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Hellooooooo, and welcome to the new Proud Times! My name is Victoria and I am your new editor. I am so excited to be here and part of this loving community. We are proud to say that we have already received submissions from our readers - please keep them coming! We want to know about the events you’re attending, the struggles you’re facing, and the things you’re doing in your community. In this issue we get to know Brandon Stansell, a rising lgbtq country singer with a passion for whisky. Brandon is making waves with his personally inspired lyrics and his passion for his community. We also are happy to promote a local Spokane favorite - J&R’s Bar-n-Grill. If you’re a Spokane native, you may recognize it as The Flame-N-Fox, but not for long! This married couple has taken over The Flame and are turning it into what they call “an everybody bar.” They host drag shows every weekend, karaoke twice a week, and they have plenty of flat screens for you football and nascar fans. We are also happy to bring you an audio interview with rising singer Kendra Erika, an informative article telling you why you should “get nekkid” this summer, and a wonderful article on coworking from a community contributor. We would like to thank our new and returning writers for their hard work and dedication in putting forth great stories and interviews for you, our readers. And we also want to thank you, our readers, for your continued support and contributions. We look forward to reading your submissions (they are always welcome!) and bringing you amazing new material each month. Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date on our website and magazine releases. We understand we have been gone for awhile now, but we are so happy to be back!




Victoria Smartt


Robbi Anthony


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Victoria Smartt


Kris Abrams


Ebb Rivers

“What we plan for the future in our gay community, which is always a safe haven for everyone to come to” By Victoria Smartt One is a local drag queen, the other is a jet ski enthusiast, and together they are the new owners of The Flame-n-Fox in Spokane, WA. James and Randy Wagar have big things planned for this little town, including a total revamping of The Flame - soon to be known as J.R’s Bar-N-Grill. The bar currently has drag shows weekly on both Friday and Saturday nights featuring Le Gurlz, Karaoke on Monday and Thursday hosted by local drag queen Arianna, and they host a monthly drag special for drag kings as well. James and Randy were married in October 2017 after four years of dating. Randy is following in the footsteps of his Grandpa who owns a local vacuum cleaner business in Spokane. He says he was “working at a diner on Broadway and got tired of living paycheck to paycheck.” He started looking through craigslist and found “the perfect opportunity” - a local bar wanting to sell.


What made the owners so willing to sell to these two? Well, James’ drag queen status of course! “James had explained to them that he was a drag queen in Spokane and she was in love with him and that’s kind of how that started.” While Randy mostly runs the business side of the bar, James is busy with the entertainment side. Not only does he book the shows, he also performs

in them most weeks as his alter ego, the beautiful Lelani Kaine. Even though J.R’s Bar-N-Grill is full of drag queens quite often, they don’t consider themselves to be a gay bar, but rather, an everybody bar. What do you want this bar to represent for yourselves, for the community, what do you want it to be? R: I want it to be an everybody bar, but more importantly I want it to represent the place where people can feel free to come and be themselves. Whoever they are, any walk of life, any race, and that’s what I told the current owners before I even started this process - it’s not a gay bar. It’s a very gay friendly bar, yes, but I love all my customers and I want it represent a place where people can just come and hang out. J: And that just shows a lot from our personalities, because even with just our friends, and people we don’t even know, we’re very genuine, we’re very real, we’re very considerate, you know we like to have fun and enjoy each person that walks into our lives. So that’s a representation of our bar, just like who we are. We want it to be fun and upbeat, a place where if out of towners come and they miss their family they can come into our establishment and feel like they’re still with some sort of family member, getting that family core vibe. Just a good feeling.

Move over Olive Garden! J.R’s Bar-NGrill is the new place where you feel like family for this midsize town. They say they greet everyone with a firm handshake or a nice hug, and while they may not serve pasta at this time, they have a great selection of food and drink, including a new signature cocktail called The Sour Punch which is made with Cranberry Apple Smirnoff vodka, regular vodka, a crushed lemon, cranberry juice, sweet and sour, and sprite - only $5 on weekend nights! While most of the week is already filled with drag shows and karaoke, James and Randy plan to bring in a trivia night on Tuesday and an amateur drag show on an undecided night. They also have plenty of T.V.’s set up for football and Nascar fans, pinball machines, Ms.Pacman, two pool tables, and a huge dancefloor. This really is the renaissance man of bars, they do everything and welcome everyone. If you’re looking for a place to cut loose and let yourself shine, this is the place for you! Have a drink, watch a game, play some pool, do some karaoke, or catch the drag shows on the weekends just be sure to tip those queens honey! J.R’s Bar-N-Grill hours: Monday-Saturday 9 am - 2 am Sunday 9 am - 10 pm.



