for videos, photos, and more!


New students who begin their classes at MiamiJacobs, Springboro Campus, share a common goal: they want to graduate school and attain a job in their chosen field. For two Dental Assisting students, this goal was realized in record time. Ms. Stephanie Washek and Ms. Brittney Strickland successfully completed their Dental Assisting externships at Dayton Dental Collaborative of Kettering, Ohio and were immediately hired by this highly respected establishment just after graduation. Program Director Julie Orihood was not surprised at this news; “I knew these students were preBrittney Strickland and Stephanie Washek pared for the position.” Ms. Orihood describes examine “patient” Kathy S. Borton. Dayton Dental Collaborative as a dental office with extremely high standards of excellence. She continues, “This is a ‘dental spa’ environment where every patient is treated as someone special. In order to work there you have to be the best of the best.” During their externships, Ms. Washek and Ms. Strickland proved that they were up to the challenges set by the establishment and demonstrated that they could meet the high standards asked of them. Ms. Washek attributes her success at her new job to Miami-Jacobs: “I never would have been able to get such an amazing job without the education I received at MJCC.” Stephanie Washek While reflecting on her time at Miami-Jacobs, Ms. Washek notes that her favorite part of assists Dr. R Gregory the Dental Assisting program was the externship and the hands-on experience she enShelhouse in examinjoyed there. She says, “I learned so much through my experience working in the dental ing a patient. office. The externship made everything I had been studying come to life!” This is the first time any students have been placed in an externship with Dayton Dental Collaborative. According to Ms. Orihood, staff at Dayton Dental Collaborative communicated that they were impressed with the quality of education that Miami-Jacobs provides and that they could not have been sent a better fit; they felt that “their education was well-rounded and the externs were very prepared to enter the dental field.” Expectations at Dayton Dental Collaborative are high. They consider soft core skills to be imperative and these skills must be polished. Employees must be efficient with hands-on skills and need to be able to think on their feet while maintaining that professional “polish”. The effect of these high standards is evident in the high class appearance and overall functioning of this beautifully groomed, professional, high end establishment. Every detail is considered to make this office sleek and professional. From the poised, well-trained staff to the cloth hand towels in the immaculate wash rooms, Dayton Dental Collaborative truly goes above and beyond to facilitate a positive experience for their patients. Considering the high level of excellence that Dayton Dental Collaborative demands, it is an honor to say that two Miami-Jacobs graduates are now employed at that office. Both Ms. Washek and Ms. Strickland couldn’t be happier at their new jobs, describing their positions as “a dream come true”. Miami-Jacobs, Springboro is extremely proud of its graduates and congratulates Stephanie Washek and Brittney Strickland on making their goals a reality!

Miami-Jacobs Makes Wishes Come True!


(Dayton) Miami-Jacobs Career College is proud to announce their participation with Make a Wish foundation. The Dayton campus has committed to raising funds for Antonio, a seven year old boy who was diagnosed with a life threatening condition at a young age. Antonio’s wish is to have a service dog. Over the next year, the Dayton campus will hold monthly fundraisers to reach their fundraising goal. Antonio was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition at a young age so it would seem impossible to most that he is able to live a normal life. For Antonio, having pizza at his favorite restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese, reading books, and being able to swim outside, watch frogs and turtles are big parts of his life. With that being said, there is always room to make life just a little bit better. When volunteers from the Make-A-Wish Foundation® visited Antonio and his family to discuss his one true wish, they found hope and joy in a new furry friend. Antonio’s wish for a specially trained dog to determine the onset of a potential brain seizure, will help the family be prepared and will give Antonio the independence he so deserves. Antonio will meet his new dog soon and the whole family will be able to rest a little easier knowing that he is safe. Events taking place over the next several months include, Penny Wars Pizza Sale Basket Raffle Hot Dog Sale Walk/Run 5k Make a Wish T-Shirts Bake Sale Car Wash Gala Make a Wish bracelet and star sales Miami- Jacobs is excited about our participation and involvement with Make a Wish. We look forward to assisting Antonio and his family over the next year. Interested in making a donation? Please contact: Foundation® of Greater Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana • Central Ohio Office • 2545 Farmers Drive, Suite 300 • Columbus, Ohio 43235

22 | The Graduate

The Make-A-Wish Foundation速 of Greater Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana is headquartered in Columbus, OH and has five regional offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Indianapolis. Together with organizations like Miami-Jacobs Career College, the foundation has proudly granted over 8,000 wishes during their 25+ year history. Help make history today. Donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through your alma mater!

i wish


e Th

L et o h




24 | The Graduate

Cutting the ribbon for the opening of the Vet Tech program is the Troy Campus Director Letha Allen. L to R: Matt Owen, President & CEO of the Tipp City Chamber of Commerce, Allen, Pam Nicodemus, Veterinary Technology Program Director, Lisa Whitaker, President of the Piqua Chamber of Commerce, and Joe Dickerson, Troy Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

MJCC in Troy, Ohio launches Vet Tech Program

Shown are L to R: Jennifer Lyttle, Mike Davis, and Rob Deardorff.

From A Glance

Miami-Jacobs’ Veterinary Technology department is excited to announce its first “hands-on” class beginning October 2010. In the VT Clinic, students will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a real-world veterinary hospital. Services offered will range from outpatient, such as nail trims, ear cleanings, and wound cleansing, to more involved procedures like surgeries, xrays, and dental cleanings, with the students responsible for every aspect from check-in to check-out. Miami-Jacobs is proud to be partnering with local animal rescue organizations to provide the best possible care to as large an audience as possible. The wide range of animal exposure will ensure they enter the veterinary community prepared to lead the way as the next generation of veterinary technicians in the Miami Valley. For more information about our Vet Tech program please call Pam Nicodemus, the program director, at 937-332-8580 ext. 342.

