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Tetris Puzzle Ariana Canhasi, Delphine Muller and Stefanie Cookey

Client • William • 3+ years old Likes: • Solving easy puzzles • Playing with colors • A child at 3+ years old becomes interested in new construction. Consider giant building blocks or play sets with pieces that can be linked or snapped together • They can more easily organize blocks so that one nestles inside another, assemble four- or five-piece puzzles, use a set of plastic keys to open doors in a plastic house, and dress and undress a doll outfitted with laces, snaps, and buckles. What they are able to: • During this stage, toddlers should be able to follow two- or three-step directions, sort objects by shape and color, imitate the actions of adults and playmates, and express a wide range of emotions.


Scenario William is a 3+ years old. He likes to play games like electronics, especially Tetris. His mom is trying to reduce the amount of time spent on video games and on other electronic devices and trying to engage him in using his hands.

The toy • Child can identify and various patterns • Recognize and explore idea of same and different patterns in a spatial context. • Mix and Match various shapes and patterns to create structures; aiding in planning and organization development.

Concept • Easy to use • Patterns recognition • Organize shapes by size, and color Develop: • Memory • Thinking skills • Hand- eye coordination • Processing speed • Manipulative skills

• Introduce your little ones to geometry, puzzles, and patterns. Tetris Puzzle is an exciting way to help toddlers with problem solving skills. It features colorful shape pieces that is perfect for the smallest hands. It is kids-friendly design includes smooth edges.


Materials •


Acrylonitrile-butadienestyrene copolymer (ABS), a hard, tough, heat- resistant plastic that is widely used in appliance housing, luggage, pipe fittings and automotive interior parts. For example, molding at a high temperature improves the gloss. The resistance and strength are obtained by molding at low temperature. Pigments can also be added, as the raw material original color is translucent ivory to white. The aging characteristics of the polymers are largely influenced by the polybutadiene content.


Tetris puzzle