By Robbi Anthony

My name is Robbi Anthony. I am entrepreneur, millennial, and I happen to be a transgender woman. I opened a coworking space known as Praxis Coworking in Spokane, Washington. I wanted to create a space where people who work independently could do so with a peer group of other autonomous individuals, while feeling like they could entirely be themselves. For those unfamiliar, coworking is effectively like a gym membership for an office space. Coworking is appealing because it is incredibly cost prohibitive to own your own office, especially anything with a few thousand square feet. Rather than placing the entire financial burden on one person, we can informally subdivide between our members and share collective amenities. In some ways it is very much an office cooperative. People typically stumble into coworking spaces for the cheap membership, but end up staying for a sense of community. I’ve been working for myself for over two years and during that time I’ve been chased down the street, screamed at as I walk to work, threatened, and a litany of other things because I am

transgender. I’m tall, I have a particular deep voice, and I know I don’t turn any heads, but I didn’t imagine I’d face such blatant and constant discrimination when I first began working for myself. I’ve heard that the T in LGBT has often been forgotten, and I can attest to that. Despite having a relatively queer friendly downtown corridor, an LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and other resources in this town, it is still hell to navigate it alone as a transgender individual. By our own research, we believe that Praxis is the first coworking space in the nation that has an explicit and clear mission of diversity and inclusivity. We wanted people to be able to show up to work in anything from sweatpants to prom dresses, and for everyone to provide each other with the dignity that we all deserve.


I believe that my being transgender has helped in this mission. When giving prospective members a tour, if they treat me well I can assume that they’re probably going to treat others well. I’m a gatekeeper in that sense. In our 3,500 square foot facility we have a 100Mbps mesh WiFi network (which can be wired to go up to 1Gbps), personal desks for all of our members, two conference rooms that can be used upon reservation, a call / podcasting room, a kitchenette, three large open collaborative tables, free printing, and a recreation area. Members get 24/7 access to the facility all for one flat monthly fee. I believe coworking is the future, especially considering how many people can now work remotely or for themselves. An inordinate amount of occupancies can be completed with just a computer, phone, and internet connection. Working from home can be great if one has a killer home office, but short of that it can feel like a selfconstructed prison. I went damn near insane living and working from home day in and day out. I wanted to be around others, I wanted to be out of the house, but didn’t want to be in the office (empty or otherwise). If I didn’t start my own coworking space, I probably would have joined one. Alas, finding a place where someone like me would have


been accepted is a pretty tall order in Eastern Washington. I recognize that I have immense privilege owning my own firm and effectively creating an ivory tower that shields me from the hostility of the real world. My experiences these days are not typically of an average transgender woman in Spokane. I am very fortunate. But I figure if I create an effective coworking space, I can open my ivory tower doors to others in a sustainable manner. I know that, at least for myself, the most profound iteration of diversity is the day where people are indifferent to difference. I kept that vision in mind when forming Praxis, and decided that one doesn’t need to be LGBT or in a minority group to join Praxis, they just need to treat someone who is with kindness, respect, and dignity. Praxis means “practice as opposed to theory.” We see this space as a venue where people can test the theory of their great ideas by putting them into practice. And my great idea was that there should be a place for everyone to be themselves at work. I believe we have succeeded in living up to our name.


It used to be that clothing optional resorts were only for the super liberal— those people who lit their houses with lava lamps, decorated their doorways with hanging crystal bead curtains and always had a mysterious smoke coming out of their backyard.


Today, however, thanks in large part to resorts like Hedonism and Temptation, nudist resorts have gained a reputation for being youthful and fun. All of a sudden, people are opening their minds to them. “Every summer for the last three or four years, we’ve seen more and more people coming to try a new experience,” explains Jon Jackson, the co-owner of Inndulge, a popular clothing optional resort in Palm Springs, California. “And once they try it, about 70% of them return within the year!”

So what’s holding you back? If you find that you’re still on the fence about daring to bare on your next summer vacation, here are reasons that might convince you to drop trou.