The program first began enrollment in November 2009 It began with only 6 students At 10 months old it currently has 133 students

The Graduate | 25




26 | The Graduate

“On July 31st, alumni and Family of our Akron campus gathered at Canal Park in Akron for “Alumni Appreciation Day.” Alumni, students, faculty, and families came out to cheer for the Akron Aeros playing against the Reading Phillies. While the Aeros were unsuccessful in capturing a win, our alumni were successful in throwing out the first pitch and enjoying a great evening with fellow alumni.


CRIME and Punishment


Students in the Criminal Justice or Security and Investigation programs now have a crime lab that would make even the best Hollywood Crime television shows envious. The crime lab is a central location for students to participate in “hands-on” training in multiple aspects of investigation and beyond. Upon entering the lab, it looks like a traditional classroom with a projector, tables, chairs, etc. A few steps further in the lab and you are met with a room with one-way glass, and a jail door (don’t worry, it doesn’t lock). Inside the room is a table and chairs designed for students to participate in interviews based on their classroom studies. Outside of the interview room is a large sink and plenty of counter space for equipment. Some of the equipment in the lab are traditional ink fingerprint kits, a Cyanoacrylate Fuming chamber, volcanic ash fingerprint kits, and magnetic printing kit for obtaining prints from paper products. On the other side of the interview room, a wrap-around counter design is ready for computer systems and surveillance equipment. Three monitors display images and video obtained from seven cameras located throughout classrooms, the interrogation room, and from a PTZ camera. PTZ stands for “pan, tilt, zoom” and it is strategically placed for functionality. With the PTZ camera, students are able to zoom on people walking outside across the street from the school from a camera located on the mezzanine floor inside of the school. That’s not all. The crime lab is also equipped with the “Laser Shot” shooting simulator. “Laser Shot” is used by educational, law enforcement, and military organizations across the country as a method of developing proficiency, enhance decision making, and critical thinking. Students are equipped with two modified Glock-style pistols, and a molded Remington 870 Express shotgun. With their equipment, they are faced with first-person video scenarios where they decision-making and accuracy are recorded and analyzed. Look out criminals…. A new breed of investigator is on your trail from Miami-Jacobs Career College in Columbus!

ALUMNI EVENTS Becoming a student at Miami-Jacobs in Sharonville is so much more than enrolling for classes, earning a degree, graduating, and taking a job in “the real world.” It is about becoming part of something bigger than even yourself; a real community. Each week the campus offers a host of events, courses, workshops, guest speakers, spirit days, and more that are open not just to students but those who have helped make the campus what it is today: the alumni. Here are just a few of those happenings!


Did you know, according to the American Cancer Society, approximately 40,000 people die from breast cancer in the US each year. Globally, according to the World Conference on Breast Cancer, 400,000 people die annually from this disease. Miami-Jacobs would like to play an active part in awareness. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Let’s join together to take an active role in awareness. We will be having information posted around campus. There will also be an information table located in the student lounge. On Tuesday, October 19th Miami-Jacobs played an active role in making you more aware. A jeans day was held wherein students could wear jeans rather than scrubs for a donation of $3. Students also wore pink to show their support. While a solid figure of monies earned has not been released all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. If you would like more information about breast cancer please visit


Miami-Jacobs will be hosting two food drives, one in November and another in December. Food donated will go toward a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for one of your fellow students. If you know of a family that is deserving, and struggles to make ends meet for holiday meals, please see Tonya Dyer to get an application form. Nominations will be in complete confidence and the family will be selected from nomination forms. We would like to make sure that holidays are special for those in need. 28 | The Graduate

Welcome to the Learning Resource Miami-Jacobs Career College, Sharonville Campus, would like to welcome Brandi Weaver, the new Learning Resource Center Coordinator, to our team. Brandi is from the Chillicothe area but she looks forward to moving to the Dayton area soon. She recently graduated from Kent State University with a MLIS degree. Brandi, an avid reader and photographer, is also involved in martial arts and studies in a dojo in Chillicothe. She loves to send and receive old-fashioned handwritten letters and post- cards. In her new role with Miami Jacobs, she looks forward to building the foundation of her career with Miami Jacobs. She is excited to get to know all the staff and faculty. Welcome to Miami Jacobs and best of luck to you, Brandi!



