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Various Range of the Cables and their Uses In the market, you will find a range of different cables; the functionality of each of these cables and so do their uses. Each type of cable is utilized for a specific purpose. For example, the cables made up of two aluminium or copper wires with a protective sheath are used for electricity supply. As the demand changes, the type of cable also has to be changed. For instance, if there is a requirement for transferring high power supply, a cable that is enclosed with a synthetic polymer is used. In general, cables are divided into six categories, namely, marine cables, coaxial cables, kuwes cables, twisted pair cables, ribbon cables, and shielded cables. Let’s take a detailed look at these form of cables and their uses. Marine Cables The marine cables in Kuwait are specifically made to fulfill the wiring requirements during shipbuilding. These marine cables in Kuwait are specially designed to be used in ships, yachts, and other offshore equipment. These cables have highly desirous properties, such as low weight, high efficiency, flame retardant, etc. Coaxial Cables This type of cable contains a solid copper or a copper plated steel conductor at its core. This core is enclosed with four layers of metallic tape and metallic braid. On the top of these four layers, a protective outer jacket is installed that acts as an insulator. The cable suppliers in Kuwait usually supply such cables to computer hardware and networking industries as these cables are mostly used in those industries. Kuwes Cables The kuwes cables in Kuwait have a core made up of solid bare copper and this core is insulated with the help of high-density polyethylene. The average thickness of this insulation coating is around 0.178 mm. This wire is primarily used in communication cabling.

Twisted Pair Cables The twisted pair cables are considered to be the most common form of cables. These cables consist of two or more copper wires twisted around each other. Each copper wire

is color-coded and each may have diameter somewhere between 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm. These cables are used primarily used in telephone cabling. Ribbon Electric Cables These cables are also known as flat twin electric cables and they contain a number of wires arranged parallel to each other. This number generally ranges from 4 to 12 and the cable suppliers in Kuwait ship such wires to computer networking companies. Other than networking, these wires are also used to connect motherboard with the CPU. Shielded Cables This type of cable either contains one or two insulated wires and these wires are surrounded by aluminium foil and a woven braided shield. The task of this shield is to ensure proper signal transmission. These cables are used to carry high-voltage electricity.


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Types Cable & their Uses  
Types Cable & their Uses