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DELTA TIMES 1st Qtr 2013

Delta Chapter


President’s Corner It is with my heartfelt blessings that I

members and dedicated chairpersons

commend each member of Delta

who answered the call to help move

Chapter for the outstanding contribu-

our chapter to greatness. I am ex-

tions. I challenge all Sorors to do

tremely proud of all of your efforts to

your share and to use your influence

keep Iota’s name in the community. I

to promote love, peace, grace, harmo-

also salute the efforts made to con-

ny, and unity within our chapter! I

tinue to strengthen the bond of sis-

would like to take this moment to


acknowledge the committees that

Sisters, it is my prayer that Delta

planned events during the first half of

Chapter will continue to work tire-

our sorority year. Warm wishes are

lessly in the promotion of the National

Chapter President Didi Boynton

projects and programs of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. (see page 3) .

in order to each of the hardworking

Delta Chapter Helps Fight Breast Cancer As the crowd swelled during the early morning in October members of Delta Chapter were there to help register participants in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. T This marked the second year that the chapter has been involved in this

important effort. Thousands of people, from breast cancer survivors, doctors, nurses, and friends and families of those effected by the disease participated in this event.

The money raised, will go toward more treatments and care for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer.


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American Education Week By Addisnette Payne On November 17, 2012, Delta Chapter held their annual American Education Week program. The American Education Week program showcased the participants of Delta Chapter’s annual essay contest as well as a motivational guest speaker. Three students were awarded prizes for their participation. The middle school winner was Marcus Burton, Jr. He received a certificate of participation

and prize money for his winning essay. The high school winners were Nicolas Collins who won 1st place and Hannah Cater who won 2nd place. Both students also received certificates for their participation as well as prize money. All three students read their winning essays to attendants. Our speaker for the afternoon was Ms. Stephanie Lee. Ms. Lee delivered excellent words not only the

students, but for all in attendance. Delta Chapter is extremely proud of this year’s participants and look forward to showcasing the works of more students in the future.

Member In The Spotlight This quarter Delta Times recognizes Soror Bettye Sain. Soror Sain has been a dedicated member of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc since 1950. Few sororities can boast having an active member in their ranks that has actively served the organization since 1950.

who are willing to learn more about our sorority. Having served in several key positions with the sorority over the years, the latest position was chapter treasurer.

Soror Sain has seen Delta chapter change over the years and has made herself available to sorors

*The Spotlight Soror is randomly selected by the chapter journalist.

Soror Sain is our chapters’ gem!

Delta Chapter Gears Up For Black History Month By Soror Floyd

Black History Month-Find Some Way tp Celebrate.

February marks the official celebration of Black History Month. This year we are especially proud of President Barack H. Obama who in 2008 was elected the first Black president of the United States. He was re-elected in 2012 and took the oath of office in January 2013.

As we strive to move forward and make the greatest impact on our community we must reflect on the past and those who risked life and limb to have our voices heard. Members are encouraged to tour some of Atlanta’s historic homes, listen to the stories about life on the plantation from

the slaves view point. Imagine having corn husks strapped to your feet as you shuffled across the wood floor all day every day. Imagine being the “shadow” of your young white master, following him or her all day, carrying their pots (used for bathrooms) outside and cleaning them in the middle of winter.

1ST QTR 2013

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President’s Corner (cont’d) Sorors, we have much work to do as we prepare for Black History Month, Business Month, and Joint Founder’s Day; as well as our community services, social activities, Regional Conference, and National Convention this sorority year. We must not quit now, we have much work to do in order to maintain our status. Let us remain strong, dedicated and most of all let our “Sisterly Love” shine as we work together in unity and love! Remember, “Together we stand, divided we fall.”

Let us stand together and make this chapter the best in the Region! In 1930, Delta Chapter Charter Members established this chapter under the “Working Not Shrinking” mantra. Since its inception, Delta Chapter has made significant contributions to the Atlanta area and now we must make a notable difference in the lives of those residing in the Metro-Atlanta area. Therefore, Sorors we need to prepare our schedules to support all chapter events and/or communicate

in kind our intention. The dynamic Delta chapter will continue to work and promote the business aspect of Iota . Recapturing the vision of our Founder remains the key focus within our existence. Sisterly, Didi S. Boynton

Delta Chapter Gears Up For Black History Month(cont’d) Take a tour of the Apex museum or the King Center, look closely at the photos of young men and women lynched and see the crowds gathering just to make sure death was the end result.

strongest, fittest, and finest. We must continue working and not shirking “...the fact that we are alive today shows we are one of the strongest, fittest, and finest.”

Luckily, for now, we only have to imagine but it was the reality of many in our past and it is up to each of us to remember- the fact that we are alive today shows we are one of the

February th

5 - Janice Green March 14th- Mary K. O’Neal Terrilyn Hannah

Working Not Shirking...

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