Jocelyn Kizine is a full-Time, Medical Records Analyst / Quality Assurance Auditor in the Health Information Management Services at Stanford University Medical Center. She is a single mother of two and grandmother of a 9-month-old boy. Jocelyn loves and enjoys her job at Stanford, utilizing her training, knowledge, and skills. As a health information advocate, she is responsible for providing and releasing health information to the patient, hospital and clinic facilities, government agencies, insurance companies, law enforcement, lawyers, court orders, worker’s compensation, schools, and subpoenas. She graduated with straight A’s / 4.0 GPA and with a perfect attendance at the Institute for Business & Technology (IBT Tech). Jocelyn Kizine, Jocelyn is the second youngest of seven siblings. She is half of a set of fraterJan. 14, 2010 graduate nal twin sisters -- who were born and raised in The Phillipines. Education was always emphasized in her family, believing that education was the way to get ahead in life. Jocelyn completed her education in the Philippines as an LVN (License Vocational Nurse). Subsequently, her father—in the US Army at the time-- immigrated the family to the United States in the hopes of a better life / more opportunities, more jobs, and simply-- more everything. Jocelyn was very excited to start a new life in the US and slowly acclimated and transitioned to life in Los Angeles. One of her sisters was living in San Jose and her father decided to move the family to Silicon Valley. Jocelyn remained in healthcare, working as a US Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for a Skilled Nursing Facility in the San Jose / Campbell area. As a CNA, she was responsible for the patient’s care and ensured accuracy of daily medical records charting. This job led her to eventually become a QA Document Control Clerk in various industries / environments: hospitals, biotechnology, bio-pharmaceuticals, research and development, and electronic companies. After working for electronic and biotech organizations for some time, these companies began downsizing in light of the economic downtur. Exasperated with what seemed like constant lay-offs, and finally, the closure of her company, Jocelyn began thinking about what she could do for herself. Should she revisit a medical / healthcare career? She was an LVN in the Philippines. She had worked as a CNA. One of her sisters is an RN. Her daughter was a Registered Dental Assistant and recently obtained her RN Degree. Jocelyn’s answer came to her one day while she was watching TV and saw an IBT Tech commercial. She recalled that she immediately contacted IBT Tech, met with both Robert Alexander in Admissions and Jason Lash in Career Services on a Thursday, and started school the following week on a Monday. Jocelyn stated that she had spoken with other schools as well; however, she liked Robert and Jason’s approach. They were honest, listened, and exhibited a caring attitude. She felt comfortable with them and immediately enrolled in IBT Tech. As mentioned earlier, Jocelyn had worked in QA in the past and decided to transfer her Documentation Control and QA skills towards a similar career -- Medical Biller & Coder / Office Specialist. She enjoyed the Career Development classes taught by Jason and other instructors, which cemented her confidence and enthusiasm in IBT Tech. Class was fun and informational. Jocelyn felt like she made the right decision to go for Medical Biller & Coder / Office Specialist and that she made the right decision to attend IBT. She loved her externship with a medical / surgical vision doctor who had wanted to hire her; however, her goal was to work at Stanford where she had previously worked. Jocelyn’s advice / tip for students: “Put your mind into whatever your interests are; set your goals, and go for it. Finish what you started. Put a lot of energy and effort into studying and participating in activities at IBT Tech. When you do that, you will be successful. It will all pay off in the end…. make a good impression.” I would have never completed the program if it weren’t for IBT’s assistance and support. I would give IBT an “A+++ grade.” The Graduate | 29

ALUMNI Q&A Name: Mitchell Boykin Major: AAS Business Management Date Graduated: 2008 Miller-Motte College - Wilmington, NC: What changes took place in your life that assisted you in making the decision to attend college? Mitchell Boykin: Mostly a desire to be more successful so I would have what I would need late in life as I was getting older I realized what I had ignored when I was young had been a mistake. MMCW: What were you doing at the time you decided to change your life? MB: I had a small home construction business that was not very profitable. MMCW: What challenges, if any, did you face while you were in college? MB: Time restraints as I was working fulltime running a business and I also had a wife and 2 children who wanted part of my time.


MMCW: Why did you choose your field of study? MB: I was already self-employed but not very profitable and wanted to learn what I was doing wrong. MMCW: Was there anyone who had an impact on your education? MB: Everyone at Miller-Motte College impacted my education but if I had to pick individuals I would say Michael Wilson one of the best teachers of accounting and life I have ever met. Also Judy Zimmerman for calling me and encouraging me to continue my education after brain surgery. MMCW: Was there anyone who assisted you while you were in college? MB: The reason I care so much about this school is that everyone here is required to help all the students so I could not pinpoint just one. They were all beneficial in helping me attain my goal. MMCW: What do you feel were some significant accomplishments you achieved while you were in school? MB: Just graduating after brain surgery was a great accomplishment by itself but I am most proud of doing it Magna Cum Laude with a 3.66 Cum. GPA. MMCW: What was a significant moment in your education or in your career? MB: The call I received from Judy Zimmerman after my rehabilitation giving me the encouragement I needed to continue on. MMCW: Where are you currently working? MB: I am currently working for Miller-Motte College as Assistant to the Registrar, manage records, and I am the School Certifying Official for the Veterans Administration.

30 | The Graduate

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT As did a lot of young adults, Laura Walker Jenkins had a lot of choices to make at an early age. She dropped out of college in her junior year to marry her high school sweetheart. After realizing that her decision was premature she decided to move on and seek a new career. She started working, making $5.50 per hour. She began to realize that she truly needed a college education, so Jenkins applied to a local community college and was denied enrollment. Then she discovered Miller-Motte Technical College. Laura fell in love with the school and decided that the business program specializing in International Trade was the best for her. After setting up a financial plan in August 2004, she began the path to her new career. Unfortunately, almost 9 months into the program, things began to decline: her job cut her hours and her mother suffered a stroke. Jenkins saw no hope, so she spoke with the Director of Education. She explained to Jenkins the benefits of applying for work study. Finally, things began to look up. Her mother’s health improved; she got a work study job, and she moved into her very first apartment. Jenkins graduated with honors in 2006 and was immediately offered a position to work in the financial aid office at MMTC.


