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by Tayla Tate Boerner

Host a Southern Porch Party Now that the days are growing longer, I’m ready to break from my winter hibernation. Aren’t you? One of my favorite ways to ring in spring is to host an oldfashioned porch party. At the turn of the century, families embraced the iconic front porch which provided an outside living area. The porch swing or rocker offered the perfect place to catch a breeze. More recently, home builders have steered away from porches for more modern construction styles. Today, we’re busy. And stressed. We rush home from work, pull into the garage, and hunker inside the comfort of our air-conditioned homes during the sweltering summer. But a spring porch party can bring community back to your neighborhood. And community is a great thing. No porch? Any space will do — a deck, patio, or the front yard beneath your favorite shade tree. Even your driveway will provide a great spot for setting up food and games. The important thing is to gather with friends and neighbors. I’ve seen the magic work first-hand in my neighborhood. With a little food and fun, mere acquaintances quickly turn into friends. If you make porch parties a regular tradition, in no time you’ll feel like you’ve known your neighbors forever.

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