Your balls will thank you That’s right, those little suckers want to breathe. The tight designer underwear you sport may look sexy and cute, but they’re suffocating your man parts. The boys will smell and feel better than ever before when they’re swinging in the breeze at the nudist resort. You’ll let loose Feeling less inhibited will encourage you to try other things on your bucket list that are outside of your comfort zone. You’ve conquered being naked in public, now go ahead and try that bungee cord jump you’ve always wanted to do or challenge yourself to complete that hike through the desert. Live the dream. “It’s true. We see a noticeable boost in confidence after a guy strips off his clothes,” says Jackson. “Its like they’re all of a sudden ready to take on the world. They’re also

much more comfortable making small talk and being social.” You don’t have to be a Muscle Queen Don’t believe the hype that only hot, ripped and toned men are frequenting the gay nudist resorts. According to Jackson, “You’ll find bodies of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Everyone is welcome.” You’ll be a less judge-y beeotch We’re all guilty of judging people by what they’re wearing. Taking clothing out of the equation may help you give that guy still wearing last year’s loafers a second look. Nobody is going to laugh or point Nudist resorts are some of the most supportive, non-body-shaming places on earth. “You’ll quickly realize that no one else is judging you, so why should you be judging yourself,” Jackson says. No matter how skinny your legs are, no one is going to think


they’re funny. The happy truth is, you’re likely going to go away realizing they’re hotter than you thought they were; in fact, those legs kind of have it going on. We’re all the same A doctor or business man may seem intimidating with clothes on, but when stripped of his clothes, he’s no different from the plumber and postal worker. Being naked is a great reminder of how similar we all truly are beneath our uniforms, and that helps break down everybody’s walls. Any airs you normally put on will go right out the window at a nudist camp. You’ll end up befriending people who normally would feel out of your social reach.

courageous and unique thing. Anytime somebody tries to make you feel small or insecure, you can just remember you were brave enough to let it all hang out at a nudist resort. So eff them. Learn more at

You and your partner will have great sex There’s something oddly titillating about getting naked with your man in public. You appreciate their body more. They appreciate yours more and boom, it all erupts when you crazy fellas find yourself back in your private hotel room. You’ll eventually forget you are naked It’s kinda like when the Real Housewives say that after a while, they forget the cameras are on them. It’s the same with being nude. You’ll leave with a sense of pride and satisfaction You will always know that you did a very



By Victoria Smartt

Brandon has always been a singer, he told me that he “was always surrounded by country music and people who loved country music, so it’s kind of in [his] blood.” Before becoming the LA living, songwriting, country singer he is today, he started doing shows at Opryland when he was just six years old. His mom put him in a little local school in Chattanooga where he and his siblings took singing lessons. Brandon continues lessons today to further his craft but doesn’t think of it as lessons really, just something he’s always done.



Brandon always knew that country music was what he wanted to do, but he wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to break through and “make it [him].” I think it’s safe to say he’s succeeded in doing just that. Brandon writes about his own feelings and experiences saying: “I think that anytime you go through something that is life changing to you and you realize that there’s something in you and something that you can do to make the lives of people in your similar situation better then I would never understand why you wouldn’t want to do that. My coming out very clearly defined my future and my paths so I’m really thankful for that....” Brandon may not have had the greatest coming out experience, but he is using that struggle as a way to connect to his fans and all of the lgbtq community. He wants people to feel something when they hear his songs, to help people know that they’re not alone, and make them feel like the lgbtq community is being more normalized than it has been previously. He says these are the things that make him feel like everything he’s doing is worth it. In 2009-10 Brandon toured with legendary country crossover artist, Taylor Swift, but not in the way you might think. Brandon was a dancer on her Fearless tour. When I asked him if there was any jealousy while he was


on tour, he told me that he believes Taylor to be one of the best songwriters he knows and 1000% deserving of her superstar status. Brandon was just enjoying being on the tour, performing with someone he was able to call a friend. It wasn’t until years later that Brandon started writing his own music. He had some friends help him write his first song “I Can’t Do That Anymore,” it’s the second track on his 2015 EP. “Yeah, so the first song I wrote was actually the second track on the record, it’s a song called “I Can’t Do That Anymore.” So that is technically the first song I ever wrote and I wrote it with some friends of mine from college. We wrote it sitting on a front porch in Nashville, sippin some whisky. And I definitely took a backseat on that just because it was my first co-write and I really let them kind of take the reigns because they were the more experienced song writers. But what was so fun about that was that they were people that I knew and it was up to me to provide the content and they helped me structure the song. It was nice to finally get something down and realize this is the process, this is the process to writing music, and realizing that it’s not this unattainable thing and that it was something I could actually do, so that was the jumping off point.” Brandon may be the epitome of a sweet country boy writing songs on porches in