My name is Almoretta Faison and I am a proud graduate of Miller Motte Technical College. My experience as a student enrolled in the Medical Assisting program was fun, challenging, and rewarding! I chose the MA program because I have compassion and love for others. I enjoy encouraging, motivating and uplifting others! Pursuing a career as a Medical Assistant would allow me to do those things that I enjoy. I remember visiting several schools trying to determine what school would be best for me, accommodate my family/work life and still remain successful in all areas. Upon visiting MMTC, and after speaking with the admissions representative, I walked away as a MMTC Medical Assistant student. I remember saying in my car, “I can’t believe that lady actually registered me!” I’m thankful to the staff and instructors for creating an environment that actually supports working adults going back to school. There were challenges but the staff, professors, and even the director were always there to assist and help me succeed. MMTC prepared me to get an entry level job as full time front desk receptionist in family practice office. I was cross-trained to clinical back office duties and later promoted to Office Manager within 1.5 years of employment. I currently have 2 MMTC students employed at our facility. One student has been employed for 3 years and a newly hired graduate employed for 6 weeks. I ensure that we create an environment of learning. The students are equipped for the “work force” in both clinical and administrative aspects as a result of being a student of MMTC.

ALUMNI EVENTS Congratulations to the recent 2010 graduates! The Lynchburg Alumni Association was very happy to recognize these students with a reception following the graduation ceremony. Family, friends, graduates and staff enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of celebration!


Marko Galbreath – Criminal Justice Instructor congratulates graduate!

There is only ONE Mrs. Pannell-Day, Director of Education.

Campus Director, Kevin Tighe and Criminal Justice Graduate David Worrells.

32 | The Graduate

During the Spring of 2009, a little fellow wandered onto our campus and captured our hearts. This feisty soul showed up and began his campaign of joy that spread across our campus like wildfire. He greeted us every morning and spoke his mind throughout the day, never letting us forget he was here. The students and staff grew to love him and he became a conversation piece and point of pride for the entire Miller Motte Lynchburg family. It was a Program Chair who aptly named him Mottely and while sadly we lost him Memorial Day weekend he will forever live on. Who knew a rooster could impact so many lives!



On July 23, 2010, the Raleigh Campus of MillerMotte College hosted its inaugural graduation ceremony for our first 37 graduates at the Jane S. McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC. A near capacity audience of family and friends were in attendance to share in the joy and to show their continued support of these graduates. Campus Director, Thom Eastwood, welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending. Student speaker, Dana Clark, a graduate from our Paralegal Studies program, gave an inspirational speech that represented the thoughts of all graduates as they move on to a new phase in their lives. Keynote speaker, Dr. Scott Fitzgibbon from The Pacific Institute, praised the graduates on their commitment to completing this phase of their education and not allowing those inevitable roadblocks in life to sidetrack them from reaching their goals. Alpha Beta Kappa and MMC Alumni Association inductions were also included as part of the graduation ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, with graduates standing, Janice Pendergrass Mr. Eastwood took great pride in directing the ‘turning of the tassel’ tradition and pronouncing the students the first ever graduates of Miller-Motte College’s Raleigh, NC campus! Grads by program included 2 from the Accounting program, 18 from the Cosmetology program, 3 from Paralegal Studies and 14 from our Medical programs. The celebration continued with a light reception featuring ice cold lemonade and a choice of vanilla or chocolate cake. The event was such a success; we’re already looking forward to next year’s graduation for over 100 of our students who are finishing up their programs of study!

The Graduate | 33

ALUMNI EVENTS At the beginning of 2010, I woke up with severe lower back and leg pain. My doctor referred me to a specialist. I started my final quarter of school unable to walk without the assistance of crutches. I had undergone every test from a simple x-ray to the most complex of MRIs. These tests produced no answers. My severe pain was thought to be caused by a herniated disc, sciatica or an aggravated nerve. I was determined to complete my externship. I completed most of my hours at a family practice. I came home in so much pain that I was in tears. I had to take a break before starting another site. The rest of my externship would be completed at a chiropractic center. I began speaking with the physician about my condition. I finished my externship and returned as a patient. Within a few treatments I found relief. I was offered a permanent position at the chiropractic center. After graduating, I was offered the Teacher’s Assistant position at Miller-Motte. I am honored to call myself a graduate of Miller-Motte College. I set a goal for myself and, out of sheer will, met and surpassed it.


The decision to enroll in the Medical Assisting program at Miller-Motte College was easy. Graduating was climbing Mount Everest. I was extremely excited my first day of classes. Halfway through the program things began to get hectic. Thankfully, I had begun building relationships with my instructors. With the stress of maintaining a family, a job and school, something had to give. I am a Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic. I could no longer control my glucose levels and was suffering from the effects. My doctor suggested a medical device called an insulin pump, so I waited to be approved for the device. While waiting I became very ill. Miller-Motte College – Cary, NC students celebrate their graduation by throwing (then catching) their graduation caps! The ceremony took place on July 16 and was held at the McKimmon Center on the NC State campus in Raleigh, NC. Over 1,000 family and friends came to cheer on our graduates!

34 | The Graduate

- Crystal Williams


Our Greenville campus has witnessed incredible growth in our student body! With the increased demand for experienced medical professionals in the greateer Greenville area, MMC-Greenville has been hard at work preparing our students for their new careers. Shown above are some of our current students working on their massage techniques before they advance up to our Massage Therapy Clinic.


