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Al Green as a Kennedy Center Honors recipient in 2004

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The motivation that drove him was still alive and kicking deep inside and in 1988, Al answered the siren-call of rhythm & blues music when he was asked, and accepted, the opportunity, to sing “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” with Annie Lennox for the comedy movie Scrooged. But R&B wasn’t the only siren echoing inside Al Green. In 1992, he answered that call by recording his first soul album in almost 15 years, Don’t Look Back, released only in the United Kingdom. His life was moving on and Al left a trail in his wake — a trail that was a marker of sorts of his greatness. In 1995, he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. That same year, Your Heart’s in Good Hands was released. It was Al's first secular album on the market since Truth and Time and earned positive reviews from the media. But it wasn’t a sales hit. Still, the musical drive that runs deep inside Al Green could not be idled. The label Blue Note released I Can’t Stop in 2003 and Everything's OK in mid-2005. Mirroring his early soul style, Lay It Down was released by Blue Note in 2008. Green was recognized December 7, 2014, as a Kennedy Center Honors recipient, with President and Mrs. Barack Obama and many of the world's top performers on hand to celebrate his music and give him a minutes-long standing ovation. He is an established pillar of R&B and soul music in this country with a popularity that reaches far beyond America’s borders and embraces the whole world. His name is synonymous with the greats and his voice is as recognizable as many of the best who have ever sung — beautiful and sweet. God blessed Al Green with two remarkable gifts — music and ministry. He has used them well, to the betterment of the industry which gave him voice, and the pulpit, which continues to give him the opportunity to honor the God he loves and serves.

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