Tennessee, but he’s in your face when it comes to what he believes in. His song “Spare Change” has a powerful political message at the forefront of the video. I was wondering if that was your idea when you wrote that song, did you want to make a video like that for it? And also, how are you feeling about Donald Trump being in office? “Wow, yeah so I wrote that song with a friend of mine here in LA and we wrote that a year before the election, so the video wasn’t really a concept and didn’t come to fruition until months after the election. So it wasn’t written as a response, but it ended up being a response, or at least a platform to

make a response to how I felt about the election and the administration, which I think is just atrocious. It is dumbfounding to me just how much worse it gets every day and just how there is absolutely no heart and no humanity and no care for really anyone, at least from my perspective, from Trump or any single person that works for him. So I was really happy to do that video. And I told people at the time, when this ship comes it’s gonna be sinkin and when people look around and ask each other ‘What did you do when he was elected?’ ‘What did you do when he was in office?’ ‘Why didn’t you ever say anything?’ I’ll always point to that video and say we did. We said something. Because we disagreed and we loved


the people around us and we wanted them to feel safe and not scared and we wanted them to stay here and we didn’t want them to go, and we wanted kids to stay with their parents and we wanted husbands to stay with their wives, and these things were important to us and we weren’t just going to sit by and let this happen and not have a voice.” So we took the song, we made the video, and put it out and let people know what we really thought about what was going on.” Brandon really loved the romance happening in the video as well, but he did say that whenever he’s involved in the narrative it will always be his story, always a man playing opposite him because that’s who he is and it’s important to show who you are.


In his video for “Slow Down” he does just that. The video features Stansell and a hunk of a guy getting to know each other through the experience of hitchhiking, a broken down truck, shooting guns, and playing guitar. If the youtube comments are any indication, fans are absolutely eating this video up, the video has almost half a million views at this time. About “Slow Down,” a fan commented and said, “you’re singing about slowing it down but then you’re having sex on the first night lol I’m confused.” How would you respond to that? “These things aren’t meant to be picked apart and really taken literally. The song itself is about the buddings


and beginnings of a new relationship and what that looks like is different for everybody, it’s situational and it definitely depends on the person. So we kind of put together this narrative and it felt genuine to me and something I would do, and I’m not sure what that says about me! But it felt very natural to me and I find it to be a very sweet and fun story, so however anybody else wants to view it or take it or interpret it, that’s completely up to them but at the end of the day I’m really proud of what we made and it’s one of my favorite pieces that we’ve put out. Unfortunately, it was not always easy for Brandon to be his natural self. He had a rough time coming out and afterward felt that he had lost his long time supporters and friends. Since that rough experience, Brandon has built an amazing team of friends who are his biggest advocates and supporters. He gets to work with them every day and experience how much they believe in him and his music. His entourage may be small, but his fan base definitely is not, and he’s received an outpour of love from all around the world. You can look at the comments on any of his youtube or facebook videos and find people thanking him for what he’s doing, sending love his way, and sharing what they’re doing in their own lives and how he gives them inspiration with his music and his openness regarding his sexuality.


The “Slow Down” video and everything produced including and since the “Dear John” video, were all directed by his best friend Trent. Brandon has a “small but mighty” team consisting of his good friends and of course his husky rescue. When asked about how it feels to have his friends be so involved in his career, Brandon had this to say: “It’s so flattering and honoring. One, that they believe in my work enough that they want to be part of it. And two, that when they get a chance to work on it they just take such pride in it and such care and time with the things that we’re doing, you really can’t beat it. It’s one thing to just pay someone to do a job, it’s another thing if they love the work and they feel invested in it, and you pay them. But I really couldn’t ask for a better team.” Country music is not the first genre you think of when you think of lgbt artists, Brandon says he’s not sure why that is, but that those that are open are doing a wonderful job. Heteronormativity is prevalent in our current society, but Brandon has a plan on how to combat this for himself and for all other lgbtq members involved in the entertainment industry - and it starts with us. So how are you feeling about heteronormativity in the media in general, music, television, it seems to me that things are improving, but


is there something that you think can be done to speed that process up?

wave of heteronormative behavior that we are so used to.”