Going back to school at age 43, being a mother of 3 kids, wife and full time employee, looked impossible when I first walked into Miller-Motte Technical College in Myrtle Beach. I registered in the Associate of Applied Science Degree program for Medical Assisting. In the first term of the program I had exciting and challenging classes such as Medical Terminology, where I learned how to read, write and pronounce certain words in the medical field using the correct terms for specific conditions, with a physician or a patient. This was L to R: Marie Windham, Giselia Belcher, Kristin Nave, and Meria Jordifficult for me because English is dan (far right) stand together at a recent open house. my second language. I also had Career Development, which taught me how to build a professional portfolio and achieve skills to aid in my success throughout college and my career. All of the teachers were very supportive and they believe in each student. I learned that I can do this and graduate from college. It means a lot to me coming from another country, with years out of school, to find a place like MMTC, with professionals who take the time to show that they really care, who help build my confidence, improve my skills and abilities to start a new career. - Giselia Belcher

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Jim McDougald: Medical Assisting Graduate Internal Medicine of the Twin Cities Early in his CTC experience, Jim McDougald went to his program director to make sure Medical Assisting was the correct program for him to be in. He was the only male in the program and he wondered if he would be successful in the career field. He made the decision to stick with it and now he is the manager for Internal Medicine of the Twin Cities, a multi-physician practice, and enjoys his work immensely. “It was a little difficult at first,” Jim said. “But I felt in the long run it would actually give me an advantage.” The practice consists of three physicians, one nurse practitioner, two LPNs, two medical assistants, one phlebotomist and a receptionist. Jim works with the State Board of Medical Examiners, the State Board of Pharmacy and the DEA to maintain the physicians’ controlled substance certifications. He also works to make sure all malpractice insurance is current. “I know I made the right decision,” Jim says now. “The skill and knowledge I received at CTC gave me the mental and emotional tools to put with my determination to succeed.” Alicia Veach: Respiratory Therapy Graduate Glenwood Regional Medical Center


Alicia Veach is a member of the third class of Respiratory Therapy graduates at CTC. She chose CTC because she had heard the school would “work around my work schedule, and, having been out of school for a while, I heard they would also give you any extra help you may need.” Alicia originally enrolled in Criminal Justice, but with 11 years of medical office experience, she realized after her first term that Respiratory Therapy would be the career path to choose. “Everyone is more than willing to help you, especially your instructors. If you do your part, they will go the extra mile in helping you.” Alicia successfully completed the Respiratory Therapy program and upon graduation was able to choose from multiple Respiratory job offers. 36 | The Graduate

Angel Dodd Miller: Surgical Technology Graduate Cooksey & Reed Vision Center Angel Miller’s story is inspiring. During her final quarter of study at CTC, she was hired with more than two months remaining in her program. In the second full week of school, after only a few days into her clinical rotation as a Surgical Technologist, Angel attended our oncampus job fair. Dr. Cooksey’s office staff was in attendance and she had a chance to stop and talk with them. They asked her to come by their office the next day after clinicals, and by the next day she was hired. “I love my job,” Angel says. “This is a great environment and a great fit for my skills.”

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Being a former student and now graduate of Career Technical College Shreveport has had a tremendous impact on my life. When I initially decided to attend CTC I had came from a four year university where I attended two semesters and decided that it was not the place for me, or at least not at that particular time. Mentally and emotionally drained I called CTC and inquired about their Medical Assisting program and set up a date that I could visit the campus. From the moment I entered the doors I knew CTC was the place for me, the staff was extremely helpful, caring, and concerned about my future. The experience, the training, the knowledge, and the many memories I gained at CTC will last me a lifetime. My instructors in the Medical Assisting program were beyond Laquisha Miller, July 1, 2009 graduate great and helpful: they were patient, caring, and understanding just to name a few. My journey to completing the Medical Assisting program was no “walk in the park” as some would say; but it was always reassuring to know that my instructors, family and friends were always supporting me and cared just as much about my success in my chosen area of study as I did. It felt welcoming to be more than just a number in a large class room setting for a change. I do not regret any of my hard work and time I spent at CTC; the one thing I do regret, however, is that I didn’t attend sooner. CTC equipped me with knowledge and training that helped me to bring out inner qualities and skills that even I wasn’t aware that I possessed. I completed my degree program with honors. I have now embarked on another journey to completing the Bachelor’s degree program in Nursing at the four year university I initially attended. I now have a wonderful job in my chosen field of study and the training I received at CTC helps me to perform my duties as a Medical Assistant.


After procrastinating so many years, I finally decided to go back to school. I tried other schools, but they kept giving me the run around. One day I was looking in the newspaper and saw a newspaper ad for CTC and decided to give them a call. I called and made an appointment, the next day I was enrolled and on my way to get my degree. The staff was more excited than I was. The environment at CTC is great. It is like one big family. Everybody knows each other and are always eager to help one another. The faculty and staff don’t pretend like they care, they do care! Someone in Admissions and Financial Aid is always available no matter what time of day it is. Unlike some other schools, the instructors have actually worked in their field. The road was not always clear. I ran into a lot of obstacles along the way. There were times when I wanted to give up because of things I had going on Jermario Jefferson, in my personal life. I was laid off from my job, and in less than a week one of Dec. 12, 2009 graduate my instructors helped me find another job. He didn’t have to do that, and I really appreciate him for that. I worked full time and commuted sixty miles a day (one way) while attending CTC. I received my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from CTC on February 12, 2010 and started a job in my field two weeks later. I work with juveniles and one day plan on opening a group home.

The Graduate | 37



The Miller-Motte family is pleased to announce its newest member; Jacksonville, located in the Camp Lejune area of Jacksonville, NC. The Jacksonville campus offers Diplomas and Certificates in fields including: Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Clinical Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, Phlebotomy/ EKG Technician and Phlebotomy Technician.

