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Khris Goble woodworks

Preserving Northeast Arkansas One Plank of Wood at a Time


ften it takes a trip to rock bottom before we discover the road leading to our true calling. That’s the moral of Khris Goble’s inspirational story so far. Goble grew up on his family’s farm at Carson Lake off Highway 61 between Wilson and Osceola. “Farming was all I knew. I drove a combine by age nine,” he said. That’s certainly not the case today. After a circuitous route that took him to college in Fayetteville and to Baton Rouge for a “change of scenery”, Goble’s bumpy pathway eventually led him back home to Mississippi County. Today, Goble is a wood artisan with an eye for furniture design and a passion for saving lumber that would otherwise be forgotten. Goble discovered his natural talent for woodworking and furniture building while managing an unfinished furniture store in Louisiana.

Text and photos by Talya Tate Boerner

Fall 2016|


Delta Crossroads Fall 2016  
Delta Crossroads Fall 2016