“I think things are improving, but I think, and here’s what I’ve been telling people about this Love, Simon movie that came out recently, which I loved, I thought it was wonderful and it was like the movie I always wanted to see. But I think that people in our community are really trying hard to put more lgbt storylines in the media and so I think that we kinda have to start with us. If we’re wanting that and we’re wanting to see that then we have to support that and find ways to support it and I’m not sure what that looks like across the board, but for Love, Simon, I was basically saying this may not be something that you’re anxious to go see in the theatre, it may be something that you can wait and watch when it’s streaming, but it’s important that you go and support it. It’s important that you go and spend money and you let them know that you want to see this, you support this, you think this is good and that they should make more things like it. So I think that’s where we have to start and go from there. But support the lgbt artists and the makers in this world and I think that will bring about the normalization of our community better and faster than trying to fight against the

While Brandon says that there’s still a lot of things he wants to do with his career, we think it’s safe to say that he’s fulfilled his goal of creating country music that people want to listen to. Brandon will be releasing a video for his song “Hometown” later this year, be on the lookout for it and be sure to support him on social media, by purchasing his music on itunes, and by encouraging and supporting other lgbtq country artists. We shouldn’t only promote Brandon because he makes amazing music, supports the lgbtq community, and is willing to raise his voice on political topics, he is also a downright awesome human being. Some of that Tennessee magic that gave us Kenny Chesney, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Dolly Parton must have rubbed off on Brandon as well. He is a sweet, kind-hearted, down to earth person, and his laugh is outright infectious! Not to mention that southern accent is just crazy cute. We wish Brandon the best in all of his endeavors and we can’t wait to see his new video for “Hometown” this fall!

To keep up with Brandon and his new music, follow him on social media:


Michael Lucas is the most mainstream adult entrepreneur in the world and has enjoyed unparalleled longevity in the industry for nearly twenty years.


Kris Abrams

It all started when he came to the United States from Russia for a week in 1997. He fell in love with the country and began working as an exclusive model for Falcon Studios. Within a year, he left Falcon to open his own adult film company out of his studio apartment.


Lucas Entertainment quickly became one of the top five gay adult companies in the world and the biggest on the East coast. Today, the company occupies 5,000 square feet in the heart of Manhattan, employing fifteen full time employees. It produces award-winning erotic films with famously high production values including the highest budgeted adult film ever, Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita. So it came as a surprise when Michael Lucas began streaming content on OnlyFans, a website


better known as a platform for allowing amateur performers to rake in extra cash by offering exclusive access to their physical assets. We spoke with Michael Lucas to learn more. What inspired you to start your own stream of OnlyFans content? Michael Lucas: When I first heard about OnlyFans, I was worried it would harm the industry, but I was curious, so I started following some models. I was really impressed by what I saw


and eventually, I opened my own account and posted some amateur videos. I didn’t expect to get over 700 followers so quickly but I was pleasantly surprised. There is nothing wrong with making an extra $6,000 a month! Do you post frequently? Michael Lucas: I am not as avid a poster as many of the amateurs, but that may change. I’ve noticed the guys that post often and promote their accounts are pulling in tens of thousands of dollars a month! I must say, posting on OnlyFans is addictive. What kind of unique content do you offer to your OnlyFans subscribers? Michael Lucas: I believe I post more clips on my OnlyFans page than anyone else, but I think what really makes my content different is that I travel around the world for both work and leisure and so I have sex with tons of guys that I meet in all different countries. Some guys are adult stars, others are guys I meet at bars or just out-and-about. I always ask before I film a new guy I meet and I have to say, it’s rare that a guy passes. It’s amazing how many are receptive to the idea of filming with me! I film my videos from two-to-three angles which gives viewers different perspectives. I also film lots of POV