38 | The Graduate

Shown at the ribbon cutting ceremony are Lauri Figueroa, Rachel Garrison, Rick Patterson, Alicia David, Kris Ryan, Natalie Williams, Meredith Kennedy, Joe Kennedy.

Pictured left is Campus Director Kris Ryan and at right is Director of Career Services Rachel Garrison.

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Summer Hughes recently graduated from the Healthcare Technology program on July 1, 2010. She was a previous graduate of the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting who decided to return to Miller-Motte Technical College to further her education and to make herself more marketable in the field she had chosen. She did her externship at Horizon Medical Center in Dickson Tennessee. Within her second week she was offered a position with the company. She received rave reviews during every site visit that I had made. Below is an excerpt from an email from the Director of Clinical Laboratory Services at Horizon

Medical Center: “Having Summer in our department was a joy. When she came to us her knowledge of phlebotomy was very good. She was able to use that knowledge to help enhance her technical skills and proved to be a quick study. Her desire to learn partnered with her skills and her personality made her an excellent student.”


Sherry Gonzalez is currently a Certified Surgical Technologist working as a Clinical Educator and Lab Assistant in the surgical tech program at Miller-Motte Technical College. At forty years old, her life as she knew it changed. Her job of 14 years had ended along with her marriage of 15 years. A new reality had hit her; she had become a single parent and unemployed in the same year, scared and wondering what to do. Sherry quickly decided it was time for a new direction. Her experiences left her believing that anything was possible so with the encouragement from kids and friends, she walked through the doors of MMTC. With the help of an awesome Admissions Rep - filling out paperwork and taking a test - she walked out the door that day a full-time student. It had been 25 years since Sherry had been in a classroom. With no outside financial support she worked fulltime to stay afloat and provide for her fourteen and sixteen year olds at home. Between soccer practice, band, choir and study there were not enough hours in the day. Perseverance and determination were two new words for her. Quitting was not an option. She maintained a 3.9 GPA. Sherry passed certification in 2008, and realized everything the kids and she had been through was a stepping stone to the new life shee had envisioned. Shortly after passing, MMTC came calling, offering a position in the surgical tech lab. She took it, wanting to give back to the students what Miller-Motte had given her; a new life with new opportunity.

Kimberly Ann Bagdon chose Miller-Motte Technical College because, “I toured a few schools in the area and Miller-Motte stood out. I didn’t know what field I was going to go into until I took the school tour. I just fell in love with the massage therapy program.” Kimberly Ann is the first to admit the staff at MMTC is very friendly, always striving to help make the entire school experience better. She also feels that the fact Miller-Motte has its own massage therapy building helps make the experience more robust and appealing. As a licensed massage therapist, Bagdon enjoys being able to aid her clients in their goal towards better health! Says Bagdon, “being able to relax people who are stressed or help relieve their pain through massage is a rewarding experience!” The Graduate | 39

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT I graduated with honors, a new sense of self-worth and a wonderful new career. My dream was to become a cosmetologist, become an instructor and give back the knowledge and skills that Miller-Motte cosmetology program gave me Now because of this wonderful establishment I am an instructor at Miller-Motte in Chattanooga, TN. MillerMotte gave me the opportunity, opportunity gave me education and this awesome school gave me the world. My life has been truly changed because of this school and for this, I am eternally thankful.


Robin King April 7, 2010 graduate

Education is defined to me in four words; MillerMotte Technical College. I wake each day with excitement and anticipation of what the day will unfold for me and I owe all this to Miller-Motte. This college has given me knowledge, achievement, and a wonderful career. At the age of 55 going back to school was difficult, to say the least, but with the support from my instructors, classmates, and staff I personally do not think I could have failed. Instead,

40 | The Graduate


In honor of their great accomplishments, there was food, music and family and friends to help the students celebrate. It was a GREAT day!


On Friday, July 23, 2010, MMTC Columbus, GA campus held its first friends and family day. The purpose of the day was to award certificates to our students for their accomplishments of perfect attendance, Honor’s List and Dean’s List. There were 26 students who received the Perfect Attendance Award, 19 students made the Honor’s List and a whopping 58 students made the Dean’s List.

On the afternoon of September 10, 2010, the Columbus, Georgia campus of Miller-Motte Technical College was overrun by the sound of laughter, music and overall giddiness. Adding to the chaos was the enchanting smell of food. What could bring about such a disturbance as this on an otherwise serene campus? It was the First Annual Alumni Association Luau! Not only was there a rowdy bunch of currently enrolled students, but prospective students as well joined in the festivities of celebrating the introduction of the MMTC Alumni Association to the campus. Students who are usually buried deep into their books came out to support the Alumni in large numbers. When it was all said and done, there were a whopping 120 new faculty/staff and students proudly joining the MMTC Alumni Association! On the heels of such a successful event, the Alumni Leadership Team is planning a Winter Ball and a Sweetheart Ball for the coming months. The MMTC Columbus, Georgia campus has officially made its mark!


New P wer. New Program.

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT After three terms with the Renewable Energy programs at the Madison, TN campus, the school is working on development of commercial alliances while the students continue to learn new skills in this up and coming green technology field. Program Director, Robert DeGraw, says that his relationships with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and others, are making contributions to the development of the program. “I am thrilled to bring my over twenty years of experience in Architectural and Electrical Power System design to a new generation of eager young minds,” said DeGraw. The school has already developed an assortment of industry professionals to comprise the advisory board. In February, the three major solar companies in Tennessee were in attendance and provided positive feedback Built by the EM102 day and and encouraging placement outlooks for the program. The students in these evening classes, this solarprograms offer a somewhat different demographic profile than the students in geothermal lab house was the trades programs offered by the unique Madison, TN campus. Shawn Matcompleted in early July 2010. thews, for example, is a US Army Veteran, where he served as an officer. Shawn has a Bachelor’s Degree and a passion for the Renewable Energy field. Jaclyn Khoury, of Hands-On Nashville, has a Bachelor’s Degree in interior design, and said that the program gives her the “hands-on” experience that her university studies could not. In the first four months, the students have built the school’s first Solar Photovoltaic/Wind Trainer, have worked with Green Builders and have visited photovoltaic and solar collector installations by SolarTek. They have also attended presentations by Tennessee Solar contractor, Lightwave Solar Electric. The students of the company’s first Solar program have also completed construction of the program’s first passive solar/geothermal lab house. The lab house features geothermal intake tubes buried beneath the ground, a solar chimney to provide vacuum, and a green roof with wildflowers. The roots from the wild flowers play a role in holding the living roof in place. When fully functional, the lab house and the photovoltaic/wind Solar Technology Stutrainer will work together to create the basis for dent, Robert Franklin experiments and real world training, which will demonstrate practical applications of renewable (left) and Sustainable Construction Student, energy technology. The house is a regular stop for the Admissions team as they tour prospective Somchit ‘Kit’ Senemounnarath (right) students. The next several quarters will include a wind turbine control room, climbing and rigging trainers and a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT). “Our students remain my greatest source of excitement in this new program, and they represent a part of our community, which shares a common desire to perpetuate renewable energy solutions and to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil,” continued DeGraw. The solar wind trainer designed For more information about renewable energy programs contact the by Robert E. DeGraw, Jr. Madison campus Admission office at 615-859-8090.

ALUMNI Q&A Why did you come to Tucson College? Back in 1996 I was a young single father. The State University schedule wasn’t working for me I was working two jobs and raising my son. I needed a career, something more than a job. I heard about Tucson College through a friend and enrolled in the Lab Assistant/EKG Technician/Phlebotomy program. Story while a student? I felt like I got a quality education. The hands on part was scary but it added to the excitement of going back to school. Being able to draw blood on real people. Being able to just have the hands on experience of working in a laboratory setting.

Aaron Phillips

How are you now? I feel great about where I am in life. Tucson College provided a soft landing for me after leaving my career at the time. It proved to be a stepping stone preparing me for where I am today as a professional. I left the field about 10 years ago due to a lay off and found another career in business which ultimately led to my bachelor’s degree. Now my recent return to the classroom as a teacher is extremely rewarding. It is rewarding being able to relate to my students and give back in that way. Counseling, mentoring and supporting in that way to people of all ages.


How was the faculty and staff? I felt the faculty and staff provided a really good experience. The classroom management was good, they made the experience at Tucson College worth while. They are the reason I honed the skills like I did How did the school prepare you for your new career? I felt like I got a thorough knowledge about the work that I would be doing. It helped me transition into a hospital setting. I didn’t ever feel that I was out of place or that I had not being taught something that would be critical to my career. Andrew Thomas, Maria Tapia, Fernando Yslas, Sonsee Perez, Marylou Navallez, Kim McCan, Claudia Alvarez, Amanda Rhodes, Mary Lou Ruiz, Melody Valenzuela, Aaron Phillips, Millie Layton, Sharon Keefer, Amanda Hail, Sara Castiglone, took part in the Alumni induction ceremony.

44 | The Graduate

ALUMNI EVENTS As members of the American Criminal Justice Association, alumni from the Academy of Court Reporting share in the vision to: improve criminal justice through educational activities, foster professionalism in law enforcement personnel and agencies, promote professional, academic and public awareness of criminal justice issues, encourage the establishment and expansion of higher education and professional training in criminal justice, provide a unified voice for professionals in, and students of criminal justice, and promote high standards of ethical conduct, professional training and higher education within the criminal justice field. As a member of the American Criminal Justice Association-Lambda Alpha Epsilon, you are entitled to several benefits. The Entitlements the Association offers are granted to each individual member or earned through competitive activities. These entitlements include: membership certificate, card, and pin, newsletters, scholastic honor awards, competitive awards, access to conferences and much more.

To become a member of the ACJA, please visit the following website to apply:

When the Academy of Court Reporting student, Greg Benjamin, got a call from the producers of the new hit ABC Drama Detroit 187 to play a court reporter he couldn’t believe it. He graciously said that if he didn’t fit the part, he knew plenty of classmates that he could refer. As luck would have it, they choose him and Benjamin will appear on episode seven in two scenes. Greg’s new favorite saying, “I’m not a court reporter, but I play one on T.V.”



The Graduate | 45



Cynthia Ayala started school in November, 2009 as a Medical Assistant student. She is a young, single mother of a little girl and wanted to make a better life for the both of them. Throughout her program she had the usual problems of life popping up, but always remained amazingly positive. At one point she almost had to drop because her part-time survival job schedule got in the way of her ability to attend classes. She needed to change her class times around, and the modules she needed weren’t offered at that time. She made it through that struggle, made sacrifices and smiled and laughed through it making a difference not only in her own experience but the experiences of other students. Cynthia was placed at Medi-Fast Weight loss Clinic for her externship. She went with her usual upbeat and positive attitude to learn as much as she could so that she would be ready to be hired when she was done. The office manager that met with her on the first day informed her that she would Cynthia Ayala not be hired because it wasn’t in their budget and there was no room for her. On the third day, the same office manager pulled her aside and said that she was so impressed with her attitude and skill level that she would find a job for her at the end of her externship. At the end of her externship, Cynthia was not only offered a position there but at two other medical facilities. She is currently employed where she successfully completed her externship. Ayala comes in occasionally to visit and continues to have a positive impact on the staff and students at Lamson College.