scenes, holding the camera in my hand while drilling a guy. Does OnlyFans allow fans closer access between you and fans? Michael Lucas: Yes, OnlyFans has direct messaging and I reply to every fan there. That’s something that I never do on my social media. How is your OnlyFans content impacting your studio porn career? Michael Lucas: It doesn’t because I film my OnlyFans content on my own terms, whenever I want and it is an entirely different content than the Lucas Entertainment films. Do you allow talent signed to Lucas Entertainment to stream their own OnlyFans content? Michael Lucas: I do. While it might not benefit the studio, we want our talent to be happy and to make as much money as they possibly can. Would you consider casting from OnlyFans? Michael Lucas: OnlyFans is generally a site for those who want to watch porn, not participate in it, but that being said, yes, I have received emails from

models asking how they can get into professional films. How do you advise them? Michael Lucas: I suggest they fill out a casting form at Do you see OnlyFans, or businesses like it, as the future of gay porn? Michael Lucas: I see it as a part of it. Most people still prefer professionally filmed pornography. The like immersive experiences with cameras moving around the action, showing close ups and penetrations close up and clear. Are you releasing new studio films this summer? Michael Lucas: We release a brand new scene every Monday and Friday. We also post fetish scenes to What does the future look like for Michael Lucas? Michael Lucas: I like being in front and behind the camera. I’m not interested in retiring anytime soon. Visit



Kendra Erika, a beautiful person with a beautiful voice hoping to make a difference! By Ebb Rivers


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kendra Erika, a two time Danceclub Billboard Top Ten Artist, about her hope to bring authenticity back to social media through her new release “Authentic.” We speak on her thoughts of social media’s corruption, the adverse effect of reality TV on young persons of today, and the pettiness we as a culture are being swayed to accept.



Kendra puts a lot of thought into her music and hopes that her political and societal messages will make a connection with her readers. She calls it her “poetic strategy.” She put it like this: “Well in terms of strategy, everybody correlates that with an angle or whatever but at the same time I am trying to stray away from those people who have a hidden agenda and angles, which is what ‘Authentic’ is essentially all about and what it consist of and it’s something that has been haunting our society. It’s just like the inconsistencies of what social media has become and TV and so on and so forth. Like anything media, it could be a great thing, or interaction and support and outreach and informational. But, at the same time, there is a dark side like anything in this life. And to shed light on the dark side, which has been mindlessly controlling our society... So I want to make people aware and I want to be that person that puts the control back in people themselves.” I think we can all agree that social media is the Sith side of the force. Kendra wants her listeners to understand that the power to change that lies with them and them alone. Kendra opens up about bullying, how she dealt with it, and the direction she wants society to go - forward! Instead of hiding behind our screens,

Kendra wants us to take responsibility for our actions and, if you don’t have anything nice to say, her parents told her you shouldn’t say anything at all. Kendra oozes positivity and wants the most for society, for us to be kind to one another and create a respectful atmosphere. She says that “we live in an entertainment culture and so we’re trying to live a fake life.” She wants a real, ‘authentic’ life for Americans. She has no problem with reality TV stars - “to each their own” - but she does believe that it is detrimental to society and that it markets off of exploitation. She says “a private life is a happy life.” When one opens their life to the public, it’s impossible not to be judged, and when personal matters are so readily available fo the viewing pleasure of the world, it can create a negative impact on those individuals, as well as society. Kendra also gets down and dirty about sex in America and how it’s treated in the media. If you want to sell a sexy ad, you better tag a sex ed course along with it! We sell too much, but don’t know enough in her opinion. We’ve all seen the polls that make their way around the internet that show that a high percentage of Americans don’t know how to use a condom properly, or the compilation of tweets that show men having absolutely no idea how a menstrual cycle works or that a woman



can’t just hold in her period. America is the land of entertainment, but what fun is that if we are not knowledgeable about our own bodies and how they work? Find out Kendra’s thoughts on social media and reality TV and why she compares them to the villainous computer/robot, Ultron, and much more by listening to the entire interview below!

Don’t forget to follow her on social media, and check out her new single “Authentic” on youtube and itunes!



May 10 2018 brandon magazine l5 15 2018  

Re-branded Proud Times, In this issue meet Brandon Stansell: Brandon has always been a singer, he told me that he “was always surrounded by...

May 10 2018 brandon magazine l5 15 2018  

Re-branded Proud Times, In this issue meet Brandon Stansell: Brandon has always been a singer, he told me that he “was always surrounded by...