46 | The Graduate

Apria Healthcare has been a partner since December 2007. Lamson externs were placed on a regular basis and our students gained valuable knowledge in the Medical Billing and Coding industry. Some changes were made within the company, and in March 2010 a new affiliation agreement was signed. Since that time, Apria has taken six to fifteen externs each month and hired over fifty percent of those externs. Apria plans to hire over one hundred people in the next six months and with the strong relationship Lamson has formed this year, our graduates have spectacular opportunities at those positions.

ALUMNI EVENTS On September 12th, 2010, NCE sponsored 20 students and staff to walk with team CARES to benefit AIDS research. The CARES Clinic in Sacramento is a Center for AIDS Research and Services. They are able to treat thousands of people in need every year in their full service medical facility. Shown: NCE Campus Director: Misha Swint and Career Services Team.

Students dressed up in 80’s theme for spirit week held August 23 - 26.


Below: NCE Campus director Misha Swint and staff during spirit week on crazy hair day.

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My journey began when I moved half way across the country from Trenton, New Jersey to San Antonio, Texas with my husband Jeremy and our two cats – Hazel and Ethel. Having never been so far away from what I knew as home my level of trust was minimized but my determination, heightened. In New Jersey, I held down a very steady job in the health and fitness industry. After moving, I wanted a change, to start fresh and begin a career in the medical field. I walked in the doors of the Lamson Institute in July 2009. After a number of disappointing visits to several other schools in the area, Jennifer Fernandez, I had reservations as to whether Lamson would be my final destination. My expectations for a quality education were something I wasn’t willing to compromise. The receptionist had me sign in, and minutes later I was greeted by a representative named Arora. She took me back to her office and became familiar with my background and what my goals were. After answering several questions I had Arora took me on a tour of the school. All that I saw and heard impressed me. I then met campus director Walter Flowers. His no-nonsense personality and tough work ethic is what finally hooked me on the medical assistant program. My career at Lamson officially started in September 2009. The teachers were nothing short of amazing and continued to impress me each day. I had the pleasure of having three teachers – Dr. Gomez, Mrs. Peterson, and Mr. Harding – each a teacher who demonstrated great pride and knowledge. Not once did I feel like just a number at Lamson. Every teacher and staff member seemed to know each students name and paid very close attention the details in each student’s life. Having come so far from everything familiar to me, I relied on Lamson more than they will ever know. The best piece of advice I was given while there was to never settle. The definition of SETTLE is to sink gradually to a lower level. That is one thing I will never again do. The teachers at Lamson gave me courage I never realized I had. To me they had become my immediate support system, cheering squad, friends, and family that I thought I had all but left behind in San Antonio. Some of the best advice and wisdom came from Lamson Institute. Toward the end of my program, my externship was set up at a weight loss and cosmetics center called “Weight of the World.” My experience there was also outstanding. I was immediately given an interview and offered a job just days after the externship had ended. I was hired on as the Marketing/ Sales Manager for two of the company’s locations. While being able to call on my skills as a medical assistant I was also given the opportunity to make a huge impact as part of a skilled team. This journey I am still on would not have been possible without the tremendous support I received from Lamson beginning with Arora. My future is much more promising now and I plan to continue with my education in the hopes of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. It’s the little things in life that make up the bigger picture. It’s the details that matter most and that is exactly what Lamson Institute represent

Elaine Shand

After graduation it took me four months to acquire the position I have now. The hospital I am employed at actually called me back for an interview the first week I was out of school. Due to red tape I was not hired for some time. It was difficult to stay focused and remain upbeat. I had a lot of support and assistance though from everyone at Lamson Institute. Although hard, I did not give up and today I have a promising career, a wonderful apartment, a great car, and an even more beautiful family than I could imagine! The Graduate | 49

ALUMNI EVENTS Senator Nina Turner Addresses Academy of Court Reporting & Technology 2010 Graduates at Commencement Ceremony Cleveland, OH (Sept. 16, 2010) – Senator Nina Turner joined the Academy of Court Reporting & Technology to celebrate the accomplishments of its 2010 graduating class. Turner addressed students at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland August 21st. Turner is a strong supporter of institutions that provide vocational and skills based career training. “We are so pleased that Senator Turner joined us to celebrate the success of our students,” said Lynn Mizanin, Campus Director of the Academy of Court Reporting & Technology. “We measure our success based on our graduates reaching their fullest potential in their new careers and couldn’t be happier for them.”


The Academy of Court Reporting and Technology has been an integral part of Campus Director Lynn Mizanin presents Senator Nina Turner the Cleveland community since 1970. The with a key to the school at 2010 commencement ceremony. school offers a dedicated career services staff to help students determine the right career path and is fully engaged in job placement upon graduation. The college also offers flexible schedules and financial aid to those who qualify. About The Academy of Court Reporting The Academy of Court Reporting is a reputable leader in private career education. Our core mission is to provide students with an education delivering real-life career skills and dedicated placement assistance to successfully start their new career. The Academy of Court Reporting offers Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in fields including: Accounting, Court Reporting, Health Information Technology, Management, Medical Assisting, Paralegal and Security and Investigation. Please visit us online at for more information. The Academy of Court Reporting & Technology, We Change Futures, We Change Lives!

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